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By Cosmic Castaway

  • 8 Chapters
  • 26,883 Words

(Unfinished) Your memories are your most cherished thing you can own. But, what if you lost them? When this happens to one of the Swat Kats, whom will they trust and who will become their enemy?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Blurry
Author: Cosmic Castaway
Rating: T
Warning: Some cussing I guess would be one ? if you’re sensitive in that way
Disclaimer: Checked my mailbox, and I was told I still do not own these guys. Oh well, worth a shot I guess!!!!
Author Note: Another long overdue update on this story, and another bad apology that I have pulled out of my boota. I again am terribly sorry; there truly is no excuse but to the fact I had lost thought process on this story and just could not come up with anything else. Not to mention I’ve been back into some of my old shows like Farscape and reading a ton of Lord of the Rings again (very dangerous mix).
I would like to say a special thank you to Etherweil (hugs), you are a dream girl, so thanks for all the nice and wonderful things you have said. Also for kicking my butt into gear ? I appreciate it a bundle!
Looked for the mistakes; if you find any, pretend they do not exist. I did my best! Enjoy!

Chapter 7

Must Be Dreaming

All time slowed down for Razor at the sound of the missile being locked onto the Turbokat, sending the warning siren throughout the entire jet. He had tried so desperately to do every maneuver he could think of to try and get away from this kat who was no longer his dear friend. But, every thing he did, the burly tomkat would counter and just follow him with ease. There was no way he was going to out fly T-Bone; that was just a fact, and his gut instinct on that was just proven right.

As he began moving the jet back and forth, sending it into a vertical climb, then taking it back down to try and evade the missile, Razor realized he lost all sense of hearing. It was like somebody had taken their hands and put them over his ears, not allowing him to even perceive sound such as the roar of the Turbokat’s engines.

‘So this is how it feels before you die.’ Then again, Razor always assumed it would happen quickly, but this cat and mouse game was giving him time to reflect making him wonder would he feel any pain before the final blow.

Then Razor came out of his thoughts promptly, knowing that line of thinking would get him killed, and, quite frankly, he was not ready yet. As the sound of the engines could be heard again, he realized his hand was on the ejector button, knowing if there was no other way he would punch out at the last second. If that is what it came down to, the jet could be replaced, his life couldn’t. Though Razor knew already that if the Turbokat would be destroyed after just getting it back in the air, it would kill him inside.

But, just as he was ready to punch out, he heard crackling in his headset. Somebody was on their band wave and was about to communicate with him. ‘Was it T-Bone? Did he come back to his senses and realized his grave mistake,’ Razor hoped and prayed for. Then again, in a few seconds it would not matter who it was on the other end if he could not find a way to evade this missile that was tailing him.

“Am I fashionably late?”

The voice was like an angel to Razor. It was the last person he was expecting, but the one person he needed to help him. It truly was one voice he could recognize; she had that distinctive voice like no other. Then sudden panic rose up in Razor’s stomach, realizing the horror that T-Bone might take out Felina after the Turbokat was blasted out of the sky. Before he could warn her of the danger, she came over again.

“Let me take care of that missile for you.”

She intercepted the missile by flying in a direct path behind Razor’s flight path causing the missile to turn 90 degree’s and follow the heat signal from her single engine Enforcer’s jet. Razor broke off and turned his jet back around, looking for the jet that T-Bone was flying, but was coming up empty handed. Felina showed up two minutes later, matching speeds with the Turbokat, the two planes flew in a straight line, with no direction in mind.

Silence filled the void of the airwaves, when it usually was alive with emotion.

It seemed the two kats were worlds apart, when really they both were suffering just the same. Felina not being able to take the quietness spoke up.

“Razor….” She hesitated, now uncertain of what she wanted to tell the slimmer Swat Kat, “T-Bone would never… I mean he’d have to be brainwashed or something. But he’d never…” She stopped knowing the Swat Kat knew deep down T-Bone would never hurt him, but there was still that part of him that was feeling betrayed.

