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By Cosmic Castaway

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(Unfinished) Your memories are your most cherished thing you can own. But, what if you lost them? When this happens to one of the Swat Kats, whom will they trust and who will become their enemy?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Blurry
By: Cosmic Castaway
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild language.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Author Note:Hope you like this chapter. I found the ending a lot of fun to write! Big thanks go out to Quick Shot. Thanks chicka for listening to me and reading over my story! Greatly appreciate it. Also ? Hotaru thanks for sitting and listening to me complain about this story!!

So, without further delay, I give you my latest chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 3

A Day That Turned Into a Nightmare

The sounds of the engine of the Turbokat dying were still echoing off the hanger walls as Razor and T-Bone climbed out. Not much was being said between the two as they both made there way towards their lockers. Beginning to undress slowly, they changed back into their civvies.

Neither one had a lot to say because both of their minds were on the same question. How can a jet disappear so suddenly and quickly without any trace of it? The vapor trail that was usually left over by a jetfighter burning so much fuel wasn’t even there. It just didn’t make any sense for a jet to be able to do that.

To both of them this question plagued their minds, and would until they meet up with this guy again and found out whom he worked for and how was he able to do that with his jet. What also bugged both of them was, neither could get rid of the distinct feeling that something bad was going to happen, and it had to do with this jet.

Taking the last bit of their gear off, T-Bone, now Chance again, began walking towards the ladder. Noticing Jake wasn’t following, he then turned and saw him climbing back into the Turbokat. One thing about Jake, if something bothered him or he felt that it was something he could fix, he would be at it until he collapsed with exhaustion.

Chance remembered one time Jake described to him was that when he would work on things, it would clear his mind, to see a better picture. It was clear to Chance, for he would have to be a fool not to see it, that Jake figured something was wrong with the radar and was going to try and fix it and hopefully figure out how a jet can disappear in thin air.

Jake was now sitting in his seat and was going over the sequences from just an hour ago. Even from where Chance was standing, he could see Jake was now talking to himself as he looked down at his control panel.

“Want something to eat?” The only answer was a mix between a no and just don’t understand it. Chance sighed and turned back around, figuring that it was the best thing to do was just to leave Jake to it. He knew that was the best he was going to get out of his buddy and just decided to leave it at that.

Jake wasn’t trying to be rude, and deep down he knew his friend understood when he got into one of these funks; there was no stopping him. Playing over again in his mind what happened, when he lost track of the guy.

He knew he had the unknown pilot on radar when he had begun his climb. Then when they responded by following pursuit they still had him, but the second they broke the cloud cover he was gone. ‘Maybe he used the clouds to hide there, and rode through them.’ But even if that was the truth, it still didn’t explain the radar. That should have still kept track of him.

Slowly, Jake began to take his panel apart, first checking for any loose wiring or maybe even some wires that had gone bad. Just anything that would help him understand what was going on with the system. Without that they were just asking to be shot down, it was like having a blindfold up there.

Taking his thumb and middle finger and rubbing his eyes slowly, as he could feel a headache coming on very gradually. It was on the tip of his tongue; thoughts lucid and refusing to come together as to what could have caused something like this to happen. ‘It just had to be a malfunction, just has to be.’


Chance re-opened up the garage, taking the sign off the door that they were closed. It was the best thing they could do, to insure nobody began snooping around their garage and find things that didn’t need to be found. That had always been a personal fear to the both of them, to be discovered like the Metallikats had done. They had really lucked out in that situation, and they didn’t want a repeat. You’re lucky only so many times before that luck runs out and the game is up.

Looking down at the engine that Jake had been working on all morning he had just put his hands into it when he heard a soft “Hello?” He peeked his head around, because the engine was up and he couldn’t see who the speaker was to the voice. When he saw who it was, he immediately brought his head back in and gulped. Felina Feral was in their shop. ‘What does she want, could she…?” Chance immediately stopped this ridicules thinking; she probably has some car problems.

Shutting the engine and then wiping his hands, he then put a smile on his face and announced himself. “Hi there.”

Immediate recognition formed in her eyes as she pointed her finger. “Hey, you’re the one from the Market earlier this morning.”

Nodding his head, “I didn’t know stalking was allowed Lt.”

Felina half smiled, “It would seem that way, but my car has been making some noises it probably shouldn’t, and I heard you two are the best in the city.”

“Well then, why don’t we go take a look.”

