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Pink Slip

By Countrykat

  • 1 Chapter
  • 524 Words

Chance thinks it’s just another normal, action-filled day in MegaKat City… He’s in for a rude awakening.

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Author's Notes:

Pink Slip
By: Countrykat

Rating: G
Warnings: none currently
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, its characters and concepts are property of Hanna Barbara.

I awaken to the alarm going off next to me. Quickly, my large paw has the clock slammed against the far wall. Geez….Jake’s gonna kill me when he figures out I broke another alarm clock.

I yawn as I get up and go to shower. Another day…another dollar. What do I do, you ask? I am many things. A mechanic, a pilot, a friend, and a savior. My life is constantly found in the fast lane on the freeway of life.

Man, this outfit is itchy, but it helps pay the rent and bills. Grease up to my neck all day or flying in some turbo jet across the skies, or even driving that old battered up tow truck that is really a souped up piece of machinery. My life is ever changing.

What’s that I hear? Sounds like Callie’s car is on the fritz again. Hope it won’t take too long. When I first saw that blond headed she-kat, I thought she was perfect. Now, I am starting to wonder about that. I see the little things that are really starting to annoy me. I can’t complain though. She helps me rake in the money every day. Just glad today it’s just a spark plug. Quick change and she’s gone.

Today has been quiet I guess…too quiet. Wonder what’s up. Wait…there’s the alarm. Gotta run!

I gotta loose weight. This red and blue suit is getting tight. Can’t complain now though. This jet needs to get off the ground.

I love the view from here. It’s lovely. The blue sky and Megakat City as far as I can see. Today, though, it’s going to be messed up by Dr. Leiter Greenbox. Apparently, he made some kind of robot that has gone out of control. Taking over all kinds of stuff. Something about him absorbing Mac Mange and it making the robot evil. Figures.

A little fight that lasts a few minutes thanks to help from, of all kats, Molly Mange, and back to the hangar I go. Out of this tight suit finally. I really gotta watch what I eat.

Now, I’m back upstairs, but my day keeps getting better. Now I know why everyone else is quiet.

Jake… don’t look at me like that. This can’t be it. Not now. We were doing so good.

Not the pink slip. Surely not. What’s wrong? Our show got decent ratings I thought…. or did they tell us that to keep us here?

Oh well.. guess that’s the life of an actor. On to the next TV show or movie. I hear there are some really great RPG’s of the SWAT Kats on the net. Maybe I can try to join one of those or something too.


This story was inspired by a side rp with my friend, Hanzo Kat. Thanks for that, buddy.

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