Original SWAT Kats Story

In the Life of Evil

By Collin Blake

  • 6 Chapters
  • 7,111 Words

An episode devoted entirely to the Swat Kats’ evil twins. No good Chance and Jake in this one; they’re bad… Ever wonder what evil Chance and Jake might be thinking? Evil T-bone and Razor is one thing, but evil Chance and Jake…

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Chapter 5

“I’m here,” the deputy mayor said, answering her phone.  With her phone to her ear, she looked around in a cautious manner, her eyes moving all over the vacant room in City Hall.  She heard a noise and turned her head back to see the janitor making his rounds. As soon as he was out of sight she said into her phone, “I understand, see you there.”

Taking the phone from her ear she turned it off and placed it in her purse.  Just then, Mayor Manx came around the corner, “Callie, do you have everything prepared for my speech to the City board in three minutes?”

“Of course, mayor, it’s all right over here,” she said, pointing to a stack of papers on a small table up against the wall.

“Oh thank heavens, Callie, you’re a life saver,” Manx said with relief.

“No problem, Mayor,” Callie responded.

*                                                                       *                                                                       *

The TurboKat landed softly on the outskirts of Pumadyne’s defense perimeter.  Razor and T-bone leaped out of the jet and broke through the chain fence using their mini turboblades. It was either Razor or T-bone’s fist that knocked out every guard they came upon.  When they reached the laboratory room marked “Conductors,” they entered to find a scientist holding the Trans-conductor cable in his paws.

“Hey, what are you doing…!”  The scientist was silenced by a mini octopus missile that hit him square in the chest, knocking him back against the wall.  As he hit the back wall, his right arm slammed back against the shelf.  The impact caused the scientist to scream out in pain and drop the cable.

Razor walked over and picked up the cable.  “Thanks,” he said sarcastically to the Kat on the floor.

As they exited the room, a mob of Pumadyne’s security force came running around the hallway.

“Hey, you two stop!” the leader of the group called out.

T-bone and Razor turned to see them advancing.  Both Swat Kats fired mini gas grenades at the mob.  Laughing, they turned in the opposite direction and fled from the security force now unable to see clearly and choking on the gas.

*                                                                       *                                                                       *

(As events at Pumadyne are under way)

“It’s okay, Uncle, you’re going to get them,” Felina said, trying to comfort Commander Feral.  “You’ve just got to be ready ‘cause you never know when they’re going to strike.  And, the tank proved very effective against them, so, if they do try anything again, they’ll have to go through that and me.”

Feral sat up from his depressed slump position on his desk, “You mean go through *us*.”

“Yeah, us,” Felina said as she patted her uncle on the back.

Feral walked over to his window and looked down at the tank, “You’ll get your second shot, don’t worry.”

Just then, a call came over the emergency Enforcer band from Feral’s desk.   “Attention all units, robbery reported at Pumadyne laboratories.  All units please be advised.”

Feral rushed over to the intercom and pushed down the call back button.

“Ensign, do you know who’s robbing Pumadyne?” he asked.

“It was called in that the Swat Kats are down there, sir,” answered the ensign.

Feral looked up at Felina, “Let’s go!” he said as the two enforcers rushed out the door.

*                                                                       *                                                                       *

“This place is a joke,” T-bone said as he started up the TurboKat’s engines.

“Yeah, taking candy from a baby is more of a challenge,” Razor replied.

As the TurboKat rose from the ground, Razor picked up something on the radar.  “A squadron of Enforcer jets heading our way,” he announced.

“Why don’t you show them the new toys we got,” T-bone suggested as he shoved the throttle all the way forward.
Soon, the four Enforcer jets were in T-bone’s sight and Razor’s targeting system.

“What do you know, it’s Feral,” Razor said as he recognized the lead jet.  “Let’s see how you like this.  Dead-head missiles…  Away!”

Four dead-head missiles dropped from the weapons bay of the TurboKat and flew towards the Enforcer squadron.

“What in the name off…!” Feral said as he saw the goblin-faced missiles heading towards him.

Each missile was locked onto a jet, and, when the missile got within ten feet, the green goblin face opened its mouth and spat out tar all over the jet’s cockpit.

“Kat’s alive!” Feral exclaimed as he lost visibility.  He heard a loud explosion as two jets crashed into each other behind him. Then, another explosion from his left as the third plane went into a building.  Fearing he might be next, he ejected just as his plane went into the water tower.

“Aha!” T-bone and Razor both said in satisfaction.  But, both were silenced by a giant red beam barely hitting the nose of the jet.  T-bone took evasive action and pushed down on the controls, heading in a straight descent toward the enforcer tank.

“Are they crazy?” Felina thought as the she saw the TurboKat heading straight for her.  She fired again and again, but T-bone kept evading every shot she took at them.  Closer and closer the TurboKat got to the tank.

“Anytime, Razor!” T-bone growled.

“Shut your trap!  Megaton locked and away,” Razor yelled.  The giant metal sphere flew out from under the TurboKat and straight at the tank.

“What the?” Felina said…

The impact of the missile against the tank ripped it apart.  Engulfed in flames and sparks, the twin gun barrels were crushed into small metal balls.  The control section of the tank was hurtled back against the building behind it, creating a huge whole in the frame work.

As the smoke rose and the TurboKat vanished Feral called out, “Felina!”  He descended as fast as he could and landed right by the building with the control section in it.  Ripping his parachute off, he ran over to the flaming structure and jumped up onto the hatch and released it.  The heat that surrounded him started to singe his fur.  As the hatch lifted, Feral called out, “Felina!”  It was answered by Felina’s paw reaching out of the hatch.  Feral grabbed it with a huge sigh of relief and pulled her out of the tank.  They both jumped off the tank and ran away from it just seconds before it exploded. The blast sent both Enforcers flying off their feet.

After the explosion Feral looked around and surveyed all the damage done by the Swat Kats.  Then, he looked over at Felina.  The Swat Kats escaping was now the last thing on his mind.  He could only be thankful she was alive…

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  1. Sarah says:

    UNF. This is AMAZING. I absolutely adore this prequel omg, everything is so spot-on and the action jumps off the page and the dialogue and BURKE AND MURRAY BEING SCARED LITTLE MICE OMG EEEE. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you forever.

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