Walking side by side, they walked outside to where her nice sports car was sitting in the sun, just glistening in it. Letting out a whistle, Chance always dreamed about owning a car like this but never had the money to get one. It didn’t really surprise him that the driver was Felina either; she was just that type of shekat. She opened up the hood and Chance saw the engine power that was lying underneath the car.

“You sure this thing doesn’t fly?” Giving out a soft joke as he began glancing over it, trying to find the problem.

“It should with as much gas I put into it.”

Moving his body from one side of the engine, then to the other, he then moved in and stuck his paw in and felt what was causing the problem with the car. “I think I found your problem, but…. I think I need Jake on this, hold on one second.”

Felina watched as Chance turned around and walked away. As he disappeared, she glanced up at the sign and stared at the names. Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson. Why did he look familiar, why did those names ring a bell? She couldn’t place her thoughts on it, and it was frustrating her. She felt like she knew Chance, like she had talked to him before and it was going to bug her until she figured it out.

It wasn’t too long before Jake showed up with Chance behind him as Jake nodded his head towards her. He was much more quieter then Chance, not really talkative and she got the distinct feeling he was just a hair shy.

Jake was shaking his head he looked at Felina, then shut the hood. “I’m going to be honest; it doesn’t look good but I’m sure we can fix it up for a very good deal.”

Felina let out a sigh, aggravated that her car had to do this. It just picked the perfect time, knowing that she just spent a bunch of money on her new apartment. She finally had found a decent high-rise that she really liked and just put a down payment on it, when the very next day her car started to do this. Not much she could do about it now; she needed her car. Nodding her head.

“How long do you think it’s going to take?”

Chance looked over at Jake as he estimated the time and hours it would take to get the car done, all in his head. “I would guess a few days.”

‘Great,’ she thought. She would probably have to talk to her Uncle and sweet talk him into taking her to work for the next few days. Not to mention come and get her from the Salvage Yard to take her back home. Chance must have read her mind for then he stepped up.

“I’ll give you a ride home; it’s not much, but it’s wheels.” He flashed her a grin that reminded her a lot of T-Bone. ‘Funny,’ she thought, ‘wonder what made me think of him.’ Following Chance, she got into the passenger side and him in the driver’s side. Starting up the truck, he pulled out only to be stopped by Jake.

“If he says anything about a short cut, best to just jump out.”

“Thanks for the warning; I’ll be sure to tuck and roll!” Felina smiled as she saw Chance’s face was set which only made her smile turn into a much bigger grin.

“Aren’t you the comedians,” Chance responded back as he then rolled up the window as Jake watched until there was nothing until a dust trail. ‘It’s a match made in heaven.’

Jake glanced back at the Garage and noticed how they had begun to get behind on their cars. Felina was now another one to add to the list of their growing numbers. Didn’t help at all that the Turbokat had Jake worried, because to him that was a major priority that had to be worked on. But, they also couldn’t get behind on their cars, or they would have a lot of unhappy Kats on their hands.

‘I’ll work some on the cars, then back to the hanger I go.’


Not much was being said between the two occupants of the tow truck. Felina would occasionally say which way to turn and Chance would do so by turning the wheel. Chance wanted to say something but he couldn’t figure out the best thing to bring up. Usually he was so talkative but then again, this was Felina Feral. How do you start that conversation, ‘Hey I hate your Uncle?’ He could see that wouldn’t go over very well.

Felina was doing the same thing only she was trying to figure out where she had heard Chance and Jake’s names. The entire time it had bugged her, and even a few times she would sneak a few glances. Then it hit her like a bolt of lightening.

“I know who you are.”

Chance’s stop was a little harder then he intended as he glanced over.

“You’re the two that crashed into the new Enforcer’s building a few years back, aren’t you?”

Turning his head again, he saw the light was green and he put his foot on the gas, once again not meaning to take off as hard, as it jerked them back into their seats. The subject had never been one he liked to talk about, only because it would tick him off as though it just happened that day.

“That would be us.” Although Chance wanted to say a smartass remark about her Uncle sending them into the spin, he didn’t. At times, Chance wasn’t sure who he hated more, Feral or Dark Kat. Feral had ruined both Jake and his life all because he couldn’t admit to what he did wrong. Couldn’t stand up and take the blame when they were the best they had on that entire squad.

“This is it.” Felina pointed and Chance came to a stop in front of the apartment building. As she got out of the car, she turned back around before closing the door. “For what it’s worth,… I never believed what my Uncle said about you two. You two were the best of us all…. thanks again for the ride.” Felina shut the door and made her way to the stairs, climbed them quickly then opened the door and went inside.

