Original SWAT Kats Story

Interchangeable Kats

By Collin Blake

  • 4 Chapters
  • 6,837 Words

Well, with the city in danger, the Swat Kats are there, but this time Dark Kat’s got something new… As does Razor… And, when they clash, personalities fly… Literally. In response to the Body-Swapping Challenge issued by Cherry Koivula. See also Cherry Koivula’s contribution.

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Chapter 2

“You got him yet, Razor?” asked T-bone as the TurboKat approached Enforcer headquarters.

“No, not yet… Wait a sec, there he is, about two miles ahead of us, closing fast on City Hall,” answered Razor looking down at the radar. “Engage Jet boosters.”

T-bone reached down and hit the button on his console. Two pairs of twin jet boosters came out from the hull of the TurboKat and rocketed the jet forward toward DarkKat. When they caught up with him, T-bone disengaged the boosters and looked on in horror. DarkKat was attacking Enforcer choppers with missiles that when launched would vanish and then hit their targets without warning. It was as if the missiles turned invisible after launch. “Razor, you see that?” asked T-bone in shock.

“Yeah… engaging energy shield.”

“I got to tell you, buddy, you picked a great time to install that thing. I don’t know what our chances could have been otherwise, I have no idea how to out fly those invisible seekers,” T-bone said.

“Let’s hope it works,” replied Razor.

“I’m going to try to get behind him,” announced T-bone. “Put your mask on…”

Razor did, and T-bone flew downward. He flew straight down to the ground to stay undetected from DarkKat. He pulled up just in time and skimmed across the streets of MegaKat City to keep under DarkKat’s radar. Through the buildings he flew. And then, after he slipped under DarkKat’s jet, he pulled up and flipped the TurboKat around and onto Dark Kat’s tail.

“Great flying, T-bone,” Razor congratulated. “Now… Buzzsaw missiles locked… Deployed!”

The missiles flew out of the belly of the TurboKat and headed straight for DarkKat. DarkKat noticed the TurboKat, but it was too late. He moved out of the way of two, but the third missile hit his wing and cut its length in half.

“Aw, you only got one to hit, Sureshot,” announced T-bone.

“Second wave of missiles locked…” answered Razor, but T-bone cut him off.

“Razor, he fired a missile!”

“Deployed!” finished Razor.

The missiles left the TurboKat, and the missile from DarkKat’s jet disappeared.

“Hold on, Razor, no offense to your shield, but I’m gonna try to out run it.”

T-Bone banked left, and accelerated upward to out climb the missile. As he climbed, the missiles that were launched at DarkKat hit, but right before his jet exploded, an escape pod flew away and out of MegaKat City. The Swat Kats, distracted by the ‘ghost’ missile, didn’t notice DarkKat’s escape.

T-bone climbed and climbed for what seemed forever, until he suddenly inverted backward and headed downward left. He flew down and fast, and, after a while, he leveled out and reduced speed.

“I think we out ran it.”

But, as soon as he looked around, he saw a huge flash of energy around him. The shock knocked T-bone forward and his paw hit the button to put the TurboKat into hovermode.

“The missile!” yelled Razor as the jet shook.

“What’s wrong with the shield….” asked T-bone, but was then silenced by the violent shock the TurboKat was taking.

The energy shield around them phased in and out, and the missile that had struck them now was visible, but seemed stuck in the shield. Inside the cockpit, sparks flew. Razor and T-bone tried to avoid being electrocuted, and they both ducked their heads. Outside, the missile sent a last, giant electric wave into the TurboKat before gravity took control of it. The shock went right through the TurboKat and shot out of the consoles of both Swat Kats. Razor and T-bone we pushed back by the shock and shook as the electricity ran through their bodies. Then, a giant electric bolt formed between Razor’s and T-bone’s head. It stayed connected for a while, then suddenly vanished with the rest of the electricity. The TurboKat was still airborne, hovering silently as Razor and T-bone lay motionless inside.

Razor was the first to wake. He picked up his head with his paw pressed on the top. “Aw, my head,” he said softly. He fully opened his eyes to see a radar and weapons panel in front of him. He looked confusedly at it, and then, when he reached for the throttle, he couldn’t find it. He soon realized that he as in the wrong seat. “Hey, Razor, I’m in your seat”, he called out to the front. When he got no answer, he banged on the seat in front of him. “Hey, Razor, you awake?” …he stopped. He looked at his paw, the fur was dark brown… ‘What the?’ he thought to himself. ‘What happened to me?’ He looked up and tired to find a mirror where he could see what he looked like. He couldn’t find one. “Hey, Razor, are you okay?” he called out louder.

This time T-bone did wake up. He pulled his head back and opened his eyes to see the midday MegaKat City skyline in front of him. “Whoa,” he said out loud. ‘What am I doing in the in the pilot’s seat?’ he thought to himself. Then, he heard Razor call to him.

‘What’s wrong with my voice? I sound like…’ Razor thought to himself… But, as he looked up to see T-bone looking back at him… “Razor?…”

T-bone face was frozen in shock, but he managed to get out, “T-bone?…”

“Razor, you’re in the pilot’s seat, and you look like me,” Razor said slowly. “What’s going on?”

“T-bone you’re in my seat and you look like me,” T-bone replied. They both kept staring in shock… “Wait a minute… T-bone, you are me… Razor… Your personality is in my or Razor’s body.” T-bone said slowly to understand even himself. “I think we have somehow switched bodies…”

“Switched bodies?” repeated Razor. “That’s impossible.”

“You got a better explanation?” asked T-bone. “…It happened after we got hit by DarkCrud’s ghost missile… That ghost technology mixed with my shield matrix must have cause some radical depolarization… When we got hit by the electric shock, that’s when it happened…” T-bone explained, then he got lost in thought.

“Razor, I mean T-bone, I mean Razor…”

“It’s probably best to just call me what I look like for right now,” T-bone interrupted.

“But, you’re me! I’m never gonna get used to it,” answered Razor.


“Alright… T-bone, what are we going to do? How can we get back into our original bodies?” Razor asked.

“I don’t know, I would need to examine what kind of technology DarkKat used. But, I have no idea where… to…” He looked down at the street far below. ” Is that missile still down there?” he asked.

“I don’t know, maybe… It would have taken a pretty bad fall,” answered Razor.

“We need to get down there and get it.” T-bone turned and faced forward only to turn around again back to Razor. “I don’t know how to fly…”

“I know, so get out of my seat,” replied Razor.

T-bone turned and pushed the canopy button. It opened and the two switched places carefully. After they were back in their seats, Razor closed the canopy and descended down toward the missile on the street. When they were in range, T-bone opened the bomb bay doors.

The missile wasn’t in that bad a shape; it was cracked into two big pieces with other small fragments scattered around. T-bone leaped down, tied up the two large pieces, then picked up some of the smaller fragments and placed them in a bag. Then, grabbing on of the ropes, he rode up with the cargo. After he was inside, he placed the missile pieces in the cargo bay and got back into his seat.

Razor flew off full throttle back toward the garage. Both Swat Kats were pretty quiet during the ride home, each still feeling very awkward in his partner’s body…

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