Original SWAT Kats Story

Gabriel’s Arrest

By David Noble

Felina arrests Gabriel for suspected assault on Burke and Murray.

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Author's Notes:

Gabriel’s Arrest By David Noble

E-mail: dnoble49@hotmail.com

This is my last fanfic, based on Jessi Hilyard’s work. Tania Tyger is Felicia Tabby’s character, from whom I received the permission to use. Thank you.

Chapter one

In an open field by Burke and Murray’s house, Sam who was now 14 tried out his triple saw slinger with his new friend, Michael John. He was 24-year-old blond colored tom kat with brown stripes on his arms. Sam aimed at three posts supporting a big shack. He threw the saws and they cut right through the posts making the old shack collapse.

“Nice shot, dude! You could beat your father’s record at shooting. Looks like being a SWAT Kat’s son has its worth!” Sam smiled a thank you.

“Thanks. I think my dad would be pleased to hear that.”

“May I try?” Michael asked.

“Go ahead, but watch where you’re throwing and keep a straight aim.” Michael aimed and threw the saws that accidentally cut the strings of a hammock that Burke was lying. He fell on his tail.

“Hey you creep! What’s the big idea?” Burke stomped over to Michael, poking his chest.

“Easy pal, we were just practicing,” Michael said timidly, patting Burke on his shoulder.

“You kittens do yer practicing somewhere else!” Murray yelled. He stomped over to Sam, who was no less afraid and backed away. “That was our shack you just ruined, kid!”

“Sorry sir. Don’t worry. We can build a new one for you guys,” Sam stuttered.

“Shut up!” Murray snapped.

“Lay off them, you sour pusses!” Angry voices sounded. Chance and Jake came out to confront them.

“Oh, are those the grease monkeys telling us what’s wrong?” Burke sneered, grabbing Jake by his shirt.

“Lay off him, ya overgrown alley kat!” Chance yelled. Burked dropped Jake on his tail and grabbed Chance by his shirt. “On second thought, fellas, you’re the right ones.”

“Good! We’ll let Feral’s niece, Felina know. She’s commander now and is she the boss! That’s another weekend of overhauling for yehs!”

Burke kicked Chance’s tail, making him tumble. “Ow, ow!” Chance complained feeling his tailbone.

“Hey, you can’t do that to my pal!” Jake shouted, ramming himself into Burke’s stomach. Murray ran up to him and grabbed him by his collar.

“Got a complaint, fella? Aw, so sorry we were so mean to your buddy. I think we’d better treat our employees equally,” Burke snickered, stamping on Jake’s foot. He howled and hobbled, holding his foot. Both the salvage yard bullies laughed at them.

“I’ve never had this much fun in years, Burke,” Murray cackled, putting his paw on Burke.

“How about we play a game of shooting the crud out of two salvage jerks!” Gabriel came up and shot double arrows that caught Burke and Murray by their shirts and pinned them to two cars.

“Now why don’t you morons go pick on kats your own sizes! Try mildness for a change, you both got that?” Gabriel snapped.

“I think you got us, but we won’t tell any kats’ nine lives, we swear!” Burke sobbed.

“Please release us. We won’t bug your friends again!” Murray clasped his paws in his entreaty. Gabriel nodded and released them as they went back to their house.

She walked over to her husband and removed his shoe and sock. His barefoot was a little red. Gabriel massaged it. Jake smiled and purred. “Thanks honey.”

“Hey any trouble here, guys?” A she-kat Chance had known since middle school drove up to Chance and helped him up. She was almost the only close friend he had other than his brother. Her name was Tania Tyger.

“There was, but Gabriel took care of it,” Chance said.

Tania looked at Chance’s tailbone as she lifted it. “You okay?”

“Easy Tania, it hurts a bit.” Tania released Chance’s tail and took his hand.

“Chance, I’ve cared about you for some time. I don’t think I should ask you now, but if it is convenient for you?”

“We’re close friends Tania. What is it?” Chance looked into her blue sparkling eyes. They were filled with hope.

“I’m going to let you say it.” Chance smiled.

“Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?” Chance asked.

“Since that day when I helped you from the kats who were troubling you, I felt that we might be lovers. I wanted to be your friend, but you kept turning me down.”

“Yeah, until you begged me please, please. I had to give in. I’ve got a soft spot you know.”

“What’s your decision?” Tania asked, anxiously.

“I’ll have to think about that,” Chance answered.

“Well, Venus and Adonis, I think we’d better all go home.” Gabriel said, helping Jake into her car. Tania helped Chance in her car. Chance wanted to have Tania as a girlfriend as well. He just wasn’t ready to tell her yet.

At home, Gabriel walked over to Sam and Michael. “You’d better stay around the house to do your practicing. On my shooting time, I’ll take you both down to where I practice.”

“Thanks mom.” Sam said. He put his paw on Michael’s shoulder. “I’d better make you one of your own weapons. I think my dad’s gonna kick my own tail for this. Anyway, I’ve gotta go,” Michael nodded.

“See ya later.”

Chapter two

Burke and Murray drove up to the Enforcer Headquarters and stomped off to the front desk. They wanted to get back at that interfering she-kat. “A she- kat with a bow and arrow assaulted us and our property!”

“I’ll call Commander Felina,” the guard said. Later, the Felina appeared.

