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Secret Weapon

By Christopher Teo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,640 Words

The dawg Matt, one of Feral’s old companions, returns to Megakat City to bust some crime.

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Author's Notes:

This is the third piece of fan fiction I have written. And once again, I’d like to point out that the Swat Kats, Megakat City, and all the other characters in the cartoon Swat Kats are the property of Hanna-Barbera. All the other characters that are in this fan fiction are the ones that I have created. If there are any similarities between the characters I have created and any other character that has been created by anyone other than myself, they were purely unintentional. I wrote this piece of fan fiction not for profit, but for entertainment.

In this fan fiction, there will not only be kats but dawgs as well. The spelling of ‘kats’ and ‘dawgs’ are intentional, because they are spelled that way in the Kat Universe. I would also like to highlight the fact that there are dawgs and various other mammals in this universe, it’s just that the kats make up the bigger part of the population.

I would also like to point out that when I describe a dawg, I tend to call it by its breed. But in this world, they don’t have breeds. I describe a dawg by telling you what breed it is so that you could have a better idea what he/she looks like. For example, “A collie looked out the window.” The dawg would not be called a collie in the kat world, but rather that we would identify it as a collie. Now that I have cleared up a few things, let the fan fiction begin.

A kat hides in the shadows, looking at the crane lift the box into the warehouse. He’s a pickpocket, well… sometimes. He spends most of his time looking out of information that he could sell. Either to crooks or to the Enforcers, it doesn’t make much difference to him, just as long as he can get some dough; he’ll spill the beans to anybody.

He usually doesn’t come out so late in the night, but this time, he made an exception. What he sees right now could give him information he could sell at a really high price. Enough money to keep him going for at least a month. Nearby are some heavily armed guards, all of them dressed in military uniforms. Whatever is in that box looks very important.

Someone in a trench coat is ordering them around. He turns around and the kat can now see that the guy in the trench coat is a dawg. Underneath that trench coat is another military uniform. The dawg has short brown fur and pointed ears. (In our world, he would be a Doberman).


One of the guards has spotted him. Terrified, he ran off, hoping to get away. The guard wanted to pursue him, but the dawg put his paw on his shoulder.

“At ease soldier. I don’t think he’ll cause us much trouble.”

“But Sir…”

“Don’t worry, everything will be all right. And I’ll take full responsibility for anything that should jeopardize this mission. Now return to your post.”

Reluctantly, the guard returned to where he had stood guard. The dawg then went back to supervising the crane. When the box was put into the warehouse and the door safely locked, the dawg instructed the guards to return to base.

As the guards got onto the truck that will take them back to their base, the dawg looked at the warehouse’s doors.

“Well. Looks like I’d better start getting back in shape.”

And with those words, he left the dock, heading to a destination that only he knows.


Commander Feral and his niece, Felina Feral, waited at the entrance of Megakat Library. Why? They do not know. It was around noon when Commander Ferral received a call. It was from the government. They told him that he was to meet someone at the entrance of Megakat Library at 10 in the night. Felina Feral was to accompany him to the area. That was all he was told. Now, it was half past nine. Felina noticed that her uncle seemed distracted, this made her curious.

“Hey uncle. What’s bothering you?”

“Oh nothing Felina.”

“You can’t fool me. There’s something on your mind. What is it?”

“Well… It’s about a friend of mine.”

“What about him?”

“His name is Matt Dobers. I taught him everything about combat, weaponry, vehicles and everything else a good Enforcer should know.”

“He’s an Enforcer?”

“No. He’s the son of someone I knew a long time ago. He was very interested in becoming an Enforcer, but for some reason, he chose to join the Army instead.”

“Have you heard from him?”

“Not until last week. He called me and promised that he would meet with me today.”

“Does he know where you are?”

“No, but he’ll find me. He always has been resourceful.”

“Hey! Something is going on over there!”

“We had better check it out.”


A dawg in a sweater and a cap walked down the road towards Megakat Library, and then he saw two kats waiting there. He was about to confront them when another kat jumped out and blocked his path. Soon after that, three more kats came out and surrounded him.

“Hey dawg! If you don’t want to get hurt, then hand over your wallet.”

