Original SWAT Kats Story

Return of the Red Lynx

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,915 Words

The Ghost Pilot is back and this time he’s after both Manx and the SWAT Kats. After rising from the water again, he’s bringing more ghost pilots. One of them is of T-Bone’s ancestor, so both Manx and T-Bone have to beat them, even if it means having a reluctant Phurranha fly the Turbokat.

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Author's Notes:

The “Ghost Pilot” was so interesting, that I felt that he should be in a fanfic and some extra ghost pilots for the SKs to deal with. T- Bone has his own ghost pilot to beat. Poor Manx and Felina are in this fight too. I hope you SK fans enjoy the story.

At the Megakat docks, an old white tom kat wearing a sea captain’s cap lifted the new enforcer jet with a crane a few years after the Ghost Pilot had high-jacked it. Algae were badly sticking to it and its rear-pipes were missing due to an explosion. However, it didn’t have too many signs of rust corruption, yet.

“Sorry for Feral to have lost a fine jet like this,” he commented.

A young yellow adult tomkat named Allen, helped to level it on ground. “Yeah, but the Ghost Pilot *was* in this craft. What if we’re bringing Red Lynx back to life again?” he asked with a southern Californian accent.

The old kat laughed. “Nothin’ to fear, sonny. Mayor Manx was the only one who could beat the Red Lynx,” he said. Allen shivered a little.

“Well, if you say so, sir. But I don’t know.” Allen remembered Red Lynx’s plane they had discovered that while back. He scanned the old jet underwater. It beeped a green light. “What about his old Megawar II plane? Can we have it towed to the museum?” he asked.

“Are you crazy, boy? That’s how we brought the Red Lynx back to life,” the old tom reprimanded, jabbing at Allen with his finger.

Allen drew back scared.

The old tom laughed and slapped Allen on the back. “I can’t be mad at you, son. We’d just better be safe than sorry. As they say, ‘let the dead rest in peace’ and ‘let the old sunken ship stay sunk’.”

“I’ve heard that one at least a thousand times,” Allen sighed. “Well, let’s have this Enforcer jet ready for pick up. And are you *really* sure the Red Lynx is gone for good?” he asked.

“Trust me, Allen,” the old kat said.


Phurranha was in the front of the Turbokat with T-Bone in the cockpit, training him how to fly. They were going through a rocky canyon.

“Are you getting the hang of it, pal?” T-Bone asked.

“I think so. I’m still a bit scared, though,” Phurranha said. His paws were quivering on the control stick.

“Ain’t nothin’ to it, Phurranha. Too bad Feral didn’t teach you to fly,” T-Bone said.

“I know. He’s always too picky.”

T-Bone noticed two rocky tip closing together and the jet was level to where the dihedral wings could hit them.

“Uh, Phurranha? You might want to ” he tapped Phurranha’s seat.

He turned his head to face T-Bone. “Yeah, T-Bone?” he asked.

“Phurranha!! In front of ya!”

Phurranha grabbed the control stick and jerked it, turning the Turbokat sideways. It passed through the closure a split-second before the dihedrals could get scratched. He leveled the jet again and covered his heart.

“What are you trying to do, kill me?!” he asked.

“I should have asked you that! I’m sorry. Seriously, but you might want to look straight as you fly and perform the moves I showed ya, all right,” T-Bone said.

Phurranha trembled.

T-Bone looked at him. “What’s wrong? Are you scared of heights?” he asked.

“Of maneuvering and switching levels, I am,” Phurranha replied.

T-Bone felt sorry. “It’s ok, partner. But you’re not the only kat who’s nervous at this. Let’s head back for the hangar,” he said.

As they flew over the bay, they saw Feral’s old jet being loaded in a van and carried off.

“I sure hope the Red Lynx doesn’t show up again,” T-Bone said.

“I’ve never heard of him,” Phurranha said.

“He was an old enemy and a ghost pilot from Megawar II. He was after Mayor Manx. But Manx beat him though, while he was in that jet.”

“I remember. You told me a little bit about him once. Perhaps he might come back again, since the jet he crashed in is out of the water.”

