Original SWAT Kats Story

Rebellious Attacks

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,062 Words

The SWAT Kats, Pastmaster, and the musketeers join up to dethrone King Louis XIV, rescue Phillipe and Kari’s two friends, and find the Pastmaster’s watch.

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Author's Notes:

 Rebellious Attacks By David Noble

E-mail: dnoble49@hotmail.com

Kari, Quiver, and the SWAT Kats travel with the Pastmaster back to 1662 Paris. King Louis XIV (Leonardo Di Caprio, if you like) holds two guys, Greg and Vince. They are Kari Gilmore’s friends whom she allowed me to use. The SWAT Kats and musketeers also plan to get rid of Louis XVI and reclaim some stolen property. They also want to place Phillipe, his masked brother on the throne. But can D’Artagnan be able to team back up with his fellow musketeers? Enjoy the story!

Chapter one

In Louis XIV’s, palace of 1662, the king was observing the high technological weaponry he stole from Feral’s new enforcers Greg and Vince. “These amazing weapons will set any enemy of my kingdom running faster than greyhounds.” He looked also at the watch he stole from the Pastmaster. He was fascinated with its special ability and what interesting things he could take from futuristic times. D’Artagnan, his captain of the guard, walked in.

“My king, Athos has been arrested and is on his way to prison,” he said bowing to Louis. Inside, he wanted to go to prison with Athos for he was one of his fellow musketeers.

“Good. Now Christine can be mine.” Louis was in love with Christine, a young common woman whom Athos’ son loved first and Athos approved of their relationship.

“I beg to differ with you, your majesty. You do those who serve you wrong, if I may say so, to send them off to battle so you can possess their ladies. Her lover is dead because of you. You must care for the rights of your country!”

“Thanks for your advice,” the king said, sarcastically. Louis very pleased that the only musketeer was still faithful to serving the king while the others had left him. They had hated Louis XIV for his disregard for the lower classes and other people. Louis had a feeling that the other three musketeers would plan a revolt against him. “You have been a faithful musketeer in my service! But I have a doubt of my reign’s safety.”

D’Artagnan put his hand on his shoulder. “You are the king, your majesty. You know I would defend your power and my honor to my last fall of blood. Your father commanded your brother to be locked from not only successorship, but from the eyes of anyone who would see him in your place.”

“Don’t mention Phillipe to me again! He’s the only one I’m afraid of.” The king said in a panic, “The musketeers may try to set him free and enliven my people to revolt against me! Am I not being kind and generous to my people?”

The only generosity he gave them was giving them the honor of building his palace in splendor for his glory and paying them dry bread, water, and left over food from his many banquets. He never paid them in coin or favor.

“I could discover the whereabouts of the musketeers who you believe will betray you.” Louis smiled.

“Good! I will be generous and give them two choices; be exiled or return to my service.”

Louis had feared he could betray him and rejoin his friends. He still believed in their old motto “All for one and “If it is your will, my King.” D’Artagnen felt sad. He left the room with a heavy face.

Chapter two

Chance and Jake were down in the hangar fighting with polls. “Come on, buddy. Can’t you swing faster? Our goal is to knock down the opponent,” Chance joked, tipping Jake backwards by his left leg.

“Ow! You could have warned me,” Jake complained, feeling his back.

“That’s the fun of it, Jake. You need to assume your partner’s next move.” Jake got up and picked up his poll.

“Are you sure can you assume whatever trick the opponent’s gonna play?”

“Sure. I’m a pro at this game,” Chance said, leaning on his poll.

“OK, let’s see you dodge this!” Jake whacked Chance right on the crotch, which sent him falling on his knees. Chance’s face swelled with pain.

“You jerk! You’re lucky this is just a game,” Chance squealed. Jake walked over to his pal and helped him up.

“Sorry pal,” Jake said. Chance recovered his strength and locked Jake’s head in his right arm and gave him a noogie.

“You’d better be!” Kat, who was now Jake’s wife, and Kari went down to the hangar.

“What’s going on you guys?” asked Kat, separating Jake from Chance’s grip.

“Nothing. I’m trying to teach Jake some respect,” Chance said, wrapping his arm around Jake.

“Well we’re not in the mood for any obituaries, so don’t kick each other’s tail too much,” Kari said, kissing Chance’s cheek.

“OK, we won’t,” Chance said. He and Kari started to walk up to the TV room, but then Kari started to feel scared.

“What’s wrong, Kari?” Chance asked.

“I’m worried for my friends who came here with me three years ago. I’ve heard the Pastmaster kidnaped them, but I think different. I wish I could find them. I don’t know if they’re safe.”

Suddenly, the Pastmaster appeared out his portal. He had a worried look on his face. “It looks like the answer is here for you,” Chance said looking slyly and grabbing the Pastmaster by the cloak. “Alright, what did you do with Kari’s pals, Bonehead?” he demanded.

“Leave him alone, Chance. I think he looks like he needs our help.” Kari and the three kats went up to the Pastmaster.

“You had better not cause trouble today!” Jake warned the Pastmaster pointing a finger.

“Why is everybody criticizing a needy kat?” Kari put her hand on the Pastmaster’s shoulder. “Now, what can we do for you?”

“I want my watch back. King Louis XIV has stolen it when I accidentally came into his time by a comet. I heard him say ‘Imprison him with those soldiers from the future!’ I was able to escape his guards by trying to grab my watch back.” Kari gasped.

“Did you say ‘soldiers from the future?”

“I did.” The Pastmaster begged for them to go into Louis’s time and get his watch back.

