Original SWAT Kats Story

In the Life of Evil

By Collin Blake

  • 6 Chapters
  • 7,111 Words

An episode devoted entirely to the Swat Kats’ evil twins. No good Chance and Jake in this one; they’re bad… Ever wonder what evil Chance and Jake might be thinking? Evil T-bone and Razor is one thing, but evil Chance and Jake…

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Chapter 2

“Hey, Chance, look at this,” Jake said the next morning as he walked out of the kitchen.

“I’m busy!” Chance replied, raising his voice in authority.  He was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Jake walked over to living room, rolled up the paper, and threw it at Chance.  It landed with a hard smack against his face.  Chance grabbed the paper and was about to throw it back at Jake when Jake said, “There’s a new shipment from the MegaKat City mint to be delivered today to MegaKat National Bank.”

Chance stopped and brought the paper back down to his lap to read it.  He opened it to see the headline to which Jake was referring.  “Biggest shipment ever recorded…,” Chance read the article out loud.  “Over an estimated… *100 Billion* will be distributed to MegaKat City National Bank…”  Chance smiled and looked up at Jake, “We haven’t hit up MegaKat National for a while, looks like we need to stop by and say hello.”

“Keep reading…,” Jake answered.

Chance looked back down at the text reading more.  After a few more moments of him reading silently, he smiled.  “Since the shipment is the biggest ever attempted, it will be heavily guarded by Enforcer choppers, tanks, and jets.  Commander Ulysses Feral says, ‘We’ll be ready for anything – even those criminals, the *Swat Kats*.  I have something special planned for them if they happen to show up,’” Chance read more of the article out loud.  He looked back up at Jake, “A *surprise*.  Who does he think he’s kidding?  Nothing can stop the Swat Kats. Let’s get going.”

As Chance got up from the couch, Jake said, “You know it *could* be a trap.”

Chance stopped and looked at his partner, “I know, that’s why we’re going.  We’re going to get rid of Feral once and for all, and get rich while doing it.” He smiled.

Jake grinned back, and they both walked down to the hanger…

*                                                                       *                                                                       *

“You’re going to show those Swat Kats the way straight to the slammer, aren’t you?” Feral said as he placed his paw on the side of a huge tank.  “One shot from you, and they’ll be behind bars for the rest of their nine lives.”

“Commander, we’re ready to depart,” an Enforcer lieutenant reported as he walked up to Commander Feral.

Feral turned to him and answered, “Very good, let’s go.”  With that, the Enforcer lieutenant walked back to give the signal to depart from the MegaKat City mint.  “Are you ready for this, Felina?” Feral asked as he turned and looked up at the tank.

“You’ve got it, Uncle.  This time we’ll get those Swat Kats,”  Felina answered as she stood up on the top of the tank.

“Good, you know what to do.  Good luck, Felina,” Feral said as he saluted her.

“I’ll do my best, Uncle,” Felina answered, returning the salute.  With that, Feral moved away from the tank and headed toward his jet.  Felina put on her helmet and goggles and jumped inside the giant metal beast, sealing the hatch.  After turning on all the tank’s systems, she sat back, ready to leave with the rest of the convoy.  “I hope this works,” she said to herself as she engaged the accelerator and moved forward…

*                                                                       *                                                                       *

“Act 1 has unfolded rather nicely this play, but I do believe the there’s one more element that must be pushed into the spotlight before the final curtain,” Dark Kat said as he slowly sat back in his chair, reading the paper.  He eyes brightened as he got up and called out, “Come, my creeplings, we mustn’t be late for our appearance…”

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  1. Sarah says:

    UNF. This is AMAZING. I absolutely adore this prequel omg, everything is so spot-on and the action jumps off the page and the dialogue and BURKE AND MURRAY BEING SCARED LITTLE MICE OMG EEEE. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you forever.

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