T-Bone refused to believe in silly ghost tales and he did not want Phurranha to worry or believe in them.

“Oh no, he won’t. That idea of him coming back with the same jet is just an old kat’s tale. Let’s head back to the hangar.”

Razor was waiting for them there. He was busy welding some new slicer missiles from old tin metal. “How’s the flying coming along?” Razor asked as the two other SWAT Kats leaped from the cockpit.

“Really bad,” Phurranha replied.

“Don’t feel bad, Phurranha. You have to practice before you can really get adjusted,” Razor said as he installed the new missiles in their slots.

“Listen guys, I’m a sub pilot, not a jet pilot,” Phurranha said.

He turned back into Tipo. T-Bone and Razor changed back into their non-SK selves and found Tipo in the TV room. Jake sat next to him.

“Relax, Tipo. I’m sure Chance didn’t mean to be harsh,” he said, turning on the TV.

“Yeah. Sorry I shouted at you. I shouldn’t have changed the subject to Feral,” Chance said.

“You know, I could fly with you next time,” Jake said.

“No thanks. I’m happy with my submarine. I’d better go outside to calm down.”

Jake tried to follow him, but Chance held him back.

“Let him have a few minutes to himself, buddy. We don’t want to discourage him from being a SWAT Kat. This is also his hangar you know,” he said.

“I remember, but we shouldn’t force him if he doesn’t want to,” Jake replied.

“You’re right.”


That night, the Enforcer jet had been placed in a warehouse for repairs. A jet constructor named Bob examined it while a brown she- kat named Abi Sinian took notes.

“The systems need replacement along with its connections, and its exterior just needs rigorous cleaning. A new tailpipe should be welded and after that, it should be all right,” he said.

“I hope it will be able to function again,” Abi said.

“Don’t worry, Miss Sinian. I’ve been a repairman on jets much more outdated than this one. Give Feral about one month and me and the guys will fix this baby right up,” Bob said.

“I’ll let Callie know about it tonight. Good night, Bob,” Abi called as she walked out.

“Good night, Doctor Sinian,” Bob called back as he covered the jet with a tarp, for he knew that ghost pilots would appear from moonlight to an open canopy where the pilot died. Bob then walked out and closed the door.

A ray of moonlight beamed through the glass ceiling and amazingly, shone on the tarp, bringing light into the cockpit. An eerie apparition formed itself into a shape that molded into the skeletal image of the Red Lynx himself. He cackled in a light German accent.

“Idiots don’t know that also the glow of moonlight can raise the dead,” he boasted. “Let me find those interfering SWAT Kats and the Mayor Manx!”

He got out of the jet and walked over to another jet. He climbed on board, closed the canopy, and started the engine.

Two men on guard heard the engine roars. They ran into the warehouse and saw Red Lynx preparing for take off. Both of them were shocked at seeing the ghost pilot back again.

“I can’t believe this! Red Lynx, stop right there!” one of them shouted and raised his bazooka.

“Get out of my way, Enforcers! The Red Lynx is back,” he shouted as he shot at them with the laser cannons and crashed through the doors as he flew out.


That night, Tipo went bicycling down to the beach where more kats visited than in the day. He saw Feral’s niece Felina wearing a T- shirt, by the slushie stand. Tipo saw her hair swaying in the breeze and her tough looking character. He felt attracted to her and wanted to meet her.

“Hello lieutenant,” he said bravely in a little Italian accent.

“Hi. Please call me Felina,” she answered.

Tipo went and stood by her.

“Ok. Any news in the Enforcers lately?” Tipo asked.

“Well, we found an old jet that used to belong to the Enforcers, several years ago. My uncle’s pleased as punch that it was found.”

“Would you like me to buy you a drink?” Tipo offered.

“No thanks. I just had mine a while ago,” Felina said, shaking his paw. Tipo bought himself a slushie.

“Any other news?” Tipo asked.

“I’ve been wondering who this new SWAT Kat T-Bone mentioned a while ago.”

