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By David Noble

  • 2 Chapters
  • 7,329 Words

The Megakat City ocean has an unknown, mysterious sub fighter named Phurranha. Razor becomes very jealous of him, but Chance finds a note in the hanger that might concern this hero.

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Author's Notes:

Series: Phurranha
Title: Anonymous Subversions
Author: David Noble
E-Mail: Dnoble49@hotmail.com
New Dates: Nov 24-30

Notes: Phurranha (Tipo Marino) is my own character as is the hangar idea my own idea. If anyone wants to use my character or anything out of my story, please let me know. Other than that, enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Anonymous Subversions

On a cloudy day, freighter crew kats were aiming their rifles at what they thought were the scaled eels that had attacked oil-importing ships before. Suddenly the waters around were calm. “Nothing’s here, captain. It looks like the sea snake went back down,” one of the crew said.

“I hope so. Those eels were after oil and we’re shipping in fish and shellfish, so we should be safe,” the captain added assurringly. Suddenly, the freighter shifted sideways by a thud that caused the crew to roll over. They grasped on the rails.

“This eel’s not after oil today!” another of the crew said. Then the ship moved back in place due to the water pressure and weight of the uplifted side. A great whale popped out of nowhere and chopped its way though the shields and into the supplies. Water started flowing, causing the craft to sink slowly.

“Say your prayers, boys! Get to the lifeboats.”

Out of the clouds, the Turbokat appeared and swung around. The SWAT Kats saw the trouble. “We’re going to help you guys. Get into the lifeboats, unleash the hooks and we’ll bring you away from the ship,” Razor said on his intercom.

The crew did as they were told and the grabbling hooks brought them to safety. The crew waved thanks. The SKs did the same. “Come on, Razor! We’ve got a fish thief to catch!” T-Bone said. Razor prepared to lock on in the whale.

Then the whale turned from his booty and headed down for the crew kats. “Oh no! Captain, we’ve still got that beast after us!” The crew grabbed hold of each other as the giant fish opened his jaws ready to devour.

Suddenly, three darts simultaneously pierced the whale’s side, one of them in his gills. The whale suffocated and keeled over. The crew cheered. “We’re saved, but I know it wasn’t the SWAT Kats who saved our tails, captain.”

“Well, I’d say thanks to whoever it was.” Not too far away, the hull of a blue- green nuclear sub surfaced the waters. The craft had on both sides, a silver- blue piranha symbol. A yellow-orange tom-kat lifted the canopy and looked out of the conning tower.

“Glad their furs are all safe. That creature almost got more than he bargained for,” he said to himself in a light Italian accent. He looked at the floating wreckage. “I don’t think the cost for fish is going to be cheap,” he jested. He then submerged and headed back.

Razor’s eyes squinted. “Who was that no gooder taking my place in shooting that animal? I had my missiles aimed and locked!” He pounded his fist on the control panel.

“I don’t know buddy, but it looks like we’ve got a new hero in MKC or on the ocean.” T-Bone was calmer in his voice, but was a little concerned about this strange being.

“Or a hero *wannabe*! Anyway, I don’t like him. I could have got him.”

“Relax kid, you can’t win everytime. I won’t deny he’s a good shooter like you. That’s just the way it is.”

“Thanks for the pep talk, T-Bone. Now I’m going to be second best shooter!”

“Stop being over suspicious, please! I’ve told you many times before to get this hero mumbo-jumbo out of your skull. He fights on the sea and we fight on air or on land. I still think you’re an excellent shooter, buddy.” Razor’s jealousy was a little soothed.

“Thanks T-Bone. We’d better go back, now. The enforcers are coming and this fish is starting to stink.” T-Bone laughed.

“Roger that!” They headed back to their hangar as enforcer choppers and jets appeared. They saw the floating ship and the dead whale.

“Let’s get this ship towed over to shore,” one of the enforcers said.

“Looks like the SWAT Kats really did a job here. This fish doesn’t look edible.” Then they noticed the three darts. “I wonder if they have weapons that fire three at one stroke.”