All the while Chance sitting there watching her flabbergasted. Shaking his head to try and clear his thoughts, he then put the car into drive to make his way back to the Salvage Yard. The whole time, he was in a daze as to what Felina Feral had just said to him.

(Few Hours Later)

Dinnertime came quick for the two boys in the Salvage Yard. But, neither knew this for Jake was bent over the engine screwing something in place as Chance was underneath. After Chance had gotten home from taking Felina back to her apartment, they had started working on the cars and hadn’t stopped when all of a sudden the emergency band went off. It wasn’t the best timing, but there was nothing they could do with Callie calling them.

Jake hit the button to close the Garage, as Chance was still pulling himself out from underneath the car. They made it down to the hanger in break neck speed, Jake answering the comm.

Callie didn’t take long to explain how she had spotted Dark Kat’s ship fly by and then lost sight of it. She knew it was better for the Swat Kats to figure out what he was up to and fast before he surprised them all.

“We’re on it Miss Briggs,” Jake said then turned off the link. Nothing had to be spoken between the two as they ran to their separate lockers and donned on their uniforms.

It wasn’t long before the two were up in the sky again, now looking for any trace of Dark Kat or his ship. Beginning to wonder on their luck, Razor found something on the radar. ‘Here I thought it was broken,’ he thought. The radar was showing a fast moving object, which could only either mean it was one of the Enforcer jets or Dark Kat. Hoping that it was the second one, they didn’t waste any time going after it.

T-Bone put on the VTOL engines to stop the jet as they found what they were looking for, Dark Kat’s ship. It was sitting outside an abandoned rundown office building. Trying to find a spot to land the jet, Razor came up with an idea to flush Dark Kat out.

“Razor, I don’t like this…. why don’t I just land the jet and we go in together?” T-Bone’s hand was resting on the stick, opening and then re-gripping with his hand. He was nervous, and he couldn’t stop the feeling that was sitting at the pit of his stomach and trying to work its way back up. He began to make the descent downwards to deploy the cyclotron, when really he wanted to be taking the procedures to land the plane, even though there wasn’t a spot for the Turbokat.

“Negative T-Bone, if Dark Kat gets past me, you need to be here to intercept.”

“Roger that, just be safe.”

With that, Razor was ejected from the Turbokat landing on the street with the cyclotron with much ease as he sped past cars and slowly came to a stop in front of the building. He glanced up, hearing the engines of the Turbokat, then he saw the black jet fly by as he still could hear her but no longer see her. Then his eyes moved back to the building; his eyes became slits as he made his way into the building.

It was a slow process for Razor for he would stop, listen, then continue on. He didn’t want to be taken by surprise, so he was moving very slowly. Once again checking the tracker for any life forms in the building, he saw that it was up on the very top floor. ‘Great, if I had known this, I would have just had T-Bone land me on the roof.’

Finding the stairs quickly, he moved up them with grace, and didn’t even lose his breath as he made his way to the top. It was part of T-Bone and his work out plan, to keep in top physical condition, so without a moment’s notice they could push their bodies further then most Kats could.

Keeping to the side of the wall, he stopped at the very last door in the hallway. It was this one that had Dark Kat’s signature and he was listening for any kind of movement. Figuring it was now or never, he busted through the door, rolled to the side to avoid any laser shots dished his way and brought his gloveatrix to return fire. Only there was nobody there to fire at.

Razor quickly turned to glance behind him, half expecting to see Dark Kat standing there, but the hallway was empty just like the room was. ‘What is going on?’

Moving in, he began to scan the area of the tiny space, to just find only a lonely TV sitting on a counter. Tail twitching in a nervous act, he again glanced around the room hoping to find some clue, for the more he stood there the bad feeling began to creep through his body.

“Greeting Swat Kat.”

“Dark Kat!” Razor spoke his name with hatred in his voice. He began to start to wonder if this place was rigged to blow, for there had to be an explanation for all this.

“I love how predictable you both are; one stays, the other one flies around the building,” Dark Kat said with an almost too playful voice.

The hair on Razor’s neck stood up on end, sending a chill down his spine as Dark Kat said this to him. Something was very wrong. All his life he was told to never doubt his first instinct. Always taught to heed its warnings for it kept you alive. Without thinking much of it he activated his comm. He called to his partner.

