Original SWAT Kats Story

In the Life of Evil

By Collin Blake

  • 6 Chapters
  • 7,111 Words

An episode devoted entirely to the Swat Kats’ evil twins. No good Chance and Jake in this one; they’re bad… Ever wonder what evil Chance and Jake might be thinking? Evil T-bone and Razor is one thing, but evil Chance and Jake…

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Chapter 3

The TurboKat blasted out of the secret jet tunnel hidden underneath the salvage yard.  As it penetrated the open air, the tip of the wing briefly scraped the side of the tunnel wall.  A small shower of sparks appeared, then vanished on the right side as Razor looked over.  “You can’t even take off without running it something can you?” he commented sarcastically.

“Shut up, or I’ll fly this thing right up your tail!” T-bone shouted back at Razor.

“Like to see you try,” Razor said under his breath as he looked down at his flashing radar screen.  It showed a squadron of Enforcer jets on an intercept course with them.  “We’ve got company, and they’re in a hurry,” Razor said to T-bone as he switched on his targeting visor.

T-bone pushed the throttle up to full as he accelerated to attack.

“Swat Kats, you’re under arrest!” came a deep voice over their radio.

T-bone flipped up the switch and turned on the intercom, “Nice surprise, Feral…  I promise you, you’re not going to come out of this fight alive.”

“Just try to…” Feral was suddenly silenced by massive explosions on both sides of him.  Razor had launched twin firebomb missiles at the two planes on his wings during T-bone’s communication.  Feral was temporarily blinded by the explosion’s light, but soon gained his composure and moved to engage the TurboKat.  As he accelerated forward, he was forced to break hard right to avoid another Enforcer jet, out of control, sparks flying from its hull.  The plane nearly hit Feral’s and crashed right into another Enforcer jet.  The explosion sent a huge shock through Feral’s plane; he turned his head back to see the two jets engulfed in flames, starting to fall to the city below.  Quickly, he faced forward to see the TurboKat scream by, being tailed by two Enforcer jets.  Feral banked left to join the chase, and, as he started to catch up, he saw two missiles launch from the TurboKat.  They had giant razor-sharp metal teeth and on contact chewed the wings off both Enforcer jets.  Feral accelerated up to the red line, but, as he began to gain, he looked around to see an empty sky.

‘My entire squadron has been whipped out… Oh, I hope this is all worth it,’ he thought to himself.

Switching on the radio once again he called out to the TurboKat, “Swat Kats, you can take out all my back up, but you still *can’t* seem to hit your real target.”

T-bone grew furious at Feral’s overconfidence.  ‘Just you wait, Feral,’ he thought to himself…  With anger in his eyes, T-bone immediately pulled a vertical 180 degree turn and flew straight ahead at Feral’s plane.  “You dare challenge the *Swat Kats*?” he called over the radio.

“Eat this, Feral!” Razor said with an evil grin as he launched a slasher missile at the Enforcer.

Feral, knowing he had gotten them to commit, pushed down and dove his plane just under the missile and the TurboKat.

“Shoot with your eyes open!” T-bone yelled back at Razor.

“Shut up!  Just pull around and I’ll get him,” Razor growled back.

T-bone pushed the controls hard to his left, and the TurboKat banked at an enormous speed.  When they came about, he accelerated to catch up with a fleeing Feral.   Feral’s plane swerved around buildings and ducked under bridges to avoid Razor from locking on.  T-bone followed at an incredible speed; the TurboKat tilted right and left as it skimmed passed buildings.

“Keep the jet steady, T-bone!  How you expect me to target him with you constantly moving the scanners?” Razor yelled.

“Hold on, I’m almost close enough where you won’t have to target to hit him!” T-bone growled back.

Feral looked back in his seat to see the TurboKat closing fast.  He faced forward, his heart racing.  “Almost there,” he said out loud.  He maneuvered under another bridge and turned left at the first skyscraper to appear in his path.   T-bone wasn’t fooled and kept closing in on Feral’s tail.  Closer and closer, Feral tried every maneuver he knew to keep his distance, but T-bone was the better pilot.  Soon, the TurboKat was close enough for Razor to fire only using his short range targeting system.  Feral, knowing he was in trouble, flew low to the ground.  ’Ten seconds,’ Feral thought to himself.

“Shoot him already!” T-bone yelled back at Razor as he moved lower to follow Feral.

“Shut up!” Razor answered to T-bone as his eyes focused inside his visor and targeted Feral’s jet.  “This one’s especially for you, *commander*,” Razor said as he pushed down the bright red button marked “Shocker Missile,”  The launch bay doors opened, and the missile flew out with enormous speed, right at Feral.