“They can do anything they want. They’re very good vigilantes. Now, let’s call the carrier and crate this wreckage and this whale to shore.”


The unknown kat reached the shore where his sub’s garage was kept. He selected the tractor wheels that opened out and drove inside. The ceiling lights flashed on, and he jumped out. “Now that’s taken care of. Seas are most quiet when there’s hazards.” He was not one of those heroes who congratulated themselves or wanted praise. His accepted his praise in the satisfaction of defeat.

He showered and changed into a mountain shirt with sky-blue jeans. He looked at his work schedule. It read that Tipo Marino was off that day and woodshop was one of his best-loved occupations.

He took a wooden frame he had made and looked at the picture of him as an enforcer not so long ago. “Ah, those days! That commander.” He sat down to a plate of shrimp pasta and looked at his enforcer’s days as the good old and at the same time hellish days.

Two years ago, Tipo was an officer working with the artillery tanks. He was an exact fierier to the other enforcers. One day, the Pastmaster had brought a stegosaurus in the streets. Tipo fired out of line of the other enforcers. Feral was mad.

“Young man, I’ve told you to wait on my cue!”

“Your cue? Of course and wait and let the dinosaur turn civilization into rumbles!” Tipo spoke back.

“Who are you talking to, Tipo? I warn you, be careful or be kicked out.” Tipo was losing his patience.

“You had better be careful. I don’t want to be disgraced. I’m leaving the enforcers before you can say ‘you’re fired!’” Feral gnashed his teeth.

“Get out of my face, you no-gooder!” Tipo felt his heart lose strength and left. Feral then turned to his enforcers. “Any kat who has a problem, he and I can take care of it!”

“Yes sir!” They said in unison. Tipo put his face in his paw.

“If I could, I’d rive Feral in half!” He turned on his ‘Journey’ music on to raise his broken spirits. He felt that he needed a friend to comfort him.


In the garage, Razor removed his helmet and mask and became Jake. Chance was already there. Jake checked his missile alignments and tested their motions. “Aimed right where I wanted! There must be someone out there trying to imitate us.”

“Jake, what’s wrong with you? We don’t know who he is!” Chance said, checking the circuit connections.

“What I don’t know won’t hurt me!” Jake replied. He ignored Chance’s talk of the new hero. Chance noticed a twenty-five old message stuck to a wall. He read it.

“Hey pal, listen to this.”

‘I hope that this hangar, which my associates and I built, will benefit any kat who uses it. The enforcers have been suspicious of our secret identities and us. If we were free from enforcer intervention, I would give this as an inheritance to my son Tipo.


Signor Marino.’

“Hey, Jake! Do you suppose there could have been SWAT Kats prior to us? This hangar was already here when you had a slip down the floor door. I had to take care of you when you broke your leg.”

“I remember. I thought I was falling into a cavern. You came to me and with a flashlight and we found out this was a hangar. But remember, the technical necessities was my idea!”

“Where’s the humble hearted Jake I knew?” Chance asked.

Jake closed the armor and walked over to Chance. “I haven’t changed my nature, thank you! I’m just proud of my shooting skills.” Chance patted Jake’s shoulder.

“Jake, I shoot too and your skills are as good as your abilities permit. I don’t want to talk anymore about this fellow, ok?” Jake nodded. They both walked up to their on ground abode.

“Do you want to go to the public pool today?” Chance asked, giving Jake a pineapple slush.

“Sure. The storm’s over! Our work is finished. Let’s see what we got on the news.” Chance turned on the TV and Ann Gora gave the broadcast.

“It seems like we’ve had a shipwreck about one kilometer from the harbor. The ship’s crew claims that there is an anonymous hero, not the SWAT Kats, who shot the whale dead before it devoured them. Weaponry analysts are looking for clues.”

“Why it was that prowler we noticed earlier today!” Jake shot out, throwing his slush at the TV.

“Relax Jake. TVs aren’t made for that!”

