Original SWAT Kats Story

Enter the Summoner

By Christopher Teo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 5,306 Words

They have fought the Metallikats, locked horns with Dr. Viper, and entered combat with Turmoil. But will the SWAT Kats be ready for MegaKat City’s newest Super Villain, The Summoner!?

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Author's Notes:

Hi, I’m back with another fanfic. Once again, all characters and places from the cartoon, Swat Kats, belong to Hanna-Barbera.

… Not much to say here, except that the Summoner is my creation. Should anyone wish to use him in his or her story/stories, please e-mail me for permission first. Thank you.

Now let the story begin…

Darkness permeated the cave, and the scraping of claws on the cold rock floor could be heard as creeplings rushed to do the bidding of their evil master. Dark Kat stood hunched over his tools of terror, all created with malignant intentions.

“Soon… they will PAY for their impertinence, yes…”

He started chuckling, chuckles that soon escalated into deafening laughter, and the whole cave that was his secret hideaway reverberated with his mad laughter. His creeplings promptly clamped their claws over their ears, blocking out most of his menacing laughter. And in doing so, dropping whatever they had been carrying.

The parts dropped to the floor with a loud clatter, as they crouched down to retrieve the pieces of what would be yet another engine of destruction, they noticed two foot paws in front of them.

They looked up at a figure hidden in shadows. Instantaneously, they leaped with claws bared. Ready to rip apart whoever had entered their master’s lair.

Casually, the figure whapped one creepling away with the back of his paw and sent him hurtling towards one of the walls of the cave. With his other, he plucked another creepling out of the air and with his claws around its throat, choking air out of it with a grip like a steel vise. He kicked away a creepling and stamped down with his foot paw on another unlucky creepling.


They pause, unsure whether to obey what they believed their master to have said. Was not the one who had entered and now stood there an intruder? Were they not supposed to slay all those whom were intruders?

“I said ENOUGH! Now back to your tasks!”

Grudgingly, they left, their tails between their legs, still keeping an eye on the individual that had thoroughly beaten them. The figure gave a snort of contempt.

“So… these are the results of all that research in genetic engineering? Hardly worth the effort, although that is a new look for you, Dark Kat.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Just dropping by to see how an old acquaintance is doing. Hmmm, what was it that you last said… something about becoming ruler of Megakat City.”

“Megakat City WILL BE MINE! Once those Swat Kats are out of the way-”

“Ah yes the Swat Kats, quite an impressive reputation I MUST say. They’ve been quite a thorn in your side-”

“Enough of this pointless chit-chat! What do you really want?”

“Never one for small talk were you Dark Kat, anyway I’ve been thinking of expanding my influence, and Megakat City is full of opportunities.”


“Those Swat Kats will have to go, they might prove to be quite a problem. Not to worry Dark Kat, I’ll save a street or two for you.” He turned and walked a few steps before turning around. “Oh and next time Dark Kat, try getting a hideout harder to locate, it was child’s play finding this one.”

He than left the cave laughing, the sound of his laughter echoing off the walls of the cave.


The siren wailed out, and at a most inappropriate time, for Commander Feral was right in the middle of breakfast.

He was bringing a cup of coffee to his lips when it sounded. Startled by the sirens, he spewed it onto the newspaper he currently had in his paws.

“Kats alive!”

He rushed out of his office. Enforcers were rushing about, obtaining their blasters and getting to their vehicles. One Enforcer ran up to him and saluted.

“Commander Feral Sir! There is male dawg obstructing traffic at Longtail Avenue!”

“That’s it? Why were the sirens sounded for that?”

“The perpetrator is doing it by overturning cars with his bare paws.”

“KRUD! Who is it?”

“We have yet to discern the perpetrator’s identity.”

“Wonderful another supervillain making a name for himself.”

He burst out onto the airstrips and got onto one of the choppers taking off. He brandished a blaster and instructed the pilot to head for Longtail Avenue.

