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By Collin Blake

  • 8 Chapters
  • 7,742 Words

Feelings run deep. With everyone, a secret lives inside. And surprise is everywhere, even in the hearts of the Swat Kats.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Feelings
Author’s name: Collin Blake
Submitted: November 2001
Edited: February 2002
Email: turbokat@email.com or ncc_63549@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: This is a FAN FICTION, and is not intended to make any money.  If anybody sends me money, they will get it back.  I write for love of Swat Kats, nothing more.  (Swat Kats copyrighted by Hanna-Barbara.)

Author credit: The idea of Jake going to Callie’s place alone was also used in “Unmasked” by James L. King.  My outcome and story may be completely different, but the idea was his first.

Teaser:  Feelings run deep.  With everyone, a secret lives inside.  And surprise is everywhere, even in the hearts of the Swat Kats.

To reader:  *Warning* this is a Romance/Action fan fiction, and it’s good (Not meaning to brag).  I just wanted to write something I thought would happen (had the series continued), and write it true to the series.  (And, not a romance involving Jake and Chance.  That‘s just not good.) Comments and critique are always welcome.  So…  We begin…

Chapter 1

(The salvage yard, Chance is sitting on the couch watching “Scardy Kat.”  While Jake has just finished repairs on a customer’s car (a very attractive She-Kat) and is wishing her a good day.)

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have any more problems with the exhaust.  And, if for some reason you do, just bring it back and I’ll fix it up for ya’,” Jake said as he put down the hood.

“Thank you.  You really got this old thing fixed fast,” complimented the customer as she got into her car. “You’re really good.”

“Ah it was nothing,” Jake replied, putting his paw on the back if his head in a bashful manner.

She started the car, then turned to Jake and smiled. “Thanks again.”

Jake called out to her as she drove off, “You’re welcome!  Have a Good day!”…

And as she drove out of sight, he turned back to the garage and said to himself, “Real smooth, Jake, couldn’t even get her name.”

Jake walked into the living room with a shot down look on his face. As he passed by the TV, Chance noticed that his buddy was down and stopped laughing at the TV show. “Hey, buddy, what’s wrong?”

Jake pulled his head up, “Ah, nothing Chance…,” he said, trying to act if nothing was wrong.

“Nothing?  Was there something with the customer?”

“Not really,” answered Jake, who looked to change the subject.

“She was really pretty…  Were you putting the moves on her, Jake?” Chance said in a joking manner.  “Yeah, I could hear you two from in here, you sure are a suave Kat, Jake.”   After that, Chance started to laugh.

“Very funny,” Jake said sarcastically, “Can’t you just leave it …..”


The alarm started to go off.

Chance stopped laughing and rushed over to answer the deputy mayor.  He slammed his paw against the intercom button.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs, what’s the problem?”

“Swat Kats, we’ve got a problem over here at MegaKat Biochemical Labs!  Dr. Viper is back and he is after the new experimental steroid, mutagen 41.  He’s on floor 23, making a huge mess of the place.”

“No problem, Ms. Briggs, we’re on our way!”  Chance hit the button again, turning off the intercom and, with Jake, ran down toward the hanger…

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