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Chance’s Adversity

By Collin Blake

  • 7 Chapters
  • 9,168 Words

“Partner, RIO, Teammate, Best Friend… No, he’s more than that… and I never thought about it, but… ‘What if I lost him?’…”

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Chapter 7

T-bone was stunned.

‘How could that be right?’ he thought.

The scope also picked up something very interesting to T-bone. It showed the creature’s bio enzyme trail. So, all the places where it had been now glowed on the screen. Section 3, PurrKat Homes, MegaKat Hall, Pizza Kats…

“Wait a minute!” T-bone said out loud. “Pizza Kats?.. …Dr. Zyme? …Wait a sec.. No… it makes perfect sense… Being out when the creature strikes, coming back with a busted leg, and being so affected by the enzyme Razor came up with… Holy Kats! Razor! He has no idea!” T-bone exclaimed.

He pushed full throttle back to MegaKat Labs. He immediately got on the radio.

“Razor, come in Please!” he called out.

But, there was no answer. Razor had gone out looking for Dr. Zyme and had forgotten to take his radio with him. T-bone figured Razor was already in trouble. He hurried as fast as he could back.

T-bone thought to himself, ‘Why hadn’t Zyme attacked Razor? He was the easiest target imaginable… NO, it was the enzyme, Razor smells horrible to Zyme. He wouldn’t want to eat sour food. But, with one shot of that acid, Razor would be dead… and it wouldn’t matter… I got to hurry! I’m not going let him down twice!’


Razor looked all over the building for Dr. Zyme. From top to bottom. He was about to give up when he remembered the basement. He took the elevator down and, when the door opened, it was black. He tried to flick on the light switch, but it didn’t work.

He called out, “Dr Zyme?” and got no answer. But, after a few seconds, he heard a rustle. The only light available was the light form the elevator itself, and from a window letting in the streetlight. He looked down at his belt and searched for a flashlight.

The noise came again, and a scared Razor looked up at it…

In the dark, two bright yellow eyes appeared out of nowhere. Razor suddenly found his flashlight and shined it to reveal the creature and a huge collection of Kat bodies hanging from the ceiling. All ripped up.

Razor looked on in horror.

The creature stood up and walked toward Razor, but soon stopped and smelled the air. It let out a cry of disgust. Then, it just seemed decide to ignore the smell and proceeded again toward Razor.

Razor tried to back up into the elevator, the door of which he had left open, but he moved very slowly.

The creature got closer and closer, and it started to open its mouth. It hissed and screamed as it did right before it spit acid.

Razor still moved slowly backward with the light fixed on the creature. He was scared stiff, with only his hand locked on the throttle backward.

Right then, a crash came from the window and in flew in a dark figure. The creature turned and launched its acid at the figure.

Razor, now able to move, shined his light over to the figure. It was T-bone.

T-bone rolled to avoid the acid, and then launched two grenades at the creature. They both hit center mass, and the creature fell over in pain. T-bone, not wasting time, fired the last four at each limb. Then, he launched a mini missile with a needlepoint at the mouth of the monster. The creature now lay silent and not moving. T-bone ran over and tied it up the best he could. He then turned to Razor.

“Sorry I’m late. I had to switch glovatrixes. All the weapons on mine got gummed up.”

“Glad you’re here… How did you know?” asked Razor.

“It was Zyme… He was everywhere the creature had been, and the trail of blood led back here. Plus, when I was staring at it in the hallway, I noticed the eyes were familiar.” He looked down at the creature. “Yep, those are his..,” explained T-bone.

Razor thought for a sec, “Hmm, you’re right, it makes sense now… We have to come up with a way to reverse his condition,” Razor said.

“I have no idea how to do that.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do. Can you carry him?”

“Yeah, of course I can handle it,” T-bone answered as he picked up the creature. He almost fell back cause the weight was so much, but he bit his lip and carried the creature into the elevator.

T-bone and Razor the creature down they so they could examine it in the lab.

Razor concluded that the amoeba that had exploded actually went into Zyme, and took control of him. Razor analyzed a sample of his blood but found nothing that could lead him to a way to separate the two.

After about 2 hours, the creature changed back into Dr. Zyme. He awoke strapped to the examination table.

“Oh, what happened? Where am I?” he asked.

Razor rolled up beside him and explained the Doctor’s condition.

“How strange, all this time to think it had been destroyed, but in fact it was growing inside me… Razor, I had no idea that this was happening to me.”