“Is that right? Well I’m just going to have to say… no.”

Enraged, the kat thug threw a punch at the dawg, but the dawg dodged it with ease. Just before the thug recovered from his lunge at the dawg, the dawg punched him in the face and did a leg sweep which had the thug flat on the ground. The second thug was about to hit him in the back but an elbow to the stomach and an uppercut soon dealt with the thug. A roundhouse kick was all that was needed to ground the third thug. The fourth one had a knife, but when he lunged at the not so hapless victim, the dawg evaded the attack and grabbed the thug’s arm and twisted it, causing the thug to drop the knife. And a flip over the shoulder ended this little fiasco.

Until then did the dawg see that the two kats who were waiting at the library were Enforcers and were heading this way. He had been too engrossed in fighting the muggers to notice that.

“Oh Jeez! The Enforcers are coming, beat it!”

And the muggers ran off, leaving the dawg to the Enforcers.

As Felina approached the dawg, she saw that he had been attacked by some thugs, but had managed to beat them off. The dawg turned around, and when he did so, her uncle was very surprised.

“Matt? Matt Dobers?”

“Hey Uncle Feral! I’ve haven’t seen you for quite some time now. And I believe that the she-kat standing next to you would be Felina Feral.”

“My uncle was just telling me about you. You handled those muggers pretty well.”

“Well I should have. I’ve learnt a lot from your uncle.”

“You were a great student Matt.”

“Thanks Uncle. And you told me quite a lot about your niece as well.”

“Oh? What did he say?”

“Oh just the stuff a teacher chats about with his student. How you learnt really fast about everything an Enforcer should know, how you were going to make him proud one day, how he was going to get you and me married…”


“Just kidding about that part.”

“Matt. It’s been great getting to see you again, but could we meet up somewhere else later, we’re supposed to be meeting someone right now…”

“OH! Sorry! That just slipped my mind.”

“Excuse me?”

“Allow me to reintroduce myself.”

The dawg cleared his throat. It was hard to see in the light, but Felina could see his brown fur and that his pointed ears that were sticking out of his cap. He looked like he was about twenty-two years old.

“Hi. I’m Matt Dobers. I’m the government agent you were supposed to be meeting.”

This time, both uncle and niece widened their eyes in surprise.

The Doberman just stood there with a smirk on his face, smiling at the surprise he gave his old teacher.


“I don’t know what was in that crate but with all those guards there, it has to be important.”

“Yeah. And that crate would be…”

“Its at Megakat Harbor, Pier 3, Warehouse 5.”

“Good. Here’s your money.”

A pile of dollar notes is tossed across the table. Eagerly, the kat pockets the money and runs off. Chop Shot rises from his chair.

“When those Swat Kats handed me over to those stinking Enforcers, they took my chopper and dismantled it. I’ll need a lot of cash to rebuild and upgrade my chopper, and stealing whatever’s in that crate and ransoming it back to whoever it belongs to could give me enough cash to do it. And when I do, I’m going to ground those lousy Swat Kats for good!”

And the maniacal hyena started back for his hideout, to plan out how he was going to carry out his threats to the Swat Kats. And as he went, he was already picturing the Turbokat going down in flames and their occupants, the Swat Kats, with it. And with an evil grin, he headed back.


At the Megakat Scrap Yard, some time past noon. Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were having a small friendly contest. They were trying to best each other at smashing the largest number of concrete blocks at one blow. Sure! It wouldn’t be a small friendly contest to an ordinary kat on the street. But it would be, to the Swat Kats. They are the defenders of Megakat City, protecting the citizens from the crazed villains that constantly plague the city, and from the constant threat of criminals. And on the Kat’s Eye News, Jake and Chance see another situation that needs their help.

They leave the television on so that may know whenever something important happens. And it was lucky that they did, or otherwise, they would not have known about the bank robbery in progress. Four bank robbers were holding up the Megakat Bank. They were armed with revolvers and machine-guns and had a bomb in the building.

“We’d better hurry Chance!”

“Don’t worry Jake. We’ll stop that robbery.”

“And still have enough time to watch the Scaredy Cat Show?”


