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An Enforcer’s Nightmare

By Countrykat

  • 3 Chapters
  • 3,393 Words

(Unfinished) There is criminal activity in Megakat City, and it isn’t the super-villains this time. Now, it is a gang seeking revenge. The only problem is it isn’t against the SWAT Kats; it’s against the Enforcers!

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Author's Notes:

Title: An Enforcer’s Nightmare
Author: Countrykat
Email Address: countrykat_82@hotmail.com
Date: Prologue 3-12-04
Chapter 1: 3-15-04
Rating: E. May change in future chapters though.
Warnings: none currently
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, its characters and concepts are property of Hanna Barbara.
Summary: There is criminal activity in Megakat City, and it isn’t the super-villains this time. Now it is a gang seeking revenge. The only problem is it isn’t against the SWAT Kats; it’s against the Enforcers!

Chapter 1

...And Darkness Falls

T-Bone gently sets down the Turbokat on a nearby roof and disengages the engines. Razor nimbly jumps to the ground.

“Razor, are you sure this is the place?”

“I’m sure, T-Bone.”

“But, it’s an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere.”

“Bingo! Where else would a gang hide? I would definitely hide in the last place anyone would think to look. Now, we just need to figure out a way inside.”

“Hey. How about this old vent here?”

“Yeah. It looks like it was disconnected years ago. I can see down to some crates below. We can jump down to them.”

Razor quietly removes the old vent cover and jumps down onto the pile of old crates. T-Bone follows with a slightly louder thud. The two quickly move to hide behind a stack of crates.

“I think we can keep going this way and we will be able to stay hidden,” says Razor.

The gang was beginning to get louder.

“Razor, either we are getting closer or they are getting mad about something.”

“I think it is actually both.”

“We should kill them both now!” one of the gang members says.

“Naw, we should keep one for ransom,” says another.

“Shut up all of you! We agreed that any enforcer we came across we would kill and that is what we are going to do.”

The gang leader steps into view. He is an older cat with scars all over his face and ears. His graying fur shows signs of a rough past. At one time he had been a muscular black cat, but the years in prison had taken their toll on him.

“Razor, are we there yet?”

“Almost. We only like a few more feet and then……………”

Suddenly, a loud noise erupts from behind Razor. Crates come crashing down, making a loud clamor as they hit the ground. Gangsters start scrambling for cover.


“Oops? T-Bone, I don’t like your oopses. Not in the jet and not here either.”

“Well, sureshot. I think we need to move now if we are going to catch any gang members. They are running like crazy now.”

The two stand up and start firing nets at passing gangsters. Gunshots ring out and echo off the building. Gangsters start escaping out of every exit they can find. Screams fill the air. In a matter of seconds, the building is cleared all except T-Bone, Razor, one unfortunate gang member, and the two captives that are still tied to chairs in the center of the room.

Razor goes up to the netted gangster and ties his hands with a piece of rope.

“Now I am going to leave you here for a minute. You be a good boy and don’t move.”

T-Bone approaches the two tied figures and tries to see if they are ok.

“T-Bone, are they ok?”

“They don’t look too good, bud. One is unconscious and the other looks wounded. We might want to call an ambulance.”

“Already on it!”

T- Bone carefully cut the ropes that bound them to the chair. He then gently laid the two on the floor and tried to make them as comfortable as possible.

“Hey, Razor. These two are enforcers. Do you think they are the ones that we heard about on the news?”

“You mean the ones that were missing from the Twilight City?”

“I bet those are the ones.”

The sounds of sirens begin to come into hearing.

“Sounds like the enforcers are on their way. We might want to get out of here.”

The two kats quickly climb back up onto the roof, using the same way they came in. T-Bone quickly fires up the jet VTOL engines and lifts the jet off the roof. He then engages the engines, just as the Commander Feral steps from his vehicle. He hears the familiar sound of jet engines coming to life above him.

“Those reckless hotshots have created a nice mess of things again! One of these days I’ll find out who they are and put them behind bars.”

Feral looks out across the horizon. The sun had set and stars begin to dot the night sky. Feral looks up at the Turbokat flying across the night sky. He violently shakes his fist at them as they fly by and wave.

Just as they fly out of sight, the last of the sun’s rays fades and darkness falls.

That is the end of part one. But, who were the two Enforcers in the warehouse and how did they get in Megakat City? More to come. Stay tuned!

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