She had witnessed most of the dogfight between the two planes, as they swooped in and out of the city. Getting faster and louder as they went, and her trained pilot eyes had seen the Turbokat was struggling to stay out of target range. It was very evident who was the better pilot among the two, and, deep with in her soul, she knew only one kat who flew as hard and fast as they were going, and that was no other but T-Bone. She secretly admired the burly tomkat’s flying maneuvers, the risks he took in order to get the bad guy. He would do things with the jet those technicians always said were impossible. Then again if you want to be a damn good pilot, you better know how your jet works and what it is capable of, and T-Bone knew exactly the ins and outs, no doubt about it. There was also a part of Felina that had somewhat of a crush on T-Bone, though trying to get her to admit it would probably lead to your death. That was something she kept hidden deep with in her, never wanting a stupid little crush to get in the way of her work.

Her eyes traveled back to the lone Swat Kat flying beside her, and just from where she was sitting she could see Razor’s ears had flattened against his helmet; the events prior to her showing up were still weighing heavily on his conscious. The adrenaline that had been coursing through his veins pumping so profusely had begun to wear off, and now the realization had come in and hit Razor hard in the face. Felina wanted to help him, but there truly was nothing she could do.

Almost giving up that Razor might not say a single word to her, he spoke.

“Thanks for the help. Best to get out of the skies. One close call today is enough.”

Again, Felina glanced over as the Turbokat then suddenly raised higher, changing course. To go back to their secret base, whatever that may be. Though like so many, she wished she could track them, see their trajectory and get a good idea who the kats were behind the mask. Then again that would ruin the trust she had with them, besides realizing they were regular go lucky kind of kat, ruined the fantasy of them being always invincible. That nothing could bring either one of them down. Then again, that world had been shattered the day T-Bone….

Felina stopped that line of thinking. ‘Everything will work out in the end. Has to, good guys always win,’ she reassured herself. With a sigh she then turned her jet and pointed it back towards the way she had come, the Enforcers building.


The sand moved slowly from the small winds coming out of the east. But, the small particles were disrupted as high power jet engines moved slowly downward, coming in for a horizontal landing. As the noise of the plane dwindled and then came to a rest, a pilot opened the hatch and looked up into the nightly sky. Breathing in deeply the pilot then pulled himself out of the cockpit, and landed softly on the ground below.

T-Bone was not sure why he had come to this particular spot, but something drove him. Maybe something from the past he presumed, or so he hoped.

Slowly, he walked over to the massive body of water and looked across it, feeling an inner peace that he had not felt since the day he woke up in that cell alone and not having a clue who he was. His eyes traveled down, and he grabbed a piece of rock and threw it and hoped it would skip, but, like all the previous times, it just made a big thunk sound as it plopped into the water. ‘Stupid rock.’

Then a memory flashed before his eyes, the kat without a name. One he had seen previously in his mind, and watched as the skillful hands picked up a rock and threw a rock into the water and it skipped about six times. He then saw his hand shove the kat and pushing him into the water, and then mumbling ‘showoff.’

T-Bone had never asked Dark Kat about the kat from his memories, dreams. How do you explain to somebody you don’t even remember to somebody that looked like they would twist your neck the wrong way because you asked a stupid question? You don’t, so T-Bone kept it to himself. Hoping that maybe he would just figure it out on his own. Not to mention the look that crossed Dark Kat’s face when he asked that question about Razor.

Another flash assaulted the tabby as he pictured Razor giving him a thumbs up, “bingo,” with a grin on his face stretching his features.

‘That was a new one,’ T-Bone thought as he closed his eyes and shook his head. This was so tiring, and soul draining. Dark Kat had told him the brown tanned kat was his enemy, but everything in him was telling him this was false.