“You never change.”

Jake and Chance dash over to their lockers, and change into their alter egos, Razor and T-bone. They get into the Turbokat and zoom off towards the bank. Expecting stop it like every other bank robbery they have stopped. And it will be stopped. But just not the way they expect it to be stopped.


Commander Feral was back in Enforcer Headquarters, pondering over what his old friend and student had told him last night. It almost seemed like yesterday when Matt’s father introduced him to his son. He wanted to learn everything about being an Enforcer, wanted to be one of the best. He learned the ropes quickly enough. And pretty soon, he had learnt most of what Ulysses had wanted to teach him. If he had joined the Enforcers, he would have probably been a lieutenant, just like Felina. They could have been good friends. But he didn’t. As time passed, he noticed a lot of resentment directed towards him. This was usually because of the fact that he was a dawg. In fact, some racists had even tried to kill him. But he managed to get out alive and bring them in as well.

But he knew that he would probably be more trouble than he was worth if he had stayed, so he decided to join the army. He still remembered the day he left. He was taking the bus out of the city. He tried to make Matt stay, but he knew that his mind was made up. He could help more if he was in the army, few soldiers in the army care about what someone’s race is, so he wouldn’t be hindered much by racism.

As the bus was about to leave, Matt promised that he would come back to see him. But when the bus left with Matt on it, Ulysses felt that a part of him had gone as well. Matt had been more than a student; he had been a dear friend. He had been miserable for at least two months after he left. And he still missed him up to the day Matt had called.

It worried him a bit that Matt would not be able to find him when the government ordered him to meet that agent. But he hadn’t expected that Matt would have become a government agent. And what he told him made him extremely curious. He had told them out in the open that a secret weapon was being stored at a warehouse at the harbor, but he told them not to send anyone to guard the warehouse. He did not even bother with secrecy.

“Commander Feral!”

An enforcer had burst through his door. He looked extremely worried.

“Commander Feral Sir! There’s a robbery at the Megakat Bank. The robbers have hostages and are armed with revolvers and machine guns! They also claim to have bombs in the building!”

“Krud! Hold everything! I’ll be over there immediately!”

As Commander Ferral rushed to his helicopter, he pushed the thoughts about his conversation with Matt to the back of his head to think about it later. Although soon, after the robbery, there will be something else for him to ponder about.


Matt slapped two dollars into the ice cream vendor’s hand, handing one ice-cream cone to Felina.

“Here you go. One strawberry ice cream to go. On the house.”

“You didn’t have to buy me one.”

“Hey. Why shouldn’t I? After all, it looks like you’ve been keeping him happy while I was gone, so I owe you a favor.”

“Uncle didn’t really talk about you much.”

“He probably didn’t want to get too emotional.”

“Yeah I guess so. And why did you join the army anyway? It sounded like it broke his heart, and yours too.”

“I really didn’t want to leave either. But with the racism that day, I’d probably end up doing more trouble than good. There’s less trouble with racism in the army, so I decided that I could help more if I joined it.”

“And about you becoming a government agent?”

“WOAH THERE! That’s all pretty much top secret, so don’t try getting me to spill the beans.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, I won’t. And me going with my uncle to see you, was that your idea?”

“Indeed it was, I wanted to see what Feral’s little girl would look like…”

Felina dropped her ice cream down Matt’s shirt.


“What do you think about Feral’s little girl NOW?”

“She has a LOT of attitude.”

Suddenly, while Matt was trying to get a lump of sweet strawberry out of his shirt, Felina’s pager sounded. She looked at the number on it and swore under her breath.

“Krud. There’s an emergency at Enforcer HQ. I have to get down there fast. Sorry our talk got interrupted Matt.”

“Gee. And I was looking forward to having several more lumps of cold ice cream stuffed down my shirt. Oh darn.”

“Very funny. See you later Matt.”

“Same to you Felina.”

As Felina dashed back to Enforcer HQ, the lump of ice cream fell out of his shirt and onto the pavement. Matt looked at the quickly melting ice cream.

“Oh well. It was fattening anyway.”

And with that, he left. With no one knowing his destination, except him.



