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By Cosmic Castaway

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(Unfinished) Your memories are your most cherished thing you can own. But, what if you lost them? When this happens to one of the Swat Kats, whom will they trust and who will become their enemy?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Blurry
By: Cosmic Castaway
Rating: T
Warnings: None yet.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Author Note:This one gave me some problems, writer’s block getting in my way, but finally I got this out of me. But, I have a new chapter for you, and hope you like it!! Thanks to Quick Shot once again, for reading it over and giving me wonderful feedback – can’t thank you enough! As to my gal Boscogirl. You truly are my long lost cosmic twin sister ? Enjoy your new chapter!

Chapter 4

Picking Up the Pieces

Immense pain ripped through T-Bone’s skull as he tried to open up his eyelids that felt heavier then sandbags at the moment. When he tried to move his head just a hair, that ending up causing a white explosion of spots to dance across his line of vision. His head began to pound in rhythm like a jackhammer, all caused by just the tiny bit of movement, making him want to throw up right there.

Although he had kept his eyes shut from wincing in pain, the entire room was still spinning around in circles and not helping his stomach any. He wanted to put his foot down to balance out the room so he could center himself. But, the strength that he wanted to call on wasn’t there, and the only movement he got from his leg was a tiny shift.

Even though he knew he would regret it, he began to open one eye, to try and figure out where he was. T-Bone couldn’t even remember what he had done to cause such agony in his body and head.

When he was able to finally prop one eye open without having his head explode, he was rather disappointed. He went through all that just to find he was in complete darkness. There wasn’t even a tiny light visible to indicate where the door would be located.

Sighing softly to himself he closed his eye and tried to figure out what had happened to him. But, he found himself to be growing tired rapidly and at first he wanted to fight it and try to answer some of the questions he had. But, his senses began to leave him as darkness soon quickly came, and he just finally fell back into unconsciousness.


Ann Gora was sitting in her corner officer, practically falling asleep. Their pilot was on lunch break as she waited for a story to pop up. If something didn’t happen real soon though, she was going to make one by throwing herself out the window. Her elbow propped up on the desk as her head rested on her hand as she toyed with her pen. Turning to look out the window, she squinted. Letting her hand drop to the desk, she then pushed out of her leather seat and walked to the glass and, without putting her face onto it, she stared at the black smoke trailing up into the sky.

Not wasting another minute, knowing that had to be good story, she practically ran down the hallway and flew past the cafeteria door. She then turned abruptly, ran back in grabbed her pilot who was just dunking his donut into his coffee.

“Come on.”

Her pilot tried to protest but looked helpless at what he had to leave behind as they went in search of Johnny, her cameraman.


Razor had walked around in an entire circle around the broken and damaged jet. Trying to find some kind of clue to T-Bone’s disappearance. But, whatever footprints had been made by T-Bone previously were now long gone from the gust of wind beginning to pick up. The only thing he had found was T-bone’s cracked helmet, and that was the only indication that T-Bone had been in the vicinity of the jet.

A loud crackle of thunder drummed through the sky that almost sent Razor up into the air for it had startled him so. Glancing towards the ocean, he then watched as lightning ripped open the sky as a storm crawled towards Megakat City.

‘Great,’ Razor thought, ‘what possible else could go wrong?’ The second he allowed this thought to process through his mind, he regretted it. For not more then a few seconds later he could hear a helicopter coming towards his location. Praying it wasn’t Feral, Razor knew he had no patience nor the time to be messing with the Commander. But then, he caught the symbol on the side of the chopper as it began to hover and then slowly touched down.

KatsEyes News was their friend more then once, always trying to give them good publicity and always taking the side of the Swat Kats and not the Enforcers. But other times, such as now, the News could be a thorn in an already bleeding wound. This had to be the worst timing ever, to be trying to get a story out of them. As soon as word got around of the Turbokat being taken out of commission along with a Swat Kat missing, it was just asking for trouble. It would only be a matter of time before every villain would be knocking each other down trying to take over.

Razor, not wanting to be caught with nothing to say and stumbling over his words, began to move towards the cyclotron.

