Original SWAT Kats Story

Return to the Future

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,249 Words

Chance and Jake get that deja vu feeling when they and their families end up in the Metallikat-ruled future again. Only this time, their older selves are still alive.

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Author's Notes:

I kind of like “A Bright and Shiny Future”, so I was inspired to write this one. The characters that are called by only their name are the present Megakat City chars from my stories.

During one late afternoon, Brandon and Phoenix went flying over the waves just like their fathers had. The force of the jet’s exhaustion lifted the waves high.

“Easy, Top Gun. This jet has just had a new paint job,” Brandon said to Phoenix.

“Come on, bud. Aren’t you getting used to some real flying?” Phoenix replied, performing loops.

Some young Enforcer pilots watched them.

“Look, it’s the new T-Bone and Razor,” one of them said.

“It’s in their blood,” another added. They exchanged waves with them.

“Look, our adoring public,” Brandon said.

“Taking some credit is nice,” Phoenix replied.

Then as he and Phoenix landed and got out, Jake met up with them.

“Nephew, I wish your father were to see your flying. You’re a chip off the old block,” Jake said.

“It would make him jealous, Uncle Jake,” Phoenix answered.

“The skies seem so calm and it’s been weeks since I last shot villains down,” Brandon said.

“I think your wish might come true, son. I’ve seen some portals opening last night when Chance and me did Patrol duty. Looked like the Pastmaster may be coming.”

“We’ll keep an eye out for him, dad.”

“Yeah. I’ve hated history class. I’d hate to be in history,” Phoenix said.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” Jake said.

“Huh?” both of the tom kats asked.

“Just joking, boys. See you later.”

As both of the boys started to leave, Chance and another Enforcer met with him.

“What’s this? You’re going to walk by without saluting your flight coronal?” Chance joked, wrapping his arms around Phoenix and Brandon.

“Sorry, dad. We were just going to find you,” Phoenix answered.

“Yeah right.”

“Felicia, have you seen any scum lately?” Jake asked his wife.

“Felina and I have been seeing a strange portal opening and closing. We thought it was the Pastmaster, but as we approached it, it vanished. The Pastmaster doesn’t hesitate like this,” Felicia explained.

“I hope it’s not a portal from the past,” Phoenix said.

“I don’t know. But as Brandon said, it’s been weeks,” Jake added.

“Weeks or not, we’re going to blast him out of the sky if he comes again,” Chance said.

“Yeah. The Pastmaster doesn’t scare me,” Phoenix said.

“Just get over your hatred for history. Jake and I have taken two trips to the past before, son,” Chance told Phoenix.

“We will, pops,” Phoenix said, leaving with Brandon and giving Chance a salute.

“That’s more like it,” Chance said with a smile.


At the garage, Edwin and Ferrando were talking. Blake was there with them.

“Ferrando, did you hear what Stacey said about you?”

“No. But I hope it’s nothing bad, Edwin.”

“Stacey said, that she loves you,” Edwin said sportily.

“Edwin, you are nasty. I always thought you were the sweet angel inside a tough exterior,” Blake said.

“Is it true?” Ferrando asked.

“Yes, she told me herself. Go to her. She’s waiting for you.”

“I think you’re bluffing, Edwin.”

“Don’t listen to him. He’s talking through his hat,” Blake told Ferrando.

Tracey and Stacey joined in talking with the three kats. Tracey noticed a smirk on Edwin’s face.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Ask Ferrando,” Edwin replied, pointing to him.

“Ferrando, what’s the issue and please don’t say it’s the old thing,” Tracey said.

“What old thing?”

“You know. Where those other kats say that I’m in love with you,” Stacey replied.

“Those kats are dead if I see them! Why would I be in love with you?”

“Turn it around, dumdum,” Stacey said, lightly jabbing Ferrando’s head.

“Blame Edwin. He brought it up, not me,” Ferrando replied.

“Oh, we believe you. Just go blaming an innocent tom kat,” Tracey said.

“Why is everyone pestering me? I’m no less innocent than Edwin,” Ferrando said in a bothered tone.

“Those she-kats and Edwin are making up stories. Ignore them,” Blake said, patting Ferrando’s shoulder.

