Original SWAT Kats Story

Guardians of the Hangar

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,810 Words

Some unlikely young heroes find themselves defending the original SWAT Kats’ hangar.

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Author's Notes:

Edwin is Jake’s second son and Brandon’s brother, my character.

A little while after Felina and Roland had become commanders, Felina and Phurranha’s son, Ferrando, had several punks pester him about his looks and him having Ulysses Feral as a family member.

Brandon’s brother, Edwin Clawson, who was a little younger than him, watched hidden out of sight to seize a chance to defend Ferrando.

“There’s that son of Felina and nephew of the new Feral of the Enforcers,” one of the tomkats said.

“Look at him. He looks too cowardly and softhearted to follow his dad’s footsteps,” another scowled.

“That’s not true. My parents are ,” Ferrando protested.

“Don’t talk unless we give you permission!”

“What’s wrong?” Ferrando asked calmly.

“It’s the new commanders that is what’s wrong. We hate the Ferals,” a mean she-kat added.

“What did they do? And, why are you blaming me?” Ferrando protested.

“You’re a relation of him! That’s bad enough!”

Then, the group of bullies started to throw rocks at Ferrando’s head. Edwin ran in and grabbed two of them by their tail.

“Get away from him!” Edwin yelled.

“Who is this nobody telling us to stop?” one of them remarked, kicking him in the stomach.

The security guards stepped in between them.

“Stop it, all of you! Edwin, you and these four will serve detention. I will call Felina to fetch Ferrando and Jake may pick up Edwin. The rest of you go home.”

The mean teen kats walked off with guilty looks on their faces.

Minutes later, Roland drove his car up and Felina helped her son in. She took out water, gauze, and ointment and placed them on Ferrando’s wounded areas.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry those kats did this to you,” Felina said, hugging Ferrando.

“I didn’t say anything and they were blaming me for arresting their parents,” Ferrando said in a quivering voice.

“I know. Teen kats can be so mean.”

“Yeah, and we’re going to speak directly to the parents of these bullies,” Roland added.

Ferrando felt comforted a little.

“We are, but you need to learn to stand up for yourself, okay? You’re bigger than those kittens.” Felina put her paws on her son’s shoulders and gave him an encouraging look.

Jake appeared from the front entrance and walked over to his sons.

“Edwin, I heard there some trouble, son,” he reproached calmly.

“Sorry, dad. I just had to stand up for Ferrando, now that his mother’s a commander. She herself would not want those kittens to get away with crud,” Edwin replied.

“I know. And, I hope that Ferrando will stop getting picked on. Just be careful when you’re defending someone again.”

As Jake drove home, Brandon and Edwin started conversing.

“Hey, Edwin, what do you plan to do with your life after school?”

“Brandon, don’t you think it’s kind of early to be thinking about life after graduation now?”

“Now is as good a time as any for me. I’m being trained by my dad on how to fight like him.”

“Yeah. But, I wish you’d spend some time with your studies first, buddy,” Jake commented.

“I don’t even want to hear about homework,” Brandon sighed.

“Me neither. But, this summer, Blake, who’s become a mechanic, is willing to hire me where dad and Uncle Chance used to work,” Edwin said.

“Ah, those good old days,” Jake sighed.

“Come on, dad. At least Feral’s not bossing you anymore or those nasty customers are breaking your back anymore,” Brandon said.

“It’s good to have a son who’s looking on the bright side.” Jake smiled and patted Brandon on the back.


That night, the five hangar thieves met up and the group of bullies was with them. They were in a secret hideout in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Megakat City.

“Sorry that our kittens got into hot water today. These idiot Enforcers just grow and grow,” one of them scuffed.

“Yeah. That little retard Edwin and that big wimp Ferrando were at fault,” the she-kat said.

“Cool it, dear. Better respect the sons of great Enforcers,” her father said sarcastically.

“I don’t care. Just because they’re SWAT Kats’ or Commanders sons does it mean we have to treat them with equal respect?”

“Yeah. Those two are toast if we see them again,” the first tomkat said.

“Well said, kitties. But, first, let’s try to regain Phurranha’s grand prize hangar!” The first thief laughed, lighting a cigarette.

“Only that it’s now a training school for the enlisted,” the second thug said.

“Even better!”

“And, when we take over the Enforcers, then our precious kitties can do whatever it is they like to *their* kittens,” the third thug added.