Ann Gora had stepped out with microphone in hand and Johnny filming, and then she turned to look at Razor. But, the hand holding into the mic suddenly fell to her side as she stopped being the reporter and became Ann.

“Is he….” She couldn’t finish her words as she then glanced at the Turbokat.

Razor walked towards the reporter, knowing he couldn’t just leave now; she was an ally of theirs.

“No, and I don’t know where he is either. I got here, and this is all that I could find.”

Razor then produced what he had found laying on the ground very near to the jet. She then glanced down and looked inside and couldn’t help but see there was some blood staining the usually polished helmet. Bringing her eyes to meet Razor’s her mind raced quickly, trying to figure out what she wanted to do. She knew it would be a great story about the Swat Kats. One is missing while the other one is left to try and figure out what happened, to pick up the pieces and still trying to defend the city from those who want to corrupt it.

Then she turned and nodded her head towards Johnny her cameraman, who had been filming everything, taking everything in. His eyes went a little wide, not expecting this from Ann Gora, the top lead caster to give up such a story.

“The story won’t be told by me.” She watched as Razor’s eyes as well grew a little wide in surprise. It didn’t shock her that Razor would show such a reaction. She’s a reporter and that’s what they do; they go for the throat to get a story, just comes with the territory. But, she knew the consequences if she said anything; she sure wasn’t going to be the one going down as the reporter that made the Swat Kats fall and their beloved city.

Putting her hand on Razor’s shoulder, she then said, “Least I can do for saving my tail more then once.” She then gave him a reassuring soft smile as she allowed her hand to come back to her side.

Razor didn’t know what he was going to do about the Turbokat. Last time the city helped rebuild the jet after using it as a decoy to get inside the warehouse where Miss Briggs and Mayor Manx were being held. But, now what? For Razor it was the first time he had felt so lost, and he feel like he was unable to come up with any ideas. Anytime they had to make an emergency landing and were grounded, he was able to always fix the problem. But, with a mess like the one that he was left with, and not having the extra strength and another pair of hands that T-Bone gave, there was just no telling how long it would take. Possibly could take months to get their jet back up into the air and running correctly.

The sound of squeaky brakes being applied caught Razor’s attention and bringing him out of his scattered thoughts that were running a mile a minute for him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught the green colored vehicle, the one he knew by heart, Miss Briggs. She climbed out of the car practically tripping over her own shoes as she ran towards the lone Swat Kat and Ann Gora and Johnny.

Callie Briggs had been watching out of the city hall looking for a particular thing in the sky. She had been standing there the moment she had heard the engines of the famous jet the Swat Kats flew. It always caused her heart to flutter, seeing them in action. Part of her always wishing she could do it with them, to be on that kind of bravery level and never flinching in the face of danger.

But, instead of seeing what she expected to witness and that being the Swat Kats kicking tail, she saw the complete opposite. Her mouth dropped down, being completely mortified as she watched another jet appear out of thin air and cripple the Turbokat with a missile.

She expected to see two ejector seats as the Turbokat began to descend rapidly, to ditch the jet and save their lives. But, she saw nothing to give her hope as she then strained her eyes, thinking maybe they were able to pull the jet up in the last nick of time. But then, black smoke began to trail up high into the sky, and she knew deep down in her heart it was the Swat Kats jet that was the one causing it.

“Oh my God.”

Her mind screamed at the thought of what she might have just seen. For her it was reliving the nightmare all over again the first time she thought the Swat Kats had been killed in the line of battle. She remembered vividly as Dark Kat pushed a few buttons, and missiles shot out into the direction of the Turbokat. She knew they would easily evade them, for T-bone could out fly anyone and anything, and Razor could shoot with his eyes closed, and with those two that was a deadly combo. She knew they would dodge the incoming missiles and then fire back with some of their own.

But, it didn’t and tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she watched the Turbokat explode as the remains began to fall into the ocean. Little did she or Mayor Manx and the villains keeping them captive know, it had been nothing but a ruse. They had made everybody believe they had gone down with their jet, so they could have the upper hand. But, they had been all right, unscratched.

