Original SWAT Kats Story

Interchangeable Kats

By Collin Blake

  • 4 Chapters
  • 6,837 Words

Well, with the city in danger, the Swat Kats are there, but this time Dark Kat’s got something new… As does Razor… And, when they clash, personalities fly… Literally. In response to the Body-Swapping Challenge issued by Cherry Koivula. See also Cherry Koivula’s contribution.

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Chapter 4

(The next morning)

“Wait a minute, you want to go into DarkKat’s secret lair and steal one of those missiles?” asked Jake. “That’s kinda crazy…”

“Yeah, but it’s the only way to find out how to reverse our condition,” replied Chance.

“Alright, I agree… But, there is one problem… Where is DarkKat’s ‘secret lair’? …” asked Jake.

“Well, when examining this missile, I found a very rare metal alloy used in the casing. The metal is called Protinium, and it is known for being the best conducting metal in the world. Now, this metal doesn’t appear often cause it is so rare. And, the only deposit of Protinium on this continent is located in the mountains north of MegaKat City. MegaKat Metallurgical had a mine up there, but it was abandoned due to an excessive amount of electrical hazards… I bet DarkKat is hiding in the mine,” answered Chance.

“Well, I already closed up the garage for today, so let’s go,” Jake said.

They both turned and headed down to the hanger. They walked up to their lockers, and, once again, they had walked to each other’s without thought. This time, they briefly looked at each other then switched positions and changed quickly into their flight gear.

Razor and T-bone then jumped in the TurboKat, but in opposite positions. Razor was the pilot and T-bone the gunner. After they were buckled in, Razor pushed full throttle, and the TurboKat flew out and off to the mountain range.

As they were flying T-bone asked Razor, “Hey, Razor, what happened to DarkKat?”

“Don’t know, on the news he was presumed dead. The enforcers found the remains of his jet, but no body. They think he died in the explosion from your missiles,” answered Razor.

“Well, I guess we’ll see in a few minutes,” replied T-bone.

“Yeah,” Razor said.

When they reached the mountains T-bone scanned around for any signs of a secret base. He soon found a mountain with a hollowed out base and a hidden tunnel leading in from behind the rocks. “The tunnel must need some sort of key to open up,” stated Chance.

“Can we blast through?” asked Razor.

“That’s a negative, Buddy, x-ray shows that door could withstand any kind of assault. I suggest we go from underneath in the newly rebuilt TurboMole,” suggested T-bone.

“Affirmative, settin her down,” replied Razor.

He set the TurboKat down, and the Swat Kats climbed down into the TurboMole. They engaged the engines and dug down underneath DarkKat’s lair. When they seemed to reach the middle of the lair, Razor engaged the drill to dig upward. The broke through the soil and landed in the middle of DarkKat’s runway. Razor and T-bone looked quickly around them for any sign of DarkKat, but the lair was empty. Not even a creepling was to be seen. The Swat Kats got out of the TurboMole and took a look around. Razor walked all over to see what new things DarkKat was coming up with. T-bone immediately searched for and then found some Ghost missiles piled up.

“Hey, buddy, I found them, give me a hand loading one up,” asked T-bone.

Razor walked over and helped T-bone, “You know, with my body, you could carry this by yourself,” he said.

T-bone looked up at him with a funny look.

“Well, looks like I’ll be getting it back pretty soon, so you don’t have to worry about holding on to it for much longer,” added Razor.

They set the missile down in the cargo bay of the TurboMole. While T-bone was securing the missile, Razor got up and looked around again. “I guess this means that there is no more DarkKat. If he isn’t here, then he must have died in that explosion.”

“I guess you’re right…” T-bone said. “No more DarkKat…”

Just then, Razor’s communicator in the TurboMole started to go off. “Callie’s calling.” Razor said as he ran over to answer Ms. Briggs. He flicked on the switch. “Yes, Ms Briggs?”

“Swat Kats, we’ve got trouble, DarkKat is back and he’s right outside City Hall completely annihilating the enforcers who are trying to stop him.”

