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Chaos of Power

By Collin Blake

  • 3 Chapters
  • 5,138 Words

Rex Shard returns and is hungry for some real power and revenge.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Chaos of Power
Author: Collin Blake
Finished: February 2002
Email: turbokat@email.com or ncc_63549@hotmail.com
Rating: PG / K+
Disclaimer: This is a FAN FICTION. It is not intended to make any money. I do this for love of Swat Kats, not personal profit. “The best things are free.” (Hanna Barbara copyrights Swat Kats.)

 Teaser:  Rex Shard’s returns and is hungry for some real power and revenge.

Author’s Comments: I wrote this on an idea from Kristen Sharpe ((::Bows::  “Thank you Kristen.”)).  I decided to add to the huge amount of Rex Shard related fan fictions…  Hmm..  I guess this makes… 2.  I hope you enjoy.  If you have anything comments on this or my other stories please let me know.  I appreciate feed back very much.  So, Enjoy…

Chapter 1

(Flying high above MegaKat City in the TurboKat, the Swat Kats were on patrol.  The TurboKat flew up and down side to side in the night’s sky.  T-bone was darting left and right, doing the thing he enjoyed most, pushing the TurboKat to her limits.  He leveled out as they started to fly over the residential part of MegaKat City.)

“It’s a pretty nice night tonight, aye Razor?” asked T-bone.

Razor looked up at the cloudless night sky and the full moon in the middle of it.  “Yeah, and with no sign of activity so far tonight, every Kat in MegaKat City must be enjoying it as…” The Enforcer radio channel going off cut him off.

“All units, we have a unknown electrical disturbance at the MegaKat Power Plant. Please be advised, over…”

Razor turned down the radio.

“We better check it out, buddy,” Razor said.

“Roger that,” T-bone answered and then pushed up to full throttle towards the MegaKat Power Plant.

When the TurboKat reached the scene of the report, both Swat Kats saw the workers running in a mass evacuation out of the plant.   T-bone put the TurboKat into hover mode as both Swat Kats saw the huge plant begin to glow.

“T-bone, what is going on down there?”  Razor said in fright and awe.

“IT’S GOING TO BLOW!!!  EVERYONE GET BACK!!!”  a worker yelled as he exited from the charged building.

“Razor, that energy core is going to blow!”  T-bone explained as he started to turn the TurboKat away.

“Hold on, buddy!”  Razor called, and T-bone stopped moving.  “Set me up for a shot at the roof.”

“The roof?  Razor, the whole building is going to blow!”

“Just keep the jet steady T-bone.”

T-bone pulled back and held the jet steady in hover mode.

“Alright. Two missiles…  Locked…  Away.”  The two missiles flew away from the TurboKat instantly and hit the roof, creating a huge hole that allowed Razor to see inside.  And, inside, Razor had a dead on view of the power core.  The huge silver ball was superconducting.  Electric waves shot out of its metal casing all the way to the ceiling.  The foundation shook after every gigantic bolt smashed against its walls.  “Alright, now locking Power Drain missile…”

“Power Drain?”  What the heck is that?” T-bone asked.

“Watch and see…,” Razor answered.  “Locked on, Power Drain Missile… Deployed!”  With that, the missile flew out of the belly of the TurboKat and flew toward the supercharged core.  Midway before impact, the missile’s front cap broke off and four long chains with circular pods at each end flew out and started to spin in the air.

T-bone looked on in curiosity and awe.  The missile hit dead center of the giant electrified ball.  The four pods were slapped against the shiny metal casing, and soon they grew bright white with the chains following.   Slowly, T-bone noticed a change; the giant electric bolts coming from out of the ball were getting smaller and smaller.  The building began to darken to its original color.  The workers stopped running and looked back to see a bright white light attached to the metal sphere.

“Wow, Razor, what have you come up with this time?” an astonished T-bone asked.

“It’s a prototype, a missile that absorbs energy rather than expelling it.  Think of it as like a reverse Scrambler missile,”  Razor explained.

“How much can that thing hold?”

“I don’t know, but it was the only option I had to save the plant…” Razor was cut off by a screeching coming from the white light.  And then, a sudden explosion as the white light turned red then disappeared in a bolt of lighting that went from the core to the ground.

T-bone and Razor had both dropped their Anti-Glare visors before the explosion.

“Looks like it couldn’t hold all of that juice,”  T-bone said.

“Yeah, and it looks like I I’ll be doing some adjustments on the next one,” Razor answered.

The building was dark and the workers now calmed.  The crisis was over, and even though the missile had overloaded, the danger had seemed to vanish.  With an overview that the situation was back under control, T-bone turned the TurboKat around, and the Swat Kats flew off, back home to salvage yard.

When they got back and out of their flight suits, Jake and Chance sat down on the couch.  Chance grabbed the remote and turned on the news.  Jake grabbed two cans of milk out of the fridge and handed one to Chance as he sat down next to him.