Tipo became cautious not to let out too much emotion for he didn’t want Felina to know his secret.

“What is he like?” he asked.

Felina smiled.

“He operated a sub, and shot many killer fish and stopped many renegades from trespassing on Megakat City grounds,” she explained.

Tipo was getting worried that T-Bone may have given him away. He decided to ask her more questions before dropping the subject. “What happened to him?”

“Five thugs who demanded the SWAT Kats’ hangar, trashed his sub and his quarters. T-Bone said something about him being an heir to the hangar. I guess it’s both their hangar now.”

Tipo gave a sigh of relief.

Felina looked at him and studied the looks in his face. “You know, I’d really like to meet this new SWAT Kat,” she said to Tipo as if she knew something about him.

His nervousness worked up again and he started to back away.

“What’s wrong, pal?”

“Nothing. It’s an interesting story you told me about this new SWAT Kat, that’s all,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK,” she said. Her buzzer went off. “Uncle’s paging me again. Let’s see what he wants now. Yes uncle?”

“Felina, get over here and change into your uniform, quickly. The Red Lynx is back and is clear on my tail!” cried Feral as the Red Lynx went shooting him down.

“Be right there, uncle. Sorry pal, I’ve gotta go. Later!” Felina said as she quickly shook his paw and jetted off.

Tipo was curious about this she-kat.

“A lieutenant’s work is never done,” he commented. He then looked at two brothers, one older one showing his younger sibling how to skateboard. The young tomkat kept falling of his knees, which were padded. His older brother picked him up and patted him on the back.

“I don’t know if I can do it,” the younger said.

“You can do it, buddy. Just pay attention, anticipate your moves, and don’t go too fast. Remember I have faith and trust in you,” the older brother said as he showed him the curves along the small cement hills.

The kitten watched with eagerness and did his best to learn.

Tipo listened to their conversation as he heard the words, faith and trust. The boy started a foot up hill and did his own turns as Tipo watched. The boy squatted down a little to maintain the balance and stopped, pointing the slate down. His older sibling gave him a high four.

“Nice job, brother,” he said.


Tipo hoped that Chance and Jake would feel that way too. He rode on his bike back to the salvage yard.


Callie had given word to Chance and Jake.

“We’re on our way, Miss Briggs,” Jake said. “Can you imagine that. The Red Lynx is back in town,” he cried.

“Then he meets T-Bone face to face again! Let’s get moving, pal,” Chance said, with an evil grin on his face.

They descended to the hangar.

“Not without Phurranha. This is my hangar too. Remember?” spoke a harsh Italian voice. Tipo climbed down.

“Hey Tipo! Glad you’re back,” Chance called, becoming T-Bone.

Tipo and Jake changed into their SWAT Kat suits.

“That Red Lynx story is just superstition, right?” Phurranha asked T- Bone, putting his fists on his waist.

T-Bone became speechless. “Maybe I was wrong. Sorry for the misinforming remark. Anyway, let’s get going and please watch out for the Red Lynx. He can sneak attack a submarine better than a jet,” T- Bone said.

“Affirmative,” Phurranha said. “And about those flying lessons, I think I can do better.”

“I knew you would. After we beat the Red Lynx, I’ll teach you some more tricks,” T-Bone said, with a smile.

“Are you guys gonna waste time talking, or are we going to kick some ghost pilot’s tailbone?” Razor asked, getting impatient.

“Sorry. We’re coming,” both the tomkats said as they boarded the Turbokat.


After a nine-minute chase with Feral, the Red Lynx gave up.

“I really don’t need you, Feral. It’s the SWAT Kats and Feral I want,” he said.

Feral was nearly out of breath. He called Callie on his intercom.

“Callie, you’d better get the Mayor out here right now! The Red Lynx is after both the SWAT Kats and Mayor Manx!”

“Why would he be after the SWAT Kats?”

“Don’t worry about them now! Get Mayor Max out here!” Feral hung up.

Callie ran into the Mayor’s office, where she found him playing a new sport, called croquet.

“Mayor, the Red Lynx is back and he wants you!”