“Just leave the commanders, the Radical Force, and our *friend* Phurranha to us!” the fifth finished.

Then, the evil squadron paraded down the streets, tossing their glass bottles down the sidewalks.

Two pilots in a jet spotted them out.

“Halt! Stop your vehicles and put your paws up!”

But, the villains ignored them and vanished in the darkness and were out of sight.

“We’d better let Roland know about this,” the co-pilot said.

“Yeah. Those creeps were up to something. I wish Colonel Furlong was here,” replied the pilot.


During the weekends, Edwin worked with Blake Sloth, who was a new mechanic at the salvage yard. Luckily, there was much less salvage junk since Feral had left his place. There was a customer who wanted a car tune up done in less than an hour.

“This customer is crazy! How can she except a job done that takes at least ninety minutes,” Edwin complained.

“Edwin, remember what your father told us?” Blake mildly rebuked.

“Yeah, yeah, the customer is always right. And, a car repair is as easy as building blocks.”

“You have to trust yourself, bud. He himself could do two tune ups within one hour,” Blake added.

“But, maybe I don’t have my father’s speed.”

“That’s something you might have to work on then. Come on.”

While Blake and Edwin were doing the tune up, the Furlong sisters and Brandon came to visit.

“How’s my little brother?” Brandon asked, putting his arm around him.

“Getting ready for a major task.”

“I know. Car repairs are major pains themselves.”

“Tell me about it. How are Tracey and Stacey?”

“Not bad. Just wondering if you would be willing to accompany your brother and cousins over to Megakat Water Park?” Tracey asked.

Edwin’s eyes lit up. “Did you say Water Park?” he asked excitingly.

Blake smiled and grabbed Edwin by the arm. “Not until our task is done. Remember that customer?”

“Yeah, sorry. Hey, you guys, will Ferrando be there?”

“I told him we’d meet him there,” Brandon replied.

“Good. See you there later.”


After the young kats left, Edwin returned to the car repair.

“What kept you so long, Edwin?” Blake joked.

Edwin did the same. “Oh, step off. We were just talking.”

“Yeah right. Listen, do you plan to join the others in the Enforcers?” Blake asked as Edwin started the ignition. Blake checked the engine and the spark plugs.

“I don’t like to plan things way ahead.”

“Well, it’s not wise to wait until the last minute.”

Edwin rolled his eyes. “You sound just like my dad Jake.”

“He’s right. You know I have an idea if you don’t mind.” Blake gave Edwin a clever look.

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“This used to be “Chance and Jake’s” car repair. Now that we’re working together, this could be “Blake and Edwin’s” car repair. Just a thought.” Edwin grinned at Blake. “You’d like to have your name first, right?”

“I was just thinking ” Edwin got out and crossed his arms.

“Yes?” Blake slapped Edwin on the arm.

“Let’s get back to work.”


At the swimming pool, the young kats in their swimming wear met Ferrando. He had a bandage on his forehead.

“Wow! That must be one hell of a gouge. Are you okay?” Brandon asked.

“It’s still a little sore,” Ferrando replied.

“Are you going to be able to doing much swimming?” Tracey inquired.

“As long as I keep my head above the water.”

“That sounds bad. Listen, do you want to join us on the slide?” Stacey asked.

“You three go ahead. I’ll join you later.”

“Worrying too much about that sore, huh?” Tracey asked.

“It’ll be all right.”

Tracey shrugged and joined her sister and Brandon in the line.

Ferrando had certain things on his mind. “I hope those kittens aren’t around,” he thought.

His worries were in vain. But, he didn’t know that they were headed to where Blake and Edwin were.

And, that’s where they were headed. They arrived at the trapdoor that led to the hangar. The thugs and their kittens got in by means of a black market remote that opened any door.

“We’re in!” they yelled.

Upstairs, Blake and Edwin finished that lady’s car and were paid.

“That repair went well, despite the time you spent talking,” Blake said. “And, you were silent all the time,” Edwin responded.

Then, Blake heard some rumbling sounds downstairs.

“I just heard something!”

“Let’s go check it out,” Edwin said in an excited manner.

“You’d better stay here, Edwin,” Blake protested.

“Let me go with you, Blake. It could be thrilling.”

Blake sighed and put his arm around Edwin as they went. “Fine. Just stay close.”