<< This ‘supervillain’ is going to wish he never woke up. >>


The car did a somersault and landed downside up. The Summoner walked off to wreak more havoc, not even waiting to see the results of his handiwork as the car exploded in a burst of flames. Enforcer patrol cars screeched to a halt and Enforcers leapt out with their blasters trained on the Summoner. Not even deeming them worthy of attention, he casually loosed bolts of lightning at their vehicles without even turning to face them.

Explosions rocked the street, flinging Enforcers left and right. The Summoner stepped aside to avoid being hit by an Enforcer hurled from the blast. He dusted off his Italian suit, and turned once more to observe the sky. Helicopters were beginning to approach, but no Turbokat in sight.

He wore an Italian business suit with a light shade of brown. His fur a dark hue of brown. He clucked his tongue disapprovingly.

“Tsk, tsk. What must one do to gain the attention of a pair of masked vigilantes? This is far beneath my dignity, to indulge in this gratuitous destruction.”

“Well why don’t you wait for them in jail!”

The dawg turned and saw an Enforcer with a blaster leveled at his head. He impassively inspected the new attacker, completely unruffled by this new turn of events.

“Hmmm, ah you’re Sergeant Felina Feral aren’t you? I see you’ve made quite a name for yourself.”

“Let’s just cut to the chase, are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

“I would opt for the latter.”


Felina fired a net from her blaster, and the Summoner retaliated by unleashing several arrows of ice. They ripped through the net as if it were only made of wet string. Felina nimbly ducked the oncoming barrage of icicles.

“Impressive reflexes, I see a very bright future for you.”

Not wasting breath on words, Felina leapt with a kick at the Summoner. He parried effortlessly.

“Why waste your talents, being an Enforcer when you achieve so much, just by working for me.”

“Don’t you ever shut up.”

They exchanged punches and kicks, each one skillfully intercepted by both fighters.

Felina voiced her rebuttal, as she was aimed a kick at her foe’s stomach. “If you want me to switch sides and be on the take, forget it! I’m one of the good guys, and nothing’s going to change it.”

“Hmph, can’t say I didn’t try.”

He caught her foot and flung her off to the side. Nimbly, she landed on her feet and was about to engage in combat once more when the roar of engines could be heard over the crackling fires and the occasional explosion.

“Finally, they’ve arrived.”

The Turbokat hovered in midair as its occupants took in the massive devastation that had occurred.

Razor gazed about with eyes wide open. “What could have caused all this? Was it Dark Kat? The Pastmaster?”

“I think our answer’s down below, fighting Felina!”

“She’s too close, we can’t fire anything without hitting her.”

“Then let’s land the Turbokat and KICK HIS TAIL!”

Air rushed from the engines as the Turbokat lowered to the ground. The Summoner dodged a punch from Felina.

“Though I would like to stay and finish this fight, along with you, alas I have more important things to attend to.”

He swiftly flung several small seeds at Felina’s feet. Once making contact with the ground, green vines coiled out from the seeds as the Summoner traced a quick but complex sign in the air. They lunged out and entangled Felina’s feet, tripping her. She fell onto the ground, and the Summoner turned to face the Swat Kats.

She hastily tried to untangle the vines of green energy, as she did so, she could only watch what was going on between the Swat Kats and the Summoner.

“Hey who are you?”

“There will be time for introductions later Swat Kats. This place is hardly ideal for the negotiations that are about to follow.”

“What are you yammering about?”

“Patience Swat Kats. Allow me to transport us to a place a bit more quiet.”

He clapped his paws. There was a flash of light, and then the Summoner, the Swat Kats and the Turbokat were gone. Vanished from the street where carcasses of cars littered the street.

Once the Summoner had left, so did the effects of his spell. The tendrils shriveled up and turned into dust, leaving Felina Feral free to move. She looked around the entire place, but not a trace was left of the Swat Kats or their jet.


One minute they were facing some dawg in a business suit at a street that had become a major disaster area, the next minute they find themselves in the middle of a circular room. It had a diameter of about two miles. The wall that encircled them was made of steel, a large rectangular opening was before them but bars sparking with electricity barred the doorway.

“Razor! Where did that guy put us?”