The interruption caused the Mayor’s stroke to miss the wicket. Manx would have gotten angry, but hearing of the Red Lynx made him nervous.

“Where? What does he want?” he stuttered.

“Probably your position. Come on, I’ve got you.” Callie took him by the arm out front.

Feral waved for the Mayor to come.

“Don’t be afraid, Mayor! You were able to stop him the last time.” He helped Mayor board his chopper.

“Yes, but with the help of that SWAT Kat.”

Feral growled lightly. “Oh yes. That vigilante who helped to wreck my new jet as well!”

Felina joined in the pursuit.

“Come on, uncle. Getting upset simply over a jet. At least that Red Lynx was history until now,” she said.

“That’s enough, Felina!”

“No, seriously,” Felina argued.

Feral rolled his eyes.

“Oh, very well. Enforcers, move in!”

Meanwhile, at the shore, Phurranha got into his submarine and headed out to sea.

Then Razor scanned for any sight of Red Lynx.

“Any sight of him, Razor?”

“He’s swarming around Enforcer Headquarters.”

“I expect he’d be looking for Mayor Manx!

“Pull in closer to the chopper lifting from the runway.”

T-Bone pulled in around Feral’s chopper and Razor sited him on his radar.

“I was right!”

Just then, laser shots fired around them. T-Bone swung around and saw Red Lynx in back of them. “So it’s you again, Megawar maniac! What’s the big idea of sneak attacking us?” he shouted.

“That’s right. It looks like I got both the Mayor and you SWAT Kats right where I want you!”

“If you SWAT Kats are in his pursuit as well, you’re going to fire on my order,” Feral said.

“When do we take orders from you, Feral?” T-Bone sassed.

Feral frowned and took the Mayor to the shooter’s seat.

“Alright, Mayor. Give him your best shot.”

The mayor summoned what little strength he had and aimed at Red Lynx. He shot and missed. The ghost pilot laughed.

“Can’t you do better, Mayor Manx?” he shot the chopper’s propeller system.

The Turbokat’s grabbling hook caught them and Razor lowered them.

“I’m afraid all of you have lost your shot. No matter, I’ve still got all three of you locked.”

Mayor then grabbed hold of the grabbling hook that pulled him up to the SWAT Kats.

“Mayor, no!” Feral cried.

“Didn’t I just hear the commander tell you no?” T-Bone asked.

The Mayor climbed up behind Razor.

“I’m coming with you, SWAT Kats. I know I can shoot with you,” Manx said. Razor shook his head.

“Sorry, there’s not enough room for you to shoot,” Razor said, referring to his big ejector seat, which had distanced Manx’s reach to the switches. He tried to squeeze in, but Razor gently pushed him back. “Stay away, please. You might fall forward and damage the instrument panel. We’ll need the cyclotron, mayor.”

The Red Lynx chased the Turbokat out to the sea.

“You can’t get away, you cowards!”

Phurranha scanned to find Red Lynx. He readied his dart cannon, and fired. It hit the jet’s windshield, cracking it open. Air pressure hurled itself in Red Lynx’s face. He jumped out of the jet and onto the canopy of Phurranha’s watercraft. Phurranha put the sub in neutral control and opened the canopy, knocking Red Lynx on his back. He took out his triton staff and Red Lynx grabbed it along with his wrist and threw Phurranha down on his back. Phurranha got up and kicked Red Lynx in the stomach, causing him to fall backwards into the water.

“Looks like you got him,” Razor said.

Then, Red Lynx climbed over the haul and grabbed Phurranha by his left ankle, trying to pull him under. Phurranha grabbed onto the railing and cracked the ghost pilot on the forehead with the tip of his staff. Strangely the crack in Red Lynx’s skull closed up.

“Is that all you’re good for, sonny?” Red Lynx asked.

Razor activated his slicer missile and cut off Red Lynx’s head, which fell in the water.

“Nice shot, pal. The Red Lynx never used his head anyway,” T-Bone said.

“Thanks Razor!” Phurranha said as he pushed the headless body off his submarine. “Get off my craft and stay off!”