“Sure thing, Pastmaster.” Kat said and turned to Kari. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I think those prisoners are Greg and Vince, the two enforcers who became Feral’s new enforcers!” Jake observed.

“What would an Old French king want with two enforcers?” Chance wondered.

“Let’s go to that age and find out!” Kari suggested. The kats all changed into their suits.

“May I help you rescue your friends if you will help me get my watch back?” Pastmaster offered his hand to shake.

“Heck no! I’m not gonna shake your dirty bony paw.” T-Bone cried, keeping his paw to himself. Pastmaster went to Razor for a handshake. Razor did the same.

“Nor I. Yuck!” Razor stuck out his tongue in disgust.

“I can’t understand either of you guys!” Kari said shaking Pastmaster’s skeleton hand. “Remember, he needs our help and we need his. So what do you say?” Reluctantly, T-Bone and Razor sighed and gave their thumbs up sign. “Well gang! Shall we go now?” Quiver said offering paws together for “One for all and all for one!” the group shouted. The Pastmaster rested his paw on top of Kari’s.

Chapter three

At the island of St. Margaret, there was a prison for people accused of treason and intrigue against the king. Phillipe, whose face had a knight’s helmet shaped iron mask, sat in his cell and looked out the window into the open sea. The two prisoners, Greg and Vince, were in the same cell with him. They had become Kats by a genetic injection professor Hackle had given them.

“Are you ok? I know you wish you were free,” asked Vince, a yellow colored tomkat.

“What’s freedom to me? If I am locked in here for a fault I’m guiltless of, I might as well be in my own tomb!” Phillipe’s voice sounded cold and bitter.

Greg, an orange colored tom put his arm around Phillipe. “I’m sorry you feel this way, Phillipe. You seem too young and too innocent to have committed any faults.”

“Indeed I have not. My conscience is telling me so. I have been here since I was sixteen. My father, as I recall, had me put into this place of gloom. I cried out, ‘I’m innocent!’” The two tomkats really felt sympathetic for this poor youth.

“Would you hope of ever escaping this place, Phillipe? Nobody likes to be caged up like a bird.”

“I wish I were a bird, Greg. I could fly out of these prison bars. I could go out to share in the freedom of the winds, the oceans, even Mother Nature herself. The moon seems to be my only solace at night.”

Aramis then entered the cell accompanied by a guardsman. “Both of you kats, out of here!” the guard commanded. “Aramis wants some privacy with the young prisoner.”

Vince went over to Phillipe. “Here’s someone who can help you.” Then they left as the door was closed.

Aramis, who was dressed in a Jesuit priest’s suit, walked over to Phillipe. “Listen, I am going to send two musketeers who have a plan to help you dethrone your brother!” Phillipe became surprised.

“You shouldn’t. You will all be killed!”

“Take heart! You will be the one to take your brother’s place. We will give you aid.” Phillipe didn’t like the idea of him becoming king.

“The only freedom I desire is to be in the open air, in the fields, and in the sun. Do you want to make me an object of tyranny and corruption?” Aramis put his hand on Phillipe’s shoulder.

“The country of France needs a new king. Your brother is unjust and you can bring justice to the people. Remember how the twin birth started a period of unrest and how civil war was suspected by your father?”

Phillipe remembered the story told to him when he was a boy. The memory also made him sad. “By dethroning my brother, would that civil war be prevented?” “It would. But please accept this offer. I know that’s what your mother wants. She’s always telling me that when she comes to me for her Sunday confession. I’ve granted her God’s forgiveness many times, but she still feels great guilt in taking part in this mistreatment against you.” Phillipe’s darkness brightened like sunrays piercing into a prison cell.

“My mother took part in this?” Phillipe asked.

Aramis smiled. “She had held you away from the world and kept this second birth a secret. She knows about the imprisonment.” Phillipe then pointed to his mask. “Oh, I think the we all can be able to remove that demonic decor.”

“Were you one of the musketeers?” Phillipe asked anxiously. Aramis nodded. “What about all the others.”

“We’ll discuss that later, Phillipe. Now, I’ve got to get you out of here.” Just then, Athos and Porthos had appeared. “These are the other musketeers, Philippe.” Athos and Porthos shook hands with the youth.

A moment later, the SWAT Kats, Pastmaster, and Kari appeared from out of the portal. The musketeers immediately looked at them as Louis’s spies. “Stop where you intruders are!” Athos shouted holding his sword to their hearts.

“Easy pal! We’re friends. We came here to save this young lady’s friends, Greg and Vince,” T-Bone said, pointing to Kari. Athos relented and the frightened newcomers put their hands down.

Aramis went down to pay a ransom for the release of the prisoners. The guardsman allowed it since Aramis was in the king’s service. Kari ran to her friends and wept.

“Thank God you guys are safe!” They all shared in close embraces. The SWAT Kats all smiled at helping find Kari’s lost buddies.

Porthos who was sort of a lover boy noticed Quiver’s long black hair and went up to her, wrapping his arm around her. “Oh, my lovely ebony flower. Such delight, such grace ”

Quiver broke free. “Alright, lay off, playboy! Trying to get fruity on me?” she shrieked as Porthos chased her and tried to kiss her. He took her by the hand.

“Why flee from a man whose heart is already beating with desire ” Razor ran and pushed Porthos away from his wife. “For a woman who is another kat’s wife! Get away from her!” Razor shouted and hugged Quiver close for protection.

“What wrong have I done, monsieur?” demanded Porthos, trying to get close to Quiver again. “I was only offering her my friendship.”