This wasn’t like the last time, and, as Callie drove at break neck speed, she wondered what would she find. Never once did she think about the communicator tucked away deeply in her purse. All that mattered was getting there and seeing if they were okay.

Callie was so relieved to see Razor standing there, but where was T-Bone? Then her mind had screamed as the realization had hit her, and she slammed on the breaks. She could feel tears coming, and she tried hard to control them as she then scrambled out of her car.

Razor intercepted Callie before she could climb up onto the wrecked jet’s wing, and get hurt in the process. “He’s not in there.” Pushing her back but she continued to fight off his hands, until it registered what he had said.

“What?” Confusion now replaced the once distressed features on her face.

“T-Bone isn’t in the jet.”

Callie thought she was confused before; she was now more than ever. How can he not be there? She began to scan the scene, catching the cyclotron sitting next to the news chopper. Razor must have come on that, explaining why it was sitting out. But, where had the big burly pilot gone, if he’d been the one flying the doomed jet? Then Callie asked the question that seemed to be the one of the day.

“Then where is he?”

“Your guess is as good as mine right now Miss Briggs.”

Razor wasn’t used to this. Not knowing where his buddy was or how to begin to locate him. They usually weren’t separated in battle and, when they were, they knew every time how to find the other.

Beginning to wonder how he was going to put out the flames that were still causing a great amount of smoke, he then felt something wet on his cheek. Then another one followed, with lightning streaking across the sky reminding everybody about the storm that had been brewing.

“What are you going to do about your jet?” Ann asked, who had stayed silent since Callie Briggs had arrived on the scene. She knew as well that they city helped pay for their jet a few times when they had some mishaps. But this time, wanting to keep this crash a secret, and it was going to be pretty hard being the size and weight of the Turbokat.

Shrugging his shoulders as the rain began to fall more frequently instead of tiny raindrops, but nobody seemed to take notice of it. Callie then got a crazy idea that might be able to work out for the lone Swat Kat. It was the least that she could do, for the many times she had been saved by the vigilantes.

“I know two toms that could hide your jet and not cause any suspicion,” Callie spoke up as Razor was still glancing at the back end of the jet and still trying to figure out what he was going to do.

Turning, when he heard what Callie had said, Razor knew exactly who the two toms she was talking about, and wondered if this night could get any worse then it already was.

“Who?” Ann asked curious as to what Callie had in mind.

Callie smiling, “Two great mechanics of mine, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong; they run the salvage yard for the Enforcers. With all those jet parts you could build your plane right there.”

Then something inside of Callie clicked as she let those words sink in. ‘Could it possibly be?’ It would make sense, but then again where was the runway? It would be pretty hard to hide one, so it couldn’t possibly be them. ‘Don’t be silly,’ she thought.

Razor the entire time had been watching her closely, seeing if he noticed anything change in her posture, even if her eyes widened a bit when she thought about what she said. When it would come clear that possibly the two mechanics that had helped her and the city all this time were her Swat Kats. But she then surprised him, “What do you say, give them a call?”

“Sure….but who’s going to help us move it?” Razor asked.

(Salvage Yard)
“Little more…. back it up just a little… you got it!” Lt. Felina Feral called as they finished unloading the remains of the Turbokat. She had just gotten off from her shift when the last person she expected to run into was Callie Briggs. It didn’t take long for the Deputy Mayor to tell her what had transpired with the Swat Kats and how she and Razor were going to need help.

Felina didn’t even think twice about it before she made some calls of her own. There were a few Enforcers that she knew she could trust, who loved the Swat Kats and what they did. Also a few on the force who felt this was their way to repay them back for the many times the Swat Kats had saved their lives and other civilian kats.

The rain and darkness had been their cover as they moved the badly damaged jet to the Salvage Yard. Her hat was now damp with rain but it was the least of her worries at the moment. A knot had formed in her stomach when she had heard about the burly pilot disappearing. Felina tried playing it off as, she was just worrying about him because they were both friends and associates of hers. But, she knew deep down that wasn’t the reason, and she just wasn’t ready to admit to it.