There was a short period of silence. Felina came by to help.

“Have I missed anything?” she asked. She saw Phurranha standing on top of his submarine and turned pale. “He looks so familiar! Like Tipo!” she thought.

“Let’s say you won’t have anything to arrest, lieutenant. I think we’d better let a dead kat’s bones lie,” Phurranha said. Felina recognized the voice as well.

“Is he gone?” Manx tremulously asked.

“Let’s hope so, mayor,” Razor answered.

Then four 870 horsepower carriers from Megawar II suddenly burst out of their watery graves. Red Lynx was in one of them.

“Crud! More ghost pilots!” T-Bone said.

“Destroy those crafts!” Red Lynx commanded. The ghost pilots started shooting at both the pilots in the air.

Razor tried using his cement cannon at Red Lynx, but he dodged the wet cement balls. The propeller broke some in their path. He used his machine gun, which hit the flaps on the right dihedral of the Turbokat. T-Bone lost some control to the right.

“This is just great! Now how am I supposed to go after this pest?” he growled.

“I hope I can kill a ghost myself,” Phurranha said and released one of his darts that disabled one pilot. The plane burst and the ghost died in the crash.

The next pilot went after Felina.

“That’s it, come to your sweetheart!” she pressed. Several bullets hit her chopper shield. “Christ! More damage!” she complained as she hit the pursuing pilot in the propeller with her 60-mm rotary cannon. He perished the same way. “Eat laser, you bonehead red baron! Two down, two more to go.”

The other two went chasing after the Turbokat.

Callie called and Razor answered it. “Yes Miss, Briggs?”

“SWAT Kats! Abi Sinian just told me that one of Red Lynx’s allies is Flashback Furlong. That means, both Chance and Mayor Manx have to catch both of them.”

T-Bone listened to the message and gasped. His bravery seemed to drain out of him.

“We got it, Miss Briggs.” Razor hung up and turned his trust to T- Bone. “You got your chance to fight one of the Red Lynx’s allies, pal. Don’t worry, Feral won’t care who we are. He didn’t care to know our identities when the Metallikats tried to tell him.”

“Yeah, but I never knew I had ancestral partnership in the Megawar chaos.”

“What’s that? Are one of you SWAT Kats, Chance Furlong?” Manx asked with feverish curiosity.

Razor gave a sign to Manx to be quiet.

“Shh, Mayor. Keep your mouth shut about this, ok?”

Manx nodded.

T-Bone headed back to where he left Phurranha. They rode out of the villain’s sight.

“This isn’t going to be a piece of cake,” T-Bone complained.

“You’ve got to do it, T-Bone. You don’t have a choice,” Razor said seriously. T-Bone sighed.

“God help me.” He found Phurranha’s submarine. “Phurranha, head your craft into shore and get in the Turbokat. Hurry!”

Phurranha did as he was told. He then got out of his sub and T-Bone walked over to him.

“Listen, I know you’re hardly ready for this, but I’m going to need you to fly the Turbokat for me. I’m taking Mayor Manx on the cyclotron to catch the Red Lynx and that other creep.”

Phurranha’s heart started pounding hard. “Are you crazy, T-Bone?”

“Listen, this whole idea’s crazy, but I need your help. Razor will guide you. You just need to follow us and give back up. I have faith and trust in you, bud,” T-Bone explained, putting his paw on Phurranha’s shoulder.

The advice from earlier came ringing back to Phurranha’s mind and he accepted.

“Thanks.” With that, Phurranha got in the pilot’s seat and T-Bone took Mayor Manx and drove out the trapdoor. Manx was given a glovatrix just in case.

Red Lynx and Flashback found their victims.

“We’ve found you!” Red Lynx shouted triumphantly, shooting at the Turbokat.

“Knock it off Red Lynx! We’re the one’s you’re after!” T-Bone yelled. He winked at both Razor and Phurranha and sped off. Manx clutched on to T-Bone tightly. “Come and catch us, you sky pirates!” T-Bone taunted.

The two ghost pilots went racing after them and in no time later, were just 12 feet above their tails.