“I think you’re acquainted with her enough!” Razor pushed him away again. Porthos started to sulk. T-Bone put his paw on Porthos’s shoulder.

“Better cool it, old buddy. I’ve chased other guy’s gals before, but, it’s over now.” T-Bone winked at Kari.

“Now that Kari’s found her friends, what about my clock?” Pastmaster asked.

“Right!” Quiver said. The seven kats started heading out.

“What are you all headed?” asked Athos.

“To the king. Monsieur,” Quiver answered.

“So are we! What have you come for?” Athos asked, offering to help.

“The king stole the Pastmaster’s watch.” Razor said, pointing to the little kat. “The king put these other Kats in jail for defending their required secrecy of data about the weapons they brought here. The king stole their artillery.”

“The king is a thief as well as a tyrant,” Aramis said.

“Let’s all work together to defeat this evil king!” Quiver suggested.

“To arms, valiant musketeers!” shouted Porthos. Quiver giggled.

“I hope it’s not for my sake you agree!” she said. Porthos gave a lovesick look.

“Who’s going to be the next king?” Kari asked.

Greg, Vince, and Aramis pointed to Phillipe, who was still in the mask. “Him?!” T-Bone and Razor gasped in unison.

Phillipe spoke out, “It’s true I wear prisoner’s garments, but as I learned, I am the king’s brother.”

“Who did this to you?” Kari asked.

“My father did this to me when I was the second born twin of the youth who is now ruling France” answered Phillipe

“Poor kid. Your father sounds like a real jerk!” Quiver said.

“My father’s dead now and my brother is on the throne.” Phillipe said. Suddenly, he noticed her sharp nails. “Do you think you could remove this mask from me?”

“We’ll see.” Quiver took out a sharp nail and was able to unlock the mask. She removed it and Phillipe’s real face was shown. Everybody, but the Pastmaster and Aramis, was surprised.

“Looks like he could sure use a shave,” laughed Razor.

“He’s the very image of the king who stole my watch and your pals, Kari,” Pastmaster said, noticing the similarity of his whiskered face.

“Well, let’s all get to work.” T-Bone suggested. “We’re wasting time.” “To arms?” asked the musketeers? “To arms!” yelled the seven kats. The eleven headed out the prison doors.

“But I’m confused about this mission of replacing the king,” asked T-Bone. “What will we do?”

“I have a plan. Everybody will get a part in this,” Aramis said.

Chapter four

In Louis’s ballroom, Louis commanded the musicians to play. All the quests in theatre costume danced to a suite. D’Artagnen was at the king’s side. “I feel, your majesty, that the musketeers may be here. The last time I heard about them, they were going to St. Margaret.”

Louis became scared, but he regained confidence due to the many guardsmen and soldiers he had. “If you should find sight of the musketeers, or my brother, arrest them and give word unto me!”

“Yes, your majesty.” D’Artagnen said.

At the base of the balcony, the three musketeers in costume each had a replicate of the mask. “Now we distract the king, so he’ll head back to his apartments. Our new friends will take care to swap brothers. Louis will be brought to us at the harbor and back to St.Margaret we go. Clear enough?” Aramis explained.

Porthos was nervous. “Take heart now, friend. Hopefully, Phillipe will be alright.” Aramis said. Porthos tried to keep a stiff upper lip.

The musketeers went out and danced revealing their steal masks to only the king where he could see them. The king gasped as they revealed their frightening disguises. He could not rid himself from the idea that ghost Phillipe had come to haunt him. A lady he was dancing with became aware of his discomfort. “Are you alright, my king?”

“I thought I saw a mask!” his voice stuttered.

“But the room is full of masks, your majesty,” she said, curious about his fear. The masks again appeared in his sight and his heart was pounding. He let go of his partner and dashed out of the room. The musicians and guests stopped what they were doing and wondered what was wrong.

D’Artagnen followed Louis, who was now running as though his fears were hunting him down like hunters to wild game. “Your majesty, are you not well? Please wait!” Louis slammed his bedroom doors in his face and he threw himself on his bed.

The six Kats and Phillipe, whose face was clean shaved, came out from out of the curtains. Phillipe had a horrified look on him face. Kari and quiver tried to calm him down. Louis had recovered from his confusion of these wild suspicions, then T-Bone came up to his bed. “Hey Phillipe!”

“How did you get in here?” he shouted punching T-Bone in the cheek. “Who are you anyway?”

“We’re soldiers in Phillipe’s service!” yelled T-Bone kicking Louis in the crotch. He fell unconscious.

“That must have hurt big time,” Kari said grabbing the Pastmaster’s watch on a table and giving it to him.

“I’m just giving the king my proper respects, madam. He couldn’t even assume my next moves,” joked T-Bone. “Now let’s swap brothers.”

“Too bad they don’t have time for a reunion,” Razor said. Louis was quickly dragged out his Caesar costume and put in Phillipe’s old prison clothes. Kari and Quiver helped Phillipe dress.

“Better make haste, someone’s at the door,” whispered Phillip. There was loud knocking at the door.

“Sire, please don’t keep me in suspense. Open the door! I beg you!” It was D’Artagnen.

The tom SWAT Kats began to carry Louis over to the harbor. Phillipe was sent out another doorway leading to the ballroom. By the time, everyone had gone out of the room, D’Artagnen busted open the door. The king was gone. D’Artagnen suspected that the musketeers had taken him away. He was furious. “I’ll get my king back!” He stormed out to notify the guard.