“Thanks guys.”

The last of the Enforcers waved their hands as they picked up their gear to go home. Felina turning and walking back to where Callie and Jake were standing under the roof of the Garage.

“Thanks again Jake for doing this; I can’t tell you how much in debt we are to you,” Callie said.

“As many times as the Swat Kats saved this city, it’s the least we can owe them,” Jake said. He always felt weird when he talked about himself. Not only that, this was even worse not having Chance here standing beside him. He was trying so hard not to show how deeply scared he was for his partner, and best friend.

“Did Razor tell you when he’d be back?”

“All he said was, he had to get back to the hanger to grab some of his tools,” Callie responded back to Jake’s question.

Jake looked over at Felina who was looking into the Garage, as though she was trying to find somebody, or suspecting someone would show up at any minute.

“If you’re wondering where Chance was, he’s not feeling to good. He actually came down with the stomach flu, been out of it all day.”

Felina’s concentration was broke when she heard Jake. Breaking her eyes away from the door that led into the house part of the Garage, she then gave a soft smile. “Well I hate to go, but I have a double shift tomorrow. Tell Chance I hope he feels better”

“Will do.”

Callie said another thank you, then turned and walked back into the rain. Felina got into the car with the Deputy, being that her car was still broken. The entire time Jake Clawson watched them until they were out of sight, and he could no longer see the taillights that he let out a sigh.

He knew he couldn’t do anything now about his missing partner. He would have to start fresh tomorrow and try to get the Turbokat operational. Looking up into the sky and only seeing rain still coming down hard, he then prayed that wherever Chance was at the moment, that he was safe. With tail drooped and ears down, Jake then closed the door to the Garage and flipped the light off to go to bed.

(Unknown Location)

The sound of a large bolt being unlocked brought T-Bone right out the dream world and back into reality. Without thinking much of it he sat up quickly, and then regretted it as once again the world took a deadly spin on his senses. He then put his feet on the ground and put his head against the wall as his eyes began to rapidly blink from the light pouring into the room.

A large figure stood in the door way’s path, staring down at his prisoner, which made the hairs on the back of T-Bone’s neck stand right up on end. Who the heck was this, and why did he have a distinct feeling he should know?

“I take that you like your accommodations Swat Kat.” A menacing voice practically vibrated the room as he spat anger at the still disoriented Swat Kat.

Now T-Bone was more confused then ever. Swat Kat? What the heck was a Swat Kat, and he couldn’t be possibly be talking about him, could he?

“I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t toy with me!”

Still keeping his head rested on the wall, T-Bone glared at the beast of a kat standing in front of him. “I don’t know who you are, and what a Swat Kat is, but you obviously got the wrong kat.”

Slowly T-Bone watched as the menacing kat walked towards him. The kat was now directly above him, staring at him with eyes that made T-Bone feel as though he was looking right through him.

“You have no memory of who you are?”

Shaking his head no, T-Bone didn’t want to try have a relapse of what he had earlier, with the headache that wanted to send him into a tight ball. Then a soft rumble began to form at the base of the kat’s throat and then this intimidating kat began to laugh out loud, and T-Bone couldn’t help but feel that maybe it was a bad thing he couldn’t remember who he was.


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Title: Blurry
Author: Cosmic Castaway
E-Mail: Bosco_Gurl@hotmail.com
Rating: T
Warning: Haven’t seen any yet ?
Disclaimer: Still not mine, still don’t own them. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Author Note:I really would like to thank those that have been encouraging me to keep up with this story. I really do want to apologize for my tardiness in updating this story. To explain myself a little, I just turned 21 and I have now gone to College. So, hahah, we can blame it on that ;). Sorry again. Thank you all again for your wonderful comments, and hope you like the latest chapter!

Chapter 4 – Not the Homecoming Expected

Weeks had gone by with no clue or sign of T-Bone. Sleep had become something of an enemy for Jake instead of something he could escape to. For him it wasted more time looking for his missing partner, and not only that, the nightmares that tormented him. It seemed, when he did get sleep, which would be from his body finally collapsing with exhaustion, it wouldn’t last for very long. It would start off like any dream, him going down a hallway looking drastically for Chance and at the end it was a different death every time and that’s what would awake Jake, as he tumbled to the ground screaming the tabby’s name.

