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By Collin Blake

  • 8 Chapters
  • 14,338 Words

A night of destruction and chaos gives way to thought as one She-Kat might have the answer to the ultimate question…

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Author's Notes:

Title: Query
Author: Collin Blake
Date: 4.8.02 (with editing)
Email: ncc_63549@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Swat Kats, and all things related to The Radical Squadron are copyrighted by Hanna Barbara.
Rating: PG

Teaser: A night of destruction and chaos gives way to thought as one She-Kat might have the answer to the ultimate question…

Author’s Notes: This story was a gift from my good friend James L. King. Originally it was going to be something involving his current series, but it ended up never being used. One day he asked me a certain “Query” and thus this story is the result. Thanks again. Oh, and if you haven’t, I suggest you check out his current series, it is amazing.

Chapter 1


Outside MegaKat City, far away from the sight of anyone, the TurboKat slowly landed by a huge rock formation in the desert. After touchdown, the cargo bay doors opened and Razor emerged, jumping down onto the rocky desert ground. Slowly, his eyes surveyed the landscape, scanning right, then left. With not a soul in sight, he turned back to the jet. “Hey buddy, let’s get moving. We’ve only got a bit of daylight left,” he called out.

“Gimme a sec, Razor, I don’t want to screw this up,” T-bone replied from inside the jet.

Razor walked over to his partner’s voice and peered inside the cargo bay to see T- bone tightening bolts and connecting wires on a large, circular shaped device. “You need a hand?” Razor asked.

T-bone pushed down and tightened a giant center bolt with one turn, “Nope That’s the last one. But, I am going to need your help moving this thing,” he replied.

Razor positioned himself to catch the machine as T-bone slowly handed it down to him. After Razor had a good hold, T-bone jumped down and grabbed the other side just in time before Razor lost control. “What’s a matter, Razor, too heavy? T-bone joked.

“You wanna carry this by yourself?” Razor replied.

T-bone chuckled, “Good point.”

The two slowly made their way to the wall, and T-bone took one paw off the machine and reached in his pocket to pull out a remote control. After aiming the remote and pushing the button, a section of the rock face moved aside to reveal a secret passageway. The two Kats moved inside and T-bone called out loud, “Peppers.” Suddenly, the passageway exploded with light as all the bulbs switched on. T-bone and Razor walked down to an elevator door, and Razor, his back facing the elevator button, kicked his foot back to hit the elevator button located on the wall. The doors opened and both Kats got in with the device growing heavier in their paws by the second. As the elevator went down, T-bone and Razor set the device down.

“I got to hand it to you, Razor, this was a great idea,” T-bone said.

“Which idea?” Razor replied.

“Tunneling out this cavern and making a secondary base.”

“It’s coming along, still a lot of work though. After we install this baby, we have to dig out and connect the tunnel that’ll reach out here. And, with that done, we can move faster in building the secondary research lab and launch station.”

“Then another jet,” T-bone added.

Razor looked at T-bone in disbelief, “That’s won’t be for a *long* time, buddy, let’s just stick to one project at a time I don’t even want to think about building another jet until we finish with all the other stuff we have planned first.”

The elevator doors opened, and both Kats picked up the device once more and walked into a large hollowed out room, its walls formed of metal and rock. They moved over the left most corner and set the device down. Razor bent down and connected the four large cables on the ground to the device’s output ports. Then he reached over and flicked the red switch forward. It glowed as the device’s systems started up. Razor stood up. “Alright, that should do it.” He walked over to the giant video screen and turned it on. After the blue screen came up, he leaned in and changed the channel of the screen to show ‘energy output’ levels. As soon as he did, a huge bar graph appeared with all bars registering power levels steady at 100%. “This should last us a long time T-bone,” Razor called out while he looked at the giant screen.

“Hey, Razor, do you think we could make room down here for an entertainment center?” T-bone asked.

Razor turned around to see T-bone looking at everything in the room except him, “What? Were you just listening to me?”

T-bone chuckled at Razor, “Yeah, I saw. How long is that thing going to last again?”

“Should last about 20 years,” Razor answered.

“Radical. I have to bring ‘SpaceKat Commandos’ down here,” T-bone said with a smile on his face.

Razor looked down at his wrist as he pulled back his long sleeve to reveal his watch. “It’s 5:30, we better be heading out.”

“Why?” T-bone asked.

“I’ve got a date with Callie in an hour,” Razor said as started to move back to the elevator door.

“Is this number 3?” T-bone asked, and Razor nodded. T-bone looked around once more then followed Razor into the elevator.

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