In the other room, Phillip was ready to go. “Hurry Phillipe! Your throne awaits you!” Kari made sure his sun flames headdress was in place. The sun was a sacred symbol of Louis due to the enlightenment he showered on his court.

“Good luck!” Quiver winked at him as he went. Quiver smiled at Kari.

“You know. I think that prisoner was a king all along,” Quiver said.

“More than that!” Kari replied. “He has the soul of a king.”

Chapter five

Greg and Vince were holding their weapons they had found in Louis’s room. They made sure Phillipe would make his procession o.k. They both winked at Phillipe as he made his way down the hall that lead to the ballroom.

The small orchestra announced the coming of the king. The guests honored Phillipe as they bowed to him. He then sat down and requested the musicians to play again.

Suddenly, there was another procession. It was Anne of Austria, mother of both Louis and Phillipe. She sat down next to Phillipe and he smiled at her. Anne didn’t know it was Phillipe.

“You are in good spirits today, son,” Anne observed. “I want to have a word with you later tonight.”

“Good night, mother.” Phillipe said. Anne kissed him on his brow as he arose to join in a dance. Then he started and started to leave. On his way out, D’Artagnan and a team of guardsmen came up to him.

“My king, I think you’d better come with me. It’s an emergency, concerning you.” Phillipe complied. Greg and Vince thought D’Artagnan was leading him into a snare, so they discreetly followed behind him.

At the harbor, the musketeers, and the SWAT Kats were ready to row away with a screaming, kicking Louis. But the gate at the mote closed before they could get out. T-Bone noticed a group of guardsmen charging at them.

“Crud. We’ve got company, guys!” The musketeers jumped out of the boat of and dueled with the guardsmen. Athos and Porthos both had their swords knocked out of their hands and were at the mercy at the guardsmen. The Pastmaster waved his watch and Megakat weapons had filled the boat.

“Pastmaster, are you crazy?! Those guns got Kari’s friends in trouble here!” Razor cried.

“The musketeers need our help!” Pastmaster argued. Without any contradictions, the SWAT Kats fought off the guardsmen with the mini cannons.

“Adios amigos!” Razor shouted, shouting three fireballs at three guardsmen.

T-Bone kicked five guardsmen in the stomach, making them fall into the water. “Time for a bath, you smelly overdressed shaggy dogs!” he joked, referring to their long hair.

Athos and Porthos quickly got back into the boat. Then D’Artagnan came followed by Phillipe. “Give me my king!” D’Artagnan demanded pointing a sword at Athos’s heart. “This man is an imposter!” D’Artagnan showed them the fake king.

“No, this man is the imposter.” Athos showed him Louis, putting a knife at his throat.

“Kill my king and I shall kill yours,” D’ARTAGNAN warned, putting his sword to Phillipe’s throat.

Athos then turned to Phillipe. “Get into the boat, my king!” Phillipe obeyed.

“It’s all my fault!” Phillipe sadly said. Razor put a paw on his shoulder.

“No, it’s not your fault, Phillipe. We should have escaped faster!” Razor said sadly.

“SWAT Kats, go into the palace and round up your friends. You’ve all done your parts well. Now, we have our work cut out,” Aramis said.

“What about Phillipe?” asked T-Bone worriedly.

“We’ll keep him safe. Now go and hurry!” Athos urged.

The SWAT Kats took the Pastmaster. He waved his watch and all the modern weapons disappeared, except those of Greg and Vince. “Stop them! They also know about those modern weapons!” D’Artagnan cried. Half of the guardsmen chased the SWAT Kats.

“Open the gates, now!” Athos ordered. The boat started to slowly drift out as the gates were opening.

“Seize my brother at once!” Louis ordered. His guardsmen grabbed Phillipe by his arms while Athos tried to hold Phillipe back by his feet. “Athos, Aramis, help me!” cried Phillipe, who was dragged back to the port. The gate was closing at D’Artagnan’s orders with the musketeers looking helplessly as they drifted out of sight.

Louis tore off the gag around his mouth and in a rage pushed D’ARTAGNAN to the ground. “So, you took part in this conspiracy against me?”

“Please your majesty, I only wanted to stop it!” He put his hands on Louis’s shoulders. He shook them off and walked over to Phillipe. “This man is my brother!” D’Artagnan turned pale with amazement and worry.

“Is was a secret until now.” Anne then rushed in ran to Phillipe.

“My son? Is it possible?” Louis turned to her.

“Are you taking part in this conspiracy against me as well?” he roared.

“Louis, listen! He’s your brother!” Anne pleaded.

“It’s true,” Phillipe said. Louis slapped him.

“Please control yourself, my king!” D’Artagnan cried. “Have mercy on him!” Phillipe asked the same.

Louis’s eyebrows crushed themselves as his emotions ran out of control. “Bring back the heads of Aramis, Athos, Porthos, and all those other meddlers who went against me.” D’Artagnan sternly shook his head. “Do it, or I’ll have your head!” Finally he turned to Phillipe. “Take him to the prison at the Bastille. His face shall be covered with that iron mask he wore before! This time it will stay on him forever!” The thundering sound of his brother’s threat and command froze Phillipe all over.

Greg and Vince who were there witnessing the scene, were ready to spring into action, now that they had their weapons back. “Not so fast! You’ll have to arrest us as well!” Greg shouted. The two kats surprise attacked Louis. Phillipe smiled.

“I didn’t know you two would come through for me!” Phillipe said, grabbing D’Artagnan’s sword.

“We’re here for you, your majesty,” Vince said. Louis was startled.