Life continued though and even though Jake Clawson wanted to pretend it didn’t because his world had come to a halt, the rest of the world continued going. Threatening phone calls were beginning to be left on their answering machine about cars not being repaired on the due date it was suppose to. He was starting to have a hard time balancing work with his real identity and his alter ego looking for Chance and making sure nobody got any bright ideas. Plus trying to get the Turbokat back up in the air. Razor would do most of his rounds on the cyclotron, hoping that with his presence nobody would try taking over the city, and he had been lucky because nobody was trying anything. Which also concerned him; no activity always meant somebody was about to unleash something, for a plan had been set in motion. He only could pray and hope that he could handle it by himself if somebody were to attack the city.

As the engines died down and Razor sat on the cyclotron seat, staring at the lockers that held both his and Chance’s uniform; it was always a constant reminder that his buddy was out there still missing. For hours it seemed he’d just sit there thinking about everything, going on every little possible detail and never coming up with a solution. He was a scientist; that’s what he was born to do, solve things and not being able to fix this problem that had been thrust in his face was driving him insane.

Knowing if he didn’t get off the bike anytime soon he’d be there a lot longer, so climbing off of it he walked towards the locker. His eyes kept down to the floor and when he finally glanced up he looked right at his and his alone. The metal on metal was contestably quiet, but that all changed when Razor now as Jake Clawson brought back his fist and hit his locker. The metal underneath caved in, and as his arm went back to his side there was a small imprint of where he had used his lethal punch.

Stepping back a few he looked at his hand dumbfounded. He had never lost his temper like that before; always found ways to go about solving it without having to bring his fists in. Being an Enforcer and even a Swat Kat there was a reason to use force, but this was completely different matter. Jake, for one split second didn’t think, just let loose with blinding rage and anger. All because Jake’s eyes had traveled up, looking at the next locker, the marking of TB.

Closing his eyes for a second trying to stop his scrambling brain, he then turned around slowly and made his way towards the ladder. If he stood there too long, he’d finally lose it and in a burst of adrenaline and torment pick up the locker and throw it.

For Jake Clawson it felt like eternity that he got up all the way to the actual part of the house, for his feet felt like cement blocks. Then again, anybody would feel like that since his sleep was interrupted every few hours. He was just walking into the bathroom to try and wake himself up by splashing some water on his face when he heard a very familiar voice ring through the house.


He stood there contemplating if he should just go hide and not answer back. But, he had no excuse; in his stupidity he actually forgot to close the garage. Anybody could have walked in and found things they were not meant to find. Mentally kicking himself, Jake then went towards the voice to see Felina Feral standing there in full uniform.

“Good afternoon, Lt. What can I do for you?” He walked over to one of the cars and put the hood up. Looking down at the hood, it felt like it was in a million pieces and there was no way he could contemplate them right now.

“Well, I left a few voice messages on your answering machine about my car. But, I never heard anything back, so I thought I’d come down and check on how things were going.”

Jake’s hand went behind his head scratching the back of it as his mind quickly tried to go over all the possibilities why it would take him so long to fix her car. Chance and Jake had made a good name for themselves; they didn’t over charge and fixed your car pretty quickly. ‘Why don’t you just say, well, Felina, I’ve been looking for Chance as, you know, T-Bone thus putting real life on a hold, forgive me.’

“Well, the reason I haven’t gotten to your car is Chance had a family emergency and had to go out of town, leaving me with a bunch of cars. So, kind of left me with all these cars to try and fix all by myself.” Jake looked at her to see if she was buying it, but Felina had the cold expressionless stare going on that it was hard to guess at anytime what she was thinking.

“What I can do for you is call another one of the mechanics in town get that set up for you because you shouldn’t have to wait.” Again, he watched for something, any type of clue, but the only thing he caught was a twitch of her tail and a shift in her stance.

