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I’m Not There

By Cosmic Castaway

  • 2 Chapters
  • 2,809 Words

Sequel to “Dust in the Wind”. The story from the other side.

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Author's Notes:

Title: I’m Not There
Author: Cosmic Castaway
E-Mail Address: Bosco_Gurl@hotmail.com
Rating: K+
Warnings: If you don’t like the idea of death, then don’t read this.
Disclaimer: don’t own anything, not making any profit!

Summary: Sequel to Dust in the Wind

Author Note: Well, I didn’t expect for my muse to jump in there and grab me. But, after writing Dust in the Wind, I wanted to do the sequel to it. So, here is Part A and the song I use is by Robbie Robertson, “Shine your Light”…Hope some of you still enjoy it ;)…

Chapter 1

Don’t wanna be a hero

Just an everyday man

Trying to do the job the very best he can

But now it’s like living on borrowed time

Out on the rim, over the line

Always tempting fate like a game of chance

Never wanna stick around to the very last dance

Sometimes I stumble and take a hard fall

Loose(?) hold your grip off the wall


Shine your light down on me

Lift me up so I can see

Shine your light when you’re gone

Give me the strength to carry on

Carry on

I didn’t know I was going to die. Funny thing was, I really did believe I could save our jet. I wanted to come out victorious, escaping death like I had done most of my life. But, it wasn’t meant to be this time; my luck had finally run out and I had used up all my lives.

I remember the first few minutes prior to hitting that tower, before it ended my life. Some new villain was yet again attacking our city, trying to take away from what we had built and worked so hard to achieve. We came to her aid, Megakat City, like we always did. Rescuing standby’s who were stricken with fear, and of course the lovely Miss Briggs. For as much as that shekat got into trouble, it was always great getting her out of it.

Then the battle had begun, and it was us against him. We fought hard, throwing everything we had at him. My best friend, no….my brother did a great job. He always did; there wasn’t anyone he couldn’t bring down it seemed, and there was no one that I couldn’t out fly and out maneuver. Until that day.

Don’t get me wrong; I still kicked his tail, or whatever he had, I’m not sure. Never did get a good glimpse of him. I’m really not sure how it happened. One minute I was dodging his shots and next we were going into a deadly spin. I could hear Razor shouting stuff to me as I looked down at the counsel and saw everything lighting up with warnings. It seemed everything was shutting down on me all because of one single shot.

“Son of a..”

I could feel the G-Forces pulling at me, and I fought with the stick. I moved it back and forth, trying for some kind of response, but it was like driving a washer machine. She was just not responding. Then, the thought I might not be able to pull us out of this. Without even thinking about my actions, I got enough control to level the plane out and opened the canopy and hit the ejector button.

I think you were screaming, but I passed it off as just the high winds that were hitting the jet at such a high speed. Then, shutting the canopy, I looked back at the tail to see black smoke coming from the exhaust.

‘This is definitely not good.’

As I dodged another shot with the plane shutting down on me, I felt another blow that made the entire plane shutter. She was screaming in pain as though the Turbokat was a living-breathing thing that could respond to that sort of thing.

The last hit caused the plane to take another spin, and this time it was useless. There was nothing I could do and, as I looked up from the control panel, I could see the tower looming ahead, coming up fast and I knew that’s it. I didn’t have enough time to even eject, and the last thing I could think was ‘What about Jake?’

I’m not sure how I ended up at the Garage. I thought for sure I would be reunited with relatives, my family members that passed on.

‘Funny, I thought heaven would be lot cleaner.’

Instead, here I was standing in the living room looking down at Jake who was still in his uniform, not caring anymore if anybody saw him or not.

I looked over and Ann Gora was giving the news about my death on the TV.

‘Never expected this, watch my own death.’

Couldn’t help but wince when I watched it from their point of view as I slammed into the tower. Black smoke filled the sky as remains of the tower and jet fell down onto the citizens below.

‘I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.’

Sitting down beside Jake, I move my paw up and down in front of his face, but he doesn’t even see it. Sighing, I lean back into the chair as though nothing happened and Jake and I are just watching another day’s work. Watching as Feral criticizes our ways of handling the situation and laughing at his pathetic attempt to try and arrest us.

I can’t stand this. I feel like I’m being ignored, and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. All I want to do is say how sorry I am. That I never meant to do this, that I wanted more then anything to be alive right now. But, I can’t.

Glancing back at the TV as once again they replay the scene just in case somebody had missed it the first million times they showed it, I really begin to wonder who else really would care besides Jake and a few others. Then, I saw the remote fly before I processed the growl emitting from Jake as the TV exploded. Sparks flew but soon quieted down, causing the entire room to go pitch black.

“Bingo,” I hear Jake mumble under his breath.

I can’t even bear to bring my face up and look at him. I know it’s my fault. I did this to him. He’s in agony over this, and I can’t even tell him everything will be okay. All I can do is sit there, and just listen to him cry.

He’s here but not here

He’s gone but not gone

Just hope he knows if I get lost


Shine your light down on me

Lift me up so I can see

Shine your light when you’re gone

Give me the strength to carry on

To carry on


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