Original SWAT Kats Story

A Tale of Four Heroes

By Christopher Teo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,909 Words

Good day to you, good surfer. Have you heard of the young hero Underdog? And, what about Nitro? Let us not forget Speed and Wheels. Please get comfortable and read of their beginnings as heroes in this tale, a tale of four heroes.

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Author's Notes:

Howdy! I’m back with another fan fiction. This is starting to get a tad tedious, but I’ve still got to say it, again. All characters and places from the cartoon, Swat Kats, belong to Hanna-Barbera.

Underdog (Jonathan Weissman) is property of DJ Clawson who also happens to be the archiver of this site. DJ wrote a couple of stories about Underdog, they’re in the RPG section of the Archive, read ‘Tale of an Underdog’ for more about Jonathan’s past. Her e-mail addresses are “dj_clawson@hotmail.com” and “dj_clawson@garden.net”.

Nitro (Ami Wolfclaw) is property of Greywolf Lupous. Her e-mail addresses are “rr_huntress@hotmail.com” and “huntress@mindless.com”.

Speed (Calvin Tailor) is property of Speed. I haven’t been able to contact him as well, and I have no idea what his current e-mail address is. Like Wheels (below), I decided to go ahead with the story without his permission. I have his old one, although last time I used it didn’t work, it’s “the-extreme-l@geocities.com”. Same as before, if you’re reading this Speed, could you read the chapter with your character and e-mail any comments or objections you might have. And to those who know Speed, if you are able to contact him, please do so and tell him about the fanfic.

Wheels/Delphia (Skye Ringtail) is property of Wheels. I haven’t been able to contact him, nor do I expect to be able to contact him for at least another year. I haven’t gotten permission to use his character, but I really wanted to write this story with Wheels in it, and not being the particularly patient type, I decided to go ahead with the story. His e-mail address is “demonlock@aol.com”. Wheels, if you’re reading this, please read the chapter your character is in and if I have misrepresented your character in anyway, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. And if you have any complaints or objections, you can tell me about them as well. If any of you out there who are reading this, and you know Wheels and you are able to contact him, please tell him about the fanfic. I would really like to hear from him. Wheels has also written a story about his character. It too is in the RPG section of the SK Fanfic Archive, that being ‘It’s a Coon’s Life’.

Katareena Perkins, who is alter ego is Klawz, is property of Klawz. I didn’t ask permission to use her, mainly because it seemed redundant, since there would only be a brief mention of her. Klawz, I apologize if I have offended you in anyway, and please tell me if I did.

For more information about these characters and several others from the Swat Kats RPG, head over to Strike’s website and check out the RPG section. And while you’re there, take a look around, there’s lots to see. In fact it would be better if you read up more information on the characters first, it would make the stories easier to understand.

Well then, now with all that out of the way, let us now hear a tale, a tale of four heroes.

Chapter 1

The beagle pup looked over the materials he had gathered. After quite a bit of foraging, he now had enough material to make his costume. Jonathan Weissman sat down and looked at the comic he had bought with his savings.

Jonathan has suffered much before ending up in Megakat City. He used to live in the city, Faroe Lake. That was before he was picked out and brought to a lab. After several tests and experiments, Jonathan soon gained incredible abilities, all due to a new drug. But alas, Jonathan had grown addicted to the drug, and the drug could no longer be manufactured.

Those in charge of the experiment believed Underdog too dangerous to allow him to continue living. Fortunately, one of the doctors who worked there listened to his heart. He helped Jonathan escape. True, without the drug, Jonathan would most probably die. But the doctor thought that he should at least be given a chance to survive.

And it was good that the doctor did help him. For some time later, after the pup’s escape, he was discovered by beings. They saw his plight and decided to give aid. They brought him onto their vessel and gave him help in the form of a ring.

Every twelve hours, a pill is magically produced within a compartment in the ring. In order for the pup to survive, he must ingest at least one of the pills a day. Not only do they allow him to continue living; they also restore the powers he had gained through the experiments.

After his encounter with these beings, he was discovered again, this time by some kind folk who brought him to Megakat City, to where he now resides. Once he reached here, he soon learnt the extent of his powers.