When they climbed down into the hangar, they saw the thugs and the kittens hovering around the original Turbokat. It showed signs of age, but it was still in good working condition.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Blake demanded.

“Look! It’s the young tomkat trying to defend that wimp son of Commander Felina!” the she-kat observed.

“It’s our hangar now! So sad you two don’t have weapons to fight with,” the fourth thug said.

“We’ll see about that!” Blake went to a shelf nearby and pulled out his ninja sword. “Haven’t used this in a while. Hope it’s still good.”

“You were one of the crazy ninjas that long while back,” observed the second thug.

“Yeah! But, this time, I’m not crazy. And, you’re all going to be chopped katnip before I’m through with you!” He started waving the sword to ward off the criminals.

The first thug fired at Blake. Blake dodged the blow, but his arm was wounded.

Edwin took a glovatrix of his father’s and bound up two of the bad teen kats charging at him. Their fathers seized him by the arms.

“Is that any way for kittens to play?” they asked.

One of them took a pistol to his head.

“Blake, help!” Edwin yelled.

Blake wounded the gunner in his back, while Edwin kicked the other in the chin. The last thug struck Blake on the head and held his sword to his throat.

“You two kids finish that brat off! I’ll take care of this one!” he urged them.

“Gladly!” The she-kat grabbed the glovatrix from Edwin with the last teen kat elbowing Edwin in the stomach.

Then, the she-kat felt a great kick in the head and fell over unconscious.

It was Ferrando in his Enforcer suit with his father’s staff. He held it to the last kitten’s throat.

“Let him go and you might be the only kitten to go unharmed,” he warned in a light Italian accent.

“So, you do have some fight in you after all!” The teen released Edwin and moved as Ferrando swung the staff.

“I do. But, there’s something you don’t know about this weapon, friend.”

“Yeah. What’s that?”

“This!” Ferrando sent shock waves that hit his opponent in the eyes.

“Shoot! You dirty tomkat!” he yelled, covering his eyes and keeling over.

Ferrando helped Edwin back up. “How are you, pal?”

“Thanks, Ferrando. But, what about the last thug?”

“Can I help?” asked a gruff voice.

It was T-Bone, holding the last thug, bound and beaten, by his coat. The other criminals and the kittens were being taken away by the Enforcers.

“Thanks, Uncle T-Bone,” Edwin said.

“Nothing to it, buddy.”

As Roland helped Blake back up, Tipo came and Ferrando gave him back his staff.

“What have do you to say, lad?” Tipo demanded with a wicked smile.

“Sorry, father. I had to ,” Ferrando began.

Tipo smiled and put his arm around him. “As long as you really needed to, it’s okay.”

Ferrando sighed with relief.

Finally, as Blake and Edwin recovered their strength with Enforcer help, T-Bone and Roland congratulated them.

“You two should have called us if you heard something down here,” T-Bone said.

“Yeah, but we kicked their tail with some minor help from you guys,” Edwin replied.

“I’m also glad I kept that sword,” Blake added.

“Thank you. It’s a good thing that you and Jake allowed Blake to work here. Edwin came in very handy as well,” Roland began.

“That means,” Edwin inquired.

“That means I’m going to put you two in charge of the hangar’s safety. But, if you hear something, call us. We’re here, and we’ll be right down to take over kicking tail for you.”

“I like that idea, but it was fun fighting those creeps. I’d like to do it again,” Edwin said.

“Just worry about being sure of your ears rather than your anxious pride, nephew,” T-Bone said, lightly stroking his face.

“Okay. But, I’m sure glad Ferrando used his guts this time.”

“When my cousins and friends are in trouble, I’m never standing for it!” Ferrando declared, saluting Edwin.

Edwin did the same. “Neither am I. Just hope I won’t have to serve detention anymore.”

“I hope not either. But, these young kats had it coming,” Blake replied. “And, as for the order of names for our car repair, what do you think?” Edwin asked with a smile.

Blake was speechless. “I could change it, pal.”

“Oh, keep it as it is.” Edwin slapped Blake on the back, which sent him falling forwards. Edwin blushed and went to help him back up. “Sorry.”

“I’m okay, Edwin,” Blake replied and got up back up on his own.

T-Bone and Roland were amazed.

“I didn’t know Edwin had that much strength. I’m glad I chose him for the job,” Roland said.

“If only he could have used those fists in that fight,” T-Bone added.

“I will in the future, and without facing detention again,” Edwin replied.


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