“How did you rebels reclaim those things? And how did you escape?” Louis called over his soldiers. Greg and Vince fought off the soldiers with their enforcer weapons.

“Let’s just say your late majesty owes us a favor for unjust accusation,” Vince said. Louis grabbed a large pistol and pointed it at Phillipe’s heart.

A team of soldiers surrounded the Kats and Phillipe. “Take them to the Bastille!” Louis ordered.

“No, my son! You tried to kill your own brother!” Anne cried, making her way past the soldiers and clasping Phillipe to her breast.

“Mother, allow me to go to prison and live in peace. Take only me and let those Kats go free.” Phillipe requested. He was cuffed and taken to the Bastille. D’Artagnan gave Louis a stern father’s look.

“For years, I’ve tried to advise you and tried to help you into the king I’ve always wanted you to be. That hope is now blown away.” D’Artagnan wept. Louis gave him a cold look and walked away.

D’ARTAGNAN went over to Anne and embraced her. “You should have told me you bore a second son.”

Anne kissed him on the lips and sighed. “We took a great risk in keeping our bonds from the eyes and ears of others. I wished to save you from more torments. You are your king’s and prisoner’s father!” D’Artagnan nearly fainted from remorse and woe. Inside his heart, he was overjoyed to hear that the man in the iron mask was part of his family.

“I’ll send word to the musketeers!” D’Artagnan took out a piece of paper and went out followed by Anne.

Greg and Vince were astounded as well. “These family secrets could really lead to trouble,” Vince said.

“We’d better go round up the other kats.” They headed off.

Chapter six

T-Bone and Razor went in different directions from the soldiers who were chasing and firing at them up the grand staircase. T-Bone and Razor hit the soldiers in the face with the soles of their feet, which knocked them down like dominoes.

“Better try to find the girls and take Pastmaster with you,” T- Bone said. “I’ll try to distract these guys.” They went off together while the soldiers got back up.

T-Bone outran the men up the grand staircase and cut them off in the Venus drawing room by a hidden trap door leading to the Buffet room.

“Wow! This king sure has a maze of a palace. Hopefully, I haven’t lost myself,” T-Bone commented as he took out his search detector. “This escape and search sounds more fun than in a video game.” He walked along the halls and turning right, entered the king’s private cabinets. “This king’s sure spoiled. He’s got enough rooms to run a hotel in this place.”

All of a sudden, more soldiers burst in pointing their guns at T- Bone. “Surrender yourself, perpetrator!” they ordered. “Happy to oblige, gentlemen.” T-Bone took the edge of a rug they were standing on and gave it a good yank. It sent the soldiers falling backwards into each other shooting the ceiling at the same time. “Bingo! A winning score of one against twelve!”

T-Bone ran out into the hall of mirrors and hid under a table hearing the footsteps of the guards who had chased him at the staircase. They passed him, but they were after his tail. “I guess I gave those boys the slip,” T-Bone thought to himself, grinning.

Meanwhile, Razor and Pastmaster ran out into the marble courtyard. From both sides, guardsmen aimed their rifles. “You’re both under arrest for invasion of the king’s residence!”

“Pastmaster, come on! I’ve found an escape.” Razor grabbed Pastmaster and used the glovatrix to hoist them to a second story arched chamber.

They were being firing at, so Pastmaster waved his watch and Razor received an enforcer laser. The guards ran off as Razor shot at them.

They finally entered the king’s bedchamber. “I guess this is where we started.” Pastmaster was scared.

“We’ve gotta find the girls, T-Bone, and the other guys and get on home!” Razor said. They walked in the second antechamber where they found Kari and Quiver. Quiver ran to embrace Razor and Kari hugged Pastmaster.

“Sorry, we’re late gals.” Razor said.

“Where’s T-Bone and the others?” Kari asked.

“Hopefully my detector can spot them out.” Suddenly a group of guardsmen burst in and snatched Razor’s detector and Pastmaster’s watch.

“We have all of you now! We only need the other three.” A guard said triumphantly. “Go and tell the king!” he commanded half of the group.

The soldiers tied all four of their hands behind them and took them into the hall of mirrors where Louis was waiting. “We have recaptured the intruders along with these young ladies,” the high guard said.

“Splendid. Take those two into a cell, but leave the ladies with me. I find them rather pleasing.” With Razor and Pastmaster being taken, Louis walked over to Kari and Quiver. “You two will make fine mistresses for me!”

Quiver’s eyes flashed a ruby red. “Got a problem with keeping your pants up, Don Juan?” Quiver said, sneering.

“I like ladies who carry a sensitive approach to a man’s desires.” Louis chuckled, putting his hands on Quiver’s breasts. She hissed. Louis backed off and went to Kari. He tried to kiss her.

“Your teeth are going to be feeling pretty sensitive if you don’t back off!” Kari said, pulling her lips away from Louis’s. He seized her chin and put his kiss on her lips.

T-Bone, who was hiding in an arcade, posed as a Grecian statue for camouflage. His masked eyes squinted and he growled under his breath. “No one treats Kari or my sister like that!” he thought.

“You charming, but impertinent women will have to learn respect for a king! Take these girls to the antechamber of the grand couvert and throw Christine out! I grow tired of her.” The soldiers took the struggling girls by their arm.

“That does it! You guys are dead meat!” T-Bone yelled, jumping off the arcade, and swinging across the distance. His big feet hit the guards and Louis in the face, knocking them out cold.

He then untied the girls. “Guards! Shoot that kat!” Louis ordered.