A couple of days ago, he was passing by a comic stand. There was an argument going on between two young kats. They were arguing over a comic of Superkat. He overheard their praise of the fictional superhero. He was quite impressed with the admiration the hero received from the two kats, and bought a comic of Superkat with the last of his money.

Jonathan looked at the two medium-sized bundles of cloth that lay in front of him, one red and one blue. Both were part of his payment for helping out a tailor. He had also received some supplies, supplies necessary to help him in his plan.

He took the rolled up comic from his back pocket. He took a good look at the kat on the cover. He was soaring up into the air, dressed in tight clothing and a large cape. Jonathan recognized the material Superkat was wearing as spandex. He didn’t have any so he’d just have to make do with cloth.

The blue cloth would be used to make the cape, and the red cloth, the suit. He was going to be like the kat in the comic, a superhero. He rolled out the blue cloth, it was large enough to be a cape and no alterations seemed to be needed. But the suit, that was where it got tricky. The only experience Jonathan had of sewing was watching the tailor at work. He’d just have to do his best and see how it turns out.

The pup reached for the scissors. He didn’t have enough material for a mask, nor did he feel he needed one. The kat in the comic wasn’t always a superhero. At times he was just another kat on the street, dressed in working clothes and sporting black framed glasses. And when he changed into a superhero, all he had to do was remove his glasses and ruffle up his fur. He’d look like a completely different person, with no one the wiser. Jonathan thought that he would do the same. Besides, it’s not like he was particularly well known, and who would suspect an orphaned pup of being a superhero. True, it was bit hard for him to see without his glasses, but he could still manage.

He had finished snipping the pieces of cloth into the required shape. He had the super powers, a simple disguise, and in a short while, a costume for the hero. Now all he needed was a name.
It would be simple enough to just call himself Superdog, but that just doesn’t seem right. He had been trying to think up a name for himself ever since he decided to become a hero, a superhero.

Name after name went through his mind, “The Caped Canine”, “Dog of Steel”, “Wonder Pup” and many others were pondered on for a while before being discarded. They all just don’t seem to suit Jonathan.

He looked at the ring he had gotten from the aliens, or more specifically, at the letter or what would pass for a letter engraved on the ring. In the English language, it would look like a U.

<<… Maybe a name that begins with U. >>

He tried to think of every word or name that began with U.

<< UFO… no. U-turn… no. Ultradog… nope. Umpire… no. The uncanny U-dog? … NAH! >>

Soon, a few minutes had passed and Jonathan was starting to get tired of this.

<< … No. The Unknown Dog… no. Ultraviolet… no. The Undertaker… no. Underdog… >>

He stopped.

<< Underdog… >>

He ran the word through his head a couple of times.

<< Underdog, Underdog, Underdog… >>

Jonathan started to smile.

“Underdog, yeah that’s it. Underdog.”

He put a finger on the red cloth, tracing the letter ‘U’.

“Underdog, U for Underdog.”


He shuffled uncomfortably in his new (and a couple of sizes too large) costume. It was a bit difficult for him to maneuver in the loose costume, but given the lack of materials to make another one, this would have to do. And it was quite a bit harder; moving about without his glasses, everything was all blurred around the edges. He had to fly quite close to a sign in order to read it.

That was one of his new powers that he had discovered, the power of flight. It was pretty neat, at first. But without his glasses, flying into buildings, walls, signboards and any other inanimate object soon became a habit for him. Fortunately, he practiced his flying in an unpopulated area, no one was there to see him make a fool out of himself, and if anyone did, they probably wouldn’t believe it and forget it some time later.

Jonathan doubted that people would not mind if he crashed into their homes, so he decided to fly high up into the sky, higher up than most buildings, except for Megakat Towers because he doubted that he would be able to breathe at that high an altitude. Up there, there would be little chance of him flying into anything, except for airplanes, but those were big enough for even him to spot.

Now that the flying problem was attended to, it was time to test his other powers. He had returned to where he had practiced his flying. The area was a destitute neighborhood, there was hardly anyone living here. Nobody would be there to see him practice, but just to be sure, he went there sometime in the evening.