“What’s the trouble, guys?” They gave her the details.

“A she-kat with an arrow, you say? I’ll go with you guys.”

She followed them to Chance and Jake’s garage. “Come on! You can be serious that she would be here!”

“She’s Jake’s wife!”

“Hmm. We’ll see!” Felina knocked at the house door. Chance opened it.

“Hi, Commander Felina. What can we do for you?” he asked.

“Hi Chance. These guys said your friend’s wife attacked them.”

“Ah oh!” Gabriel thought. Felina walked in and saw Gabriel.

“Did you attack these two?” she demanded. Gabriel nodded calmly.

“I did, but they assaulted my friends here.”

“You don’t use bows and arrows to defend anyone! Do you know anything about a Black Arrow?” Jake embraced his wife.

“We don’t! Leave my wife alone!” Jake snapped. Felina gently pushed him aside.

“I’m sorry Jake, but Gabriel’s going to have to be under arrest.” Felina cuffed her hands behind her and led her to her car.

“This is cow crud. She’s getting the blame for helping us?!” Chance cried. Jake sobbed. Chance wrapped his arm around him. “We’ll get her back, buddy. But we’ll need witnesses.” Sam raised his paw.

“Count me in.” Chance nodded.

“Where’s your friend?”

“He went home, I guess.” Chance picked up a phone and dialed.

Chapter three

At the headquarters, Gabriel was being held. Felina questioned Gabriel, and how she hated being asked those questions. “I’m getting tired of your excuses. I want the truth! Do you know of Black Arrow?”

“I don’t, I swear. That bow and arrow, I inherited from my folks.” Felina peered into her eyes.

“You sound familiar. Are you Black Arrow?” Suddenly, a knock at the door interrupted them.

“Commander, a few witnesses want to see you.”

“Go ahead and show them in.” Razor, T-Bone, Sam, and Michael were escorted into Felina’s office. Gabriel sighed in relief.

“Hi, SWAT Kats,” Felina said.

“Hi, Felina. I know there’s some misunderstanding here, so I’d better let Sam do all the talking,” Razor said, gently pushing his son over to Felina.

“Listen commander, we started the trouble. We shot Burke and Murray’s shack down by accident and they starting harassing us.” Sam explained showing her his saw. Felina pondered on that. Michael spoke up.

“Please believe us. I was with him.”

“Well, we’ll see. The rest of you stay here!” Felina drove with Sam and Michael over to the wrecked shack with the bullies were. Burke and Murray saw the boys and made fists.

“Commander, those brats made this mess!” Felina picked up the saw that did the damage and looked at Sam’s saw. They were alike.

“So, you boys were telling the truth. Do you know anything about Gabriel?”

“She’s my mom. She was just protecting us from them.” Felina looked at Burke and Murray. They shivered.

“Well, it looks like he was telling the truth about you two. You lied to me.”

“Please commander. Let us explain.” They were both cuffed.

“Gladly, in my office.” She then turned to the tom-kats. “I owe your mom an apology. But, your dad and you Michael, will need to pay for property damage.”

The boys sighed and shook each other’s paws. They felt assured that Gabriel’s secret identity would be safe.

Chapter four

Back at the salvage home, in the TV room, Sam was about ready to go to bed, but Jake pulled him over to him by his shirt. “I think you’ve got some explaining to do, pal.”

“We were just practicing, dad.” Jake nodded in disbelief.

“It looks like I’m gonna have to contribute to two jerks. You know you’re becoming more and more like me. And sometimes it worries me.” Gabriel put her hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, Sam. Both of us will pitch in paying this stupid charge.” Sam nodded thanks. Chance walked in looking for Michael.

“Where is that other hotshot?”

“Well, I’d better say good bye!” Michael tried to run, but Chance pulled him to him by the shoulder.

“What’s your say in this as well?”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to try out Sam’s throw.”

“Who are you anyway?” Michael was shivering.

“I’m Michael Furlong.” Chance’s eyes and jaw dropped.

“Do you know Chance Furlong?”

Michael nodded. “He was my father. My mom divorced him and I’ve never seen him again in 23 years.”

“You’re talking to him, right now.” Michael was surprised and speechless.

“What?!” Chance hugged Michael tightly.

“I’ve missed you a lot, son,” Chance said. Michael smiled and returned the affection.

“Glad to see ya, dad!” he said.

“Me too, pal.”

Jake watched them from a window and smiled as Chance and his son walked off with an arm around each other.

“I guess Chance’s past is being made up to him,” he thought.


Burke and Murray’s damage was covered. Chance did ask Tania to be his girlfriend and she willingly accepted. Shortly after that, they were married. Tania also loved Michael like he was her own son. He had moved out of the salvage house, but he still worked with his buddy Jake. One night, Michael went over to the salvage house and met Sam.

“You know Sam, I’ve heard that Chance was like a brother to you, buddy.”

“You’re right, he was. Chance always had a heart of gold with me. He and Jake were almost like brothers. Jake told me that you had found your long lost father at the salvage yard.” They went on chattering into the night as they walked on.

Felina looked out of her office window the same night. She had thought about the arrows that struck Burke and Murray. “I wonder if she will come back when crime erupts again. I have a feeling I have just arrested Black Arrow.”


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