Original SWAT Kats Story

Interchangeable Kats

By Collin Blake

  • 4 Chapters
  • 6,837 Words

Well, with the city in danger, the Swat Kats are there, but this time Dark Kat’s got something new… As does Razor… And, when they clash, personalities fly… Literally. In response to the Body-Swapping Challenge issued by Cherry Koivula. See also Cherry Koivula’s contribution.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Interchangeable Kats
Date: 1-7-02
Email: ncc_63549@hotmail.com
Rating: PG
Copyright: Swat Kats is copyrighted by Hanna-Barbara. This fan-fic is not intended to make any profit. It’s just for those fans that enjoy a good thing. (The Radical Squadron) Aren’t free things the best?…

Teaser: Well with the city in danger the Swat Kats are there, but this time Dark Kat’s got something new… As does Razor… And when they clash, personalities fly… Literally. Story is in response to a challenge issued by Cherry Koivula. Authors comments: It can get kinda of confusing, it was a challenge to write so that the reader would fully understand what was going on. (Good idea for a story by the way) After the Change, both kats are referred to according to who they look like, not by their personalities/real selves. Just reread if you get stuck. Or, if push comes to shove, email me, and I’ll explain whatever you want. Hope you like, let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

(Setting: Swat Kats hanger, underneath the salvage yard.)

Jake was crouched down working in the cockpit of the TurboKat while Chance was breaking a sweat on the punching bag. Both Swat Kats were dressed in their flight jump suits, but were not wearing their masks or helmets.

Jake lifted his head, picked himself up, and jumped down from the jet. In his hand was a small device with a large red button on it. He pointed the remote at the TurboKat and pushed the button. Chance didn’t notice him. Jake then turned and walked over to Chance.

“Hey Jake, I am really glad we bought this bag,” Chance said, noticing Jake walking over to him. “Gives me a great way to work out these guns of mine.”

Jake rolled his eyes at Chance’s “modesty”. “Yeah, it was lucky we found it on sale over at ChampKats,” he said.

Chance suddenly turned his attention to Jake and began to spar his partner. “Lucky for you, now I can beat up on something else besides you,” Chance said jokingly. He moved in and out, punching Jake, but not hurting him.

Trying to dodge his partner’s attacks, Jake moved back, and tripped over an extension cord he had not noticed behind him.

“Ha ha, way to cover up there, Swat Kat,” Chance joked.

Jake got up and smiled at Chance.

“Any day of the week you bring yourself, and those “guns” of yours and I’ll kick your butt,” Jake said.

“You’re on!” exclaimed Chance. “I’ll take you down before you know it. I am a machine, built for battle with the evil of the MegaKat City and every now and then kicking the tail of my little partner.”

“Little?!?” Jake said, challenging Chance.

“That’s right! And, not afraid of anything!” replied Chance.

His facial expression suddenly changing, Jake exclaimed, “Chance there’s a bug your shoulder!”

Chance eyes grew huge, and he quickly jumped up and hit his shoulder with his paw. “Ahhh! Get it off!” he yelled to Jake. Chance jumped up and down for about five seconds, frantically trying to get the bug off. He finally stopped to see Jake laughing at him.

“Not afraid of anything? Maybe we should give that Ci-Kat- a a call.” Jake still laughing, “I’ll be sure to remember that nothing scares you.”

Chance just looked at Jake with a cold stare. ‘Very funny,’ he thought to himself. “You wanna go right now?” he said to Jake to stop him from laughing.

“I make you a deal – if you can hit right fin of the TurboKat with the laser from your glovatrix, I let you have the first shot,” said Jake.

“You’re on!” answered Chance. He went over to the table and picked up his glovatrix. He put it on and set the laser to low power (to not hurt the TurboKat). He aimed, then turned to Jake, “You’re going down.”

Jake just looked at Chance in a relaxed mood. Chance turned his eyes back to the target and fired. He was right on target, but right before the beam got past the wing, it bounced off an energy shield protecting the TurboKat and headed back towards the Swat Kats.

“Holy Kats!” yelled Chance as he and Jake jumped out of the way. The beam flew past and landed against the back wall. It formed a black burnt spot on the wall, nothing serious. “Jake, are you alright?” asked Chance. He looked and saw Jake on the ground laughing… “You knew that was going to happen… Wow! How did you come up with an energy shield?” asked Chance.

Jake was still chuckling when he got back up. “Remember Dark Kat? Remember when his jet had an energy shield? And the only way to take them out was with the Scrambler missile? Well, I had been theorizing an energy shield for a long time. And, when I saw Dark Crud’s, I got an idea… And, to build a shield that would be strong enough I reinforced the emitters on the TurboKat with insolated circuit breakers, and I also polarized the shield itself to reflect any attack, and even withstand a Scrambler missile… Or any huge electric charge for that matter.”

“Wow, Jake… That’s amazing. I guess I don’t have to worry about flying any more. I can just coast through the worst fire fight on cruise control,” Chance said.

“Well, it hasn’t been tested yet….” answered Jake, but he was suddenly cut off by the sound of the alarm going off.

Chance was nearest and picked up the phone. “Yes Ms. Briggs?” he asked.

“Swat Kats, we’ve got trouble. DarkKat is attacking Enforcer headquarters, and he is moving toward City Hall.”

“Speak of the Devil,” Chance said.

“What?” asked both Ms. Briggs and Jake.

“DarkKat,” Chance explained to Jake. And then to Ms. Briggs, “Nothing Ms. Briggs. We’re on our way.” He hung up the phone and called out to Jake, “Let’s go, Razor!”

Both Swat Kats put on their masks and helmets, jumped in the jet, and took off full throttle out of the hanger toward MegaKat City Hall.

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