He walked over to an abandoned car, already stripped of anything and everything of value. There was nothing left except a pitiful skeleton. Not exactly what it was made for. Jonathan, who was now Underdog, put both his paws under the discarded car and lifted. He had lifted the car with ease. True, it was several pounds lighter then it was before, but it was still quite a feat for any normal person to lift it.

Still believing he needed a tougher challenge, Underdog combed the area for anything large and heavy, and tossed it into the car. He lifted the car again, with its new load. It was still extraordinarily simple for him to lift the car.

Now he decided to test his super strength in another way, he grabbed an iron bar he found, and bent it. He twisted it into the shape of a pretzel, almost as if it was made of dough instead of iron. He stopped, feeling that was enough. He was confident that he was ready. He then tripped over his cape. He picked himself up and dusted himself off; his costume was going to hamper him a bit. But he would be able to get by it.

He spun around and flew into the sky, back to where he had hid his civilian clothes and his glasses. He wanted to get some sleep as well, one must have enough sleep if he was to fight crime, now wouldn’t he?



A snatch thief dashed away from the she-kat with her purse grasped in his paws. She was screaming out for help, hoping anyone to help. Right now, that kat would probably be thinking how useless her screaming was, or perhaps he was pondering what he would do with the money he expected to find.

In any case, he didn’t have to think anything, because someone knocked him flat on his face before he could do so. He got up and stared at the one who had caused his sudden fall. He ended up staring at a pup dressed in a superhero’s costume probably two sizes too big for him.

He snickered before threatening the pup with his clenched fist. “Heh. Listen kid, get out of before I-WOAH!”

The young superhero grabbed him by the wrist and flung him into a wall, as if the kat was no lighter than feather. The thief scrambled to his feet, whipped out a knife and hurled it at the hero, only to see it bounce off like a rubber toy. In desperation, he snatched up a brick and threw that at him too. Effortlessly, the pup smashed it into dust with his clenched paw.

He leaped over to the now shaken and rather alarmed criminal. He lifted him up by his collar and flew up a couple of feet. As they hovered above the street, he spoke to the crook in a calm manner.

“I think you should give up now.”

He nodded vigorously, before being flown toward a nearby lamppost. He was flung against it and watched as the deceivingly diminutive hero picked up a discarded iron pipe and wrapped it around him and the lamppost like a piece of licorice. When he was done, he clapped off the dust on his hands, picked up the stolen purse and returned it to its rightful owner, who had seen the whole thing.

“I believe this is yours.”

He handed her the purse. She had been watching the whole thing in silent surprise. She had a closer view of her small hero and recognized his costume to be something like the costume of a comic book superhero. Except for its bagginess and the capital U instead of the expected S.

“Could you call the Enforcers, I believe they’ll want to have a little chat with our friend by the lamppost.”

“W-Who are you?”

The pup smiled. “Underdog.”

And then he flew off into the sky like a blue blur. Leaving a surprised and grateful she-kat in his wake.


When Underdog was back in the air, he was positively joyous.


His first day as a superhero was brilliant. To celebrate this, he performed a triple spin through the clouds. So exhilarated with his recent success at being a superhero, that he almost hit a sparrow. Startled, it chirped with surprise before flying off in the opposite direction in fear of actually being hit.

Jonathan, feeling slightly embarrassed, but still quite pleased with himself. He had just stopped a crime and hardly expanded any effort. Jonathan had a really good feeling about this. Still smiling, he soared through the clouds, back to where he had left his civilian clothes and his glasses.

Megakat City has a new hero now, and his name is Underdog.


Chapter 2

“Yes! Finally!”

Ami Wolfclaw rushed out of Enforcer Academy, with her friend, Sara, rushing up beside her.

“That was booooooooooring!”

“Oh come on Ami, we HAVE to learn all that in order to become Enforcers.”

“Well who wants to?”

“You looked pretty excited when you first started the Enforcer Training Course. In fact you were one of the most enthusiastic students in the class, up until you learned that we couldn’t blow away every perp you saw with our blasters.”

