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Chance’s Adversity

By Collin Blake

  • 7 Chapters
  • 9,168 Words

“Partner, RIO, Teammate, Best Friend… No, he’s more than that… and I never thought about it, but… ‘What if I lost him?’…”

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Author's Notes:

Title: Chance’s Adversity
Author: Collin Blake
Rating: PG13 (but I think it could be a PG, you decide)
Copyright: “Swat Kats” is copyrighted by Hanna Barbara.
Email: ncc_63549@hotmail.com. (You can try akira_class@excite.com, but I probably won’t get it. Excite is under “new management”.)

Teaser: “Partner, RIO, Teammate, Best Friend No he’s more than that and I never thought about it, but ‘What if I lost him?’ ”

Chapter 1

(This story is set before the character “Dr. Zyme” was killed in the show.) (The Swat Kats flying high in the TurboKat above MegaKat City around 9’oclock at night.)

“Sure is quiet tonight,” said T-bone. “Has been for a long time. I guess those bad guys finally learned their lesson. Not to mess with the Swat Kats!” He laughed.

“Hold on buddy,” replied Razor, “I’m picking up an interesting enforcer radio call.”

(Radio) “This is unit 351. I have responded to a possible 314 in section 3 of the northwest sector, but after arriving, there seems to be no activity at all. It’s strange; there is no activity anywhere. It’s like this place has been totally deserted . Hey! What the !?! Stop or I’ll shot! (Rifle shots fired) Ahhhhhh!”

(HQ. Radio response) Unit 351? Unit 351, come in please…

Razor turned down the radio.

“T-bone, we gotta find out what’s going on over there,” Razor said nervously.

“Alright, some action!” answered T-bone as he pushed up to full throttle, heading towards downtown.

When they arrived, they landed on the roof of the tallest building (It was one of the many MegaKat Hotels in the city). They leaped out and headed down through the hotel. As they moved down, they noticed that no one was in the hotel.

“Where is everybody?” asked a dumbfounded T-bone as they sped down the stairs and hallways.

“You got me, buddy, but this doesn’t look good,” answered a concerned Razor.

When they reached the lobby, it was empty. They rushed outside to see the enforcer car still running and with its lights on. Razor walked over to examine the car and saw the microphone for the radio lying on the ground next to an empty rifle. The empty shells were all around them.

“Looks like a nightmare,” said T-bone as he picked up one of the shells. “Still hot ..,” he added as he looked at Razor.

Standing up, Razor announced, “We gotta find out what did this, T-bone.”

“Yeah, but this whole scene gives me the creeps, buddy,” said T-bone as he dropped the shell.

“I know, but all these people are missing. What could have done this?” asked Razor.

“Dark Kat? Viper?” guessed T-bone.

“No, I don’t think so. This doesn’t have the signature of our typical “bad” Kats. This is something different, and it’s much worse,” said Razor as he looked around the entire empty block.

“Like what?” asked a scared T-bone.

“I don’t know .,” answered Razor softly.

Suddenly, they heard a crashing sound from across the street. Both turned their heads as quickly as possible. They saw a trash can falling over. Now, their hearts were racing. They both aimed their glovatrixes into the unknown. Back to back, they faced all directions. Their eyes searched for anything that might be coming at them.

“Razor, we should get out of here,” said T-bone, not taking his eyes off the unknown.

“Yeah I agree, let’s get our tails out of here before something bad happens to us too,” replied Razor, glovatrix steady.

They slowly moved back toward the hotel’s doors. Never taking their eyes off alert. Right before they reached the door, Razor suddenly broke his concentration and ran back to the car.

“Razor, what are you doing?!?” called T-bone.

“I have to get a shell to analyze. Give me a sec,” answered Razor, as he ran off.

“Razor get back here!” called T-bone again.

“Just cover me for a sec.” Razor bent down to pick up a shell. He put it in a plastic bag, then got back up. As soon as he got up, he heard T-bone scream

“Razor look out! Creature on your six!”

Razor turned around to see a giant mass of black pounce on him. He flew back against the car and fell over the hood to land hard on the ground. He tried to get back up, but the mass jumped on him again and started to spread a acidic substance all over him. It burned his skin.

“Ahhhhh”! he yelled.

Right after he began to yell out, a mini gas grenade hit the mass and fell right beside him. Razor, knowing what to do, closed his eyes and mouth to avoid inhalation. After that, he felt the weight upon him leave and, when the smoke cleared, he opened his eyes to see T-bone there, looking over him.

“Razor, are you alright?” asked T-bone.

“Yeah,” answered Razor as he got up slowly with T-bone’s help. “What was that?”

“I don’t know, it appeared on the roof of the building behind you when you got up. All I could see was that it was huge, black and it had enormous claws. I couldn’t make out any more. It left after the grenade, and I charged in to get it off you, answered T- bone. He looked around to still see nothing but emptiness. “And, I think we should get out of here before it comes back.”

“Yeah, you’re right, buddy,” Razor said, gathering his strength.

With Razor supported over T-bone’s shoulder, they went inside and headed up the stairs. When the reached the roof, T-bone kicked open the door. Letting go of Razor, T-bone jumped into the cockpit. “All right buddy, let’s get outta here,” T-bone said as he started up the engines. But, when he didn’t get an answer, he looked back to see that Razor was not in his seat.

He had not jumped into the cockpit.

“T-bone!” cried Razor in pain from the ground.

T-bone looked down to see Razor on the ground holding his right arm and right leg in pain. Shutting down the engines, T-bone jumped down from the cockpit.

“Razor, what’s wrong?” asked T-bone as he knelt down.

“I suddenly felt this huge pain in my entire right side, and I can’t move. The pain is too much,” explained Razor. His eyes squinted in pain. “Ahhhhh.”

“Hold on, buddy, I’ll get you outta here,” answered T-bone as he picked Razor up. Then, he leaped up with Razor in his arms and set him into his seat. After that, he jumped into the pilot’s seat and took off. As they left, T-bone called out a warning to all enforcer units that section 3 of the northwest sector was a hostile zone and should be sealed off. He never got an acknowledgment .

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