Original SWAT Kats Story

Road to Commandership

By David Noble

  • 2 Chapters
  • 5,929 Words

Young Ulysseus (Uly) Feral and his brother Theseus are enlisted as Enforcers by their father, Mark. But, the Feral brothers have to start cooperating while being trained by a serious, but caring commander.

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Author's Notes:

I felt that since Feral mentioned his brother in “A Bright and Shiny Future”, that a story needed to be written about him and his brother. Theseus was the name I chose for him. Feral’s early days in the enforcers might be a good concept for SK fans. I want to thank Jennifer Munoz for helping me with some ideas. All the characters, other than Uly and Theseus, are mine. If you’d like to use any of them, let me know.

Chapter 1

Get Your Act Together

Young Ulysses Feral was being signed up at the Enforcer academy because of his self-centered attitude. He didn’t think he needed or wanted anymore discipline or lecture about growing up. His father was a retired Flight Captain. He was named Mark, a stout black kat who firmly thought he believed in right and wrong. And, he felt that Uly had the wrong approach to adulthood.

One cloudy morning, the 17-year-old Uly was being driven in his father’s Enforcer jeep. Uly noticed the guards checking the IDs of everyone who was entering the Enforcer HQ. They had rifles swung around their arms.

“Why are you making decisions for me? I’m old enough to make my own decisions,” Uly said.

“I want you to attend the Enforcer academy this once, just to make sure that you’re responsible enough for your own actions. Remember that you can’t always have your way. I want you to have pride in yourself, but also to be thankful for the good you get out of life. ”

They stopped at the front office and the lieutenant commander appeared and greeted them. He showed them in front of the commander’s office. “Please wait and Commander Jacques Gerard will be here shortly.”

“Is the commander an understanding kat?” Uly asked, crossing his arms.

“He expects the best out of those he hires and trains. If you decide to disobey him, you’d better look for a hundred push-ups in the morning. But, he is perfectly loyal to Megakat City and to his crew.”

Mark put his paws on Uly’s shoulders. Uly gave a faint smile and nodded. “I’ll give it my best shot.”

Commander Jacques Gerard stepped in and shook their paws. “So this is Ulysses Feral? Good, I’ve been wanting some more trainees and it looks like I’ve got two.” He had a valorous French accent. Uly was puzzled.


The commander took Uly into his office. He had many medals and certificates framed on his wall. Uly was very startled and scared.

“I can see you’re quite nervous. Just calm down. Your father signed you up for the air force.”

“Wait a minute! My dad didn’t say anything about flying planes!” Uly interrupted.

Jacques didn’t get annoyed, but he didn’t like to be interrupted.

“Let me finish, se vou ples!”

Uly snickered. “Pardon his French!”

Jacques’ eyes turned to a disgusted stare.

Uly was taken back by his look.

“Listen to me. The air force is a strict division of the Enforcers! I will train you and your 19-year-old brother, Theseus.

“My brother is going to go to school with me?” Uly grunted.

“Qui! Now, I shall expect you and Theseus to be scheduled next week for your training. And I expect that you and your brother cooperate here. We are a team!”

“Yes sir,” Uly softly said.

“A bit louder, monsieur!” Jacques peered into his eyes. They bulged and trembled.

“Oh! Yes sir!” Uly gave him a salute.

Jacques then kissed Uly on both the cheeks and welcomed him as a new trainee. Uly followed him back to his dad and wiped away the kisses.

“Disgusting! If I become commander, I’m never welcoming my trainees that way!” he thought.


The skies were now raining and gray. Uly felt miserable compared to the skies, thinking that this air force base was like reformation class. He had many concerns about being in the air force and being with his brother. He complained to his father on the way home.

“My brother and I don’t always get along. I don’t want my brother to go with me.”

“You and Theseus will have to start getting along,” Mark replied.

They got home and there was his brother, Theseus, waiting at the door.

“Theseus, you and your brother will be going to the Enforcer academy next week,” Mark announced.

“That’s ok, as long as we don’t have to work together,” Theseus answered.

“That’s what I think, but we’re brothers and the commander has decided,” Uly said.

“He can decide what he wants, but we’re not becoming partners!”

“Boys, why are you acting like this? Now come on shake paws.”

Theseus put out his paw, but Uly pulled his paw back. Theseus growled under his breath. Mark became upset.

“I’m heard enough arguing from the both of you! You two will need to work to together to be on good terms.”

“I’d like to, but he doesn’t,” Theseus grumbled.

“I won’t be there to save your tails, so start acting like brothers.”

Theseus mellowed out and went to Uly.

“We’re gonna be in the air force, pal. Please forgive me so we can become something we want.” Theseus wrapped an arm around Uly.

Uly growled and shook it off. Mark approached Uly and pointed his finger. Uly started to sulk and feel ashamed.

“Uly!” Mark said.

Uly took his brother’s paw and shook it.

