Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kats: The New Breed

By Crash Furley

  • 4 Chapters
  • 12,186 Words

When Jake invites his garage-rocking brother Crash to stay with him and Chance for a while, both get busy with serious problems. For Jake, it’s the Metallikats. For Crash, it’s a hard revelation.

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Author's Notes:

Do you wonder why I have this up before I have my fanfic up? Well, since I have so many new characters created in it, I thought it would be a good idea. There are a few others I have, but they are too unfinished and preliminary to post! I find too many stories without a character explaination included, and without one, it can get confusing! That’s why this one’s up. My story might get that way sometimes, so I’m making sure there’s no mix-ups!

Chapter 1

The New Guys

Crash Clawson. 18, almost 19. He is the lead singer of the band Quad IV, and the secondary guitarist. Is a typical teen. He, of course, wants to be a SWAT Kat, so he is trying to get the nerve up to ask his brother Jake if he can. His best friends are his bandmates, Stacie, and his guitar. Like the rest of his band, he wants to move to Megakat, but he wants to move ONLY when they know they have a place to stay. He owns a red Daytona that is advanced way beyond anyone’s comprehension thanks to his stepdad, Vincent “Vance” Furley, who was a Pumadyne scientist. He disappeared without a trace, and Crash wants to find him, at any cost. He has learned how to hack, and can get into most computers easily, though he has never stolen anything!

Adam Katt. 18. Lead guitarist, and the band’s head comedian! Loves to make jokes and picks on a mistake whenever he is given the chance. He has been Crash’s best friend almost as long as Stacie has. Owns a customized Plymouth Voyager that is one of the few equipped with a manual transmission. He’s from the country, but is a city kat at heart. Not a big sports fan, but he plays basketball when he gets the chance. Also, like Crash, he, of course, wants to be a SWAT Kat!

Mike Pawl. 20. The bass player and the oldest. Knows Electronics better than the rest of the band, so he’s also the head technician. He towers over everyone else, even Chance! Owns a big 4X4 Bronco, which he likes to take muddin’, when the chance comes up! Would love to go to Megakat, of course! Has fun just being alive, though you know what might get him even happier……

J.P. 17, the younget of the four. Drummer, main mover and friend to everyone. He is the strongest of the group, and likes rollerblading, hockey, and other physical sports. Not a dummy in the least, though! His background is one big mystery. He lived with Crash’s family as a foster kitten, and now feels like he’s one of the family, so, of course, would like to be with Crash and join the SWAT Kats. He owns no car as of now, mainly because he can’t drive!

Stacie Feral. 19. Is a rookie Enforcer, though his flying skills have earned him a place along side his father and cousin Felina. Though he is Commander Feral’s son, he acts nothing like his father. Doesn’t look like him, either! Has all the respect in the world for the SWAT Kats! If his father starts in on ’em, he defends them, big time. He is Crash’s best friend. They met when his mom married Vance. He was one of Commander Feral’s only friends, so when the young Clawsons got a new stepdad, Crash got a new friend. They are just alike. Stacie promised Crash that he’d try to get any information he could about his dad’s disappearance, even if he had to hack the main computers! The duo learned to hack computers and create programs. They created “Virus Killer” and Code Killer”, 2 programs they believe are the ultimate hacker’s tools.

Now this character I’m likely to use, but I may not, so….

Melanie Manx. 18. The Mayor’s daughter. Because her father sent her away to boarding school early on in life, she has a blurred kittenhood, but she came home for a couple of years to try homeschooling, and in that time, she met Crash ans Stacie. From that point on, her whole attitude changed! She learned about rock music and concerts, arcades, cars, sports, and lots more. She is still a daddy’s girl, but she is a bit more punky than Manx would like her to be!

I haven’t really worked on this character much, but if I feel I have legitimate response, I might.

Hardcore. Villain. Loud and proud of it! Uses a sonic laser weapon built into a guitar. Is very acrobatic with it. Can jump off a building, and with the right frequency and playing, the sound waves will slow him down, and he’ll land without a problem! Is a dangerous criminal, and having Crash play at his level may be the only way of stopping him!

Ok, so what do you think? Interested? Cool? Weird? Stupid(don’t want that!)? Please e-mail me! I want to hear some reactions! There are even more things rolling around in my head, so you’ll probably see one of these things again! Later ya’ll!!!!!

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