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By Cosmic Castaway

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(Unfinished) Your memories are your most cherished thing you can own. But, what if you lost them? When this happens to one of the Swat Kats, whom will they trust and who will become their enemy?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Blurry
Author: Cosmic Castaway
E-Mail: Bosco_Gurl@hotmail.com
Rating: T
Warning: Haven’t seen any yet ?
Disclaimer: Still not mine, still don’t own them. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Author Note:Well, kiddies, I am so sorry it took me so long to do get this chapter out. Can blame college for that one; never thought I would stop writing altogether, but it seemed everything was put on hold. I am truly sorry and hope you forgive me for how long it took me, and hope this chapter makes up for it. Also, if you find any mistakes ignore them; they were done by my evil twin!

I would love to thank Etherweil for all her help in looking over the chapter for me. I realllllly appreciate what you said to me and all the feedback you gave me. So, thank you, gal. ? And, thanks goes to Jessie, though you are not a Swat Kat fan, you still read this, so I thank you wholeheartedly.

Chapter 6

Clash of the Titans

Razor slowly moved out of his Swat Kats uniform and into his civvies. It was a painful process; though he was not hurting physically but mentally, he was a wounded mind. His partner, his brother was now the enemy. It just did not make any sense for T-Bone to change alliances on him.

Though one time Razor questioned his loyalty on Turmoil’s ship, even then he was in disbelief about it. He remembered that day as though it happened yesterday. Razor had snuck aboard on the crazy shekat’s ship to rescue T-Bone, who had been captured, only to be stopped by him standing in full flight commander uniform. He was finally convinced T-Bone had enough of their antics of being the Swat Kats, of always being on the run and never getting the feedback the tabby always assumed they deserved. But then, T-Bone whispered under his breath that he was not lost, that he was in fact just acting and then proceeded to kick him out of an airlock.

But, this was different. He looked into the eyes of the tabby and did not see anything behind them. It was like his partner was standing in front of him, but it was not who he had grown to love as a brother; it was an entirely different kat, and Razor knew it had to do with Dark Kat. There was just no other explanation but that abomination of a kat.

Now as Jake Clawson, he quickly made his way up the ladder and was sitting in the living room with the TV off. The room was becoming quickly darkened as the last bit of the sun was going over the horizon. He briefly wondered when his world came crashing around him and how the heck it was going to get any better then the way it was going right now. He did not even know where to begin to try and fix this, and Jake was sure by the time this was all over, no matter how it ended, he was going to be in the insane asylum right next to Ringtail.

Without looking over, he patted around the coach for the TV remote and flipped on the news, hoping they left out what happened at the Mayor’s building. Callie had told him not to worry about it, that what had transpired in that room would not leave. Ann Gora would normally have the information because of the numerous sources she had, but she was in on the loop. She promised Razor that night they had found the Turbokat she would look the other way as long as possible and call it false information until it became too evident to keep out of the news.

Getting up to grab something to drink, Jake dropped the mug in his hand, for right there on the news was footage of T-Bone jumping out of the Mayor’s office. Adam Collins from Inside Megakat City News, another news reporter who was trying to make a name for himself, could be overheard over the footage being shown.

“Sources say the Swat Kats attacked the Mayor, leaving him bleeding and struggling for his life after they left him to die.”

Jake Clawson could not believe this. Not only were they broadcasting this, they didn’t even get their information right! They were making it sound like both of them had something to do with it, and the Mayor was clinging to life, when really the Mayor was just shaken up. Things could just not get any worse, or could they?

Jake’s eyes had traveled down as his mind began racing as to how he could fix this, which he was sure Callie would back them up in a heartbeat. He glanced back up to see a shot of the jet that took away from the Mayor’s building after the encounter with T-Bone. His heart leapt into his throat. That was the same jet they had gone up against before T-Bone had disappeared. The same one that had vanished what seemed into thin air, and they could not find any traces of it.

If T-Bone was flying that jet, it was only a matter of time before he would have to go up against him in the Turbokat, and he feared that day more then anything. Razor was not the pilot, T-Bone was, and that jet being in the hands of the very experience tabby’s, well things could get down right ugly very quickly.


(Unknown Location)

T-Bone laid on the hard cot in what he referred to as his cell. He was allowed to come and go as he pleased, but it was still in fact a cell and could be locked from the other side at any given time. He really did not care about having anything else for you did not need possessions in order to survive. The only thing he had was what was on his body when he opened his eyes the first night not remembering who he was. But, what confused him was he would assume to have at least one thing to call his own, but it was plainly obvious material was not something he was into.

It really made no sense to the confused tabby not to have at least some kind of remembrance of his life. Then again, maybe he never wanted to know what happened in his past so he choose to live in solitude. It also did not help any time he asked Dark Kat, about his past he would either change the subject or just simply not answer. T-Bone was frustrated and confused, and somewhat scared. He did not know where this emotion came from’ he was a strong and intimidating figure, why was fear there and where did it come from?

