Original SWAT Kats Story

Is It Love?

By David Noble

  • 2 Chapters
  • 6,519 Words

T-Bone saves a warehouse owner named Celine, who is threatened by black-market sellers who stole her business. He falls in love with her, but is torn between his feelings for her and his old girlfriend, Jennifer.

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Author's Notes:

T-Bone is going to have a hard time figuring out which she-kat he really loves. I thought that his she-kat should be a lady in distress and here it is. Don’t worry Jennifer; I’ll make up for you. Just a note that Celine, Roland, Diego, Snake Eyes, and Judge Carolyn are my characters.

Chapter 1

One Who Cares

The next day after Roland’s discovery of the black market, the owners who had tried to avoid the Enforcers waited until Feral left. The Enforcers were hauling out stolen property and much military weaponry, including defense secrets.

“Looks like this place is cleaned out! Set this place up for lease,” he ordered Richard.

“Yes sir.”

After Feral and the Enforcers left, they confronted a slender she-kat named Celine who walked by. The black market was once a warehouse owned by her. They had stolen it from her and threatened her if she ever told a living soul. One of them seized her by the arm.

“What’s the idea of telling the Enforcers about our secret *pawn* shop, Celine?” he demanded.

She slapped him in the face. “Leave me alone! I didn’t tell anyone!” she said.

Another pulled out his knife and put it to her breast. “Perhaps you might start telling the truth, if one of your nine lives depended on it now!” he said.

Meanwhile T-Bone was on patrol and saw the assault on radar.

“I’d better check it out,” he said and landed the Turbokat close by. As he sneaked up close behind, the tomkat was ready to cut her throat.

“Say good-bye, sweetheart!” he said.

As T-Bone ran up to him, the other kats took out their knives and blocked his way.

“Who said this was your fight, SWAT Kat!” one of them demanded.

T-Bone took him by the leg and tipped him, making him fall flat on his back. The other kats grabbed T-Bone and one of them thrust his knife into his side. T-Bone cried out and elbowed him in the ribs.

“Why is it every time I save a tail, I end up getting hurt?” he complained.

The last one confronting him held a gun to his right eye.

“Oh, I can put you out of your misery soon enough,” he said.

Celine kicked the murderer who was holding the knife to her throat in the groin and grabbed the one threatening T-Bone on the arm. He closed his fist and socked her right on the cheekbone. She fell unconscious.

T-Bone growled and seized the tomkat by his coat.

“Hey sucker, you don’t treat a lady like that!” he tossed the kat over like a sack of potatoes.

The other tom kats were getting up on their knees and T-Bone took two of them and made a gesture to the other two to bash their heads together.

“Alright you guys! Any of you want some more of T-Bone or shall I tell the Enforcers that I found the jerks who ran the joint?”

They shook their heads and ran off, more scared of him calling the Enforcers.

“Good,” he said and helped Celine up.

“Thanks for helping me,” she said.

“No problem, except for my bleeding side. By the way, why did they try to kill ya?” T-Bone asked.

“This place was my warehouse until those guys came along and threatened me and my associates. They sold my merchandise and claimed it was their place. They must be working with different black market dealers around the country,” she explained.

T-Bone felt sympathy for her. “That’s too bad. Listen, you shouldn’t be running businesses around these parts, ma’am. Crime is really getting bad. Listen, do you need a ride home?”

Celine smiled and shook her head. “No thanks. I walk home,” she said.

T-Bone watched her walk away and called her. “Excuse me, but what’s your name?”

She stopped and looked back at him. “Why do you want to know my name?” she asked curiously.

“I hope it doesn’t hurt asking,” he said.

She smiled. “Well you saved me, so I should tell you. It’s Celine.”

“Well, good bye, Celine. I hope I should see you again.”

She turned to look at him again. “Perhaps. Good night.”

T-Bone felt heavy that she did not feel like conversing much.

“I really like her. I should’ve asked her for her number,” he thought and hopped back into the Turbokat.

Then, his past girlfriend Jennifer rode by. T-Bone hopped out to meet her. Jennifer landed her jet and went over to embrace him.

“Jennifer, I’ve really missed you,” T-Bone said.

Jennifer released him from her hug and looked at him sadly. “I wish we could have met more often. Who was that she-kat you helped out?”

T-Bone became speechless and tried to think up an answer to keep her envy from exploding. Jennifer felt that Chance no longer had an open heart for her.

“Just some she-kat who needed help. She’s alright now though,” T-Bone said.

“Hey, T-Bone, here’s something I’ve wanted to ask you. I know we haven’t spoken to each other for a long time.”