Feral looked back to see the missile on approach.  He turned back and put both paws on the stick.  “Now!” he cried out as he pulled back hard and went vertical.

The missile began to climb after Feral’s jet but was struck suddenly by a giant red laser beam.  On contact, the missile exploded in a huge cloud of sparks and fire.  T-bone, in shock, pulled back on the throttle some and tried to look to where the laser had come from.  “What the?” he yelled.

The newly formed cloud of thick smoke blocked his vision.  He tried to look down, but couldn’t see clearly.  Without warning, another shot came up from out of the wall of smoke and barely struck the right wing.  T-bone banked left and pushed the throttle back up to the red line.  He maneuvered around the cloud to get a clear look at their attacker.  As he came around, he and Razor looked down at the street below to see a two large twin gun barrels aimed at them.  The barrels were attached on the top of a massive tank.

“Try this one on for size,” Felina said from the control panel inside the tank.

“A new enforcer tank?” Razor asked.

“Feral’s surprise…” T-bone was cut off by a storm of mini explosions that engulfed the TurboKat.

“It’s a missile storm!” Razor called out.

“When did the Enforcer’s get this type of weaponry?” T-bone said as dove to try to escape the storm, but, when he came into the clearing, the giant red beam struck the TurboKat’s right wing.  It shot straight through the wing and left a massive hole in the center of it.  The jet began to spiral down, but T-bone caught control and managed to level it out.  “Crud, can’t maneuver!” T-bone called out as he tried moving the stick back and forth.

“Hey, moron, just keep the jet steady,” Razor yelled.  “Try this one on for size,” he said as he fired a volley of five piranha missiles at the tank.  They struck the tank at full velocity but were crushed into the size of small cans when they impacted, not leaving a scratch on the tank’s armor.  “Crud!” Razor said in disgust.

“Try actually firing something next time,” T-bone growled back at Razor.   As he finished his remark, the TurboKat was again struck by a laser shot, and again it hit on the right wing.  It only clipped the edge of the wing this time around, but it gave T-bone an even harder time trying to keep them in the air.  He could now only fly straight, or risk crashing.

“Get out of that thing’s range,” Razor said.

T-bone pulled up on the controls hard, but the jet reacted very slowly, climbing with a broken wing.  “Get up! Get Up!” T-bone yelled in frustration.  But, try and yell as he might, the TurboKat only climbed another thirty feet or so before it could go no further.  T-bone slammed his paw against the control panel, “Damn!”

“Moron, just get us outta here!” Razor yelled.

T-bone held the jet as steady as he could and pushed for the maximum thrust possible.  As they roared over the tank, Razor launched a smoke screen to cover their tracks and cloud the tank’s targeting systems.  Both Swat Kats smiled in relief at their obvious escape as they looked back at the cloud of smoke.  Suddenly, they heard a high-pitched “ping” sound.

“Someone’s got a lock on us,” Razor said, identifying the sound.

“Check our tail,” T-bone growled.

Razor turned to see an Enforcer jet holding steady behind them. “It’s Feral!”

“It *was* all a trap!” T-bone growled in hatred.

“Get rid of him!” Razor yelled.

“I can’t maneuver!” T-bone growled back.

“He’s gonna fire!” Razor yelled.

“I’ve got you now, Swat Kats,” Feral said with a smile on his face.  “Say goodbye to your days of crime in MegaKat City.”  He moved his paw down to the control panel to fire when, suddenly, a massive sky ship emerged from the clouds above.  It fired a missile at Feral’s jet, causing Feral to take evasive action and break his lock on the TurboKat.  The missile hit Feral’s left wing and caused the plane to spin out of control.  Popping the canopy, Feral ejected to safety as the plane plummeted to the streets below.  The sky ship then moved above the TurboKat and deployed a grappler cable, attaching itself to the topside of the TurboKat.  With the connection strong, the sky ship broke left and flew away,dragging the TurboKat along…

“Blasted, I was this close!” Feral yelled in frustration as he slowly sank down to the tank below.

“Uncle, they got away,” Felina said as Feral landed on the ground.

“I know!” Feral said with extreme frustration. He looked up at the sky with fire in his eyes.  “One of these days…”

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  1. Sarah says:

    UNF. This is AMAZING. I absolutely adore this prequel omg, everything is so spot-on and the action jumps off the page and the dialogue and BURKE AND MURRAY BEING SCARED LITTLE MICE OMG EEEE. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you forever.

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