Then the confusing mission that Dark Kat sent him on, not really giving him much of a mission just to get in contact with some kat named Razor. He, of course, did what he was asked of without hesitation, but when the one called Razor showed up, something made him halt from his hiding place as he watched him scramble over to the shekat with blonde hair.

But ,something was wrong, he could not move. For he knew this kat, but where did he know him? It was like a distant memory that he held but could not yet quite grasp and process.

Sitting up, T-Bone scratched his head, and winced. There was still a really sore spot on his head that caused him a pain from time to time. Gingerly, he touched it, wondering when he gotten that wound and why he could not remember getting it either. Not to mention all the other cuts and bruises he still had on his body that Dark Kat refused to answer. Though he wanted to trust this Dark Kat, he had been given no reason to trust him and every fiber in his body had told him not to. But why?

He wished for simple answers, somebody to make him understand what was going on but it seemed that was not going to happen. Then, a quick memory flashed through his thoughts, and it was of a kat he didn’t recognize. The unknown kat was leaning in a car and came back up holding something in his hand throwing it towards him. Then, the memory was done, and gone.

‘Wonder who he was,’ wondered T-Bone as he tried desperately to remember, but of course no such luck. Sighing heavily, he then put his arms in back of him and stared up at the ceiling, wondering if ever his memory would ever come back to him.


Felina Feral dragged her feet into the locker room to get out of her Enforcer uniform and get into her civvies so she could go home and go to bed. ‘Scratch that,’ she thought, ‘make some popcorn and sit down and watch a good movie curled up in the sofa.’

Sometimes, it seemed she could get dressed quicker going home, then coming into work even though her body complained and creaked as she pulled the shirt over her head. Shutting her locker, Felina then tied her shoes up quickly and grabbed her duffle bag, throwing it over her shoulder and walking out, to run smack into Tate. Tate was a shekat from Enforcer academy and one of the few shekats Felina could trust not to look at her differently.

“Glad I found you, thought I had missed you, you need to turn on the TV to Inside Megakat City.”

At first, Felina was not sure by Tate’s hasty sentence but she then bypassed her quickly and walked to the many conference rooms they used and turned on the news. Tate, who was standing behind her, was waiting to comfort Felina if needed to but highly doubted she would have to as Felina watched the broadcast about the Swat Kats. Turning off the TV, she then turned around and shook her head.

“If it’s not my uncle, it’s somebody else trying to ruin their reputation.”

“I’m sure they just have them confused with somebody else?”

Tate knew how close she was to the Swat Kats, thus why she came looking for Felina in the first place. She did not want one of the Enforcers who had a vendetta towards the Swat Kats making a snide remark to the Lt.

Sighing heavily, “I’m sure somebody didn’t get their information correctly and, if something did happen, I know just the shekat to talk to.”


(Unknown Location)

T-Bone walked down the long corridor of what he called home at the time. He could not sleep for the life of him, so many thoughts kept scrambling through his head. The one he had fought earlier kept coming back to his mind no matter how many times he tried not to think about the one called Razor. This kat would show up at every thought process, and he really was not sure at all why it bugged him so much either.

He found Dark Kat working on something, hunched over and not paying much attention to the world around him as his creeplings chattered around him. For some reason he always had the itch to pick up one of the little creeplings and strangle them, or punch them. Either one would work effectively. He really had no idea where this idea came from, but for some reason he could not stand the little critters.

The creepling’s voice pitched, betraying T-Bone standing there in the doorway, which caused Dark Kat to stop what he was doing and turn around. In his deep voice that went along with his over towering sinister look, he spoke. “Ahhh, my dear boy, why up so late?”

“I should ask the same of you,” T-Bone replied back. Scratching the back of his head, he then walked in a little closer to the room. “Something has been bugging me since I got back from that mission. Who the heck is Razor, and why do I have the sense I know him?”

Dark Kat just sat there, studying him for a moment, making T-Bone’s skin crawl. It was somewhat the first memory of waking up in the cell and Dark Kat was standing over him, staring at him as he was doing right now.

I take that you like your accommodations, Swat Kat.

He had talked to him like he was an enemy but then backtracked. It was beginning to make less sense then before when he first awoke. Dark Kat had promised him a few times on hand that he would explain what had happened to him, but when he would bring the subject up, Dark Kat would quickly switch. But, this time, T-Bone had enough; he wanted to know what had happened to him. But, before he could ask another question, Dark Kat begin turning around, began working on what he had been doing previously before T-Bone walked in.

“Too late in the night; go to sleep and we will talk about this in the morning.”

Anger quickly rose up from the bowels of T-Bone. “No.”

Dark Kat stopped, and no movement came from him.

“No, every time I bring up the subject you switch it, so either you tell me or…”

Spinning around quickly, Dark Kat busting out his chest, making himself appear bigger, “Or you’ll do what?”

Frustration, anger, confused T-Bone shook his head, turning around.

“Where are you going?” said Dark Kat in a demanding voice as he watched the tabby making his way out of the room.

