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By Cosmic Castaway

  • 8 Chapters
  • 26,883 Words

(Unfinished) Your memories are your most cherished thing you can own. But, what if you lost them? When this happens to one of the Swat Kats, whom will they trust and who will become their enemy?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Blurry
By: Cosmic Castaway
Rating: T
Warnings: None yet.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Author Note: All I have to say is, thanks goes out to Quick Shot. Once again she helped me, by reading it over and letting me vent, so thanks!!! Enjoy 😉

Chapter 2

Wrong Side of the Bed

7:59 read on the tiny alarm clock next to the sleeping form. As it slowly switched to 8:00 a.m. it began to buzz a very annoying sound as it tried to wake up the occupant in the bed. It would continue its job until somebody reached over and turned it off. It had been going off for a few minutes, for the one sleeping in the bed was dead tired and didn’t have any intention of getting up any time soon. But slowly, a tiger striped arm reached out from the blankets and with a fist, brought it down hard. That had caused some pain to slowly rip through his arm, but it was worth it because it stopped the annoying sound coming from the alarm clock.

Jake heard a loud sound come from Chance’s room and just shook his head and continued to read the paper. It was plainly obvious that the poor defenseless clock had dared to disturbed the tabby’s sleep and had met his wrath. It wasn’t something new or uncommon when you knew Chance Furlong. Jake couldn’t even count how many clocks they had to replace because of Chance’s non-morning personality. Best thing to do was to wait it out; you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever he decided to dish out.

Getting up and sticking his head into the fridge he grabbed the last can of milk and opened it up. Gulping it down, he heard a loud curse word come from Chance’s room and then the door flung open. He turned and looked and saw Chance standing there as though he was contemplating something. Then, without a word, he went into the bathroom and slammed the door.

It was a routine that Jake was very much used to; Chance wouldn’t say a word, just only give a look as though ‘I shall kill you if utter one thing.’ Then he would go into the bathroom get refreshed and come out, as a whole new kat. The water always seemed to wake him up completely and get him ready for the day.

As Chance was taking a shower, Jake walked out and opened the garage getting it ready just in case their service was needed by anybody. He started to work on one of the engines that had been a mess when it was brought in. It seemed what could be wrong with the vehicle, was, and it was going to take a lot of effort to get it up and running.

Chance walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked to the fridge, hearing Jake was already working on the cars for the day as soft music was slowly dripping into the small house. Already Chance was not looking forward to working on the cars so he opened the door to the refrigerator a little more forcefully then he intended as the contents on the door slid to the side.

“Oh great,” he said out loud, noticing there was nothing to drink in the house. Shutting the door hard, causing all the food that was previously on the end of the door to go flying back. Walking back to his room, he got dressed quickly and walked out to the garage.

Jake had his entire body submerged into the vehicle that he was working on, when he heard Chance’s footsteps. Coming out and grabbing a cloth that was sitting on part of the engine, he rubbed his dirty paws and threw it over to the pile of other dirty rags.

“Hey Bud, sleep well?”

“Like always, hey I’ll be back in a few. I’m going to go and get some groceries.”

Fishing out the keys to the tow truck, Jake threw them to Chance who caught them in the air and turned and walked away. Looking back at the vehicle Jake then sighed and dug back in.

(Roger’s Market)

Chance walked quickly through the grocery store, not wanting to take his time like he would with other things. If there was one thing he hated it was being in this place. The all too much cheerful music, the employees who were always ticked off because they worked a cruddy job so therefore it was the customer’s fault.

Not even paying attention to his surroundings, Chance turned around and walked right into somebody. Being a bigger build, he sent the much more tinier figure to the ground. Glancing down, he immediately began apologizing and helped the shekat back up on her feet. When she flipped her hair out of her eyes, he was pretty shocked to find out who exactly he had literally ran over.

“Felina Feral?”

She studied him for a second, which unnerved Chance. He didn’t like it, it always plagued his mind that somebody would finally put it together and notice the similarities between himself and T-Bone. But, instead, her features lightened and a puzzled look crossed her face.

“Do I know you?”