“Come and catch me!” T-Bone and the gals ran out the way they came. The soldiers were firing at them. “Crud! We don’t have the Pastmaster or any weapons.”

Quiver tried to use her book of spells, but one of the bullets hit her in the arm. Kari dragged her out of the room, while T-Bone took the book. He spoke in French and the walls of the mirrors came crashing down on the guards and soldiers. Louis ran out fast enough to escape. “Sorry to trash the place!” T-Bone said sarcastically.

Chapter seven

T-Bone joined the girls. They burst into the antechamber where Christine and a plump lady attendant named Sabina were. “Please don’t mind us, ladies.” Kari said.

“What has happened?” Christine asked. “We heard a crash.”

“We came to save some friends imprisoned. We need to care for my sister,” T-Bone said. Kari applied a cloth after she tore off Quiver’s sleeve. The hole had a stream of blood coming from it.

“She has been shot? Oh, that Louis is dreadful!” Sabina cried. “Poor girl.” She applied perfume and water to the wound. Quiver squirmed.

“It’s ok, really,” Quiver insisted. “I’ve been through worse.”

“I heard that Louis is tired of Christine.” Kari observed.

“That’s me. He wanted to have me, but I already had a lover. He was Rowel, son of Athos.” T-Bone was surprised.

“You know the musketeers?” he asked.

“I do. They once served Louis XV before this king came into power. They retired except D’Artagnan. I hear they are trying to replace the king.”

“What gave them the courage to rebel against this king?” T-Bone asked.

“Louis is being unjust to his people. He sent my lover to the wars with the Dutch and he was killed. Louis lured me into a trap.” Christine then wept. T-Bone patted her on her shoulder.

“Sorry to hear it. It must be hell without your sweetheart.”

“He speaks to me everyday in my heart. He’s alive in there.” Christine started to feel better. “You need a doctor,” she said to Quiver.

“No, I need my spellbook.” T-Bone took the book and prepared to read from it. Sabina held up her arm and Christine supported her upwards. “Ok T-Bone. Go ahead.”

T-Bone spoke in Latin and the bullet popped out and the wound healed itself closed. “Thanks ladies. Thanks T-Bone.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have friends to rescue.” Kari said, starting to head out.

“You can’t, child. It’s too unadvisable!” Sabina said, holding Kari back. “Think of what would happen if you tried to meddle with the king’s decisions!”

“We have to. They’re our friends!” Kari argued.

“She’s right, Kari.” Quiver said. “We can’t let the guards or the king see us. We have to get the keys in secret, and release the guys. But we don’t have weapons or the watch. How the hell are we going to do it?”

“Maybe, we can help.” Greg and Vince walked in with the keys and the enforcer weapons.”

“Please don’t walk in here with weapons! There are ladies here,” Kari teased.

“Sorry, gals.” The two kats took a bow before Christine and Sabina. Greg walked up to Christine. “Hi,” he said. Christine giggled as he tickled her chin. “Better save your amour for later, pal,” T-Bone said. “How did you guys find us?”

“We heard a crash. We searched for you guys after we had met the Musketeers. We were able to release your friends,” Vince explained.

“What about D’Artagnan?” T-Bone asked.

“He is Phillipe’s and Louis’s father. He has vowed to help the musketeers in their plan” Everybody was startled, then they started smiling. “We delivered his letter to the musketeers and they’re planning to siege the king’s warriors. Phillipe is imprisoned again.”

“We’ve got to help Phillipe out. We can’t leave France in the rule of a tyrant. Neither can we leave our modern weapons or the Pastmaster’s watch here. Louis could and would invade Megakat City again,” Kari said.

Quiver, T-Bone, Kari, Greg and Vince put their hands together. “One for all and all for one!” they vowed.

“By the way, how do we get to the Bastille?” Kari asked.

“Go all the way down the queen’s hall and make a left at the grand staircase. Then escape at the front door and travel straight down through the city and the Bastille is at your left,” Christine explained.

“Thanks, Christine,” Greg smiled at Christine as they left. Sabina had her eye on T-Bone.

Chapter eight

At the Bastille, the four musketeers, Razor, and Pastmaster were dressed as in the old musketeer suits worn in prior times and ready for combat. Each one had a sword, but Razor still had his glovatrix at his side.

“This may be your ultimate battle yet, guys!” Razor said.

The musketeers disguised Pastmaster as a prisoner and knocked on the door.

“What do you want?” the guardsman asked.

“We have a prisoner.” Athos answered, showing him a letter of imprisonment. They were then admitted. Aramis spied a set of keys hanging from the belt of the prison keeper. At his side, there was a cell with Phillipe in the mask again. He looked up at the musketeers, who pointed a pistol at him.

“Give us the keys, now. We’re vassals of the king.” Aramis ordered. The keeper laughed and shook his head.

“You want to free a king? An imposter perhaps!” The keeper then gave a sign for the prison guards to come.

“So you wanna play rough? We tried to be nice!” Razor shouted, waving his sword and charging at the guards. The other four did the same.

The five musketeers almost fought off the guards, but one of them pinned Pastmaster down to the ground. Razor caught eye of it and set off his glovatrix, grabbing hold of his knife. The guard then charged at Razor, but the musketeers pointed their swords at him and he ran away.

The guard with the keys started to head off, but Razor caught him trying to escape. “Going somewhere monsieur?” Razor set off his glovatrix, grabbing hold of the keys. The guard snatched them away and disappeared.