“DarkKat? I thought we took care of that guy. Don’t worry, Ms. Briggs, we are on our way.”

Razor hung up the phone and called over to T-bone, “Get in. We’ve got trouble over at City Hall.”

T-bone jumped in, and the Swat Kats headed back out to the TurboKat in the TurboMole.

“What’s the problem?” asked T-bone.

“DarkCrud is back, and he’s right on top of Manx and Callie,” answered Razor.

“Oh Crud, I haven’t had time to repair and modify the energy shield,” T-bone said.

“Well, we got to go. You got any ideas how to beat him?” asked Razor.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how long it will take…” answered T-bone.

When they reached the surface, Razor docked up with the TurboMole and hurried up to take off. He took off and headed full throttle back to MegaKat City. T-bone stayed down in the cargo bay examining the missile.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Razor.

“Well, I am looking for the pulse frequency of DarkKat’s missiles. If I can find it, I can use my Dimensional Radar to see the missiles after they are fired. If we can see them, then we can dodge them. It’s the best thing I could come up with,” answered T-bone.

“That’s great, how long?” asked Razor.

“Don’t know… It could take a long time,” answered T-bone.

“Well you have five minutes before we get there,” replied Razor.

“Alright,” answered T-bone.

The next minutes went by as the TurboKat got closer and closer to DarkKat. For Razor, the minutes seemed to take forever as he kept waiting for T-bone to say, “I got it.” And, for T-bone the minutes went by with a breath. He worked as quick as he could, but the time was racing past him.

With one minute left T-bone suddenly shouted out, “I got it!”

“Great, get up here!” called Razor.

T-bone rushed up to his seat and began to reprogram the Dimensional Radar.

The TurboKat arrived at City Hall to see DarkKat in his new jet destroying the last of the Enforcer choppers. It was the same as before; the missiles launched, then they disappeared.

“Hey, Buddy, you got it yet?” Razor asked in panic.

“There! Switching to Dimensional Radar now,” answered T-bone. And, with a flick of a switch, Razor and T-bone could now see DarkKat and the missiles he was firing.

“Yes!” T-bone exclaimed as his plan worked.

DarkKat’s jet came about and faced the TurboKat, “He’s gonna fire,” warned T-bone.

“I got him,” answered Razor.

DarkKat launched a missile at the TurboKat.

As it closed in, T-bone announced, “Missiles locked on the target… Away.” He launched two missiles at the Ghost missile. The missiles hit dead on, and a giant explosion appeared out of thin air.

From the Mayor’s Office, Ms. Briggs had seen DarkKat launch a missile and then have it disappear. Then, the Swat Kats launched two and in the center an explosion she saw the two missiles hit.

“They figured out how to detect DarkKat’s weapons,” she said to herself. She smiled, feeling better about her situation, knowing that the Swat Kats were there.

“Bingo!” yelled T-bone as the missiles hit. “Awright, DarkKat, now you’re going down… Missiles… Locked, loaded, and…”

“Razor! He is firing at City Hall!” Razor yelled all of a sudden.

“He knows he can’t win, so he’s gonna destroy City Hall as cover to make his escape. Well, not today…” T-bone said. “Alright, Multi-Target acquisition ready ..Missiles locked… Loaded… Away!” announced T-bone. As soon as he finished his last word, four missiles flew away from the TurboKat. Two headed after DarkKat and two after the Ghost missile.

“Razor, are those going to get there in time?” asked Razor.

“5… 4… 3… 2…1…” answered T-bone.

Then, almost immediately, both the ghost missile and DarkKat’s jet exploded. The explosion from the missile flew toward the City Hall and brushed against it before it faded out.

Razor flew over to the window to see Callie standing there looking back at them. He called over the communicator, “Ms. Briggs, are you okay?”

“Yeah, Razor, I’m fine. Thank you for saving my life, and the City,” answered Ms. Briggs.

“No problem,” replied Razor.

Suddenly, realizing a huge difference, Ms. Briggs asked, ” Razor, when did you start to pilot?”

Razor, realizing the mistake he had made, answered, “Well, I wanted to see how it was…” Changing the subject he added, “We have to get out of here, Ms. Briggs, good bye.”