Panicking, he thought for a second, trying to figure out how he would know her. ‘Smooth move.’ He hadn’t really meant to say her name; it just had been so natural.

“How don’t I? I see you all the time on Katseye News… I have to say, you sure know how to kick some tail Lt.”

Felina smirked. The macho side of her loved to hear that, especially coming from a tomkat. When you’re a shekat in the Enforcers it’s a lot harder to gain respect from the opposite sex. They don’t think you’re going to be as strong, or be able to hold your own in a fight. To hear something like that always boosted her ego.

“Well thank you, I appreciate that.”

“No problem, nice to meet you finally.” He then winked at her and he then grabbed his cart and left. Felina watching him as he went then turned back around. A soft smile still remained on her lips. As she strolled down the aisle, Felina couldn’t help but think that she somehow knew him. She didn’t think much on it and continued her grocery shopping.


Chance pulled into the entrance to the Salvage Yard, dust flying up from behind as the tires picked up the dirt and tossed it. The radio was blasting as Chance was singing along with it. “Bbbbaadd…bad to the bone.” He only glanced down a second to turn the radio off. When he looked up, he saw Burke and Murray’s truck was coming head to head with his. Right at the last second he swerved out of the way, and hit the brakes and did a slide. He quickly got out of the tow truck as he heard Burke yelling out the window, “Sucker.”

Grabbing a piece of metal that had been dropped, he then flung it hard, letting out a yell that went with it. It clanged to the ground and rolled over a few times, the truck being long gone. The only evidence now left was all the dust particles that came up from both of their vehicles and the scrap of metal they had dropped for them.

“I take it you had a run in with our two favorite delivery boys,” Jake said as he walked out. He had heard all the commotion from outside and came to check to make sure Chance hadn’t finally given into his temper and finally killed Burke and Murray.

Chance turned around, and Jake could tell he still wasn’t in a good mood. It seemed this was just going to be a bad day for his friend. But Chance’s features softened as he shrugged. Forgetting about the tow truck and leaving it where he had stopped, he began walking towards the garage with Jake. “Guess who else I ran into?”

Jake looked over at his buddy, not giving an answer and just waiting for Chance just to tell him instead of him play the guessing game. “Who?”

“Felina Feral.”

“How did that go?”

Walking into the living room, Chance sinking down into the couch as Jake stood with his hands on his hips. Grabbing the remote, “It went fine, considering she has no idea who I am, and she couldn’t figure out how I knew her.”

Watching his buddy, Jake had caught a slight pain in his eyes that was quickly hidden within a few seconds. Jake knew what that was, and even though Chance wouldn’t ever admit to it, his ego had been some what bruised by that encounter. When you’re as good as a pilot as him, you expect everybody to know who you are and how great you are. But, because of their dismissal out of the Enforcers, the only thing Chance would be known for was wrecking the new Enforcer building with him. T-Bone was the one known for the best dog fighting skills in an aerial battle and Jake knew, sometimes, the big tabby wanted Chance Furlong to be known, and not his alter ego T-Bone.

Jake coming out of his thoughts he turned a glance at the TV as Chance had turned on Scaredy Kat. “So, what did you say?” Waiting for an answer, all he got was laughter as Chance’s attention was on the TV at the moment. He was clutching his stomach and pointing at the TV like he always did while kicking his feet. Jake swore sometimes he acted like a little kitten when watching that show.

“Sorry,” Chance still letting out a chuckle, “I told her I saw her on Katseyes News.”

Jake decided to leave it at that; his buddy had woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and his encounter with Burke and Murray had not helped. So Jake walked out of the room and out to the truck, grabbing the groceries that had been left there and brought them back inside to put away.

“Awww come on,” Chance’s voice could be heard loud and clear, as Ann Gora interrupted the broadcasting. She was at the scene of a crime, where it was taking place live in front of them. She was actually staying out of harm’s way for once, but still had Johnny focus on the destruction being done.

The two friends never even gave her a chance to explain what was going on; the scene was enough to tell the tale. Not taking any time to open up the secret door that led to their hanger that was below the very foundation of the salvage yard. Jake slid down the ladder as Chance reached up and grabbed the door and swinging to bring it down and shut it. He too slid down the ladder as Jake was zipping up the uniform.