“Away from you.”

Dark Kat watched as T-Bone walked out the door, clearly heading towards the hanger to take off in the jet to clear his head. Shaking his head, he turned back to his latest project. He really had to think of something to do with the lone Swat Kat. When he had found the Swat Kat had no memory, he thought it was the perfect revenge. Have the kat do all his dirty work and yet ruin his reputation in the process. But, he was finding out very quickly it was hard to harness the tabby’s anger and impatience. Dark Kat had put him off because he himself had not come up with the story to make T-Bone believe him. It also did not help matters that the pilot of the Swat Kats was quickly regaining memory, and it would only be a matter of time before he remembered who he was. So, he had to act quickly if he wanted to keep up this hoax. At least, if there was one thing he didn’t have to worry about, it was his jet. He had complete control of the jet just sitting at the table. It was being tracked, and he could shut the engines just by pressing a button.

It didn’t really matter to Dark Kat either way if T-Bone regained his senses or if he never did, for the end result would be the same. The Swat Kats would be dead and lone gone, forgotten, as his project would come into play. With this last thought Dark Kat continued working on his work, not letting anything else stop him at the moment.


The roar of the Turbokat engines played on deaf ears as far as Razor was concerned. He looked down at the tranquility of the city of Megakat City as the bright lights lit up the night sky. He stayed high above the city, so not to disturb the citizens as he made his night runs. What Razor wanted more then anything was to talk to Callie Briggs about the false media information, but he knew there really was not much to discuss. Callie knew what happened, Mayor Manx knew what happened, so who cared what some news report said about them.

But, deep down Razor did care. They had somewhat kept a good reputation with the citizens, and though some criminals had tried trashing it, they were still able to come back as the heroes.

Stop this, stop doubting,

He knew Callie would give a statement or something close to what happened. She knew how to give information without giving any.

His soul deep within desperately wanted to be back in the gunner seat and his partner be in the front, flying at breakneck speeds. Making him close his eyes wondering if they were about to smack into the water as they got too close or, maybe a building as he saw the reflection of the black jet in the windows.

As he pulled up to make one more pass, something beeped on his panel and he looked down to see an unknown bogey was coming up fast in front of him. It was very clear this was not one of the Enforcer jets or choppers that they used. Razor moved a little more comfortably into his seat, ready for anything as he waited for the jet to approach. Who knew if this jet was hostile or friend?

Razor never got to see the jet for it disappeared on his scanners altogether, as though it never existed, and his stomach dropped. He quickly began scanning the clouds, trying to find the infamous jet they had gone up against only a few weeks ago. The same one that Razor had watched had reappeared in back of the Turbokat and fired upon it, causing T-Bone to crash the jet.

Then, the warning sounds went off, and Razor did not even have to look down to know he was being targeted. He took evasive maneuvers, coming out of his high altitude and getting closer to the ground, hoping that he could lose this jet among the many buildings and other obstacles. But, no matter which way he turned, no matter what bridge he ducked under, this jet would not release its hold on him. If anything Razor had delayed, it was his quick death, for he kept the actual lock on him. As he pivoted right then left, doing a dance with the jet, still trying to get it off his tail, literally, he then looked ahead of him to see a building coming up quickly. Without thinking, he threw the VTOL engines on quickly, causing the jet to go completely vertical and allowing him to go up with the buildings and allowing him to level out when he passed the structure. He figured the other jet would smash into it, and expected to hear it, but nothing happened.

What astonished Razor even more so was that jet had not crashed but had done the exact same maneuver but much quicker and faster G’s than he had accomplished, and he knew right then. He was fighting his partner, T-Bone.

Razor was not more ready for this than the kat in the moon. He thought for sure he was fighting the same villain that had shot T-Bone down, but now he was trying to outsmart and out pilot the tabby. He had to end this and end it quickly if he wanted to see the next day.

Switching the radio on that he had turned off, he hoped T-Bone was listening as Razor continued to try and keep out of his missile range.

“Look, I don’t know what Dark Crud told you, I don’t know why you think I’m the enemy…” Razor cut under a bridge, T-Bone closely following behind as water sprayed up as both jets went screaming by. “But, you have to listen to me; I’m not your enemy. I’m your partner!”

Razor was grasping at straws, trying to think of a way to break through the memory of his partner, trying to get him understand he was about to kill his brother. “Listen to me – you’re about to kill your partner; do you want to be responsible for killing your brother!”

Razor flew outside the city just in case it did get deadly, and if one of them did use lethal means to end this, at least the exploding wreckage would not fall upon the helpless victims below. As the Turbokat screamed towards their practice grounds in the Megakat Canyons, he heard the tone shoot through the cockpit as T-Bone was trying to get a lock on him. Razor continued to punch the jet into speeds to the point of passing out. Razor wondered if he ever would see T-Bone back to his old self as he heard the lock on his jet, and T-Bone let a missile away, aimed for the Turbokat and Razor inside.


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