“Exactly. How was I supposed to know that being learning to be an Enforcer was so BORING? How long are we supposed to do this?”

“Two years.”

“Gee thanks for reminding me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Look, I’m not complaining about the learning of how to use Enforcer blasters or flying a jet, now that’s cool. It’s just that there are so many rules and regulations we have to remember and go through. It’s a wonder that there is still a fight when the Enforcers have gotten through all that stuff.”

“There would be chaos if not for rules.”

“Yeah. Yeah. You know Sara…”

“Are you going to go on about the Swat Kats again?”

“Hey don’t talk that way about the Swat Kats! They’re doing things the way the Enforcers should be doing things. They’re-”

“Vigilantes. They don’t have to answer to any superiors. Ours, on the other hand, would have us scrubbing floors for a month if we tried to do anything they did.”

“I know. But I have to wonder how much more effect we would have on the city if we just went in there-”

“With guns blazing? There wouldn’t be much of a city left once you’re done.”

“Oh Ha ha. Very funny.”

Ami makes a friendly swipe at Sara’s head. The Enforcer cadet easily dodges the blow. She takes a look at her watch.

“Uh-oh. I’m supposed to meet my mom in five minutes. She wants to know how I’m doing at the academy.”

“Then you better get going!”

“OK. See you later Ami.”

“Later Sara.”

She turned and left. Once her friend was gone, Ami let out a sigh of relief.

“[Whew] won’t have to think up an excuse now.”

She then started sprinting off in another direction, the wind blowing through her long black hair. She doubted that she would have been able to think of an excuse to leave if her friend had not decided to leave herself.

It’s wasn’t because that she didn’t enjoy Sara’s company, nor was it because that she was a tad miffed at her friend’s attitude towards the Swat Kats. It was just that she some ‘business’ to attend to.

It wasn’t long before she had reached her destination. She slowed down and walked in under the sign, which read “MEGAKAT SCRAP YARD”. She stood in front of the garage. There didn’t seem to be anyone about, no one in front of her, no one to the left of her, and nobody to the right of her.

Unfortunately, she had yet to look behind her.

“Excuse me.”


She swirled around, slightly surprised by the sudden appearance of the voice behind her. The owner of the voice was a kat of medium size, slightly larger in build than she was. He had brown fur, slightly darker than her orange-brown fur. He was dressed in a slightly oiled mechanic’s uniform.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“That’s okay.”

“Hey why are you here anyway? Do you need your car fixed?”

“Last time I checked, I didn’t have a car. I’ve got a couple of appliances at home that are on the blink, so I thought that I’d fix them up. My budget’s a bit tight, so I thought that I could find some parts here for free. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh no not at all. Help yourself.”


Ami then went over to a pile of junk and proceeded with rumbling through the mess.

“By the way, I’m Ami Wolfclaw.”

“Jake Clawson.”

“So Jake, you come here often?”

“I work here.”

“I’ll take that for a yes. Hey I could use this…”

“Do you need a bag or something?”

“No, I won’t be needing much, besides I brought my own.” She proved her statement by swinging the backpack she was carrying onto the floor. She tossed in the part she had found and continued her rifling through the heaps of scrap.

“I hope you know how electrical appliances work.”

“Don’t worry about it. You won’t see me later with my fur on end.”

“I hope the reason’s not because I won’t be seeing you later.”

“Nope. I’ve got a pretty good knowledge on stuff electrical and mechanical. Hmmm, nothing else here…” She got up and moved on to the next mound of junk.

Jake turned back to the garage. “I have some work to finish back at the garage. Hey if you see a large sand-colored kat by the name of Chance come along, tell him-”

“You’re in the garage. Yep I’ve got it.”

“How long are you going to be here?”

“Not too long, I just need a couple of more parts.”

“Okay then, see you later Ami.”

“In a while Jake.”

As Jake Clawson walked back to the garage, he looked back to see Ami put another spare part into her backpack. He smiled to himself and mumbled. “Hope she leaves some left for us.”

Back at the piles of scrap, Ami looked at yet another spare part she had uncovered.

“So far so good. Now let’s hope it stays that way.”