The robber put down the megaphone. Satisfied, he returned to stashing his ill-gotten gains in to sacks. There’re eight kats in the building, including himself, who are heavily armed, twenty hostages, and a bomb in the place that will blow the whole joint sky high if those Enforcers take one step into the place. He was so confident in himself that he felt that even the Swat Kats couldn’t stop them.

And just like that, as if he had been heard issuing that unspoken challenge, the Swat Kats smashed through a window. Before the robber could even react, T-Bone had launched an octopus missile at him, pinning him to the wall.

“That’s one scumbag down. Now lets go in finish the rest of those punks off.”

“I hear you loud and clear T-Bone.”

And the Swat Kats kicked open the doors that led to the other robbers, readying themselves for an attack. Mind you, the robbers weren’t in much of a position to be fighting anyone at all.


“Hey Dan! Where’s Jim and Fred? They’re supposed to be helping us keep all this loot.”

“I don’t know. I think they went round the building to check if there was anyone we missed when we rounded up the hostages.”

“They’re right here.”

“What the…”

Dan turned around and saw that Jim and Fred were now lying unconscious at his feet. But what worried him more was the dawg standing in front of him. The dawg gave him a left hook and a blow to the stomach, and picked him up and tossed him into another robber. By now the other robbers had overcome their shock and have readied their weapons.


“They call me Commando.”

Commando was dressed in an army uniform meant for urban combat. His face was covered with a red fabric, leaving only his snout revealed. He did not have any weapons.”


“That’s Commando.”

The remaining three crooks fired their rifles at Commando, but the bullets only bounced off some kind of orange translucent barrier that appeared in front of him, leaving him unscratched. When the robbers realized that their rifles were not doing any damage, Commando made his made his move.

His fists started to glow with some kind of energy, and then he launched two energy blasts at the criminals, knocking two of them unconscious. Not wanting the same fate to befall him, the last one turned and tried to run. But Commando merely created a small orange sphere of energy and lobbed it in front of the robber.

The sphere exploded, startling the robber. Taking advantage of this, Commando grabbed him and flipped him over his head. Neutralizing the last possible threat. But one of the robbers had regained consciousness. And it was the one with the control that activates the bomb.


“I doubt you will.”


“I’ve seen people who are prepared to die. And you’re not one of them. Besides, how do you know that I haven’t already defused it.”

As the criminal hesitated, considering his options, Commando saw his chance. His fist glowed with orange energy and he struck the ground, causing the floor to shake. The last conscious robber lost his footing, and dropped the control. Commando dived forward and caught it before it hit the ground. Seeing no other option, the last robber surrendered.

At that moment, the doors burst open and the Swat Kats jumped in, followed shortly by the Enforcers. As they surveyed the scene, Razor first looked at the unconscious robbers, and then at the new victorious costumed hero.

“Well. Looks like we missed the party.”


Commander Feral was back in his office. It had been a week after the bank robbery and the appearance of the new super hero, Commando. He dashed off before the Enforcers could bring him in for questioning, and so did the Swat Kats. And after that, he had already stopped another sixteen crimes and handed in the criminals each and every time. But like before, he always avoided questioning by the Enforcers.

But that wasn’t important right now. What was important was that Matt was back. He and Matt had been getting together a lot, reminiscing about old times. He hadn’t felt so happy for a long time. It was great to know that he was alive and well.

As Feral exited his office and headed out of Enforcer HQ, he gained quite a number of curious looks from the other Enforcers, but that was perfectly understandable. After all, he hadn’t looked cheerful for a long time. As he thought about it, the last time he had looked cheerful was the time Felina joined the Enforcers, and that was a very long time ago. The commander put all that out of his head. That was all in the past. When he stepped out of Enforcer HQ, he even thought about whistling a tune, but decided against it. That would be very bad for the image he spent so much time to create.


Was this Commander Feral? This was the question he asked himself. He had seen enough news reports about Feral to know what he looked like, but he wondered if he had made a mistake. Every time he saw Feral, he was always frowning.

It would be very embarrassing if that kat was not Feral, but since he was growing short of patience, he would just have to try his luck. The hyena patted the small laser pistol in his coat, and followed Feral until he was in a very isolated area.