“I will. Why do you two have to be like all she-kats?” Ferrando asked crossly.

“Get over it,” Stacey retorted.

“Now that that’s over with, have you girls heard of that the Pastmaster might be back in town?” Blake asked.

“No, but father has told us to be watchful for it. I think he’s been living in the past,” Tracey said.

“Oh no, I’ve seen those portals on television,” Blake said.

“Me too. I worry for my brother that he might get sucked in those tunnels,” Edwin added.

“My brother too. They fly together our fathers do. I just pray our brother’s not too cocky that he gets sucked in,” Tracey remarked.

“I trust Brandon to be careful. It’s a shame I’m there with him,” Ferrando said.

“Me too. Well, I’ll see you guys later,” Edwin said.

“Okay. And Edwin, are sure that is just a story?” Ferrando asked.

“Ferrando, you are asking to be slapped,” Stacey said.

“Sorry.” Ferrando looked at Stacey with lovelorn eyes. He wished that she would see that “the same old thing” was not gossip, but true. “If only she’d stop getting so defensive,” he thought.

Then as the three of them left in a sky-blue Mercedes, Blake looked at Edwin.

“You know, sometimes I wish you still served detention. Maybe that would teach you to tell lies.”

“What? That’s what some of the young Enforcers say,” Edwin replied.

“They are drunk off their heels and you know it, pal” Blake said, lightly arm-locking Edwin.


Chance and Jake zoomed in the sky across the waters.

“Chance, you haven’t lost those moves, haven’t you,” Jake said.

“Middle age doesn’t get in my way, buddy,” Chance replied.

Then Felina and Felicia joined them.

“You know, Coronal Furlong, I wish I could have mastered those moves, but don’t let the others see you flying like that,” Felina said.

“Sorry. I think I’ve passed that idea to Phoenix though. Don’t tell my wife Celine, though,” Chance replied.

“Don’t worry. She’s gotten used to your stunts. My husband Tipo is always worrying about me too,” Felina replied.

Then as they ended their conversation, the portal opened again. Brandon and Phoenix went closer to it.

“Yep, the Pastmaster’s here! What does he want this time?” Phoenix asked.

“Phoenix and Brandon, stay away from the portal,” Jake ordered.

“Roger,” Phoenix replied and turning around. But before they could get closer to their parent’s space, a suction tunnel sucked them inside the portal.

“Brandon!” Jake screamed.

“Phoenix! Ah crud! Hold on, boys, we’re coming!”

“Good luck, Chance and Jake,” Felicia muttered, crossing her heart.

Chance rode his jet towards the portal and they too were sucked into it. This time, they didn’t care because they risked anything to save their sons. Felina and Felicia landed and Tracey, Stacey, and Ferrando were there.

“What happened to our father, coronal Clawson, and the boys?” Stacey asked in anticipation.

“They got sucked in the portal, Stacey. They’re trying to save Brandon and Phoenix,” Felina replied.

“Oh God! Is it still open?” Tracey asked.

“Yes, and I need you two to help find them. Remember, we’re in this together, girls. Ferrando, I need you to stay with your father, honey,” Felina said.

“Mother, I want to come too. My friend is in trouble too and I’m here to help. I have my own defense,” Ferrando said, showing his shining trident.

“Me too. My husband and my son are there and I’m not letting anything happen to them,” Felicia replied.

“Roger that. Get in the chopper, all of you.”

“Listen, Ferrando. You might want to put that away so you don’t hit one of us with it,” Stacey suggested.


Then the five Enforcers got into the chopper and headed towards the portal that was beginning to close.

“I’ve got to get some speed on this sucker!” Felina said. She barely made through the tunnel and the portal disappeared.


As Phoenix and Brandon went air pocketing through a long tunnel, they found themselves in a futuristic looking Megakat City. Phoenix landed the jet by a working camp. Phoenix lifted the windshield and gasped for air.

“Brandon, are you still alive?”

“I almost feel like vomiting. I thought we were going to be crushed by the air pressure,” Brandon replied.

“At least we were still in safe atmospheres. I’m just glad we didn’t land in the past.”

“Worse. We landed in the future.”


“My dad told me that our fathers landed here a long time ago. The Metallikats were running this place.”