Phurranha tried his best to keep the Turbokat steady. Razor was no less nervous, but kept a steady attempt to instruct the young SWAT Kat with his turns.

“You idiots want to play games? Fine, let’s see you play close shave,” Red Lynx said as he fired at both their heads.

They turned their heads sideways and the shells hit the control panel, shorting out some of the weapons systems. Flashback hit the Cyclotron’s panel with his 1.3-inch caliber cannons, which shorted out the systems. T-Bone jumped back in shock.

“Christ! This kat is insane!” Manx cried.

Then Flashback shot the fuel tank, which caught fire.

“Time to melt down some junk,” Flashback mused.

Manx wailed and T-Bone grabbed hold of him.

“Mayor, jump!”

As they leapt off, the Cyclotron crashed and exploded at a nearby base. T-Bone and Manx landed on their sides and tumbled over. T- Bone’s hip and elbow were scratched up and Manx’s knee was wounded to the nerve.

Both of the ghost pilots laughed.

“Megakat City is mine. Manx, it looks like you lose this time!” Red Lynx shouted.

“What will you do without any defense, future family member?” Flashback asked T-Bone.

“I may be down, but I’m not out!” T-Bone yelled, releasing the Turboblades from his glovatrix. They knocked off the wings of Flashback’s jet. He disappeared and his plane went plummeting down into the water. “It’s a shame I wasn’t even glad to see an old family member back from the dead,” T-Bone said sarcastically.

Red Lynx was mad. He aimed his machine gun at Manx’s stomach. Manx was in agony as he put pressure on his knee.

“Time for term of office, Mayor!” the ghost pilot taunted.

T-Bone raised Manx’s arm at Red Lynx.

“Do it, mayor!” T-Bone urged. Manx summoned what strength he had and released the Turboblades.

Red Lynx saw the blades flying toward him. He dodged them and one hit the left wing of the Turbokat. Phurranha opened the canopy and shot Red Lynx in the arm with his berretta 52.

Red Lynx turned around and saw Phurranha.

“You again? I’ll teach you!” Red Lynx chased Phurranha, shooting at him.

“You’ve really made him mad! Lash missiles, deploy!” Razor said.

The propeller got tangled up and burst, making the plane plunge back down. Red Lynx jumped out of the cockpit and leapt on the canopy. The two SWAT Kats looked with horror as Red Lynx opened up the canopy. He was getting ready to grab his two preys and toss them out of the Turbokat.

Manx watched the spectacle and fired more Turboblades. The mayor’s hit was a success as one of them struck Red Lynx in the heart. He fell backwards into the waters, screaming in pain.

“Curse you, Mayor Manx!” he raged as he fell headlong into the ocean and died again.

T-Bone shook the mayor’s paw. “Nice shot, mayor,” he said.

“Thanks SWAT Kat. Now, please call a doctor.”

The Enforcers came by with a stretcher and carried Manx to a hospital.

Felina landed her jet and walked over to T-Bone. She had him put on a stretcher and carried to the hospital and waved at Razor and Phurranha.

“Thanks guys. I’m glad you’re still alive.”

“We are too. For a moment I thought we were goners,” Razor said.

“How are T-Bone and the Mayor?” Phurranha asked.

“T-Bone and the Mayor will be alright. You know I’m really impressed with that new SWAT Kat in the front seat. I wish I knew who he was.” Felina felt a secret admiration for Phurranha herself. Phurranha still didn’t trust her to know who he was. She felt this new SWAT Kat was the tomkat she talked to on the beach by his looks and voice, but she respected his privacy.

“Let’s just say I’m a new member of the SWAT Kats. We’d better be off now. Bye lieutenant.” He and Razor waved good bye and left into the setting sun.

“Hey, Phurranha, nice flying. I knew you could do it, but how?” Razor asked.

“Thanks Razor. It was just faith and trust from T-Bone,” Phurranha replied with a smile.

Felina’s spirits sank as she watched them fly out of sight. “If only I could tell him how I feel without making him afraid,” she said sadly.


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