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Chance’s Adversity

By Collin Blake

  • 7 Chapters
  • 9,168 Words

“Partner, RIO, Teammate, Best Friend… No, he’s more than that… and I never thought about it, but… ‘What if I lost him?’…”

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Chapter 6

Razor and T-bone worked through the night, and, by morning, they both were exhausted. Razor had slept throughout the night. T-bone still didn’t get any sleep, but he felt a bit better. T-bone did the repairs. When awake, Razor supervised and told T-bone how to make the modifications, and, whenever T-bone got stuck, he would wake Razor up and ask for assistance. In addition to recalibrating the x-ray machine, T-bone also loaded up 8 mini grenades full of the enzyme Razor had come up with in his glovatrix, plus 2 missiles full on the TurboKat…

3 days had passed since the last attack on PurrKat homes. T-bone patrolled by the air every day and night, without sleep, and nothing had shown up.

Razor’s condition was getting better, so T-bone was feeling better, Razor’s slow process of injection and healing was working. He had full color in his fur from his shoulder to waist and partial color from waist down. He could now move his arm, but only to the degree of up and down, and he had regained the sense of feeling in his arm and chest (on the right side). His progress was amazing, but he still didn’t know how much of his mobility he would regain.

The Doctor was overjoyed to see the scientific marvel at work and helped Razor with his progress, but only when he had a pin or cloth over his nose. At times, the stench was so much that he couldn’t even be in the same room as Razor. Both T-bone and Razor still smelled it, but didn’t notice it.

The night of the 3rd day T-bone was out on his patrols. The sky was full of high-flying clouds. Nothing shown through; no stars, no planes, no moon. T-bone flew low, under the cloud cover.

‘This thing should be working,’ T-bone thought to himself. ‘I know I did what Razor said, but, since “Ugly” hasn’t shown up since, I can’t tell if it is working like it should.’ He looked at the X-ray screen, then at the city below, and then straightforward. He turned the emergency radio up to see if anything was going on… nothing…

Then, he heard a small beep, and he looked down to the source. It was the x-ray screen. It was registering some high level of closely concentrated acid to the southeast of his position.

“Alright, Ugly’s back!” T-bone said out loud, and, without hesitation, he looped the TurboKat around and flew off full throttle toward the creature’s position.

“Razor, come in,” called T-bone over the radio.

Razor, passed out at the time, was startled at T-bone call. He picked his head up and answered him, “Yes, T-bone?”

“Razor, ‘It’s’ back. It looks like it’s heading for MegaKat Hall.”

“Ohh No!” exclaimed Razor.


“That’s where Doctor Zyme is tonight.”

“He’s not there at the Lab?”

“No, tonight he is attending a meeting of the MegaKat Scientific Department.”

“Crud!… I’ll be there in a minute. I’ll watch out for him.”

“Be careful, T-bone.”

“You got it, Buddy.”

The TurboKat arrived over MegaKat Hall. After landing, T-bone got out and looked down through the giant glass dome in the center of the roof. He saw a huge meeting going on, where hundreds of Kats were assembled and listening to a speaker in the front of them behind a lectern. He started to look for the Doctor…

Then, all of a sudden, the creature blasted out of the right wing and started to attack.

T-bone engaged his saw on his glovatrix and cut a hole through the dome. He leaped through it and fell down toward the creature. After he was a safe distance from the roof, he engaged his Delta pack and glided down to the floor. He tried to fire a grenade at the creature, but he couldn’t risk hitting the huge mass of fleeing Kats. When he touched down, he disengaged his pack and sprinted over to it.

Weaving through the panicking Kats, T-bone got the creature, which was standing over a motionless Kat. T-bone, furious at the monster for hurting the Kat, aimed his glovatrix and fired a grenade with a cold hate in his eyes.

The grenade hit center mass, and the enzyme splattered all over the monster. It let out a huge scream of pain and backed up a few steps.

“THAT was for Razor!” yelled T-bone, furious with revenge.

The monster regained its footing, and started forward again, but T-bone launched another grenade. This time, he hit the monster in the knee. Again, it screamed and moved back, but before it could regain it’s footing this time, T-bone ran and kicked it back against the wall.

“And THAT was for ME!”…

“It’s time to finish you off,” he said as he aimed his glovatrix one more time to kill the monster. He walked slowly closer to the creature, which seemed very injured.

But, suddenly, its head turned and it spit a huge amount of acid at T-bone’s head.

T-bone engaged his shield on his glovatrix, put it in front of his face, and kicked up his feet to fall under the acid. He had barely gotten out of the way. The shield had, however, been diminished into nothing from the acid (but none of it had spilled on T- bone). After the fall, he got back up to see that the monster had gone.

“DAMMIT!” he screamed in frustration.

He looked around to see if it possibly was going to attack from a different angle, but, when he took out the miniature acid tracker Razor had helped him make, and it showed that the creature was not in the building. He looked back to where the monster had been and noticed a small puddle of what looked like blood. When he bent down to examine it, he noticed that right above it was a small peg that was sticking out and dripping the same blood substance.

‘My kick impaled him on that post’ thought T-bone to himself. ‘How could I have hurt him that bad, when he took all those bullets back then?’ he thought to himself. ‘I must have got him in his soft spot.’

He looked again at the puddle, and this time noticed a smaller puddle next to it, and then another next to that one, etc. etc. …

‘A trail!’ he exclaimed to himself.

He got up and aimed his hand high toward the ceiling. He fired a grappling hook up through the hole in the dome and pulled himself out of the room. Once he got in the TurboKat, he called Razor.

“Razor, come in.”

This time Razor was not asleep. “Yes, T-bone, I’m here.”

“Razor, I just had a battle with the Monster. I wounded him. He retreated, but he is hurt, and he left a trail of blood for me to follow, but I need to know how to recalibrate the x-ray scope to now track the blood,” said T-bone.

“Okay, first go to the lower compartment of the jet, and find the scanner in there. You remember? The one you used to scan the acid?”


“Well, just input a sample of the blood and program the scope to search for the ‘new sample’,” explained Razor.

“Affirmative. Thanks, buddy.”

“Hey, is the Doctor alright?” asked Razor.

“Well, when I first got here I looked for him, but I didn’t see him. I don’t think he’s here. Even in the panic I didn’t see him. And, I know ‘Ugly’ didn’t get him. …He only got one,” answered T-bone.

“That’s strange. I think I am going to go and look for him around here. Maybe he didn’t leave and he is in another room or something?”

“Alright, I’m going to do these modifications and keep searching,” T-bone said.

“Roger that.”

T-bone jumped down and started on the modifications. It took him only a few minutes to do it, and soon he was up in the air scanning.

“Okay, let’s see where you are,” said T-bone to himself.

The scope picked up the trail, and it lead back to the largest concentration of the blood…

MegaKat Biochemical Labs…

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