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An Enforcer’s Nightmare

By Countrykat

  • 3 Chapters
  • 3,393 Words

(Unfinished) There is criminal activity in Megakat City, and it isn’t the super-villains this time. Now, it is a gang seeking revenge. The only problem is it isn’t against the SWAT Kats; it’s against the Enforcers!

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Author's Notes:

Title: An Enforcer’s Nightmare
Author: Countrykat
Email Address: countrykat_82@hotmail.com
Date: 6-8-05
Rating: E
Warnings: none currently
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, its characters and concepts are property of Hanna Barbara.
Summary:There is criminal activity in Megakat City, and it isn’t the super-villains this time. Now it is a gang seeking revenge. The only problem is it isn’t against the SWAT Kats; it’s against the Enforcers!

Chapter 3


The evening was beautiful. The air held a hit of fall that was approaching fast. A few of the trees had already begun to shed their leaves. It made for a beautiful picture, except that day would be written as one of the saddest days for the Twilight City Enforcers.

The Enforcers were all in dress uniform, the bagpipers lined in a row along the top of the hill, and the trumpeters played their sad song. Under the old oak tree, the fallen Enforcer lay in his coffin. The flag was removed and handed over to a woman in black. The tom beside her wrapped an arm around her to comfort her. Not the widow and friend of this Enforcer, but his parents. Behind them stood many, many family members and friends of Charlie. His comrades from the office stood silently, some crying, some staring in disbelief that one of their own was gone. Words telling of how good a tom he was, and how his life was tragically cut short were shared by the preacher. Many nodded to some points of his speech, while others were unable to utter a word or even move.

The ceremony was a beautiful one with full honors from his fellow Enforcers. One by one they gave their respects to him one last time, each of the Enforcers laying a single rose upon to top of his coffin, the last laying a white one on top of the pile of red ones. She stopped to say a silent prayer as tears ran down her face. Then, softly, the words finally left her lips, “I’m sorry…”

“There was nothing you could do, Tasha. You did all you could.”

The young she-kat turned to face Charlie’s own father. Charlie had been the spitting image of his father. They could have passed for twin brothers had his father not had the grey hairs that now dotted his head. She nodded sadly, and then hugged him tightly.

They had been close. Very close. It had even been rumored Charlie was searching for a ring for her. Even though they were not steady, he loved her and was sure she felt the same. They had known each other since the day she walked in the office and was assigned as his partner. They hit it off well from the start. Charlie would often take her out to dinner when time allowed, and she spent all the time she could with him. A steady relationship was virtually non-existent anyway with where they worked.

The Twilight City Enforcers were always shorthanded, considering the amount of drug trafficking that was based in that small city. Everyone worked constantly, hoping to get ahead of the growing gang activity that was gripping the city. No time for a relationship really. So, it wasn’t frowned upon that he and she were not technically boyfriend and girlfriend, and he was thinking of marriage. It was just part of life. That was them. Neither of them had been formal in anything they did. Both Charlie and Tasha grew up pushing the rules to their limits, and even breaking a few. They watched each other’s back constantly, always ensuring the other’s safety. Until that night. Now she was laying her friend, and love, to rest.

Tasha let go of his father after a bit of time holding him. Looking up at his golden eyes that reminded her so much of him. “Do you need anything?” she asked the aging tom. He shook his head gently, “No. Just remember, you are always welcome in our home. You are like my daughter. Please come visit us anytime you wish. Charlie would have wanted it that way.”

She nodded sadly to him and then hugged his mother, kissing her cheek and giving her best wishes to them. Tasha looked sadly to Charlie’s grave again, which was now being covered with dirt by the workers. She then went on to the waiting truck in which her brother was waiting to carry her home.

“Miss Forge, may I speak with you? “

The gruff voice behind her startled her as she turned to face Commander Feral himself. He had shown up in his finest dress uniform for the funeral. “I am sorry for your loss of your partner. I assure you that the Enforcers will do all they can to apprehend whoever did this and make them pay.”

The words were ones she had heard many, many times before, though never to herself. She had heard her father say those words to other families of Enforcers that had lost loved ones, but never to herself. She nodded to him as she spoke softly, “I will be in your office Monday to discuss our next steps in this case.”

“I don’t think…”

He was stopped mid-sentence as she spoke more sternly this time.

“Commander, with all due respect, I am your best witness right now. I WILL help on this case. Good Evening, Sir.” Tasha climbed into her brother’s truck and he took her home, leaving a bewildered Commander Feral behind watching them go.

“Nice to know not everyone listens to you, uncle.” Felina walked up beside him as she spoke and smirked at him some.

Commander Feral turned and looked at his niece some, wanting to say something but not having the words to say at this moment in time. He simply growled a bit and went to his car, heading back to his office, determined to find out who was behind the shooting, and behind the disappearance of his own Enforcers, hoping they had not met the same fate.

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