‘When everybody is telling you to go one way, but your instincts are saying the other, you listen to your insides. They are your survival kit, they are what keep you alive.’ Another nameless voice that he did not recognize, but though again it seemed very familiar, then again don’t they all? The voice was soft and soothing as though it could take all his troubles and fears away just by listening to this one voice. Damn, he just wished he could remember who that female kat was. Mentally shrugging, he decided he would listen to that voice, and go with what his gut instincts were telling him.

He then turned his back on the ocean and walked a little ways from the jet and looked towards the city of Megakat city. Feeling of wanting to protect it and not terrorize the metropolis, as Dark Kat seemed like hell bent on doing. Sighing, trying to decide his next maneuver, his eyes caught something dark in the sand. Usually he would not bother with it, but it was drastically different from what you typically found on a beach, such as milk bottles, chip bags and so forth. This, however, was metal and pitch black. Grabbing it into his hands, he turned it over and over, feeling it and realizing suddenly it was part of a plane. ‘What was it doing here?’

The Turbokat blasted overhead, and his eyes glanced up, wondering if the Kat in the plane saw him, but when it made no attempt to swing around, he assumed Razor was completely oblivious of him and the plane on the ground completely defenseless. He turned the metal again in his hand again and realized it was part of the Turbokat; it had to be.

Another quick memory flashed before T-Bone of him holding onto a stick while he turned off certain equipments to the plane. He saw the ground, sand, rushing up quickly and fear coursing through his veins like fire, knowing this was it, this was the last time he would ever get to fly again. Then the recollection was over, and T-Bone glanced back up at the fading lights of the Turbokat as it was still sweeping the city, a silent guardian.

‘Had he been flying that plane and crashed it?’ No, that could not be possible, could it? Yet here again his instincts were screaming at him, and he was trying to ignore them, and that was not what he was taught all his life. So, deciding there was truly only one way to find out, he put the piece of metal into one of his many pockets and then jogged back to the plane. Razor had a few questions he was going to have to answer.
Razor broke off from Felina and flew around the city a couple of times. Part of him was screaming to find T-Bone again, but the other telling him that would be completely ludicrous. He had barely escaped their last encounter, and really he was not sure he could go head to head with the ace pilot again.

It seemed the hole he was falling into was getting deeper and deeper, and sooner or later there would be a bottom he would hit, and it was not going to be pretty. He just wanted this to be all over with, he wasn’t sure he could keep doing this. There was so much a kat could take before they broke, and this was eating him up on the inside. There truly was nobody he could talk to about this. The one kat that understood him and he confided into, had tried to kill him.

Taking a last glance down at the skyscrapers and buildings that stretched out as far as the eye could see, even in his jet, he then turned back around and headed home. ‘Another eventful night,’ Razor thought. He checked his radar like he always did, making sure nobody was following him, just incase anybody got any bright ideas. Then took the Turbokat down, heading for the hole in the land that opened the underground highway to their hanger.

Like always, it was a pain striking time to take off his uniform and put it next to the empty locker that had stayed that way for too long. He then moved to go upstairs and propped the door open and then closed it again and then placing the rug to hide it. The lights were turned off, making Jake Clawson grumble, realizing he probably should have at least left a light on. At least if you leave a light on, any prying eyes usually assume somebody is at the place and won’t try anything stupid.

As he reached down to turn on the lamp, he froze. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, and he suddenly realized there was somebody in the room with him. His eyes traveled to the baseball bat that was in the corner disregarded. ‘Perfect weapon.’ Then, eyeing the figure to see where he was, he then moved for the bat with quick reflexes picked it up and then turned around ready to swing. But, his grasp was almost lost as his mouth hung open. At first, he thought it was some kind of dream and any moment he would wake up on the couch like so many other times, screaming at the top of his lungs and realizing he was still living in a horrid nightmare.

For there stood the one kat he had been trying to talk to, that had tried to kill him already once that night, his partner, his brother, T-Bone.


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