“Yeah? Is it concerning our past relationship?” T-Bone felt a bit ashamed since he started to recall his Enforcer days with her. T-Bone took her gently by the hand.

“Do you still love me?” Jennifer’s happy memories seemed to hurt her more, since she started to think that her old boyfriend was falling in love with another. Celine looked back as she saw Jennifer and T-Bone.

“I’d better leave him alone. He looks like he’s happy with her,” she said softly as she walked away.

T-Bone was so emotionally crushed that he let go and walked back to his jet.

Jennifer’s eyes filled with tears as he drove away. “I just wanted to tell him that he can love her if he wants. Why didn’t I see him more often?” Jennifer sobbed and buried her face in her hands.

T-Bone felt the same bitterness.

“Crud! I should have been with her more often. We’ve forgotten about each other!” T-Bone growled. He was angry with himself for neglecting Jennifer. “I’m glad that this time I didn’t talk about love with Celine!”


During the following morning, Razor sat up in his bed in a hospital room and saw a bandage placed on his chest. He tried to peel it off, but a nurse entered the room and gently restrained him.

“Don’t do that, honey. You got a third degree burn and it needs to heal,” she said, placing his breakfast tray on his lap.

“How long until I can get out of here?” he asked.

“The doctor said in about four more days, starting today.”

“Four days? Good grief, these doctors are so insistent!” Razor complained.

“Oh, it’s not long,” the nurse replied as she headed out.

Razor called her back. “Oh, ma’am! Tell the doctor never to remove my mask, ok?”

“Don’t worry. He’ll respect your secret identity. And by the way, your friends T-Bone and Phurranha are here to see you.”


Razor wished he could have seen Diego being defeated. T-Bone had told him the story about how Roland disabled him. “I think Feral’s very proud of him,” he thought.

T-Bone and Phurranha entered the room and stood by Razor.

“How’s the burn, buddy? Is it getting better?” T-Bone asked.

“Well, the cream for the tissues is helping to take away the sting a bit. How’s Phurranha?” Razor asked, looking at Phurranha’s right arm in a sling.

“It’s slowly healing,” he said.

T-Bone took Razor by the paw with both of his paws and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m sorry that you haven’t been with me to kick some tail,” he said.

“You look like raw meat, partner,” Razor said, looking at how T-Bone was touching his side and the bruises on his face.

“Yeah. I saved a damsel in distress last night from the owners of the black market. They stole her business and made it their hideout.”

“Just like those guys did to our hangar,” Phurranha pointed out sadly.

T-Bone put his paw on his shoulder. “Uh huh. Well that was a long time ago. As long as we three are together, that’s all that counts,” he said.

“You might want to tell me about this damsel in distress?” Razor coyly asked and Phurranha giggled.

T-Bone became annoyed. “I’d rather not talk about it. I’m in enough trouble with Jennifer as is!”

“I see. Look, I made a mistake telling her that you would be loose. This is the second time I wish I wasn’t right,” Razor said remorsefully.

T-Bone took Razor in his arms and embraced him. “We’re not perfect, buddy. I’m afraid my strength cannot pull back the good times I had with your sister. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, buddies, and give my regards to Roland for me.” Razor said.

“We sure will. That kid’s quite an Enforcer. I wish he was my son,” T-Bone said with a smile and left with Phurranha.

Felicia entered the room with roses and kissed Razor on the cheek.

“Love you, Razor. I pray that you will be fighting again soon,” she said, placing the roses next to him.

“Thanks Felicia. Are you still in the force?” Razor asked.

“I sure am. I have mastered my gunning and scanning job well. I suppose I’ve been inspired by your skills.”

“Deeply honored. How’s my sister, Jennifer?”

“She’s been a bit upset lately. She wouldn’t tell me why.”

“I’m sad to hear about it. I really feel sorry for my sister.”

“What’s wrong?”

“My pal said that he fell in love with the she-kat he rescued last night.”

“That’s terrible. I’ll try talking to Chance about it.”

“No, leave him alone. The least he needs is to more frustrated.”

“Alright, Razor. I’ll let the three of them handle it and try to comfort Jennifer in the meantime.”

“But, I hope that our relationship never changes,” Razor said, taking her by the hand.

Felicia looked into his face with a glowing expression. “That’s up to you.”

Razor felt that she would the right she-kat for him, but was a bit nervous to confess it. Felicia felt the same way and waited for the right time to say ‘Yes’ to him.


The four black market owners joined a successful four-kat gang called the Iron Claw group and were greatly appreciated because of their skills at selling stolen weapon files.