Jumping into the jet together, T-Bone beginning the warm up sequences and going over a quick checklist as they descended down on the lift. Pulling back the throttle when he saw the green light, the force of the engines put them back in their seats as the Turbokat screamed down the tunnel and out into the skies of MegaKat City.


“Are we fashionably late?”

Felina looked around for the slick jet that went along with the voice that had come over the radio. It wasn’t more then two seconds after T-Bone’s announcement of their arrival came over the wire that the Turbokat didn’t fly by her window doing a few barrel rolls and then evening out to come back around.

“Hey guys, I think you just made it in time,” Felina responded back with a smile on her face. Unlike some Enforcers, namely her Uncle, she appreciated for what they did and what they stood for as well. They may cause damage from time to time, but they got the job done and that’s what truly mattered in her opinion. It was saving lives, and if anything that was the most important part of the job.

“Felina, quit yapping with those vigilantes and give me backup.”

‘Right on time Uncle,’ she thought as her lips came tight as she tried to keep her tongue in check.

“Roger that.”

“Whoa, Feral you’re sounding a little grumpy this morning… you sure you’re not related to T-Bone?” Razor smirked as he caught T-Bone’s full on glare when he turned around.

“Very cute Razor.”

“T-Bone related to my uncle, now that’s a very scary picture.” Felina couldn’t help herself and commenting over the radio. She put the radio down putting her hands back on the control stick; she saw her Uncle’s chopper fly by and caught his disapproving glance. She shrugged her shoulders.

An explosion happened on the right, for then all she saw was a red beam come towards her. Dodging it at the last possible second, she watched as one of the helicopters that hadn’t been so lucky flying beside her go down with smoke pouring out of its engine. Over the walkie the pilots were screaming as they were trying to get back control before it smashed into one of the buildings that they had been flying over.

A grappling hook grabbed the out of control chopper and safely put it on top of the building. The pilots got out and waved at the Swat Kats who had saved them from a most certain death and watched as the hook swung back up into the jet.

“Nice save Razor.”

“Thank you Felina.” Razor looked down at the pilots that he had just saved and gave them a thumbs up.

T-Bone began to climb in hover mode to make sure he cleared the buildings. Then the VTOL engine slide back as the wings came in and tucked into the body of the jet; he then hit the burners.

“Enough chit chat, let’s finish this guy off.” T-Bone didn’t take long to find the guy who was responsible for taking out the Enforcer choppers. The jet took off climbing into the sky and disappearing into the cloudbank; the Turbokat followed closely behind.

But, as they broke through and got a clear sky, the jet they had been pursuing was gone, as though it never existed.

“What the?” T-Bone was completely confused as to what could have made a plane disappear so quickly when he had just seen it only a few seconds ago. “Razor you getting anything on radar?”

“Negative, it’s like that Ghost Pilot; I’m not getting anything.”

T-Bone shook his head as he then banked the Turbokat sideways, coming down into a lower altitude. They looked around to make sure that he hadn’t somehow slipped past them by doing a nosedive after breaching the cloudbank. But, the only thing that was left was some of the destruction left behind and the Enforcer choppers flying by.

“Where is he guys?” Felina questioned them, surprised not to see them have a hold of the jet, or something to give her the impression that they had caught the guy.

“We don’t know, he just…vanished.”

“That’s impossible, jet’s don’t just vanish… if you reckless hotshots hadn’t gotten in the way of Enforcer’s business…. this wouldn’t have happened!” Feral said, yelling at them over the radio.

“Believe it or not Feral, it did.” Feral began to counterattack that comment made by T-Bone, but he just simply turned off the radio. “How about we do a few more fly by’s?”

“Yeah, might as well.” Razor’s voice coming from the back. He was still looking out the cockpit trying to see if he couldn’t find it by eyesight. But, like the radar projected, there was just their jet and the Enforcer’s.

As the Turbokat roared over the city, eyes were watching this entire sequence played out before him. “Excellent, everything is working according to plan.”


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