She then shook her head. “No that’s okay I’ll check back in a few days…. I understand how it can feel to be overwhelmed.”

Just as quickly as she showed, Lt. Felina Feral left, leaving Jake Clawson to stand there and wonder if he should be worried or just go about his day. Felina was somebody you had to watch out; she was a very clever shekat and just enough clues Jake feared and she would figure him and Chance out.
Felina Feral was walking towards the squad car looking over at her own car that was still sitting there, waiting like the rest of the vehicles to be worked on. She took one more glance back at the G\garage before climbing in and closing the door. She then threw it into drive, and the dust kicked up as she left the Salvage Yard.

A small suspicion had begun to grow in her mind, and Jake had somewhat confirmed it. When she had talked to Chance in the tow truck those few weeks ago, she brought his and Jake’s folders up. In it, Jake Clawson had the usual upbringing, good income family, but Chance on the other hand was a completely different story. His father, who was an Enforcer, was killed in the line of duty, and his mother seemed to be the average bar fly. So, for Chance, Jake was his family and the question was, if Chance really didn’t have a family, why would he be having a family emergency?

Her mind just kept rolling over the fact that maybe it really was an emergency and she was just over thinking it, but then the other part of her was saying she wasn’t. She really felt she had something, but this was something she wasn’t going to share to anyone whatever she found out.


(Unknown Location)

Dark Kat sat at his desk that seemed to take over the room, with one of his creeplings grunting and making sounds to try and get its master’s attention. But, his focus was on something else in front of him. It was on his sworn enemy, one of the two he devoted his every being of destroying standing before him as one of his allies. He never thought for a moment for when he set his plan in motion he’d end up with an injured Swat Kat who couldn’t remember who they were. No way was he going to pass this opportunity up; it just wouldn’t be him if he did.

It was a win, win situation in Dark Kat’s eyes. He could use T-Bone to lure the other one, Razor, and have them both be destroyed or milk it for all it was worth and ruin T-Bone’s reputation. The looks on people’s faces… he would love to be there for each and every one of them, but alas he couldn’t be.

“You know your mission; get it done.”

T-Bone didn’t say a word just walked out, leaving Dark Kat to watch his back as he disappeared into the shadows.


Mayor Manx, the greatest kat of them all, the one that stood between enemies from taking over Megakat City the one that kept everybody motivated was… who are we kidding? He was fast asleep. This wasn’t something new to the office, especially Miss Briggs. Around mid afternoon, the Mayor would slip into a nap after having his lunch. Then, he would awaken to realize he needed to go golf before the sun went down, leaving Callie to do everything.

Most of the kats around always asked Callie why she let Mayor Manx get away with it, because she could report him and take his place. When they would inquire, she would simply smile and shrug her shoulders. Not giving them any type of answer, but secretly she knew why. She felt very sure that when the Mayor would finally retire she would take his place, and all the paper he pushed onto her was getting her ready for the much larger job, taking care of the city and who was to say she didn’t already. But, that was something she kept very secret to herself.

Holding a large stack of papers that she needed Mayor Manx to sign, she was just putting her hand on the door when a large crash emerged from his office. She halted and almost lost the stack of papers in the process as she waited and listened. Years of experience told her to wait, that it could be some kind of hostage take over, and it wouldn’t do her or Mayor Manx any good if she came barging in there and became a hostage herself as well.

She dropped the papers when something heavy hit the door to the office and that was enough for her to turn around and begin running down the hallway. She had to get help and get it fast. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard Manx’s door open up and loud footsteps could be heard thundering after her. Pushing her legs even harder, she threw the door open to her office hard enough to make it hit the wall and slam shut again. She grabbed her purse and hit the pager to contact the only kat that could save her tail.

The door was thrown open, and she spun around to face her assailant but found out it was the last person she expected. Her eyes grew wide and her hand went to her mouth as she saw the big burly pilot of the Swat Kats standing in front of her. But, the clothes he was wearing, they were all wrong. He didn’t look like the warm-hearted tomkat she had grown to trust and rely on in dire situations. T-Bone looked like one of the criminals locked up in Alkatraz for doing a felony.