“Crud!” Razor growled. “Now how can we save Phillipe?” Then he thought up something. “You know we really don’t need the keys! We can all tear the gate out of its hinges.”

“That sounds desperate and crazy, but it’s the only thing left to do.” Athos admitted. They all went up to the gate with Porthos grabbing the door at the lock. They pulled. The metal bent but the lock would not break. Phillipe decided to help.

“Let me try.” Phillipe rammed his mask against the lock, which had bent. He tried again and the lock broke loose.

“That iron mask does wonders.” Pastmaster commented. “It can free as well as bind.”

“The mask doesn’t bind me at all.” Phillipe said. He was given a sword and joined them in a hall where D’Artagnan appeared. Athos became suspicious.

“What if you have mislead us.” He pointed a sword at D’Artagnan’s heart.

“Your pursuit may be upon me as well as Louis. I hope you will forgive me. Your sufferings should have been mine” His sincerity reunited the musketeers.

They walked over a side door. Opening it, there was Louis and his soldiers firing and charging at them. Pastmaster took out his sword. The five musketeers did the same, throwing off their hats. Louis fired a pistol at Phillipe’s head, but Athos grabbed him before he could be shot. “You musketeers will die!” a soldier shouted at Pastmaster.

“I’m already dead!” Pastmaster gloated as he knocked him down by his foot by his sword.

Many soldiers were outnumbering the musketeers, but with the agility of D’Artagnan’s aim along with Razor’s quick senses, soldiers were being killed one by one. Razor, other then his sword, kicked soldiers were it really hurt and used his pointy fingernails.

Soldiers, who fought the other musketeers, waved their swords to crash down on them. They were grabbed by their cloaks and stabbed in the back. Those soldiers who were remaining walked back to Louis.

“Are twelve cowards going to give in to six?” Louis cried.

“No one has the daring to fight the captain or the Kat.” A soldier responded, carrying a dead comrade.

The six musketeers and Phillipe went into the room joining the hall to catch their breath. “Looks like we have won.” Pastmaster said.

“Not yet, buddy.” Razor said. “We still have to get Phillipe out of the mask and on the throne, help the others, and get your watch back. But without real modern weapons, that seems impossible.”

“Not for us. Miss us?” T-Bone asked, walking in with the other four Kats.

“How did you find us, T-Bone?” Razor asked.

“We sneaked through an unguarded open door. We heard fighting and you know you wouldn’t go on without us.” Quiver answered.

“So what’s this? Are you joined another team and leaving us?” T- Bone sarcastically asked. “By the way, nice suit!”

“I’m ready to fight for France, the musketeers, all you guys, and Megakat City as well. And with Pastmaster at my side.” Razor wrapped his arm around Pastmaster who smiled.

“That shows great valor!” Aramis commented.

“I think our modern weapons can help us,” Greg said, holding a chest of guns and Pastmaster’s watch. “How did you guys get all that stuff?” Pastmaster asked.

“We snatched the watch while Louis walked by us. We hid underneath a table,” Vince explained.

“You guys are clever and sneaky.” Kari smiled.

“So now we’ve got eleven against a king.” Porthos observed. “We could be an army!” He then puckered his lips at Quiver.

“You wish,” Quiver thought. Pastmaster grabbed his watch and wrapped it around his waist.

Louis decided to win by making a bargain with D’Artagnan. “D’Artagnan, I’m not angry with you. I know you have led me to my enemies. Surrender them to me and I will give you a peaceful retirement!”

“Surrender me.” Phillipe said, turning to go, but D’Artagnan held him back.

“No, my son.” Phillipe was confused. “I loved your mother and so am your father. I have been so without even knowing about it.” They embraced. The gang smiled.

“Better save your union for later. Louis is still waiting,” Athos pointed out.

“Those soldiers who serve the king are named after us. They’re young musketeers and we can keep the musketeers legend living on. They would die to honor their country and so would we,” Aramis suggested.

“Better use these weapons. They will help you win,” Vince suggested.

“Are you crazy?! Those are our weapons!” Kari was afraid that the musketeers might steal them like Louis. “I trust these men,” Vince replied. Greg walked up to the musketeers.

“You may use these weapons just this once. But, when we return to our time, we will need them back. Do you understand?” The musketeer complied. Then there was a banging on all the doors.

“He’s probably never going to say yes or no. Break the doors and fire away at will!” Louis commanded.

“Now I know these guys will need the enforcer weapons,” T-Bone said, trusting the musketeers. They each took an enforcer gun and everyone joined their weapons together. They all said, “All for one and one for all!”

The doors burst down and Louis entered, backed by his soldiers. The musketeers were backed up against the kat gang. “Fire!” Louis commanded. The good team fired killing those soldiers who were charging and firing at them. One soldier tried to fire at Quiver, but Porthos jumped in and punched the man out.

“Thanks. Remind me to repay you.” Quiver said. Porthos smiled. Very soon, gun smoke had filled the whole hall and the good team was out of sight.

Louis’ remaining soldiers were impressed at seeing the musketeers with great weapons and standing fearlessly. They recognized them as the pioneering musketeers. For they had been like brothers to them. The musketeers appeared along with the Kat gang.

All of Louis’ soldiers knelt down to them saying, “You musketeers are our brothers. Forgive us and let’s honor the vow, ‘All for one, one for all!’” The good team bowed down for pardon and consent.

Louis was the only one who was not one their side. He thought, “I’m surrounded by traitors! I’ll have to get rid of my brother and the musketeers myself.” He took two pistols and aimed them at the musketeers’ hearts, but T-Bone and Razor pinned them back clearing out of the way of the bullets.