“I believe you,” said Razor.

“How much damage did it do, or I do?” he asked.

“Well, the basement is full with bodies, all dead.”

“Oh, my God,” Zyme said as his face went pale white.

“I know, but it wasn’t your fault.”

“Those poor people.”

“Doctor, you didn’t kill those Kats, ‘It’ did. Don’t blame yourself.”

The Doctor went silent for the next 3 hours. Razor, instead of pushing the doctor into conversation, let him think and sulk in peace.

Then, while Razor was looking under the microscope the doctor spoke again, “Razor, I can’t smell you. I don’t smell that awful stench.”

“Really. that’s strange. I don’t know why,” Razor said.

“Possibly my body has adapted to it,” Zyme pointed out.

“Maybe… I am going to need a sample of your blood please, Doctor,” said Razor.

“No problem,” answered Zyme.

Razor took the sample from Zyme, then placed it under the microscope with the sample from the creature. Both showed the connection of the two cells (Creature and Kat), but in Zyme’s blood the connection was much weaker. Some basic compound was attacking the connection itself. It looked very familiar to Razor…

‘Hey’ he thought to himself.

“That’s my enzyme compound,” he said out loud.

“What is?” asked Zyme.

“The reconnection enzyme I came up for myself is in your blood stream and it is working to sever you from the amoeba’s cells… I wonder how they got into your blood… Wait, it must have been that mini missile T-bone launched at you… I’ll have to congratulate him when he gets back,” chuckled Razor.

“Where is he?” asked Zyme.

“T-bone? He is were he should be, in bed. He hasn’t gotten any sleep through this whole mess, and he needs it,” answered Razor. “Hey Doc, I’m sorry about having to keep you restrained, but it’s only a precaution.”

“It’s alright. I understand,” Zyme said.

“Hey, Doctor, do you remember what, if anything, the amoeba was vulnerable to? asked Razor.

“Um, well I almost killed it during an experiment with a certain leaf I collected in the Amazon. I forget what the name was…”

“Do you have this plant with you?” asked Razor.

“Yes, I should have some leaves left in the cabinet to the back left of the room. The one marked ‘Amazon plant life.’ The leaves are in a bag with the name of the plant on it. I’m pretty sure it’s starts with S… sh…”

Razor rolled over to the cabinet and picked out some bags. He looked at the names and came across a bag named “Shuclotia.” He repeated the name to Zyme to see it if was the correct one.

“Yes, that’s it,” called Zyme back.

Razor rolled back over to the main lab and asked, “Doctor, could a Kat digest these leaves?”

“Yes. As I remember, they contain no toxins, or diseases,” answered Zyme.

“Alright, thank you, doctor.”

Razor kept the amount of the enzyme high in Dr. Zyme’s blood stream until the connection of the cells was gone. After that, he put the doctor on a diet of water mixed with the plant Shuclotia.

Within 12 hours, the doctor was back on his feet with the amoeba eradicated from his body.

“You make quite a good biologist,” said Dr. Zyme.

“Thanks, Doc, but none of it could have been done without your help. And, I’ll take fixing up the TurboKat any day,” Razor replied.

“Thank you again for saving my life,” said Dr. Zyme.

“And you mine,” said Razor. “Thank you for everything.”

T-bone had slept for 15 hours straight. He woke up to the site of Razor standing over him.

“Razor, you’re walking!” he exclaimed as he sat right up. Once he did, he could see Razor holding a cane to support his right side.

“Almost, buddy,” said Razor as he smiled. “While you have been out, I managed to regain the use of my arm and most of my leg. In a few weeks, I’ll be back to making you eat my dust in the Reflex room.”

T-bone laughed. “I’m still waiting for that day… Where’s the Doctor?”

“He is in the lab writing up a report to the Scientific Department about what has gone on. He’s back to his normal self. The amoeba cells in his body are gone,” answered Razor. “Thanks to your idea of injecting my enzyme into his bloodstream. You did use a very high amount though. If he had been any normal Kat, it would have killed him. But, it was the only way to save him. Good job, buddy. And now, we can go home…”

“Alright,” said T-bone with a feeling of warmth.

T-bone and Razor headed up to the roof and got into the TurboKat.

Dr. Zyme walked up with them, thanked them again, and waved goodbye.

The TurboKat lifted up, and, after their waves, the Swat Kats took off into the sunset.

The End

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