“Goodbye, thank you again,” Ms. Briggs answered back, shocked at their sudden exit. She put her hand up to wave, but the TurboKat was already gone.

When they arrived back at the hanger, the Swat Kats jumped out of the TurboKat and headed over to their lockers.

“Holy Kats. I can’t do this!” Razor exclaimed. “It’s a good thing you have a way to reverse this cause pretty soon I’ll probably spill our secret identities as well. If I haven’t already.”

“It’s alright, I don’t think she’s going to think too much of it,” T-bone said as he changed out of his flight suit and into his work clothes.

The rest of the day went on with Jake watching over the shop and T-bone examining the missile. Day soon became night and, after Jake closed up the shop, he went down to the hanger see how far Chance was.

“How’s it coming?” he asked.

“Sit down in that chair,” answered Chance, pointing to a chair placed by another connected by wires. “The one on the right,” he added.

Jake complied and sat down in the right chair, soon Chance followed over. “Give me your hand,” he asked.

Jake did and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Well, this wrist link will connect you to me neurally. So, when I send a special electric charge through this cord I am holding, your mind can switch back into your body, and mine can do the same,” answered T-bone.

“Special charge?”

“Yeah, to reverse the condition I have to shock us again, but this time with it will be with electricity from my shield depolarized and mixed with the ghost technology. In theory, it should reverse the damage…”

“Wait, in those movies, don’t you have to have some gadget connecting our heads to each other?”

“This isn’t the movies, buddy, and all nerve impulses in your wrist go straight to your brain. So, it’s a perfect gateway in and out.”

“Well, just don’t fry me….”

“The shock is controlled, it only lasts five seconds. That should be plenty of time for things to change back…” Chance sat down in the chair left of Jake. He attached the wrist link and put his finger over a red button. “Ready?”

“Yes, it will be nice to change clothes in my own body once again…” He looked over at Chance, “And, to not have to look at myself… I feel like a mirror…” He looked forward again. “Let’s go…”

With that said, Chance pushed the button, and both Kats felt the electricity go through them. Five seconds passed, and the electricity stopped. Both Kats were unconscious.

A few minutes passed, and, slowly, Chance awoke first. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that his perspective of the room had changed. He looked to the left, nothing. Then, to the right, and he saw Jake. He looked down at his wrist and the fur color. It was light brown, just as it was supposed to be. He smiled, then took off the wrist link. He stood up and walked over to Jake. He bent down, placed his paws on his shoulders and shook him. “Hey, Jake, wake up.”

Jake grunted, then slowly his eyes opened. “What did you call me?” he asked, still a bit dazed.

“Jake, I called you by your name…” answered Chance.

Jake smiled as he stretched. “It worked,” he replied softly.

“Yep, it did,” said Chance as he smiled again.

Jake tried to get up but was too tired from the whole episode that he just laid back and fell asleep. Chance, not wanting to bug him, left his tired buddy alone and went back up top to get something to eat and watch a little TV. Jake spent the rest of the night asleep in the hanger while Chance, after dinner and ScardyKat, slept in his bed.

The next day was Saturday, and business was little to none. The day went by very quickly and, before both Kats knew it, it was nighttime. Chance was down in the hanger working on the punching bag when Jake came down. Jake was dressed in his karate gi, and Chance soon noticed him.

“What’s the outfit for?” he asked.

“I was in your body for more than twenty-four hours, and I never took advantage of your obvious height and strength over me… And, I’m ready to kick your butt for that comment you made a couple nights ago. Cause I’ve had full range of your ‘guns,’ and they were nothing more than show…” challenged Jake.

“Show?!?” exclaimed Chance. “You’re on, Swat Kat!”

And, with that, Jake and Chance went into a one on one battle that didn’t end until early the next morning…

The End

As a personal comment: If you liked this or any of my stories, you should also check out three authors I enjoy. Kristen Sharpe, C.L Furlong, and the author who got me writing, James L King. (These authors have just blown me away with their writing ability; I hope you check their stories out.)

Have a good day.

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