“Looks like they still are. Look at our parents,” Phoenix said, pointing to an aged Chance and Jake slaving with many other kats under brutal robots. The two tom kats thought an evil spell by the Pastmaster did this.

“Hang on, Father and Uncle Jake! We’re coming!”

“Father, Uncle Chance! It’s us!”

Jake heard the two tom kats’ voices and lightly patted chance’s shoulder.

“Chance, it’s our sons! How did they find us?”

Chance looked up and saw Jake running toward the boys.

“Phoenix! Brandon! Thank God you boys came here!” he cried doing the same.

“Dad, what happened? Who did this to you? And where are Roland and Felina and Tipo? And our cousins?” Brandon asked.

“They’ve gotten away and are hiding from the Metallikats. But you’re here!”

Then as the aged Chance and Jake were about to embrace their sons, two evil robots seized the kats by the collars and separated them.

“Two more intruders for our masters to enslave!” on of them said.

“Are they the Metallikats?” Brandon asked.

The robot gave him a terrible shock. Phoenix was angry and began to punch the robot, but the stroke hurt his paw since the droid had hard steel armor.

“Now take these young rebellious boys to Mac and Molly Mange!”

“Dad! Help us!” the boys yelled as one of the robots carried them off. Chance and Jake tried to stop the droid, but the second droid gave them a shock that made them unconscious.

Meanwhile, the younger Chance and Jake found their way to the futuristic Megakat City and started scanning for their sons.

“Any track of them, Jake?” Chance asked in a panic.

“Yeah. I found their jet over by the steel construction camp.”

“Good. Any sign of the boys?”

“We’d better be careful, Chance. One of the evil robots has our sons and is taking them to Mac and Molly, according to my super search detector.”

“Crud! If those Metallikats harm one hair on our sons, those tin cans will find themselves melted magma!” Chance growled.

“Another thing to consider, buddy. Those two kats are our future selves! The boys probably met them,” Jake explained.

“Wow. I couldn’t have aged that much. Well, let’s land this baby and meet our future selves.”

“Roger that!”


Meanwhile, the rest of the group made it into the city. The Furlong sisters were amazed at seeing the robots flying on patrol.

“I don’t think mother would house this kind of merchandise,” Tracey joked.

“This must be what the future’s going to look like, Tracey,” Stacey remarked.

“Sort of how we all vision the future, sis.”

“I can’t see any Enforcers at sea and my father’s submarines are laying there, rusting in the sun,” Ferrando said.

“I found two jets over where the steel yard is, Commander Feral. I hope they’re still down there waiting for us. I’m worried for those four,” Felicia said, checking the scanner.

As Felina was about to land the chopper, many droids surrounded them, shooting at them.

“Curd! We’re going to have to get ride of these pests first!” Felina said.

“Roger! Hang on, kids!” Felicia replied, shooting some of the enemy robots. The ones behind her shot off their rear propeller, which sent them plummeting into the swamp.

“Where’s father’s grappling ropes when you need them,” Stacey said.

“Girls, are you hurt? Ferrando, can you walk all right?” Felina asked.

“Yeah,” they replied in unison.

“Al right, everyone may come out, but do it slowly,” Felina urged.

As they got out, they saw two tanks before them. Felina and Felicia pulled out their magnums.

“Great! More trouble!” Tracey complained.

But Tracey grumbled in vain. They saw Roland, Felina, Celine, Tipo, Felicia, and the six kittens. All of them showed signs of later years.

“Roland and my other image! But how?” Felina asked and gasped.

“You surprised us at first. But how did you all get here?” the older Felina asked.

“By a portal. But now we know we’re in the future. I recognize all of you. We’re your earlier selves and I’m just honored.” Felicia said and embracing her older sons.

“Don’t be alarmed, little sister. We’re still the commanders,” the older Roland said.

“Same old Roland,” the younger Felina said, lightly stroking his face. Then the other kats became acquainted with their older selves and family members. Stacey grunted when she saw her older self next to the older Ferrando.

“Wait a minute. I think we’re in the wrong dimension. I’m not in love with Ferrando.”

“What are you talking about? We’re married,” the older Stacey replied.


“Maybe not now, but maybe in the future,” Ferrando began.