“It looks like some kind of an arena. Strange… when we saw him, he was using magic, throwing lightning bolts, fireballs and stuff, right T-Bone?”

“Yeah, but this is all looks like scientific stuff-”

“Do not think that if one practices the arcane arts, then one is forbidden from using technology and reaping the benefits it sows?”

“What the- Where are you!?”

Razor and T-Bone swiftly turned around on their foot paws, scanning the entire room. The Summoner was not there with them, his words merely coming from the speakers that were on the wall.

“Who are you? What do you want? What did you do with the Turbokat?”

“Don’t get all flustered Razor. All your queries will be answered in good time. But first a little entertainment.”

In another room, the Summoner was sitting at a desk, speaking into the microphone. His paw hovered over a small red button on a small device, not unlike a remote control.

“I do hope that you’re not too disoriented from our little trip, you’ll want to be in top condition.”

He brought his finger down and there was a small click as the button was pressed. Back in the room where Razor and T-Bone were, the electricity was cut and the bars slid into the wall, leaving the doorway open.

The creature that was within was naught but a blur; it struck swiftly, the Swat Kats hardly having time to adopt fighting stances. They dodged the attacks of the creature whilst their shields sprung from the hidden compartments on their Glov-A-Trixes.

The claws clanged against steel as the creature lashed out. It leaped back, seeing that no damage was being done. It slowly circled the Swat Kats looking for an opening. Once it had slowed down, its identity was now clear.

“Kats alive… a saber-toothed tiger!”

“But they’re extinct! Did we get sent back in time?”

The prehistoric beast growled, as if daring the Swat Kats to attack. They peered over their shields, thinking over their next move. Then the Summoner’s voice filled the air once more.

“Surprised Swat Kats? How I came about this fine specimen would make quite an interesting story. I would be happy to tell you. Of course, I have quite a busy schedule. So you’ll have to come to me, or not come at all.”

The iron bars began to slide back into position. Slowly and silently, the bars inched closer to the other side of the doorway.

“I doubt that you two would be able fend of my pet’s attacks forever. Sooner or later, one of you is going to slip and then she’ll strike and then… well you should be able to figure out the rest.”

T-Bone edged closer to Razor, keeping a constant eye on their primeval adversary.

“He’s right Razor. We can’t keep this up forever and the exit’s going to be closed soon.”

“I know… but we don’t want to hurt this guy…”

“Get a net ready, I’ve got an idea.”

T-Bone brought down his shield. At once, the tiger pounced, claws outstretched. T-Bone blocked the claws with his shield, swiftly rounded his opponent and leaped upon its back. With an arm locked around its neck, his other paw clutching at its fur. It slashed out unsuccessfully, trying to get at the Swat Kat.

“Razor! The net!”

Razor brought up his arm and let loose a net from his Glov-A-Trix. It hurtled through the air towards the tiger and its unwanted passenger. Waiting until the last minute, T-Bone maneuvered himself so that the tiger was between him and the oncoming net, and kicked the unlucky creature into the net.

Entangled and shamed, the beast let loose a roar of rage as it tried to rip through the net. Not wasting time, they both turned and leapt through the closing exit. And not a second too soon as the bars slid shut with a faint clang. They stood there for a while with their paws on their knees.

“Krud… that was a close one.”

“Indeed it was T-Bone.”

They swirled around to see the Summoner sitting at a desk, with his feet on the top.

“I must say, I am very impressed. Any lesser creature would have perished.”


Immediately, they lunged at the Summoner. Only to be impeded by an invisible wall. The Summoner waved a finger at them disapprovingly.

“My, wasn’t that impolite.”

“We’ve had enough! Just WHAT do you think you’re doing!”

“I hardly think that you are in a position to make any threats, nonetheless, I will humor you for the time being.” He motioned towards a pair of chairs to the left of the Swat Kats. “Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable.”

“We’d rather stand.”

“Suspicious? Good. That shows that you have SOME intelligence.”

Razor restrained T-Bone from doing anything reckless. The Summoner’s pompous attitude was rapidly incensing T-Bone, he looked as if he was about to attempt to rip the transparent obstruction apart with his bare paws.