“T-Bone come in.”

Silence, the radio crackling. He called again glaring at Dark Kat’s smiling face, who seemed to be grinning even bigger with every passing second. Trying for a third time with still no answer, he debated if he should just go and not wait around.

“If you tried to contact your partner, you won’t be able to. I have made sure no signal can come in or out without my permission.”

“What is the point of all this?” Snapping at him, his voice growling in the process as he balled up his fists.

The smile that Dark Kat had held since he first appeared on the television broke, and he began to laugh. But, the thing that unnerved Razor a great deal was the fact it was the type of chuckle that ‘you been had,’ not you said something funny. To Razor, it was nails on a chalkboard.

“My dear boy, this is the point.”

The image switched off of Dark Kat and it was pointed to the sky. Razor watched for whatever he was supposed to be seeing, then he heard the engines of the Turbokat on the speakers, and then saw her fly by. He could clearly see T-Bone in the cockpit as he flew by, but the camera continued to keep its angle watching something that wasn’t there.

“It can’t be,” Razor saying out loud as something had caught his eye. He watched as the jet that had disappeared earlier that day just reappeared out of mid air, behind the Turbokat. He knew T-Bone was completely oblivious to the jet behind him for he hadn’t even begun taking any evasive maneuvers to try avoid a missile lock. He was utterly vulnerable, and it was a complete set up. They had both fallen for it, line and sinker.

Razor began backing up slowly then spun around quickly to run back the way he had come. Dark Kat began to chuckle then slowly it turned into a deep howl as Razor tried to get out of the building to tell T-Bone in time. He never even heard the laugh coming from Dark Kat for his own heart was in his ears as he ran the fastest he had ever run in his life.

As he burst through the door, he screamed his partner’s name and automatically having his eyes go up to the sky looking for him. He didn’t even hear the engines anymore like he had previously before going inside. That scared him deeply, for you could hear them for miles away and the fact that he could no longer catch a sound from them made Razor almost want to go into a full fledged panic. He also noticed that Dark Kat’s ship was now long gone.

He didn’t waste any time pulling out the tracker device to see if he could get a fix on the Turbokat, and, running to the bike, he got onto it. His heart about jumped into his throat when he saw that it wasn’t moving. When the tracker displays this, it either means two things. One, T-Bone had landed the plane and got out, or two, the jet had crashed.

Revving the cyclotron, and taking his foot off the ground, he took off with great speed. He hoped that T-Bone for some unknown reason just landed the jet. He didn’t want to even think about the second option. Razor sent out a mental prayer that it was the first one and not the second.

‘Please, let him be safe.’

He put his away his tracker and hit the throttle. In the distance, he could see black smoke was getting high up into the sky. He had seen that black smoke before, and his stomach tightened at the sight of it as he got closer and closer.

Razor stopped a few feet from the jet, scared what he would find in it. Slowly, looking at the back end where most of the black smoke was coming from, he caught glimpses of it and could tell it had been completely destroyed. T-Bone had tried to land it with a dead stick, trying to use the wings as glides, but the problem with that was the gravity picked up by the jet. There was no telling how fast T-Bone had been going when he had been struck, so when he tried to land, it must have been a hard landing for the landing gear had completely collapsed, leaving the jet to lay on its belly.

Just by the position of the plane he knew that T-Bone hadn’t ejected from the plane, for if he had, the Turbokat would be in more pieces then it already was. With nobody to control it, she would have landed nose down, and would have started to flip and turn until it finally lost its momentum and stop. It was very obvious to the fact a skilled pilot had tried to land half a plane without taking anybody out in the process.

No he knew his buddy; he’d go down with that plane if he had to, make sure the jet didn’t slam into any of the buildings, that’s just what Pilots do. It’s the same thing when a Capitan will stay with his ship, to insure everybody gets off safe and to the fact he loves his ship. A pilot will do the same thing; they love their jet.

That’s why Razor found himself hesitating. But then the thought of T-Bone being seriously injured and needing medical attention and him wasting time to ponder this made Razor jump into action. Being careful as he climbed up onto the broken jet’s wing, he got his first glimpse into the cockpit. His eyes went wide.

Instead of finding a bloody T-Bone hanging onto his life, he found an empty seat. He began scanning around, trying to see if T-Bone had somehow gotten out in a state of shock and was wandering around. But, he saw no such thing. Jumping down from the jet, Razor was completely baffled.

“T-Bone…. where are you?”


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