The Stacey slapped Ferrando in the face.

“Keep dreaming, jerk!”

“Listen, we’re here to find Chance, Jake, Brandon, and Phoenix from our time and get back to the past. How can you help?” Felicia inquired.

“Most of the kats are slaves at the Steel yards. We’re trying to rescue them too. But it’s not easy getting past those droids,” the older Roland said.

“I know. We got a nasty unwelcome from them and that’s how we ended up here,” Felina said.

“We managed to free about three thousand by means of our fellow Enforcers. But he were captured instead,” the older Felina explained.

“God, if only there were enough pilots,” Felicia sighed.

“If my husband and Jake were here, they could help us a great deal,” the older Celine added.

“We’ll get them out for you. But first, we need to get past those guards and we will need your help,” Felina said to the older kats.

“We’ll help! We have only one thing that we’ve saved for the last attempt,” the older Roland said and showed them to a giant tier of tri-rocket darts that could turn in separate directions. The older Tipo gave the details.

“With this created from an idea from me and the assistance of construction from Jake and Chance, these thirty rockets with a temperature of 10’000 degrees could melt the hardest of steel. The point still must settle in the robot’s system and explode.”

“Ferrando, listen up, you blockhead. You could learn something,” Tracey said to Ferrando who seemed to be distracted.

“Ferrando, are you okay, dear?” Felina asked.


“All right then, let’s get moving,” Roland ordered.

“Time to kick some robot tail as Chance would say,” Tracey exclaimed.

“Did you start to refer to your father by his name?” the older Celine asked.

“No mother. Sorry.”


At the yard, Chance and Jake were talking to their older selves. Chance gave his older self a hearty hug.

“Easy, Chance. I’m not so strong as I once was, pal,” the older Chance said.

“Funny! You never used to admit your weakness, old buddy,” Chance replied.

“I’m happy to met my older self too. But how were you two captured?” Jake asked, putting his paws on his older self’s shoulders.

“Those droids seemed to bring us down somehow. The power in our jet was conked and we ended up here. So much for our SWAT Kat Enforcer days,” the older Jake said.

“We’re here to help you regain what you lost, old friend,” Jake said, grasping his older self’s paw.

“We owe you two one,” the older Jake replied.

“First, we have to get our sons back,” the older Chance said.

“You mean *our* sons. Your older ones are safe somewhere with the other members of our group, if they’re still living,” Chance replied.

“They are. I miss them so much!”

“Well, let’s think of some way to get our boys out of here,” Jake said.

“Just be careful. Let’s be sure no guards are watching us,” the older Chance urged.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Phoenix were brought before Mac and Molly Mange.

“Look what the robot just dragged in! Two more intruders!” Molly sneered.

“They look identical to the SWAT Kats as if they were their sons,” Mac added.

“For your information, we *are* their sons!” Phoenix replied.

“Well, isn’t that sweet? Well, you two are going to have to say good bye to your daddies because you’re working for me,” Molly began.

“Us, Molly” Mac interrupted.

“Whatever. Do you brats have any smart-talk on that?” Molly yelled, pointing her finger at Brandon.

“Let us go or let us work with our fathers! We are going to get back to them, somehow!” Brandon said. He was on the verge of saying ‘please’, but wanted to retain his tough character.

“Sorry, we’ve got you in our hands now. Take them to the other side of the fence!” Molly ordered.

“I wish I had some weapons!” Brandon thought. But then the protesting words in his mind became a shout. “You can’t do that!”

“That’s what they all say!” Mac returned.

“You’ll pay for this, Metallikats! Our fathers will beat you!” Phoenix yelled.

“Ah, quit your smart talk, kid!” Molly shouted.

As the two Chances and the two Jakes saw Brandon and Phoenix being hauled at the other side of the fence, they cried out to them. The two young tom kats recognized their real fathers there and then.

“Dad! Uncle Chance!” Brandon yelled as he and Phoenix ran to the fence to extend his fingers.

“Kids! We’re coming,” Chance said, as he and Jake went to cut the wires.

Two robots grabbed the two boys and flung them away.

“Father! Uncle Jake! Help!” Phoenix cried.

Jake and Chance were now determined to get to the opposite side.