Louis was angry and took out his dagger, charging at Phillipe. Greg tried to stop Louis with a sword, but Louis kicked him out the way. Then Louis grabbed Phillipe by his shirt. He struck a blow at Phillipe’s chest. Finally, Vince seized Louis’ arm trying to force the dagger out of his hand. Louis struggled and broke free, slicing Vince’s arm. Everyone gasped with fear. Louis took in amazement letting the weapon hang down from his hand. Kari and Quiver ran to tear off the sleeve and apply pressure on his arm.

Louis thought now was the time to escape. Razor pulled his glovatrix, which grabbed Louis from behind. “Going somewhere prisoner and ex-king?” He tied his hands behind him. Quiver took out her nail and removed the iron mask from Phillipe’s face. It was starting to show paleness.

D’Artagnan rushed over to Phillipe and held him close. “Please don’t die, my son!”

“I’ll survive, father. God willing I shall.” D’ARTAGNAN, T-Bone, and Pastmaster carried Phillipe out of the hall, followed by a few soldiers. The guards came in.

“Were is the prisoner?” One them asked.

“Right here!” Razor said, holding Louis head down with his foot and pointing and enforcer weapon at him.

“Where is the king?”

“The king is wounded and is being carried back to his palace.” The guards took Louis and were astonished.

“You are traitors! This is the king!”

“Execute these villains at once!” Louis cried. The guards pointed their swords at the soldiers.

“Oh I don’t think so!” Razor said. “Phillipe is our rightful king.” The soldiers pointed their rifles at the guards and they dropped their swords. “And I believe we have another injury that needs immediate attention!” Razor pointed to Vince’s wounded arm and the guards applied cloth to bind the wound.

“Shall we send for a doctor, monsieur?”

“No, I’ll be ok.” Vince said, but it was bleeding a great deal. “As a matter of fact, yes please!”

“I’ve got novocaine, don’t panic.” Kari said. Razor, Quiver, and Kari and were escorted to the palace, Vince was supported by the remaining soldiers.

The guards then took Louis, who was speechless, and lead him down to a cell.

Chapter nine

Out on the hill, overlooking the palace, the SWAT Kats, Pastmaster, Kari, and Vince and Greg were getting ready to go back to Megakat City. They smiled as they watched an assembly of musketeers creating an isle for Phillipe and D’Artagnan arm in arm with Anne.

Phillipe walked over to Aramis and the Kat gang. “I owe all of you my life. Not just for me, but for my family’s, the musketeers, and France. I wish you a pleasant trip home.” He embraced Vince and Greg good bye.

“Thanks to the both of you for being good prison companions.” They bowed to him. Phillipe did the same.

Then he went over to Pastmaster. “You, as I was told, helped to advise this rescue and I’m giving you a metal.” T-Bone and Razor patted Pastmaster on the head as he grinned at his shining sun badge.

Quiver suggested, “I think Pastmaster would make a great Kat. He would have fur and I could use my spellbook ”

“Later, sis.” T-Bone smiled. Suddenly Porthos walked over to Quiver.

“Is my reward to be given to me as well?” He puckered his lips at Quiver.

“Oh Porthos, really! A married woman,” Aramis scolded.

“It’s ok, monsieur.” Quiver said to Aramis. “But you have to close your eyes, Porthos. It’s a surprise!” Quiver whispered in Razor’s ear and he walked over to Porthos.

“Please, give me the reward I crave, madam.” Porthos begged with his eyes still closed.

“Oh alright. Here’s my love.” Smack! Porthos thought he was touching Quiver’s lips. He sighed as he smooched Razor’s lips.

Razor snickered. “You kiss pretty good, monsieur!” Razor giggled as Porthos opened his eyes in shock. The Kat gang laughed at Porthos’s embarrassment.

“You hussy!” he cried to Quiver, chasing her. Athos grabbed him by the arm.

“There now, there are other women in France.” Three women whom he had been toiling with before, smiled at him and he went off like a cannon ball. Everyone, but Athos was happy.

“Are you alright, my friend?” Aramis asked him.

“I grieve for Christine, whom my son loved. I can feel that his soul is still suffering at leaving Christine.”

Suddenly, Christine and Sabina came. “Hey ladies.” Greg said and Christine came up to him and they kissed. Athos smiled. “Now, I think my son’s soul will be pleased that Christine’s not alone anymore.”

Sabina went up to T-Bone and caressed his striped arm. “May I claim a prize as well?”

“Sorry to break your heart ma’am, but I’m already claimed.” Sabina began to cry and T-Bone felt very sorry for her. He put his paw on her arm. Kari walked over to her.

“Don’t cry, miss. There’s still Vince who is without a lady.” Sabina stopped crying and Vince looked at her. She gave a faint smile and he took her by the hand and kissed it.

“Shall we go home?” Pastmaster asked.

“Now? And I was going to like living in royalty.” T-Bone joked.

The two ladies and the Kat gang got in a group and waited for Pastmaster to wave his watch. But Kari stopped him.

“Wait a moment.” Kari put her hands on Phillipe. “Would you like to come with us?” Phillipe looked back at his parents. They had tears in their eyes. Phillipe wept.

“France needs me. I am the king and I must take care of my people.”

“Well, good luck, your majesty and take care,” Kari said, getting back into the group.

“All for one and one for all,” Pastmaster said as he waved. The Kats and ladies waved good bye as they vanished. Phillipe waved farewell as his parents walked up to stand beside him. “Farewell, my dearest comrades.”


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