“This is Ann Gora of Kat’s Eye News, here at the MegaKat Power Plant where an extraordinary event has just taken place.  I’m here with the plant supervisor.  Tell us in your own words what happened here tonight?”

“Well, we were running some new experiments with a new type of ionized energy coil.  And, it ended up overloading the system.  We were on the verge of an electric blowout that would have cut off all of MegaKat City’s power.  But, right before the explosion, the Swat Kats somehow drained the energy from condensed core and sent it all to the ground.  Power was only cut off from a small part of the city, and only for a brief time.  It took us only five minutes to restore full power to the entire city.”

“There you have it, the city once again has been saved by the Swat Kats.  This is Ann Gora, Kat’s Eye News.”

Chance looked over at Jake.  “Another night for the Swat Kats,” he said, raising his can of milk up.

Jake looked at him and smiled.  “Yeah.”  And, with that, Jake lifted his can up and clinked it against Chance’s.  They both took big gulps after the toast.  “I think I know what to do with the modifications to the those Power Drain Missiles…”  He looked over at Chance, who was not paying attention and watching TV.   “Chance?” he asked.

Chance didn’t turn his head, but responded, “What Jake?  I’m kinda busy right now.  The MegaKat series is on and it’s game seven…”


“Hey, Guard, what’s taking so long?”  a grungy voice called from inside his cell.  “I want to see the game!”  he called out.

A squeaking of wheels could be heard from down the hall.  It came closer and closer until soon a TV placed on a cart came into sight.  Two guards were dragging it.

“Keep it quiet Shard!” one of the guards boomed back.  “You’ll get your precious game soon enough.”

The face in the cell stayed quiet.  As the cart reached his door, the guards instructed him to stay back.  He did, and they opened the cell door.  One guard rolled the TV in while the other kept his eyes on the inmate.  Once the TV was set up, the two guards walked out of the room and locked the cell door.

“Now, you’re allowed the TV for the remainder of the game for your service in the clean up effort around here a month ago.  You break it, you lose your outdoor activity time for six months.  Understand?”

“Get outta here!” yelled back the angry voice from inside the cell.  “Let me watch the game!”

The two guards gritted their teeth and walked away, infuriated at the disrespect.  The inmate flipped on the TV, turned it to the right channel,  and then sat down on his cot.

“Ha, I never thought I would see the MegaKat Tigers back in the series.”  He sat there, for the most part enjoying himself.  It wasn’t very often an inmate was allowed to watch TV.  But, he had worked and put in extra time to the clean up project on Alkatraz.  And, this was his reward.  He sat there watching TV when, all of a sudden, the TV shut off.  “What the?”  He got up and clicked the Power button, but nothing happened.  He banged on it with his paw in frustration, “C’mon, work, you stupid piece of junk.”  He looked behind the TV and traced the power cord to the outlet.  “Well it’s plugged in.”  He pushed the power button again; nothing happened. Then, he turned to the door.  “Hey, Guards, you gave me a busted TV!  I want another one!” he yelled.   But, the guards were long gone.  “Great, I finally get a TV to watch the game and what happens?  It breaks!  Ahh!” he yelled and picked up the TV in frustration and banged it against the cell wall.

*Crack*  The back end of the casing that held the TV came off and fell to the floor.

He looked at what he had done and placed the TV back down, but turned it around to see the damage.

“Stupid piece of junk.”

As he looked inside the shell of the casing, he saw two wires separated from each other as if they were blown apart.  “That’s the problem.”   As he reached his paw in to grab the wires, his finger got stuck in between the two wires.  Connecting the circuit, his finger was suddenly full of electricity and his entire body shook from it.  “Ahh!” he yelled in pain.

After a few seconds, he pulled his finger back with all his might.  When he pulled it out, his force knocked him back against the wall.   He laid there on the ground for a second before he got up.  Once he got up he looked at his finger.  It was a green crystal.

“NO way,” he said to himself.  “It’s happening again.”

He looked at the TV. It was smoking and the screen had exploded.   He looked back to his finger, and then he clenched his paw in a fist and concentrated.  With his eyes closed and squinted, he tried hard to concentrate.  Slowly, his entire left paw became green crystal.  He opened his eyes.

“Alright!  Rex Shard is back!”  He closed his eyes again and concentrated, but, this time, no matter how hard he tried he could not get the rest of his body to recrystalize.  He walked over to the TV and placed his left paw on it.  Expecting it to turn to crystal he was looked on to see the TV stay in its original form.  “What gives?  How come it doesn’t work?”  He looked at the TV again, thinking, and then said, “It must have happened when I got fried.  And now, I spent all my energy making my paw crystal…”  He looked up with an evil grin.  “Looks like I need to get me some more juice.”  He turned and walked over to the back wall of his cell.  Taking his crystal claw, he cut out the pattern of a giant circle in the wall.  Then, pulling his crystal fist back, he punched the middle with all his might.  With a giant boom the wall broke, and Shard leaped out onto the exterior of Alkatraz Island.

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