In truth, Ami doesn’t need extra parts for her appliances; in fact they are working just fine. What she does want them for, is for a certain project she’s working on. She chucks the part into her open backpack.

<< Just a couple more parts, a bit of tinkering here and there and Megakat City can say hello to its latest super hero, Nitro! >>



The miniature missile fell to the ground, capable of harming a fly, unless it fell on it.

Sighing, Ami walked over to retrieve the failed experiment. Its intended purpose was to cover her target, a used tin can, with cement. But evidently, the missile’s casing didn’t seem to open.

She was in her apartment, trying out some of the missiles she had made. Her adopted parents helped her pay for it, about a couple of months ago. She had wanted to get a place of her own ever since she got into high school. She told her parents that she felt she needed the privacy (especially now that she was going to try her paw at being a hero).

She had been adopted when she was just a little older than six months. Neither of her parents knew anything about her original father and mother. She knelt down and picked up the missile. She turned it around in her paws.

<< One day, I’ll find out who they are, and find them. >>

She got up and went back to the table with her other more successful projects. The stun missile was working fine, although it wasn’t supposed to do much except ram into the enemy, causing considerable pain. The net missile seemed to be in working order, it’s casing opened easily enough to release a net weighed down with a couple of heavy chunks of lead. This should be enough to hamper her opponents. She looked over the malfunctioning missile once more.

“Hmmm. Maybe the casing needs a bit of oil.”

She put down the gun she had designed, painted red and black, like the colors painted on the Turbokat. It’s barrel was quite big, since it’s ammo was supposed to be the mini missiles which were still quite big, compared to bullets. And the gun could only hold one missile at a time, which is really tedious for Ami, having to reload all the time. But she didn’t think it would matter, considering that she expected and possibly hoped to be in close combat most of the time.

She took an oilcan from the shelf, and stopped to look at what she had been spending a month on. A jetpack, and no ordinary jetpack, but one that uses little fuel and light enough to carry on the back. She hadn’t tried it out yet, but she was quite sure that it would work.

She passed a mirror, stopped and turned around to face it. She was wearing the suit she was going to wear as Nitro. Quite similar to the Swat Kats uniform, which was what Ami had hoped it to be. This would get the Swat Kats’ attention much more easily. They would probably try to find her, and possibly, even ask her to join.

The very idea of it made her shiver with excitement. She put on her helmet, tucked in her hair and looked into the mirror again. With her hair and eyes hidden by the helmet and a mask, it was all that much harder to discern her true identity.

<< A couple more hours of free time, and I… or should I say Nitro will be ready for action. >>



“I’m coming! I’m coming! Hold your horses!”

She leaped over to the telephone and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”


“Oh Hi Mom.”

“‘Oh Hi Mom’? That’s it?”

“What do you want me to say? ‘Mommy Mommy, I missed you?’”

“I miss you too dear.”

“[Giggle] So, why are you calling?”

“Just wanted to know how you’re doing.”

“I’m fine mom.”

“That’s great. Seeing anyone Ami?”

“What? No I am NOT! I’m single and I’m staying that way until I feel I’m ready.”

“Which will be…”


“Okay dear. I have to hang up now, I’m cooking dinner.”

“Yeah it was nice talking to you mom.”

“Same here. Love and kisses from me and Daddy.”

“Ditto to you. Hope to hear from you soon.”

“Bye Ami. [Click]”

Ami replaced the receiver. True they weren’t her real parents, but she still regarded them as such all the same. It helps her get through the day.

<< I wonder what they would think, if they knew I was going to be a vigilante… they won’t be overjoyed that’s for sure, more like worried sick. >>

The Wolfclaws had taken Ami in as their own daughter the day they found her. Since that day, they have been very protective of her, perhaps a bit too protective. When she told them she wanted to become an Enforcer, they both nearly got heart attacks. What would happen if she told them she was going to be a vigilante? She wasn’t very sure, but it wouldn’t be good.

This was probably why she decided to keep it a secret, and got an apartment of her own. They probably wouldn’t worry too much while she was in the academy; she couldn’t get into much danger there, much to her dislike. But if they knew what she was planning, they’d be glued to the set day and night, worrying non-stop.