“That’s better. Then, it’s a done deed!”

The Feral brothers started to leave, but Mark wanted to add one more thing. “Do keep in mind though; I want the both of you to gain satisfaction.”


The following week, Uly and Theseus were brought to the academy and the first day of school didn’t start as they had expected. Instead of flight training, they had to run an obstacle course for five miles in the morning. Their fur was sweating in the sun like ice in hot temperatures.

“Holy kats! My heart’s about to collapse!” Theseus was breathless. Uly slowed down behind him.

“We’d better catch up!” Uly, who was losing no less respiration, pushed him along.

“You go ahead, buddy.”

The PE teacher ran up to them. “Alright you kittens, move along!”

Both the tom-kats were off in a flash. The trainer smiled as he watched them.

“I think they’ll make ok Enforcers, especially the younger one,” he said.

After that, there was physical defense class, where the two brothers were taught martial skills. Both of them were called up to demonstrate to the instructor, named Harold.

“Alright Uly, you’re on!”

Harold had Uly imagine that he was carrying a loaded weapon and aimed it at him. Uly grabbed the instructor’s wrist and tried to force Harold to the ground, but Harold kicked Uly on the ankle, which caused him to fall backwards on the mat.

“You’re gonna need to use two different types of defense to beat your opponent, son. Next.”

Uly got up and Theseus went next.

“Ok Theseus, I hope you’re better than your younger kitten of a brother,” Harold said.

Theseus growled and prepared to anticipate Harold’s next moves. Harold was ready to do a karate kick in Theseus’ stomach. Theseus dodged it, grabbed Harold by the waist and flung him over on his back. The class applauded as Harold got up and felt his back. Theseus patted it.

“You’ll be alright, sir,” he said.

“Good defense, Theseus. I hope your brother can break backs like you,” Harold said.

“Just don’t call my brother a kitten again,” Theseus said, wrapping his arm around Uly.

Harold put his hands on his waist and smiled. “I won’t if he can prove he’s a real kat.”

At the end of the day, they went to their suite. Theseus walked into Uly’s room.

“Hey, thanks for boosting me up,” he said.

“No problem and thanks for the help in martial arts class,” Uly said.

“You’re welcome. The only problem is that he won’t stop calling you kitten, so you’ll have that as your target.”

“I’ll remember that. I’ll scratch out his nine lives.” Uly pulled up the covers and closed his eyes. “Good night, Theseus.”

“Good night, Ulysses. Just don’t cause any bloodshed. He’s just an instructor who means no harm. And be ready for an early wake-up call.” He then closed the door.

Uly was beginning to feel ok about dad signing him up with his brother.

“Maybe, dad’s idea wasn’t so bad at all.”


Uly remembered to use double defense with Harold and made the move that he always had in mind.

“Think you can do better this time, Uly?” Harold asked.

Uly nodded. “Give me your best shot, instructor,” Uly said.

Harold grabbed Uly by his shirt and aimed a punch, but Uly caught it in his paw, grabbed onto his shoulder with the left and stomped on his stomach with his right foot. Harold fell backwards. Uly laughed and helped him up.

“Good improvement, son. Where did you learn that trick?”

“Am I still a kitten, instructor?” Uly asked, putting his fists on his waist.

Weeks later, the rookies who were trained for the flight division were ready to be tested. At first they felt they could get by so easily. Jacques tested each kat on his learning ability. He flew in another jet and acted as the enemy target. When they were faced with the test, it seemed like taking off from a cliff.

They had to try out the different ways of maneuvering and locking on. At the same times, they had to use the pedals for the rudders on top of the large tailpipe. This included glancing at the instruments on the panel for Jacques’ attacks. These skills had to be maintained while in the air.

“Think of this as driving a car. Let the lift under the wings take care of itself. Pull the control stick towards you, but not too much!” Jacques said sharply.

Many of the kats had frustration and scare, including Theseus, with being in control. Jacques gave the orders in the other aircraft.

“Alright. Prepare for lock on and fire!”

Uly saw their tests in awkward turns and moves.

“What’s the matter? You chickens up there, still haven’t learned to fly?” Uly laughed. The jet landed and Uly was called up.

“Now, who’s the chicken?” They made chicken sounds at Uly.

“Shut up!”

“I’m waiting, lieutenant Uly,” Jacques said.

Uly was shaking like a skier ready to launch. Theseus put his paw on Uly’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. He won’t yell unless he thinks you’re doing something dangerous. He always has the impression that we’re in actual combat.”

“Been in too many of them, I guess.” Uly nodded thanks and hopped into the pilot’s seat.

“Alright monsieur, good luck,” Jacques said confidently on the intercom as he stepped into his seat.

“Yes sir!” Jacques nodded and gave a salute sigh to go.

Uly set the ignition and back out for straight take off. He then pushed the throttle forward and a gush of flames burst from the Turbofans.