“Like you should talk! Everyone should know about us, even him. What if he’s copying my trademark?” Chance squeezed his paw into a fist.

“If he is, I’ll teach him a lesson! If he isn’t, we have to let him do his job. Besides he fights on the sea.”

“Much comfort!” Jake retorted as walked off.

“Listen Jake, we’re SWAT Kats. He might be his own single fighting force.” Jake sighed.

“I guess you’re right. I don’t know why I’m acting this way. I just hope I don’t see him again. I’m jealous enough as is.”

“Let’s get to the pool now before you start burning up!” Chance and Jake changed and rode off.


Meanwhile the Pastmaster traveled to the late Mesozoic era where he summoned eel-shaped land-water mammas named the Mosasaurs. “Come my pets! I can have MKC by surrounding the waters around it.”

He waved his enchanted timer and the animals came. Then the portal sucked them all up and disappeared.


At the pool, Chance and Jake walked over to the racing course.

“Want to have a race, buddy?” Jake asked cunningly.

“Sure thing? I’ll speed you at two minutes front to back!” Chance boasted

“You’re on!” The two kats dived in together like ships being launched. They both desperately tried to breathe sparingly as Chance kept his eyes at the starting point and performed some wonderful arm strokes. He beat Jake at the first point. Jake was a better and faster swimmer than his partner. His legs gave him some extra increase. Jake raised his paw to the starting point and cheered.

“You switched strokes on purpose! You cheated!” Chance lightly growled.

“Sometimes you’ve got to cheat to beat.” Jake said cleverly.

“If this were not a public pool, I’d take you by the throat, mister.” Chance showed his claws. Jake patted them down.

“Relax pal, this is a public facility. We both won at our own point, so we’re equal.”

“Whatever you say, coach. Let’s go shower and get dressed.” When they went back to their lockers, Jake’s comm. beeped.

“Yes Miss Briggs?” Jake asked.

“I think we’ve got a problem at the coast guys! The Pastmaster’s brought a round of Mosasours surrounding MKC.”

“We’ll be right down, Miss Briggs! Chance, we’ve got trouble at sea again. This time it’s the Pastmaster!”

“No problem! Let’s go and if we see the *king* of the sea again, try not to be envious.” Jake dropped his shoulders and sighed.

“He’ll be there alright.” They headed for their hangar, changed and sped off.


Tipo received a signal of danger on seas and like the SKs, changed back into his armor and launched away. He saw the Mosasours crowding around the city shores. They were jetting out poison from their gills and at the enforcers and catching the choppers where their jaws.

“Now those are hideous looking mammals! Better give these eels a real shock!” He sped up close enough to meet his weapon’s distance capacity and checked his scanner to level his aim. The scanning pointed at three of Mosasours in the heart.

“Darts launch!” Three of the dinosaurs screamed and keeled over deed.

Pastmaster cried out, “No! It’s the SWAT Kats. Wait! They’re not here yet! No big deal! Mosasours, attack Megakat City!” Finally, the SKs did come.

“Yep, the Pastmaster’s back. Hope we’re not sucked back in history, pal.” T- Bone said, holding the jet in place.

“Yeah. Those monsters are definitely prehistoric and definitely pissed.” One of them snapped at the Turbokat. “Sorry, we’re not food! Pincher missiles deploy!” Four were set off and three were choked, but one of them dodged the missile.

“Crud! That creep must have some special instinct. Guess early mammals aren’t so dumb, huh?” T-Bone said and targeted an octopus missile at the last one’s heart. Razor noticed Tipo’s sub rising up.

“Affirmative! And look what we’ve got here. *Captain Nemo’s* back. Time to spoil his fun!” Razor growled and aimed some missiles at the craft, but didn’t intended for them to hit the sub.

“Lord, is he insane? I’m a good guy!” Tipo cried and maneuvered out of the way in the nick of time before he was hit. T-Bone shut off Razor’s controls.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Razor demanded.