“Stay the hell away from our kids, you stinking heaps!” Jake yelled.

“That’s the last paw you lay on them, steel pigs!” Chance added as he and Jake got through their kat-made entrances.

Two robots stood in their ways as Phoenix and Brandon were struggling to get free. The two robots kept blocking Chance and Jake’s paths.

“Destroy these interfering Enforcers!” one of them ordered.

“We’ll start with you two! Hope we’ve still got some spring!” Jake said as he and Chance somersaulted over the droids.

“Great idea, Jake!”

“Thanks! Let’s get our sons!”

As the two droids continued shooting after them, Jake pulled out his mini-cement launcher.

“Hope this works! Haven’t used this in ages,” Jake said as he released the cement slugs that blinded the robots’ vision. They couldn’t see Chance or Jake anymore.

“Crud, Jake. Here’s more droids!” Chance yelled as ten more droids came and surrounded them.

“Two against ten! We might need some help!” Jake said.


Then three of the robots came to a halt and shorted out, leaving their armor slowly melting. Then three more robots started to short out and melt.

The Metallikats watched what was going on from the screen. They saw the older kats along with Felicia, Felina, and the other three kats with the trident tier operated by the older Tipo.

“Hey, I didn’t expect you to show up!” Chance said with a smile.

“Leave the robots to us. Just find the boys.” Felina ordered.

“Destroy those meddlesome creatures! And bring me those little brats!” Mac yelled.

Chance and Jake approached the robots approaching Brandon and Phoenix.

“Keep your metal paws off our sons!” Chance barks as he and Jake released their turbo-blades, which pierced the robots’ visions and shorted them out.

“Father!” Phoenix said, running towards Chance. Brandon did the same for Jake.

The young toms kats were able to reach their fathers this time, due to the older Tipo’s invention working.

“You okay, boys?” Jake asked, hugging Brandon.

“Yeah. I thought we were about to be beaten by these robots,” he replied.

“Have they or those stinking Metallikats tried anything physical?” Chance demanded of Phoenix.

“No, daddy.”

“Thank God. Stay with us, boys. We’re going to confront those Metallikats!” Chance said.

Brandon and Phoenix turned and saw the older versions of their fathers. They were waving good bye to them.

“See you later in our future!” Brandon called to them.

“Yeah. We will miss you a lot!” Phoenix added. Meanwhile, as the robots became exterminated, the older Tipo had to worry about the sky robots.

“Sorry, Felina. The tier layers cannot fire upwards,” he said.

“Don’t worry, commander Felina! I have an idea crazy enough to work,” Felicia said.

“What’s that?” Felina asked.

“Fly up to where they are and fire the darts in from our chopper. Ferrando may use his trident if it can help.”

“Let’s hope so, lieutenant Clawson. I want that tier taken down! Ferrando, you, Felicia, the girls, and the others may lend a paw,” Felina ordered.

“Roger!” they all replied.

“As the layers were taken down and loaded up in the chopper, Stacey came over to Ferrando.

“Listen, I overreacted that while back. I just ”

“Thought the future would be terrible for you if I were in it?” Ferrando finished crossly, making assumptions.

“Please don’t be upset, Ferrando, but I *do* have feelings for you.”

“Then why were you so hard on me about it and acting so much against it? No girl in her right mind would act like that.”

Ferrando sounded very hurt and angry. Stacey knew it and was trying hard not to show her inner feelings, but they were prodding her hard.

“I’m sorry, Ferrando. I wanted my love to only for us and that no one else should know about it. I just brought it about poorly.”

Ferrando’s heart was then softened at her kinder tone of voice and her sincerity. Stacey and her sister did have T-Bone’s rough attitude, but carefully hid that sweet character of their mother. How Ferrando gleamed when he knew he was able to get it out of her.

“It doesn’t have to remain a secret, Stacey. If anyone laughs at us, I’ll show them,” he said, showing his glowing staff.

“Thank you, love. Here’s my proof that I don’t have to conceal. Look at me,” Stacey turned Ferrando’s chin to hers and kissed him on the lips.

“My love,” Ferrando replied in a light Italian accent.

“Let’s go. We’ve got some robot tail to kick.”