“Easy T-Bone. Let’s see what’s this guy is up to first.”

“It would be most wise to heed your ally’s advice.”

Clenching and unclenching his paws, T-Bone muttered subdued curses, all promising much pain and injury to the Summoner.

“I wouldn’t want to bore you, so I’ll keep it brief. As you have seen back at the street, I can wield the powers of magic. I also have at my disposal a vast supply of state-of-the-art equipment.”

“Yeah. Yeah. We know all that. So what?”

“[Ahem]. As I was about to say before I was rudely interrupted, there was one thing I had been waiting to say ever since you arrived.”

He turned around and flung open the curtains behind him. The room was bathed in light, and as the Swat Kats eyes adjusted, they could see what lay outside. Beasts long thought to be extinct and creatures believed only to be myths could be seen everywhere. Winged dragons flew through the skies with their gargantuan wings. Gigantic herbivorous dinosaurs grazed on plants. Glimpses of malignant predators could be seen in stalking the dark forests. A T-Rex’s head slowly gyrated on its scaly neck, looking for its next meal.
The Summoner faced the Swat Kats. He grinned and made a sweeping gesture with his right paw.

“Welcome to my world.”


It was some time until T-Bone attempted to speak, his voice, soft and hoarse. “Holy… the whole place is crawling with them.”

“Quite. I suppose you’re quite finished with gaping, so I’ll continue. I have at my paws a veritable army of creatures, the likes of which you have never seen. All at my beck and call, a little spell here, let science do the rest and any creature that I desire will be ‘summoned’ to wherever I wish. And hence my name.”

“You haven’t answered out questions yet.”

“I was just getting to that. I have transported you two to a world that only a few know about, I being one of them. And now I suspect you wish to know the reason for which I transported you here?” Without waiting for an answer, he continued, turning around to face the window. “I brought you here to see the force I control, I could and will conquer your world.”

“Not a chance!”

“Let me finish, I could easily dispatch you like pathetic fleas. But to dispose of such skill, such resourcefulness, would be truly a terrible waste. So I come to you with this proposal.” He spun around to face the Swat Kats, both paws on the desk. “I would like to enlist your services.”


“Surprised? Or do you merely have no faith in my ability to meet your demands? I assure you that such suspicions are completely unfounded.”

“We don’t HAVE demands. Why the heck should we want to work for you?”

“Do you crave for wealth? I can confer upon you two vast riches. Or perhaps it is power that you desire, if so then I will probably bestow onto you a country or two once I have the conquered your world. Maybe a continent if your performance pleases me. Tell me, how do you like Australia? And-”

“We don’t work for anyone Summoner! Not now! Not ever!”

They heard a skittering noise. T-Bone and Razor whirled around, to see a giant scorpion behind them, slowly closing in on them.

“One last bid for your services. I offer the reward of life for your cooperation. A most generous offer, don’t you agree?”


“Pity, such a waste of perfectly good talent. Oh well. This arachnid should succeed where that prehistoric feline failed. I’d stay to watch, but I have other matters to attend to. Goodbye.”

The Summoner turned and left through a steel door that just slid open. The soft click of it sliding shut again filled the room momentarily. The Swat Kats slowly edged backwards, as the large scorpion began to hasten its advance.

“T-Bone! How are we going to take this guy?”

“Don’t know.”

“Spread out. Take this bug from both sides.”

They sprinted to the Scorpion, T-Bone on the left and Razor on the right. Perplexed, the scorpion tried to fathom what was going on and which kat to attack.


Razor launched a barrage of quick-drying cement onto the lethal sting on the Scorpion’s tail. Nullifying its deadly attack, at least for a while. T-Bone leaped onto the arachnid, raining blow after blow with his Glov-A-Trix onto the scorpion’s hard shell.

Retaliating, the scorpion waved pathetically with its front claws, which were easily avoided by the surprisingly lithe T-Bone. Battered and hungry, the scorpion tried to flee. It rotated about, swiping half-heartedly at Razor.

“Hey T-Bone! I think this guy has had enough.”

