Original SWAT Kats Story

Conklin’s Revenge

By David Noble

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,238 Words

Tiger Conklin gets greedy for revenge. He has an accident in the mines and becomes a fiery feline. The SWAT Kats catch him, but he escapes due to a problem between Felina and Feral.

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Author's Notes:

My idea of creating the monster in the first part was inspired by the episode “Gigantic Bacteria”. The Head Megakat miner, Tiger Conklin, from “Caverns of Horrors” is back and this time his toxic waste is ready to inflame the city. Now it’s up to T-Bone and Razor to cool things off for him.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

At the Megakat mines, Tiger Conklin who had been fined for illegal disposal of toxic activity was working at a furnace. He was melting down the metal he had received from the ruins of torn down buildings to design steel supports for new construction.

Tiger wanted to get even for his fine by changing the mining company name to his name. “Hopefully, I’ll gain more control of our labor benefits. Then the profit will go to me,” he said grinning with selfish ambition. “And when those meddling enforcers discover the truth, I’ll be out of Megakat City.”

Without paying attention to his step, Tiger fell into a pool of the toxic waste he dumped into the shallow ditches. “Help!” he yelled. His employees sent him a rope in which he could pull himself back up.

“Are you ok, Boss?” the worried workers asked. The gases and sparks from the furnace set the poisoned tiger on fire. Instead of dying, he became a vicious flaming fury.

“Kats alive!” cried some of the miners. “Come on, everybody out!” shouted the others. The fiery feline went chasing the frightened kats out of the mines. Breathing flames, the flaming fury turned the mine area into a blazing infernal with a lake of melted steel and ran out into the fields.

Taylor notified Commander Feral on his portable phone.

“Commander Feral here. What’s the issue?” Feral asked.

“This is Megakat mining company. I’m afraid the boss has been infected by toxic waste ”

“What?” interrupted Feral in a shock. “I thought the mining company had new regulations to keep that waste in cans!”

“Tiger dumped it into the ditches and the furnace sparks inflamed him. Now he’s grown into some fiery creature who might be headed for Megakat City.”

Feral became angry. “That worm seems to never learn from his mistakes. Weren’t you guys supposed to keep an eye on him from now on?”

“He insisted the ditches would be alright.”

“What if those ditches lead down to the underground pools! We could have another army of giant scorpions endangering the lives of other kats,” Feral growled. Taylor became more scared of Feral than of the flaming fury.

“The ditches are caved up where no waste could travel down to the caverns,” replied the poor miner in a trembling voice.

“Maybe scorpions could be lurking around this ground, sonny,” Feral used a stern voice, but tried to control his temper. “Anyway the enforcers will be on the lookout for him. After we stop him, I’ll give you and the other workers a safety precaution lecture,” Feral mellowed out. “Meanwhile, turn that furnace off before more catastrophes happen. Feral out!”

Chapter Two

Down by the hangar, T-Bone and Razor were having a contest of grabbing a hold of bars to escape the bursting flames coming out of the doors. One of the flames nearly caught T-Bone’s tail.

“Top that! Three isles of fire and I’ve escaped the infernal!” Razor boasted.

“Good for you, but you almost won at my tail’s expense!” T-Bone applied cool water for his tail.

“Sorry, pal. Let’s say I lose one point for your tail.”

“That sounds fair enough.” Suddenly, the alarm went off and Razor answered it. “Yes, Miss Briggs?”

“SWAT Kats, I’d suggest you guys wear fireproof suits. It’s like an oven out here with a giant blazing creature with a temper hot enough to melt down Megakat City.” Miss Briggs was fanning herself and had taken off her pink coat.

“Sure thing Miss Briggs.” Razor answered and hung up. He then turned to T-Bone. “Let’s go, buddy.”

“Oh no! Not again!” T-Bone complained.

“Don’t worry.” Razor said grabbing their flight uniforms from their lockers. “I’ve supplied the Turbokat with enough cold air coolant and a ventilation system. It will make heat penetration through the shields impossible.”

Chapter Three

Reaching the city, the SWAT Kats had found the blazing fury knocking away the Enforcer choppers. They noticed many outer buildings surrounding the center of the city. The tips were melted down.

“He doesn’t look too happy,” commented T-Bone.

The beast tried to grab the Turbokat, but T-Bone maneuvered out of his reach.

“Let’s hope this creep isn’t much worse than Volcanus,” said Razor, recalling the battle, which he had where he almost got scorched. He turned on the air coolant, making the jet burn resistant. The jet had become a flying freezer.

“Burr, Razor.” T-Bone shivered. “Can’t you turn the heat on in here? I’m freezing my tail off.”

“Sorry. This ventilation system can give only one temperature on both inside and outside at a time.”

“Well, if my feet freeze to the floor, I’ll pour ice down your back!”

“You complain too much,” Razor said. T-Bone noticed the monster headed for the Enforcer headquarters.

“Razor, use your missiles,” he said.

“Missiles may break him up into multiple beings. I’ll try my cement launcher.” The cannon fired cement balls with all its force, but it melted as the creature gave it the fist. The cement balls all became dried when they hit the fiery feline and broke into dust as he wiped them off.

“Crud! So much for one of our best weapons,” Razor sighed.

“How about using water as a basic fire extinguisher?” T-Bone suggested.

“Affirmative! Go over and hit those water towers over there. I’ll activate my soap bombs,”

T-Bone swung around, breaking open the giant watertowers. The water gushed out and the soap bombs extinguished the blazing fury. They also shorted out the Enforcer tanks below. The monster turned back into Tiger Conklin and was back to his formal Tiger size. His clothes and body were unharmed by the waste and the fires.

Feral caught eye of Tiger. “Caught you again, didn’t I?” Tiger tried to run away. “Stay where you are, vigilante! I’m taking you down for property damage!”

Razor was ready to go. “Well, I guess our mission here is done, buddy.”

“Thanks, you guys. We owe you one,” Felina called to the SWAT Kats.

“Oh, we owe them one,” Feral snarled. “You idiots have wasted 65% of the city’s water supply along with shorting out nine of my $3’000 tanks.”

“Oh uncle, you’re always griping at them,” Felina jumped in, to the SWAT Kats’ delight. “They are taking care of business for you ”

“Be quiet, Felina,” Feral ordered. “It’s your job to help me arrest criminal scum; not to tell me my shortcomings.” That remark gave Feral’s arrogance away to the other Enforcers.

“Your ways of catching criminals and treating those who serve you are your shortcomings!” Felina said boldly. While they were arguing, Tiger escaped.

“You are asking for trouble, young lady. I could get another lieutenant if I wanted to.”

T-Bone couldn’t hold back his anger for Feral any longer. He decided to end the fight. “Shut up Feral!” he yelled. The commander was shocked. T-Bone flew over to Felina. “It’s ok, lieutenant. You’d better not argue with him, though. He could abate his warning on the spot.”

Felina tried to hide her sadness and worry. “Don’t worry for me T- Bone. I’m used to his manner of tone!” Tears started to build up in her eyes. Razor had noticed the subject had escaped.

“T-Bone, that wild Kat has gotten away.”

“Ah crud!” T-Bone turned to follow the criminal, but turned to Felina. “I’m sure you want to follow us on our next adventure.”

“I don’t know if my uncle would allow it,” Felina felt discouraged. Feral knew how his words could have really hurt his niece, so he consented.

“Perhaps I was a bit too harsh. Call me, Felina, if there’s a problem.” Felina smiled softly.

“Thanks uncle. Let’s go, SWAT Kats!” They went off together on their quest.

The end of Part 1

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