As they both boarded, they reached the space where the robots were waiting.

“Come and get us, you creeps!” Felina said as she and Felicia were surrounded.

Ferrando and Felicia pointed and aimed the layers out the windows and the entrance. Stacey had the sparklers and Tracey used Ferrando’s mini-trident.

“Be careful with that. Remember, I’m letting you borrow that,” he said to Tracey.

“I know. Don’t be so selfish.”

“Ready, you guys?” Felina asked.


“Let’s blast these creeps!”


In the control room, Mac and Molly were arguing.

“How could you let them destroy our robots and release our slaves,” Mac yelled at Molly.

“You’re the one to talk. They were your robots, bolt-brain!”

“Too bad Hackle died many years ago. We could blame him!”

“Sorry, Hackle is resting in peace!” Jake said.

“And you two are resting in pieces!” Chance added.

“Get them!” Molly yelled at two more robots that approached the four.

“Crud! More robots!” Chance shouted.

“Guess this is our chance!” Brandon said to Phoenix.

“Let’s do it!”

The boys ran over to the Metallikats and dodged their lasers. They grabbed a replica of the Pastmaster’s watch.


“Phoenix! Not again!”

“Don’t worry about them now! Let’s get these guys first!” Jake said as he and his partner used more Turbo-blades.

“Put that down!” Molly screamed going after Phoenix, who tossed it over to Brandon.

“I’ll teach that little brat!” Mac shouted.

“First, catch me!” Brandon yelled, grabbing the laser canon from Mac’s hand and using it on Molly.

“Mac!” Molly cried as she shorted out.

“Molly! Why you ” Mac said, swiping Brandon aside and grabbing the watch.

“That does it! Heeyah!” Jake screamed as he kicked Mac over.

Phoenix used Molly’s laser on him and Chance helped Brandon up and brushed him off.

“I didn’t expect this to happen, nephew. Sorry. Anyway, where’s the watch?” Chance asked.

“Here,” Phoenix replied, picking it up and giving it to Jake.

“Looks like we can go back home now!” Brandon exclaimed.

“Not without your mother, Felina, Ferrando, and the sisters,” Jake replied.

“Can we destroy it when we’re back in the past. I hate history, but the future is worst,” Phoenix said.

“Yeah, well you’re going to face it some day. Not like this though,” Chance said, putting his arm around Phoenix.

“Let’s go. The others are probably waiting for us,” Jake said, followed by Brandon.


Every Enforcer got into his own craft and waved good bye to the future versions of themselves. All the other kats that were enslaved were released.

“Good bye and thank you. We’ve always needed some more metal products,” the older Roland said, referring to the piles of the robots and sky-robots set up around the camps.

“Good luck, big brother,” Felina teased.

“We hope to see you boys sometime!” the older Chance and Jake said to the boys in their jet.

“There you go again,” Brandon replied.

“We’ll see you in our own father’s images,” Phoenix assured them.

The older Stacey and Ferrando saw the younger Ferrando and Stacey holding hands and smiled.

“Some day,” Ferrando thought waving his mini staff. Stacey wasn’t afraid of it anymore.

“Now let’s go back to where we belong,” Jake said, using the watch to open the portal.

Then, Brandon and Phoenix went first. Felina and her group went second and Jake and Chance went last. As the nine Enforcers were back in their original time zone, Jake gave the watch to Chance when they were back at Headquarters.

“Guess we don’t need this thing anymore, buddy,” Chance said as he stomped on it. The watch was destroyed completely.

“Affirmative. And our sons turned out to be heroes.”

“Just like us,” Chance replied, slapping Jake on the shoulder.

Brandon and Phoenix were on their way back to Headquarters.

“Thanks for saving my tail, partner,” Brandon said.

“Thank you, Brandon. Can’t wait to tell my sisters, Jennifer and David about this.”

“Just pray that we never see another portal again!”

“Yeah. But like dad said, the future will come someday.”

“And we will meet our fathers in their older age. I feel sorry for them, phoenix.”

“Hey, they have the older versions of us.”

“But seeing an exact image of some one you start to love and missing him is a life changing experience.”

“I can tell, Brandon. Well, let’s go back. Look out, Megakat City!”

“The boys are back in town!”

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