He didn’t say a word as he walked up to her and just glared down at her, making the hair on her back of her neck stand up on end. She looked into his eyes, and Callie only saw hate in his glare. She jerked when he grabbed for her and then threw her over his shoulders. She then began squirming and kicking, trying to get him to let go, but she knew it wasn’t doing any damage. As he carried her out of her office, she threw her communicator into one of the plants, hoping Razor would come soon.


It didn’t take Razor very long to get to City Hall. He had been out flying the Turbokat and testing her to see how she was handling. It almost pained him to be sitting in the cockpit; it just didn’t feel right to be in the front of the Turbokat; this wasn’t his seat. Not only did he not feel comfortable but also Razor was not the pilot, T-Bone was, sure Razor could do the basic stuff if needed to, but it just seemed that Turbokat responded better to the burly pilot. Razor knew the machine in and out, but T-Bone seemed almost connected to the jet, knowing if she was going to pull through or not.

His thoughts were interrupted as he did the final checks before landing on one of the larger buildings next to City Hall. He jumped out of the cockpit and used the grappling hook to get across the gap between the skyscrapers. Razor quickly made his way through the offices, not really coming across anybody. Then it occurred to him it was near 5 o’clock and people would be leaving to get home and start dinner. Looking at his glovatrix, he followed the beacon that led him to where Callie could be. But, as he bust in ready to kick some tail, he found there was nobody in there. He did find the communicator in the plants, which he did find a bit peculiar. Deciding he better check Mayor Manx’s office, he quickly ran there to find papers were scattered in front of his door, and it was now or never; he entered.

There in front of him was Mayor Manx and Callie Briggs tied up facing the door. Manx was shivering and he did look like he got knocked around a few, Callie was shaking her head, yelling into her gag. He looked around but saw nobody, and, knowing it was a trap, he didn’t have much choice, so he ran up to Callie first and undid the tape on her mouth.


Not even hesitating, he rolled to his left and came up in a stance ready to take on anything that came at him. But, his fists soon dropped when he saw his partner standing in front of him.


This couldn’t be possible; this was another nightmare he was having, Razor decided. Any second he was going to wake up once again screaming on his couch and that would be that. But, this wasn’t a dream; T-Bone was standing in front of him, but this wasn’t his partner. His partner was a fun loving kat who had a brassy personality, but this being in front of him looked like one of the Dark Swat Kats they had encountered earlier that year. In fact, Razor looking T-Bone up and down he had the same uniform with the green skull logo.

“What happened to you?”

T-Bone just began walking up slowly and right at the last moment grabbed Razor by the shirt collar and pulled him in close. Razor could feel T-Bone’s hot sticky breath in his face as he spoke.

“All you need to know is, you have a new enemy.”

Razor then saw movement out of the corner of his eye. T-Bone had brought back his fist to hit him and natural instincts kicked in for the smaller brown kat. Without missing a beat, Razor reversed his stance and threw the tabby over him, making T-Bone land hard on the ground. Razor turned around as his partner got up from the floor and glared at him, looking more pissed, if that was possible.

“This isn’t over.”

With a flick of his hand, T-Bone threw something on the ground, and a blast of smoke and light hit the Mayor, Callie, and Razor. Razor could barely see for a second from the blast of the light, and as his vision did begin to clear, all he saw was the smoke from whatever T-Bone had set off. He walked over to the windows and opened them up, the smoke quickly leaving the room. Razor then undid Callie and then the Mayor, who was making pitiful sounds as though somebody had stolen his pacifier and wasn’t giving it back. He saw the window that obviously T-Bone had come through, and he then walked over to it and looked down.

Callie was making sure the Mayor truly was all right. She then got up and came up to Razor, looking out the window. T-Bone being their enemy; this was a mean trick by the fates, to take the tabby away then return him but not as himself.

“What’s going to happen?”

Razor just shook his head. “I don’t know, Callie. I don’t know.”


Sorry it took me again so long, and hopefully the next one will come much sooner ? Till next time PEACE!

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