“Razor, are you out of your mind? Now you’re *acting* like a villain!” T-Bone yelled. Razor grabbed his intercom and signaled for Tipo to take a message.

“Looks like I’m in trouble. Great!” Tipo grumbled as he hit the switch. “Hello?”

“Listen bud! I don’t know who you are, but back off! The SWAT Kats are handling this!” Razor snapped.

“Another Feral no doubt! I’ve heard of you and we have different jobs, all right? You fight the city, and I fight the seas ok? I’ve fought beasts and criminals on the sea more than you have. So don’t be trying to sink one who’s doing his job. Phurranha out!” Razor threw down his intercom.

“Arrogant son of a jerk!” Razor was steaming so much T-Bone swore he could feel himself sweating.

“Chill out, Razor. Don’t set this craft on fire! We’ll deal with him later.” T-Bone saw the Pastmaster and two more Mosasours heading in the city. They blasted over where the beasts were. The enforcer bazookas were able to electrocute the beasts, but not kill them.

“Don’t waste your fires, enforcers! The SWAT Kats have failed and I can feel Megalith City in the palm of my paws!”

“Let’s bring these evil seals a taste of freeze fluid!” T-Bone suggested. The steel doors opened and the freezer canon pointed to them. The ancient fish spat at the SKs. One of them came face to face with T-Bone.

“Come on, pal! Come and get me,” he tempted. Razor set off the freeze fluid that froze the monster in a block of ice. The last one was not so easy. Pastmaster rode on its head.

“Devour these meddlers my pet.” Pastmaster put a spell on him and the Mosasour had wings.

“Ah oh, Razor. We’d better make this last one extinct before he chops us!”

“Sure thing. Releasing fluid, now!” He started to spray, but the Pastmaster set off a flash that melted the ice in the instrument. T-Bone grunted.

“Any new ideas, Razor?” he asked.

“Yeah! Head for Anakata Island. The volcano’s going to erupt in about two minutes! Fly right over the tip within one split second before the magma gushes out!”

“Razor, I’ve told you many times you’re crazier than I am, but your foolhardy ideas seem the only way out. Let’s try it!” The flying Mosasour was following them close up. T-Bone tried desperately to dodge the spat fluid. They reached up close to the volcano.

“Volcano erupts now!” Razor announced. The Turbokat made it over the last edge within a second as the lava blazed upwards and killed the beast’s nerves. He fell motionless into the pit. Pastmaster leaped off in time.

“Yahoo! We did it!” Razor shouted.

“Yeah. I can already smell that prehistoric fried fish. We made the extinct really extinct and with a little help from Phurranha.”

“Oh him! Let’s head back to the ocean so I can sink him!”

“Razor, I don’t know why I can’t tie your paws behind your back.” T-Bone sighed.


Back on the ocean, Razor radiated on any sub that might appeared. Phurranha waited for them and pulled up. He released his canopy and showed himself. T-Bone did the same. “Ok here I am, now what do you want.” Razor crossed his arms.

“Look son, we’re the SWAT Kats. I’m T-Bone and he’s Razor. I came here to thank you for helping us out, but Razor thinks we could have made it on our own.”

“No thanks needed. I’m Phurranha, fighter of the seas.”

“That sounds kind of proud!” Razor humped. T-Bone seized the moment to learn about Phurranha.

“Razor do you think this guy knows something about us.”

“Probably stole our trade more like.”

“Maybe we’d better talk to this tom. He might know something we don’t.”

“Hey Phurranha! Why don’t we go to your place where we can talk.” Razor snorted.

“But we’re together here. Can’t we just talk out here?”

“We could, but we’d be wasting fuel.” T-Bone said. Phurranha was worried that they might be spies, but he looked at T-Bone’s smiling face. “Come on, buddy. The SWAT Kats are heroes. They don’t kill or steal good people’s secrets.”

Phurranha gave a faint smile. “Oh all right. Follow me.” He submerged a little, leaving the surface for them to see. The SKs followed the sub and were very curious to who this hero was.

To be continued.

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