Matt Dobers walked to the warehouse towards the two guards at the door.

“Agent Dobers? We weren’t expecting you. You were supposed to come here…”

“I know the original schedule, but there has been a change in plans.”

“Oh. Then what about us sir?”

“Leave your posts and return to base. I’ll send the signal when I need you.”

The two soldiers saluted, and headed back to the base. Matt Dobers opened the door and entered the warehouse. Chop Shot had escaped from prison and had taken Commander Feral hostage. He had heard of the secret weapon stored in the warehouse, and wants to exchange Feral for the weapon.

Originally, Chop Shot was supposed to hear about the weapon and enter this warehouse to get try and get it. A hostage situation had not been expected. Matt Dobers looked at the crate and spoke softly to himself.

“If my old friend gets even nicked, I’ll smash your head in.”


“Move it Feral!”

Chop Shot shoved Feral ahead of him, making him stumble. Ulysses cursed himself silently. He had gotten careless and allowed himself to get captured so easily. The fact that it was that scumbag, Chop Shot, only made it worse. Now he had jeopardized Matt’s entire mission.

Now, they had reached the warehouse. Chop Shot checked the door. It was unlocked. He motioned Feral to go inside. When they were inside, Chop Shot looked at the crate.

“This weapon had better be worth all the trouble and money I spent, or you’re going to get it Feral!”

Chop Shot walked around the crate and found that one of the walls of the box had been pulled out. As he looked inside eagerly, he heard a voice come from the inside.

“Hey Chop Shot!”

An orange blast came out of the crate towards Chop Shot, but Chop Shot managed to dodge it in time. As he got up, he saw a figure exit the box; he was dressed in a gray commando uniform with his face covered in a red fabric. It took him a while before he realized who he was.”

“COMMANDO! What are you doing here?”

“You wanted the secret weapon, so here I am.”


“That’s right. I’m working for the government and you’re under arrest.”

“Not a chance! I was prepared for you.”

Chop Shot pulled out two grenades and lobbed them at Commando but he merely launched two energy blasts at the grenades, exploding them in mid-air. The force of the explosion knocked Chop Shot onto the floor. Not willing to give up so easily, he fired several lasers at Commando but like before, an orange shield prevented him from getting hit.

When he remembered about Feral, he pointed the gun at him, only to have Commando slice it in half with an orange energy dagger that he created. Commando picked up the defeated hyena and slammed him against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

“Nice job Matt.”

Commando turned around, to see Feral looking at him.

“Don’t deny it. If I couldn’t tell recognize you as my old student and friend, I may as well hand in my badge.”

“Looks like you’re still in top condition.”

“Indeed I am. And I’m guessing that Chop Shot hearing about the weapon and coming here was all part of your plan. Am I right?”

“Yes. All this was set up so that Chop Shot could be lead out of hiding, but you getting taken as a hostage. That wasn’t part of the plan.”

“I know. I just had an off day.”

Matt nodded. He picked up Chop Shot by the collar and started to leave. “I’ll have to get going. I have to place Chop Shot in custody before this mission is considered complete.”

“Matt, I have a question. How did you get those powers?”

“That would be a government secret, and I’d have to kill you if I told you.”

“We wouldn’t want that. And you being a super hero, that was your idea wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty cool. I get fans by the hundreds, and criminals tend to surrender faster to a super hero than to an Enforcer.”

“Well. You’ll have to get going now.”

“That’s right. See you later Ulysses.”

“Same to you Matt.”

Matt dragged out Chop Shot to a waiting chopper. As they got on, Ulysses Feral watched the chopper take off and fly off until it was nothing more than a speck in the sky. He sighed and started off on a long walk back to HQ.


“Hey Uncle. Wait up.”

Felina rushed over to her uncle’s side. He had just come back to HQ and was looking gloomy.

“What happened? You look awful.”

“Matt had to leave.”

“Oh. Don’t worry, I bet he’ll come back to visit.”

At that time, Felina thought her uncle smiled, just the slightest bit, but a smile nonetheless.

“Yes. In fact I’ve a feeling that we’ll be hearing from him, a lot.”


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