Original SWAT Kats Story

In the Life of Evil

By Collin Blake

  • 6 Chapters
  • 7,111 Words

An episode devoted entirely to the Swat Kats’ evil twins. No good Chance and Jake in this one; they’re bad… Ever wonder what evil Chance and Jake might be thinking? Evil T-bone and Razor is one thing, but evil Chance and Jake…

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Chapter 4

Deep inside the massive volcano, the TurboKat was set down slowly onto a landing pad.  The sky ship moved to the side and landed right beside it.  T-bone and Razor were unconscious in the cockpit.  The dark figure walked out of his sky ship and moved towards the TurboKat.

T-bone was awakened by the sound of demonic voices rumbling in front of him. When he opened his eyes, he jumped back, startled at the site of two creeplings crawling over the canopy.  “Get off my jet!”  he yelled as he pushed the button to open the canopy.  It shot back and sent the creeplings hurtling towards the back wall.

Razor was now awake and he jumped down from the jet to land face to face with the massive dark creature.  He looked up and saw the purple face looking down at him.

“Welcome, my friends,” Dark Kat said.

“What is this?” Razor said as he hesitated to strike Dark Kat.

T-bone jumped down beside Razor and faced Dark Kat, “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kick your tail in, Dark Kat!”

“Very well, your life,” Dark Kat replied calmly.

“Is that a threat?” Razor asked, growling.

“No, it’s a fact.  I have just saved both your lives,” Dark Kat answered.  “Although, you’ll have to forgive me, I had to sedate you both when my ship connected to yours.  I didn’t want to risk you two possibly trying to resist my offer.”

“You’re sure as hell gonna get some resistance now!” T-bone yelled, moving to strike Dark Kat when he was held back by Razor.

“Hold on, you hairy oaf, better play along until we can really get at him,” Razor whispered to T-bone.

T-bone calmed down but continued to glare at Dark Kat.

“What offer?” Razor turned and asked.

“A partnership…  Forever Feral and that blasted justice machine of his have ruined my plans for the domination of MegaKat City.  And, they’ve made life for you two a hardship as well.  Why, if it had not been for my intervention, you two would have been destroyed…  Feral, however, has many flaws, flaws that we can exploit.  His dependence on Pumadyne for technological advancements puts him at our mercy…  And, there is no one on MegaKat City that can out fly the Swat Kats…  I have developed a weapon of such mass destruction, that when deployed it would destroy the justice machine one and for all!” Dark Kat announced.

Razor and T-bone looked on in curiosity.

“With *my* genius and *your* flying, we can finally bring an end to Feral and MegaKat City!”

“What would you need us to do?” Razor asked.

“Here is what I propose, I will build my transphasic bomb, but I will need you to steal the necessary parts from Pumadyne.  In return for your help, I will also help you improve on your own technology.  In fact, I have such a sample over here,”  Dark Kat explained as he side stepped to revel a large green goblin faced missile behind him.

“What is that?” T-bone asked.

“It’s my dead-head missile,” Dark Kat replied.  “I give my supply to you in the hopes you will agree to my offer…  And, trust that there is more of this to come…,” Dark Kat smiled as he pointed to his laboratory.

Razor walked over to the missile and bent down to examine it.  T-bone followed over and stood over his partner.  Razor stood back up after a few moments and turned to quietly converse with T-bone.  “What do you think?”

“I think the *Swat Kats* don’t need help,” T-bone said.

“Yeah, but with Dark Kat’s help we have the best chance at getting Feral back,” Razor added.

“And, this time it would be for good.”

T-bone thought hard for a few seconds.  “Alright, we agree, and make sure Feral doesn’t come out of this alive,” he said.

“Agreed,” Razor complied.  “As for Dark Kat, we’ll keep out eyes open.”

“Yeah, and when this is all done, he’s next.  Don’t forget, he had a hand to play in us getting here too,” T-bone added.

“Yeah,” Razor said, grinning.

They both turned back to Dark Kat, “Alright, you’ve got a deal,” Razor said, raising his voice.

“Excellent,” Dark Kat said.  “And, I have one more thing to show you.  It’s only a prototype, but I think it might help you two with that tank of yours.”  Dark Kat walked over to a giant form covered by a huge black sheet.  He removed the sheet to expose a massive spherical shaped missile.

“What is that?” Razor asked.

“It’s a Megaton missile.  The first of its kind, its explosion has a yield capacity of 10,000 megatons of pressure.”

Both Swat Kats looked very impressed.

“You may also have this…,” Dark Kat added.  “Like I said, I can advance your technology beyond what you ever thought possible.  But, enough of talking for right now, I have a mission for you two.”

Razor and T-bone looked at him.

“Pumadyne has just developed a new Trans-conductor cable that is essential to the completion of my bomb.  I need you two to retrieve it for me.”

Razor and T-bone looked at each other, then at Dark Kat.  “Alright, we’ll get it.  But, next time, we meet on our turf.  Meet us at the MegaKat City salvage yard just after night fall,” T-bone said to Dark Kat.  “We’ll have it there for you.”

“Very well, I will send my informant to meet us there as well,” Dark Kat answered.

“Informant?” Razor asked.

“Yes, she’s my eyes and ears on the inside of MegaKat City.  She will meet you shortly before I arrive,” Dark Kat explained.  “Now, give me a few moments to fix your jet so you can complete your mission.  Come, my creeplings.”

Dark Kat quickly fixed the right wing of the TurboKat with an enriched grade of agrosite that enhanced the strength of the wing.  And, Razor and T-bone loaded up the Megaton missile and four dead-head missiles into the launch bay of the jet.  The launch pad rotated and soon the repaired TurboKat was ready to depart.  Razor and T-bone looked over at Dark Kat who was standing with his cane looking up at them.  They both nodded down to him as T-bone pushed the throttle to full and the TurboKat rocketed off out of the volcano lair towards Pumadyne.

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  1. Sarah says:

    UNF. This is AMAZING. I absolutely adore this prequel omg, everything is so spot-on and the action jumps off the page and the dialogue and BURKE AND MURRAY BEING SCARED LITTLE MICE OMG EEEE. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you forever.

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