Original SWAT Kats Story


By Collin Blake

  • 8 Chapters
  • 7,742 Words

Feelings run deep. With everyone, a secret lives inside. And surprise is everywhere, even in the hearts of the Swat Kats.

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Chapter 3

The next day during breakfast the phone rang.  Jake, who was closest to the phone, answered.

“Hello?… Ms. Briggs?  The expression on his face went from confidant to scared.  “Umm … can I come over today for repairs on your car?  Umm..,” Jake was panicking.  Not knowing what to say next, he looked at Chance.

“She just wants you?” Chance asked.

“Umm.. Ms. Briggs, you just want me to come down there?.. Ohh…. Only a one person job?”  He looked at Chance with a confused look on his face. “Umm, let me check our schedule.  One sec, Ms. Briggs.“ He looked at Chance to answer the question.

“The only thing we have scheduled for today that I remember is a tune up for Mr. Jefferson. One of our only real ‘regular’ customers,” answered Chance.

“I don’t want to go alone – this is Callie we are talking about here,” Jake pleaded as he put his paw over the phone.

“Jake, just go. It’s sad enough that we only have one thing to do today, but even worse that Callie called for your help.  Just go, I can handle Jefferson,” Chance said with a hint of jealousy in his voice.  “Now, get out of here.”

“Uh, okay buddy…,” Jake said as he turned back to talk into the phone, “Uh, Ms. Briggs, can you drive down here?…  Won’t start?  I see…  How about in thirty minutes?…  Okay then thirty minutes… Where again?… Your house?  I know where that is.  Second right, house number #17.  Okay, right, see you then.  Bye.”  As he hung up the phone, he looked at Chance and said, “Sorry,” knowing that Chance would have wanted to go.

“Yeah well, you‘re better at fixing up engines than I am, so… whatever.” The jealously still present in his voice.

Jake got his stuff ready and packed it all up in the truck.  He heard Chance call out to him, ”Don’t do anything stupid!”  Jake, looked back with a look on his face of, ‘yeah right, there is no way I couldn’t screw this up’, got in the truck and drove off.

When he arrived at Callie’s, she was outside waiting by the garage.  Jake got out and walked up to her.  “So, where’s this problem?” he asked, trying to be as confident as he could be.

“Oh, it’s right here”, she pointed to her car.  “But, first, I haven’t had anything to eat this morning. Care to come inside for a drink before we get started?”

Jake, shaky and reluctant, agreed, and they both went inside her house. All the while Jake kept repeating in his mind, ‘Don’t do anything stupid.  Don’t do anything stupid.’

“What would you like to drink, Jake?” asked Callie as she opened the refrigerator.

“Milk is fine with me,” he answered as he stood, not knowing where to sit.

“You can sit anywhere you want to, Jake” Callie said, noticing him standing awkwardly.

“Oh, okay…”  he looked around frantically for a place to sit, then found a comfortable seat on her couch.

“Here you are,” Callie said as she handed him a glass of milk. Then, she sat down on the chair across from him, with her breakfast in hand.  “Oh my, I’m sorry,” she apologized, noticing that she hadn’t offered him something to eat.  “Did you want anything to eat, Jake?” she asked.

“No thank you, Ms. Briggs” Jake said a little shakily.

“You can call me Callie, Jake.”

Thrown off by the statement, Jake answered, “Umm…  Okay, no thank you, Callie,” he corrected himself.

They sat there for a while discussing things as Callie ate.  Slowly, Jake’s confidence grew to where he could talk to Callie without much trouble.  When she was done eating, she got rid of her plate.  As she returned to the couch she found Jake getting ready to get up to go to work.  “Hold on a sec Jake,” she said to stop him form getting up.  He stayed down with a curious look on his face. “Jake I have something I would like to talk to you about.”   She sat next to him on the couch.

“Okay Callie.”  Jake was still not sure what she was trying to get at.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life yesterday.”

Jake, knowing what she was talking about, tried to play dumb and asked, ”What?  Save you yesterday?  What are you talking about, Ms. Briggs?  Oops, I mean, Callie.”

“Jake. I don’t know how to put this in words, so here it goes…  I love two men…  One is a person I go to for help when I need it, and the other is a person who helps me when I get into trouble…  I saw you carry me out of that room without your mask on at MegaKat Biochemical labs.  And, then I heard T-bone, or should I say Chance, call you Jake.  At that moment, I was overjoyed to find out that the two people I loved in this world were the same.  She looked right into his eyes, Jake…  Razor…  I love you.”

Completely stunned, Jake was silent.  Inside, his heart grew so bright with joy.  To hear that the girl he had loved for so long loved him back.  It was indescribable.  And that she had found out the identity of the Swat Kats.  Slowly, he asked, ”When?  For how long?” inside he was thinking ‘How could a beautiful She-Kat like her like a Kat like me?  Am I dreaming?’

Callie, knowing that Jake was lost in emotions, moved closer to him on the couch.  She placed her paw on his and tried to explain.  “Well, I first saw you back when you were an enforcer.  At first it was just a little crush, but, when that never ended, I found myself in love with you.  Something about you made me fall head over heals.  And, when you and Chance were dismissed from the Enforcers, I couldn’t give you up.  So, when I found out that you were assigned to the salvage yard, I decided where I would go for my tune-ups and such.  Then, the Swat Kats showed up, and they or you two kinda became my protectors.  Whenever I have gotten into trouble, you are always there to save me.  I fell for Razor a while later, when he would always come to save me. He is my night in shining armor.  You can imagine my joy when I found out you two were the same Kat.  My dreams had come true in the best way.”  She looked up into Jake’s eyes.

“You don’t have any troubles with your car, do you, Callie?” asked Jake, still blown away.

After the question Callie smiled, moved in close, and softly kissed Jake.

After the kiss, she purred, “Not really, Jake”, and she kissed him again.

Jake, still amazed at Callie, felt her warm body against his.  And, although very scared, after that second kiss, Jake put his arms around Callie and kissed her back.

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