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Chance’s Adversity

By Collin Blake

  • 7 Chapters
  • 9,168 Words

“Partner, RIO, Teammate, Best Friend… No, he’s more than that… and I never thought about it, but… ‘What if I lost him?’…”

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Chapter 3

When they arrived, T-bone woke Razor. They met Doctor Zyme on the roof.

When the doctor saw T-bone carry Razor down and place him in a wheelchair, he looked puzzled. He was even more disturbed by the white fur up and down Razor’s side.

“Oh my, what happened to you?” he asked Razor with concern.

T-bone suddenly glared up at the Doctor with a stern protective instinct for Razor. Then, noticing he scared the Doctor, turned his expression to gloom. “Sorry That’s what we are here to find out,” he finally said.

“I need some of your equipment to find out what has been causing all of the “disappearances” in MegaKat City, ” said Razor to the doctor.

“Ohh. Well, by all means, come inside,” invited the Doctor.

The three of them headed down to the Laboratory. The Doctor had everything they needed.

“Why don’t we start with a molecular analysis?” asked the Doctor.

Razor agreed, and they put the shell under the electron microscope. The data from the analysis showed the creature was closely related to the Kat species, but its cells had a high concentration of hydrogen, fluorine, and chlorine.

“You say that, when you were attacked, this creature dripped a kind of acidic substance on you?” asked Zyme.

“Yes,” answered Razor.

“May I have a sample of your white fur for analysis, Razor?” asked Zyme

“Okay,” answered Razor.

Zyme took out a small pair of scissors and cut of a piece of white fur from Razor’s arm. Placing it in a small petri dish, he took out a eyedropper full of a clear, bluish liquid.

“What is that?” asked Razor.

“Squeezing 5 drops on the hair, Zyme said, “It’s a fluid that measures the amount of chemicals in any substance. I’m testing a theory I have about what happened to you.”

They all looked down at the dish in silence. Within a few moments, the blue turned to a reddish- orange.

“Aha, just as I suspected, ” said Zyme.

“What?” asked T-bone.

“The color change into red and orange shows the hair contains a very high level in hydrogen and fluorine. That explains your loss of movement; the acid that was dripped on you is Hydro-Fluoric. You’re quite lucky actually, if it had been any other acid you would have been dead – if not horribly scared within seconds. Hydro-Fluoric acid isn’t known for skin deformation, however, it does eat away at the bone and muscle tissue inside the body,” explained Zyme.

T-bone and Razor looked at him in an awe and horror.

“And, the chlorine we detected must be why your fur turned white, you were bleached.”

After a long pause, while both Swat Kats took in the doctor’s words, T-bone asked, “Is there anyway to reverse it?”

“Well, if Razor has lost mobility in his left side it means that his muscle tissue has been damaged. (Turning to Razor) Your skeletal structure on both sides seems to be fine, so the damage is not worst case scenario. There have been cases of muscular reactivation in patients, but few. Most cases end up permanently physically disabled,” answered Zyme.

Razor’s head went down in sadness.

T-bone, with gloom on his face looked at Razor, then back at Zyme, “You mean there is nothing I can do?” he said in a frustrated voice.

“I’m sorry, the acid acts like a wall to Razor’s muscle cells. It destroys the connection between the cells and his brain. So, his muscles never receive the signal to move, and their ability to gain energy is cut off as well… The acid also has lasting effects that don’t allow those connections to grow back,” explained Zyme, trying to calm down T-bone.

Razor raised his head and asked the doctor,” What kind of creature could have done this?”

“I don’t know,” pondered Zyme. “A creature that can carry such a high level of acid is not heard of.” He took a couple steps, then stopped and turned around with a sudden worry over his face, but then dismissed it just as quickly.

T-bone noticed the Doctors quick transformation and cautiously asked, “Hey, Doc, are you alright?”

Zyme, noticing T-bone, looked up, puzzled, “Well.. I was doing some experiments in the laboratory about a week ago, involving the reactions of highly “Basic” organisms when introduced to very acidic substances. Most of the experiments went well. But, when I got to bacteria sample #16, a small single celled amoeba from deep in the Amazon. It took in the acid I introduced into it and harnessed its power, then killed all the other bacteria. After I gathered enough information about it, I poured a solution on the bacteria to knock out the acid, but it caused a terrible explosion… I was knocked off my feet and back against the wall. When I came to, I walked back over to the experiment table to find the amoeba was gone. Blown up? Escaped? I don’t know, just gone…..”

T-bone and Razor looked at Zyme, who looked back at them, puzzled.

“I had forgotten about it, but what happened to you, it might be related to my experiment…”

“Wait a sec, Doc,” interrupted T-bone. “How could a single-celled bacteria get to the size of a monster?”

“I don’t know,” answered Zyme.

“And, how could it survive that explosion?” asked Razor.

“Again, I don’t know…,” answered Zyme.

“It could be related… But, for now, I think it’s best if Dr. Zyme and I research this sample to better understand this creature. T-bone, you’ll need to keep an eye out of it’s still lose in MegaKat City, and always keep in radio contact,” said Razor.

“Alright, we can get started by determining how this creature can hold such a strong yield of acid, and why it is attacking Kats…,” said Zyme.

“Wait, hold up!” interrupted T-bone. Both Zyme and Razor stopped and looked at T- bone. “What about Razor? We’re not gonna give up on him!” demanded T-bone.

“It’s okay, Buddy. The more we understand about this creature, the better chances are that we can find a way to reverse my condition,” answered Razor, understanding T-bone’s concern.

“And, he will be safe here,” pointed out Dr. Zyme. “You two can stay here until we figure this out. There is more than enough food, beds, and necessities here for you,” he added.

“Alright, thanks, Doc… So you want me to go out there solo to try to find this creature AND capture it?” asked T-bone.

“Don’t try to capture it until we know how you can do that. It wouldn’t be safe for you to try without knowing how to do it. Just keep tabs on it and try to help evacuate people from its path of destruction. There haven’t been any more huge disappearances since that night. It’s probably due for another attack soon. You have to make sure you get there to help those people,” said Razor.

T-bone, more calm now, walked over to his partner and bent down so he was eye level with him. “Alright, but you get better, okay?” Then, turning to the Doctor, he added, “And, you take good care of him while I’m gone.”

Zyme nodded.

Then, T-bone got back up and ran out the door.

Before he made it out, Razor called to him. “Start with the residential sectors first!”

“You got it!” said T-bone as he left the room.

After T-bone was gone, Zyme smiled. While still looking at the door, he said to Razor. “He is very protective of you, huh?” But, when he got no answer, he looked over at Razor to see him passed out asleep in his wheelchair.

When T-bone got into the cockpit, he stopped and looked back at the Razor’s seat. The past times and adventures were running thought his head so quickly, and also the thought of it never happening again. He looked forward again, head down. His eyes looked though the rear view mirror to once again lock in on Razor’s seat. He stayed there for a couple of seconds, lost in time.

Then, he took off. He rose up in hover mode, then, right before he engaged the flight engines, he looked back at the seat one more time. And, in the mirror he could see a tear running down his face. He then looked up and pushed the throttle up to full and flew off…

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