“You look like just the types who could fit in. Alright, you’re in,” the leader named Snake Eyes said, chewing and spitting tobacco.

“First of all, there’s a she-kat who we need to talk sense into. I don’t want her telling the Enforcers about our prior business,” one of the kats explained.

“I can see that. Show me where she lives,” Snake Eyes said.

They hopped upon their motorcycles with the new members on the backseats and drove over to Celine’s house. She heard knocking on the door and answered it. Her tormenters entered.

“What do you guys want? Please go!”

Snake Eyes walked up to her. “We just want a little help, miss,” he said.

Celine was scared and wished she had the number of the SWAT Kat who saved her. She picked up her phone and tried to dial, but Snake Eyes grabbed the wires from the wall.

“You’re not calling anyone!” he growled and cuffed her mouth and turned to one of his associates. “This house is cold. Light it up a little!” he ordered.

“With pleasure,” the associate said and put his lighter to a rug.

Celine screamed as she watched her place become a blazing inferno. The gang dragged her out and tied her hands and feet in front of her.

As they rode off, T-Bone and Roland were on patrol.

“T-Bone, we’ve got a house on fire on Broadway Avenue,” Roland said.

“Roger that!” T-Bone said and landed the Turbokat. He used the water cannon from his glovatrix and quenched the fire. The walls were still intact, but badly charred. He saw a picture frame on a table.

“This must have been Celine’s house!” he said and held the frame to his chest.

Roland walked in and grabbed T-Bone by the arm. “Come on, I just got a call from my uncle that eight criminal scum are sneaking over to the Enforcer weaponry warehouse.”

“I’m coming.” T-Bone put the picture in his suit and left.


At the warehouse, the Enforcers surrounded the hoods.

Felina came in front of them. “Stay where you are, you scum and let the girl go!” she shouted, pointing her magnum at Snake Eyes.

“We’re just here for a little trade!” he said.

“No, you’re not! Enforcers – ready your weapons!”

The other thieves took out their pistols and fired, hitting several Enforcers. Bullets from the Enforcers’ guns went blasting out, which got five of the villains, nearly hitting Celine.

“Wait, you guys, stop firing – you might hit the girl!” Felina said to the Enforcers.

Snake Eyes sneered and clasped Celine by the neck.

“You hit some of my crew and you lose an innocent citizen!” he hissed, holding a knife to her stomach.

Felina approached him sternly, but calmly with a pair of cuffs. She saw Roland and T-Bone with Phurranha land their crafts on top of the warehouse.

“Now, stop it. Let her go and come with me!” she calmly ordered.

Snake Eyes snapped for his remaining followers to take Felina. “Fellows, get her too. I’ve got two captives for ransom.”

Felina fought off two of the villains approaching her, but the third knocked Felina on the neck with his pistol. Snake Eyes readied the point to sink down into Celine’s chest. T-Bone squeezed his eyes and landed his foot in Snake Eye’s cheek. Phurranha gave the third villain a kick in the stomach.

“It’s that meddling SWAT Kat from last night!” the second villain said and charged at T-Bone with a knife.

Roland grabbed him by the collar and swung him over on his back.

“Thanks Roland, but I think I could have managed him myself,” T-Bone said.

“Just saving you another slice. You said you’re tired of being hurt almost every time you save someone, right?”

“Oh right.” T-Bone tackled Snake Eyes and took out his nails. Then, he pinned him on his back and pointed one to his left eye. “Your name is going to be one eye in a minute, mister!” he growled.

Snake Eyes held T-Bone’s wrist tightly and pulled out his nails. “Get off me, sucker!”

Celine took one of the magnums from one of the wounded Enforcers and held it to Snake Eye’s head. “Get away from him or I’ll blow you’re head off!” she ordered.

Snake Eyes turned and slapped her in the face.

“You’re gonna tell me what to do, bitch?” he shouted.

T-Bone hit Snake Eyes in the back with a mini-rocket from his glovatrix. “I’m gonna chain you down, you jerk, and kick you in the ribs until you’re nothing but pulp!” T-Bone said, shaking him by his shirt.

Felina got up and patted T-Bone on the shoulder. “Thanks, T-Bone, but we can do without the physical threats. I’ll take him from here,” she said and cuffed him.

The other two villains tried to get up and escape, but Phurranha gave one an electric shock with his staff. Roland grabbed the other with the whip and gave him a bone-crushing squeeze with his right arm until he gave out.

Feral came by and cuffed the criminals.

“Thanks Roland,” Feral said and looked at Phurranha. “Who are you, another vigilante?” he demanded pointing his finger at his chest. T-Bone walked up between them.