T-Bone leapt off the arachnid’s back, but not before getting in one last punch. He leapt back to Razor, and watched the scorpion scuttle back through the doorway that had opened while their backs were turned.

“Guess we gave him a pretty good fight.”

“Not that it helps our current situation. We have to find the Turbokat.”

“But where is it?”

Razor turned around and walked back to the window. He looked about until he saw what he was looking for.

“Hey T-Bone. I found the Turbokat.”


“Right over there.”

T-Bone walked over to the window and peered down. Sure enough, a clearing could be seen somewhat near the base of the building. Although it was little more than a small dot, the shape was unmistakably that of the Turbokat.

“Hey Razor, you got a pair of binoculars?”

“Already got them out. That’s the Turbokat all right.”

“Well how are we going to get down?”



The glass window was no obstacle, requiring merely one punch from their steel-gloved paws. Finding nice sturdy objects to hook their grappling hooks took merely a minute or so. But now the real task had begun, they had to scale down at least fifty stories, where the merest mistake, the smallest slip, could result in a truly grisly death.


“At least it’s better than fighting off a bunch of dinosaurs!”

“That’s what you think!”

“Look on the bright side. We’ve only got about eighteen more stories to go.”

“Yeah. Whoopee, I could jump for joy.”

They soon reached the tenth floor when T-Bone spotted another danger fast approaching.


It glided up to them, and started sniffing around.

“What the… hey it’s just curious.”

“Yeah. Adorable isn’t it. Now let’s get moving before we fall and break our spines.”

“You’re in a grumpy mood. What’s the matter T-Bone?”

“Nothing that a punch in the Summoner’s eye won’t fix.”


They quickly scaled down, and the inquisitive dragon soon lost interest. It flew off, to find something else to occupy its time. Five hundred feet of air were between them and the floor. Before long it fell to four hundred, then it was three. In no time they were back on solid ground.


“I wholeheartedly agree Swat Kats.” The Summoner stood under the shade of a tree, leaning against its trunk. He casually looked up from his watch and at the Swat Kats. “I had almost believed that you were actually defeated by my little pet. Silly me.”

The Swat Kats assumed fighting positions as the Summoner nonchalantly strolled out from the shade.

“I repeat my request. Come into my employ, and you will be greatly rewarded.”

“And we refuse again.”

“As I had expected. May as well finish you annoyances.”

He flung two bolts of orange fire at the Swat Kats, which they swiftly avoided. Razor aimed his Glov-A-Trix at him.


The miniature missile flew out from the opening on the Glov-A-Trix. Its shell split open into eight sections and hurtled towards the Summoner, it crashed into him and trapping him against a tree.

“Is that the BEST you can offer?”

He ripped the makeshift prison in half and tossed the halves aside as if they were naught but pieces of poorly made plastic.

T-Bone growled and lunged at the Summoner. “HOW ABOUT THIS!”

He punched the Summoner in the gut, but he merely laughed.

“Ha! Was that supposed to hurt?”

He grabbed T-Bone’s fist as he attempted a second attack, and flung him over to Razor. T-Bone tumbled and rolled back onto his feet as Razor dodged his friend.

“Krud! It’s like punching a steel wall.”

“Something’s not right here…”

“Aren’t you going to continue Swat Kats? My suit’s not even the slightest bit ruffled.”

Razor sidestepped closer to T-Bone. He spoke to him in a subdued tone. “T-Bone look at his suit.”

“We’re fighting a super villain and you’re thinking about fashion?”

“No. Look at it. It’s not even crumpled.”

“Right… so something’s protecting that guy. A force field?”

“Something like that. But how do we get him to lose it?”

“Are you quite down conferring? I haven’t got all day.”

T-Bone turned to the Summoner with rage burning in his eyes, but Razor tried to calm him down.

“Not now. We have to wait for an opening.”

“This is getting far too bothersome for my tastes.”

The Summoner raised his paw, alight with mystic energy. As he brought it up, it caught onto the low branch of a tree.

“It’s down! Now!”

They leaped forward, surprising their foe.


