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There I Go

By Collin Blake

  • 1 Chapter
  • 678 Words

Jake’s reflection and resolution on the one moment in his life where forever ended.

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Author's Notes:

Title: There I Go
Author: Collin Blake
Date: 5.15.02
Rating: PG
Email: ncc_63549@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Hanna Barbara copyrights Swat Kats, and all material relating to The Radical Squadron.

Teaser: Jake’s reflection and resolution on the one moment in his life where forever ended

Author’s Comments: This story was inspired by the Metallica cover of the song “Turn the Page”, on the Garage INC. album (Disk 1). It’s emotional, I know But it is a goal of mine to be a versatile Swat Kat fan fiction writer. So, I hope you like it…

Here I am.

Riding on the lonesome Highway, east of the city I once called home.  Listening to the engine roar leaving it all behind.

All that was All that is All that pushes me away.

The wind rips through my exposed fur, the cool breeze, unfamiliar, yet soothing.

The passing road signs my only company, I can’t help but think. When you’re riding 16 hours, there’s nothing much else to do.

What brought me to this? The memories awaken in my mind, seems as if it’s back when they came to me.

Those things she said

His friendship, stronger than death

We were always outnumbered


Here I am.

“Chance, it’s too much.”

“Just relax, Jake.”


Repelling our attention, the call of duty. Answered before, now, and needed again.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs?”

“We’ve got trouble! Down at MegaKat Bio ”

The words familiar, the job the same. The guardians of peace. The sentinels of MegaKat City. Only this wasn’t a job for money, but for the right thing It was my duty Our duty. It’s what we were here for.

“Be right there, Ms. Briggs.”


“Razor, give `em everything you’ve got.”

“Try this one on for size, Dark Crud!”


Moonlight, now the night’s breath is much warmer than the day’s.

I’m still cold.

Reality’s long arm, lost in this land of shadows. My reality fades away, now my comfort is found in night’s abyss.

Here I am

Alone again.


“We’ve got to eject, T-bone!”

“No way!”

“Yes! This is not up for debate!”

In the blink of an eye

“There he goes!”

“Let’s get him.”

“T-bone, wait up.”

Time leaves no room for thought

“You’re game is up, Dark Crud!”

“Just try an stop me, Swat Kats. You’re too late ”

We attacked .

Revenge ran deep within us all

“What are you doing here, Feral?”

“Get out of the way, Swat Kat!”

“Time to say goodnight, Dark Kat!”

“No, Wait! Don’t shoot!”

“Move, I’m taking Dark Kat personally.”

“Stop! T-bone! Watch Ou ”

And the shot was fired



After that moment, the world went silent. The echoes of the blast, now the only ringing in my ear.

From time to time I had thought about the end, but now it was forever.

Forever lost, unanswered, and broken in to the simple question, the only thing I can manage to say anymore…


Here I am. Strung out on the lonesome Highway.


Remembering what she said

“There was nothing you could do, Jake ”

” ”

“I’m so sorry ”

Her embrace was something to enjoy, on any other day

“Promise me you’ll help me get you through this.”


Here I am, on the road again.

Mask thrown away, life left behind.

Thinking about the girl I knew before

Here I am, heading toward the cliff.

Alone no more, forever’s end.

Remembering what she said, broken promise.

There I go.

Turn the page

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