“Lay off him, Feral! He’s my friend!” T-Bone said, wrapping his arm around Phurranha.

“Oh, sorry, SWAT Kat,” Feral said.

T-Bone saw that Phurranha had taken his sling off. “Ya know, you should’ve left it on. It still hurts.”

“Oh, I don’t feel much pain anymore.”

T-Bone shrugged while Phurranha walked over to Felina. “How’s that neck?” he asked, rubbing it.

Felina smiled. “It’s feeling better already. Thanks for helping me, Phurranha. Come here.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek and went to helping the wounded Enforcers to the ambulances that were waiting.

Phurranha felt his cheek and Feral went up to him.

“You stay away from my niece. I don’t want her fooling around with a SWAT Kat.”

Phurranha growled and pointed his staff at Feral. “Shut your face! I didn’t do anything offensive!” he said in an Italian accent.

Feral put his paws up and backed off. “You sound familiar like Tipo,” Feral said.

T-Bone went up and stopped the quarrel. “Come on, Phurranha. Let’s not fight with the big boss chief,” he said.

Feral sneered as he watched both of them walk off.

“Smart mouths! I don’t like the idea of Felina being in love with that adego!” he growled under his breath.

Roland took Phurranha back to his sub. “Don’t stress out about my uncle, ok? He’s harmless to vigilantes, really,” Roland said.

“Right. He’s harmless as a sack of bricks. And, don’t call me vigilante.”

“Ok, sorry.”

T-Bone helped bring all the wounded kats into the ambulance, even the ones he fought with. Finally, he went over to Celine.

“Celine, can I give you a ride home?” he asked. Then, he remembered his problem with Jennifer and said. “Or if you’d rather walk, that’s fine with me,” he walked back to his jet.

Then, Jennifer ran up and put her hand on T-Bone’s shoulder. He calmly pushed it off. “You don’t want me I know. I know you’re mad as hell at me and I know I deserve for you to hate me!”

“There’s something I want to tell you. Please listen to me.”

T-Bone gave in and listened patiently.

“I’m willing to let you go. I didn’t show much intimacy in our love.”

“I guess abandonment causes changed affections.”

“If you’re happy with her, run to her. Just stay my closest friend, please. It would kill me if you’d forgotten all about me.”

T-Bone clasped Jennifer tightly to his chest. “Always, my first true love!”

Jennifer kissed him on the cheek.

Celine started to feel glum and walk away.

“Hey wait up. I know how you feel,” Jennifer called to her.

“It’s ok. I want you two to have the best relationship there was.” Celine said.

“I want to give that same regard to you and him! I was his girlfriend, but I know that he’s happy with you!”

“Are you serious? Please, I’d never want to ruin a relationship with you.”

“We already have a strong relationship as friends. I know that you really want him and I’m willing to make a sacrifice for you two.” Celine was very reluctant to believe her.

“I don’t think you know what you’re doing.” Jennifer gently stroked her on the cheek.

“Go on. He’s waiting for you.” She gently pushed Celine over to T-Bone.

However, Celine wanted to give herself a lot of time before she would start having a personal relationship with T-Bone. T-Bone was willing to wait. He took her home.

She gasped as she saw her place burned up. “Oh my god. That was my house!”

“Yeah, and I found this picture frame.” T-Bone took out the picture from his vest and gave it to her.

Celine sighed. “What am I going to do now? I don’t have a job and I can’t live on house insurance for long,” she asked.

“I have a deputy friend who might help. Her name is Callie Briggs.” T-Bone wanted to be as generous as possible and tried hard not to be controlled by his feelings for her.

“Thanks for all your help. Listen, why are you doing this for me?”

T-Bone put his paw on her cheek. “Because I care about you.”

Celine was so moved by the saying ‘I care about you’.

“I’ve never had a tom-kat who really cared about me. My dad never really understood me. I had a boyfriend once, but I was tricked when I found out he already had a girl, just like you.” She looked up at T-Bone’s eyes and took him by the paw. “Thanks for your consideration.”

T-Bone smiled and hoisted her up and took her back to the Turbokat. “My pleasure, Celine. And a lucky thing too that this time I didn’t get cut or bruised saving you.”

As he drove her over to the deputy mayor’s place, he looked back at her and smiled. “She’s a nice she-kat. I don’t want to make any assumption about any relationship yet, though. We hardly met, but give it some time,” he thought.

Celine thought the same thing. They both remained silent for the rest of the trip, but felt that they had become friends and that the relationship would last.


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