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Elements – The Beginning

By Cytrix

  • 1 Chapter
  • 939 Words

(Unfinished) After MegaKat City is destroyed by Hieneus, Razor, T-Bone, and Callie are given a second chance at life. They are told they can go back in time and save MegaKat City only after they find four important kats. Each represents an element. Only then can they defeat their enemy.

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Author's Notes:

This is my first FanFic ever so please try not to diss me it sux  majorly.  Any loves or hates about my story please e-mail me at  IsisKat_3@hotmail.com.

Decided to write in a character description page so you all know who is who and what they look like.

1# Earth
Name: Zeek Abdoola
Age: 24
Sex: Tomkat
Colour of Fur: Brown
Colour of Hair: Dark Brown
Size: Between Jake and Chance
Distinguishable Marks: Small birthmark of 3 straight horizontal lines on shoulder.
Place of Origin: Egypt

2# Water
Name: Kathera Sheer
Age: 23
Sex: Shekat
Colour of Fur: Blonde
Colour of Hair: Black
Size: Same as Jake
Distinguishable Marks: Small birthmark of 3 horizontal wavy lines on shoulder. Small tattoo of a raven on other shoulder
Place of Origin: New Zealand

3# Air
Name: Mike Stevens
Age: 25
Sex: Tomkat
Colour of Fur: Grey
Colour of Hair: Black
Size: Same as Chance
Distinguishable Marks: Small Birthmark of 3 straight vertical lines on shoulder.Small scar on cheek bone
Place of Origin: Australia

4# Fire
Name: Isis Briggs
Age: 24
Sex: Shekat
Colour of Fur: Blonde
Colour of Hair: Dirty Blonde
Size: Callie’s size
Distinguishable Marks: Small birthmark of 3 wavy vertical lines on shoulder.
Place of Origin: Ireland

Thanks for reading and I hope this will help you picture my new characters in my series Elements.

This starts in the right before the destruction of  MegaKat city.

The Story

‘No,’ T-bone, Razor and Callie yelled out as a bolt of white energy shot  from Hieneus’s finger before he disappeared.

The energy flowed right to  the center of the city.

There was no stopping it.

The 3 Kats felt the heat and light rip into them until all there was was darkness.

* * *

Callie opened her eyes and groaned.

She slowly sat up and shook her  head.

The drowsy feeling still stayed.

She looked around until something  clicked in her mind.

She wasn’t in MegaKat city.

Beside her lay an  unconscious Razor.

She began to shake him.

‘Wake up,’ she whispered, ‘Razor. Wake up please.’

He moaned and slowly opened his eyes. ‘Callie?’ he said as he sat up.


‘Where are we?’

Just then T-Bone walked in through a door to their left.

‘I thought you two would never wake up,’ he remarked as he sat in front  of Callie.

‘Where are we?’ Razor repeated to his partner.

‘Well according to that kat in their we’re dead and this is some sort of  heaven thingey.’

‘We’re dead?’ stuttered Callie.

‘Yeah,’ replied T-Bone, ‘and all of MegaKat city too!’

‘Oh my God,’ was all Callie could say as she thought of all the kittens  and families.

A large kat interrupted her thoughts as he walked in through  the door followed by a black panther, a falcon and a wolf.

‘Ahhh,’ he said as he saw the 3 kats, ‘I’ve been looking for you three.  You  better get ready you know.’

‘ ‘Get ready for what?’ Razor asked as he peered at the greying kat.

‘Oh. No-one would of told you.  You 3 have been given a second chance to  save MegaKat city.’

The SwatKats and Callie looked at the kat dumbly.

‘We’ll send you down to a different part of the world though. Hieneus can  only be destroyed by the combined forces of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, The four Elements.  There are 4 special kats in 1 different place around the  world in Egypt, New Zealand, the Dark ages and England, each possessing one  of these powers. You need to find them and take them back to Mk city.  We  will turn back the time to before the destruction of your city and you  can stop it.’

Razor and T-Bone exchanged glances before answering,  ‘We’ll do it.’

‘Good.  You will each get a spirit-guide to help you on your travels.  But be careful. If you stray to far from each other you will both die.

Razor. You shall have Huntress.’

The large black panther walked up and looked at Razor who stared at her.

‘T-Bone. You shall have Raptor.’  The hawk glided over and perched on his outstretched hands.

‘And Callie.  You shall have Savage.’

The grey wolf padded over and licked her hand.

‘I’ll leave you to get better acquainted.  I’ll be back in an hour.’  The kat left the room leaving them alone.

‘So.  What do we do know?’ T-Bone asked Callie.

‘I don’t know.’

* * *

5 minutes later.

Callie bent down to scratch Savage’s stomach as T-bone was watching  Raptor as he soared below the high ceiling.  He glanced over at Razor and  was startled at what he saw.

Razor and Huntress were sitting down, staring into each others eyes. The  only movement concerned the occasional breath from Razor.

T-Bone noticed  Callie was watching as well.

Suddenly Razor started talking,  ‘Can you really do that?’ He started laughing out loud and Huntress purred deeply.

It was like they  were talking to one another.

* * *

Razor noticed his friends were watching them.

“How long do you think before they ask what was going on?”

(Authors note: “‘s mean their spirit guides or Daemons are talking to them telepathically)

‘3 seconds,’ he whispered to Huntress.


‘What was going on Razor? ‘asked T-bone.

Razor fell over and started laughing hysterically while Huntress purred  louder then before.

T-Bone and Callie shared puzzled and scared expressions.

* * *

The grey kat entered the room again and saw the 3 kats at the far end of  the room.

He could see that the one called Razor had all ready discovered  that their daemons had telepathic powers and could morph as he was  talking to Huntress about something.

T-Bone was trying to pull Raptor off his arm while Callie simply stroked Savage on the head.

‘It’s time to go,’ he said,breaking the somewhat silence.

The Kats stared at him.

‘How will we know when we’ve found the ‘Elements’?’ Razor asked as he  stood up.

‘Your spirit-guides will tell you.’

A bright light suddenly surrounded the 3 kats and their daemons as they  disappeared.

‘Good Luck,’ thought the kat, ‘You’ll need it.’

The End.

To be continued in ‘Elements 2 – Earth’.

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