“Alright sir, give me your orders.” Uly was shaking, but he wanted to please the commander. The name Jacques Gerard always seemed to startle him. The jet lifted off the ground.

“Lieutenant, prepare for lock on! I’m going to lock on to you.”

Uly heard the beeping of his opponent jet’s guided missile system. He watched the beam heading right for him.

“Don’t disappoint me,” Jacques thought.

Uly maneuvered sideways and turned on his missile lock on. He positioned the beam on Jacques and its center hit Jacques on his external stores.

Then after smoothly landing the jet, Feral hopped out and crossed his arms. The kats’ eyes were amazed.

“Now, who’s the chicken?”

Jacques landed his Air Superior and jumped out.

“I know all of you did well. I promote Uly as my major air force pilot. He has the privilege to choose his cock-pilot!” Jacques shook Uly’s paw.

Uly was awfully glad not to be kissed and be laughed at again. He went over to Theseus put his paw on his shoulder. “Would you like to be my partner?”

“Thanks, Ulysses.”

The other kats became jealous and growled at the two tom kats. Uly and Theseus set off their claws. Jacques was very angry.

“Aren’t you enforcers happy you’ve earned places in the air force?”

The kats grunted and walked away. Uly walked over to Jacques.

“I’m sorry, sir!” Jacques looked calmly into Uly’s face.

“I want you and your brother to accept the responsibilities in this position. That means getting along with your fellow pilots. Do you understand me?”

Uly nodded. The commander smiled.

“Good. The Enforcers are going to have a celebration tonight and I want you and Theseus to show up, if you can.”

He accepted.


That night at the party, there were badges to be given. Uly sat in his chair ready to be called up, but his brother was a bit nervous. Jacques’s daughter, Dominique was there to give the licenses. She was a cherub-faced she-kat. Theseus’s and all eyes started to beam on her.

The two tom-kats were called up and received their badges. Theseus grinned at Dominique, grabbing his shirt, looking like a date. She smiled and nodded thanks and purred at Uly. After that, there was the dance and Dominique chose Uly, who was thinking and hoping, for the sake of saving sad feeling of rejection, that she would chose another kat.

Dominique saw her prior boyfriend, named Chris, who was whispering to her ear. “Remember, this is only a dance! No dates!”

She heaved a sigh. “Get out of my face!” She thought she’d teach Chris a lesson as she went over to Uly. “May I?”

Uly was speechless as she took him by the hand. He quickly gave her his paw. “You’re sweet as lemonade.”

The lover and the other new Enforcers growled at the words, ‘sweet as lemonade.”

“Boy, am I gonna have rivals!” Uly stuttered, looking at the kats’ jealous faces. He just enjoyed the moment even though his brother gave a look of disapproval as well.

She threw her arms around Uly’s neck and kissed him on the cheek.

The kats went over to Theseus. He was steaming and his eyes were flashing. “Well, we guess you and your brother aren’t going to be partners, huh?” They patted his back. His head dropped.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to fly with him. I saw her first and worst of all she has a boyfriend!” He walked out, throwing his metal on the floor. Jacques saw him walk out and went to follow him.

“What’s wrong?” Dominique asked.

“My brother and I were enemies. I’m afraid my brother and me are not going to get along to good now. Father never would have wanted this to happen.” Dominique felt pity.

“I hope your brother’s ok.”

Uly wrapped his arm around her. The commander walked in.

“Uly, do you have any idea what’s wrong with Theseus? I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t answer.”

“I don’t think I’ve got a co-pilot anymore!” Uly sighed and walked out.

The kats who saw him laughed.

“What’s the matter, boy? Did your lemon lady turn sour on you?” They imitated fish lip kisses. “You’re supposed to pucker your lips like theese!” they spoke in weird French accents.

“Do I have to scratch the nine lives out of you jerks?” Uly made a fist.

Chris came up and socked Uly in the eye.

“OK, let’s see you give me your best shot. Come on, you kitten!”

Dominique ran and slapped him. “Get away from him, you idiot! I’m sick of your jealousy. You’ve shook me, beat me, and now we’re through!” she sneered with biting French sounds.

She then took Uly by the arm. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him hurt you.” Dominique applied water and a towel on Uly’s black eye.

Uly nodded thanks.


Dominique led him to his apartment.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” Uly said tenderly.

“My pleasure. Just rest and don’t be afraid,” she tried to assure him.

Uly was afraid of the next week when he would face his brother for the *real* job and had hoped that that night would continue forever. Dominique has wished the same.

She kissed him on the cheek and they shared an intimate embrace.

“You’re my girlfriend.” Uly spoke with commanding, but soft words.

Dominique’s eyes sparkled and she didn’t mind that commanding tone. That’s what she expected to hear.

“That’s the most heroic thing I’ve ever heard.”

Uly took her hand as she rested her head upon his heart. They both began to feel safe in their love as long as they were out of view of the other kats.

To be continued.

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