He unleashed the bolt of energy at his enemies just too late. They easily dodged it. T-Bone thrust forward and caught him with a blow to the stomach. The Summoner was staggered by the sudden turn of events.


Before he could finish his sentence, he was hoisted up by T-Bone and shoved against a tree, T-Bone’s huge paws around his neck.


“[Gasp]” So it seems.”

“We want you to send us back home.”


T-Bone’s grip on his neck tightened. “That WASN’T a request!”

“Ack! V-very well.” He motioned at a group of trees. Magically, they parted, revealing the Turbokat in the middle of a clearing. “Now if you will kindly let go of my neck.”

T-Bone briskly relinquished his hold on the Summoner, dropping the Summoner on his rear.

He got up, dusting the dust from his pants. “Thank you. Now if you will kindly seat yourselves in your jet, I will send you back to where you had came.”

“How do we know that you’ll send us back to OUR world?”

“You have my word.”

“Gee, that takes a load of my mind.”

The two Swat Kats exchange glances.

“Anyway we can be sure Razor?”

“No. We’ll just have to believe him.”

They dashed across the clearing and leaped into their jet. The canopy closes with a soft whirl as The Summoner tried once again to persuade the Swat Kats.


“We’d rather be Swat Kats.”

The Summoner shrugs and brings up his paw. “Goodbye Swat Kats, until we meet again. Oh and I advise that you start your engines.”

He snapped his fingers and there was a flash of light. In the passing of a second, they were back in their own world…

…400 kilometers above Megakat Harbor.




T-Bone pulled back on the pilot’s control, working desperately against the G-Forces to stay conscious.

“Come on… pull up!”

The jet’s nose cone sped towards the calm surface of the ocean, threatening to crash apart by with the force of impact. Second after second, the distance between the jet and the ocean grew increasingly shorter. T-Bone was becoming exceedingly desperate.

“Come on baby… pull up! PULL-UP!”

Merely milliseconds before it splashed through the ocean, it curved back up to the sky, and it’s belly just skimming over the ocean, leaving ripples in its wake.

T-Bone leaned back in his seat, breathing a sigh of relief. “[PHEW]!”

“I second that.”

“That was close! No thanks to that jerk! If he were here right now I’d…”

“Maybe next time T-Bone. And I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing the Summoner soon enough.”

“Good. I’m looking for a rematch.”

“Nothing else here… hey wait a minute, that looks like a car chase.”

Razor switched on the radio and tuned into the Enforcer’s wave line. The reports confirming his suspicions.

“Yup. It’s a car chase.”

“Hey Razor, is that electric magnet we fixed up and put into the Turbokat operational?”

“Working like a charm.”

“OK! Let’s kick some tail!”

The Turbokat zoomed through the air and towards the speeding cars on the highway, ready to deal out justice.


“This is Ann Gora reporting for Kat’s Eye News. Recently, the city’s heroes, the Swat Kats, have aided in the capture of three armed robbers who had raided the Megakat bank [CLICK]”

The screen went black, and the Summoner spun around on his chair to look out of the window.

“… It was worth a try.”

He viewed the denizens of his world, from giant air-borne dragons to beasts beneath the ocean like the mighty Kraken. From herbivorous dinosaurs with enormous strength like that herd of triceratops grazing near a hill, to that bloodthirsty beast with bloodstained claws which lurks in the shadows of the jungle. From the formless and mindless slime with its sole purpose to devour, to the purely evil creatures of rock with their sole purpose to destroy.

“They are all mine to control…”

He starts shaking with silent laughter. He spoke, not speaking to anyone in particular.

“Swat Kats, you have made two grave mistakes this day. The first was when you refused my proposition.” He stood up abruptly. “And the second was when you decided to make me your foe! Hear this Swat Kats! The Summoner is not one to be so easily vanquished! I will return with my imperishable army of beasts and crush you beneath my heel! THIS I SWEAR!”

And then he laughed. The room filled with laughter, mad laughter. Had there been anyone there, his blood would have been chilled cold.

The room reverberated with his laughter, the laughter of the Summoner.

THE END (For now…)

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