<< This would probably be best. >>

She sighed and went back into her room to put the final touches on her jetpack, because tomorrow is the day when Nitro gets her wings.


The brick was hurled through the window. Glass shards fell onto the floor and a paw swept the jewelry into a bag. He spun around and leapt onto a waiting motorcycle, only to find it on the floor, without the motorcyclist who had been there half a minute ago.

And another half minute later, the kat who had been waiting fell to the ground on his back. He looked up to see a she-kat hovering in the air.


She landed on the ground and disengaged the jetpack. She blocked a punch from the robber and returned it with a right hook, followed by a punch to the stomach. As the pilferer keeled over, his companion had stumbled to his feet and was currently fleeing.

In a flash, she drew her sidearm and fired off a small missile. It flew towards its target and split open to release a pair of bola balls. It entangled the legs of the second perpetrator and he fell flat on his face.

The first robber had pulled out a knife but the new hero kicked it out of his paw and laid him out with an uppercut.

By this time an Enforcer patrol car had arrived on the scene. Two Enforcers got out of the car.

“Hey. What happened here?”

“Took your time guys, what kept you?”

One of them went over to arrest the criminals and read them their rights. The other went over to the she-kat. Most of her face covered by her helmet and visor. He noticed her wearing a Swat Kat uniform.

“In case you were wondering, I’m not a Swat Kat, I just happen to dress like one. Looks like you can handle things from here, see you around.” She pressed the button on her jetpack, starting a humming sound as it warmed up. She turned to the Enforcer who was trying to say something.

“Wait a minute. We need you for some questioning.”

“Sorry, no time on my schedule. And by the way…”

She flew into the air, her jetpack spitting flames.

“…The name is Nitro!”

And she flew off into the sky, leaving behind two criminals about to be hauled off to the brig, and two slightly bewildered Enforcers.


Gliding over the city, she flew into an alley, making sure no one was around. She landed and removed her jetpack, took off her helmet and tossed her hair. She unzipped the flight suit that doubled as a costume, revealing her day clothes.

“All right! Nitro: 1, Bad guys: 0!”

She sat down on her jetpack. Thinking about how good it felt to let it all out… and beat the snot out of those punks. She took out a large box she had hidden somewhere in the alley. She lifted the jetpack and placed it inside. She closed the top, and lifted it up.

People won’t get suspicious if she went up carrying a box instead of her jetpack, but they would if she kept doing it too often.

<< I’m going to have to come up with a better way of getting in and out without anyone noticing. >>

As she climbed the steps, with her jetpack safe in her arms. She felt a sense of pride. She was making a difference NOW, Instead of sitting somewhere memorizing a bunch of stupid rules.

Super villains beware, because Nitro is ready to kick some tail.



Chapter 3

“Ow… My head feels like it’s been hit by a truck… hey where am I?”

Calvin Tailor sluggishly pulled himself up; finding himself surrounded in shadows. He groped around for some kind of light when he suddenly slipped on something, landing flat on his back again.

Calvin closed his eyes and breathed out slowly.

<< How the heck did I get here? >>

He thought back to about two to three hours ago. He had been roller-blading with a couple of his pals, having some fun. For some reason, he fell through something somewhere and landed up here.

<< Yeah… now I remember. Where the heck are Dan and Greg? They’d have to be blind not to see that I was missing. >>

He sat up again, his eyes starting to get accustomed to the darkness.

“They probably went to get some help, yeah that’s it. Hello… what’s this?”

He picked up the object that had led to his second fall this day. It was a metallic device, with a small button on it. Calvin turned it around in his paw, looking at the button with curiosity. He pressed it, only to regret having done so when a small burst of flame appeared from one end and sent him hurtling into the wall.

With the wind knocked out of him, he slid back down to the floor, clutching the device in his paw. With surprise on his face instead of pain, he looked at the device in his paw once more.

<< WOW! This is some kind of… of… rocket! >>

He noticed a similar device lying close by. He got up and walked over to pick it up. He now examined the twin boosters in his paw more closely. He didn’t have much mechanical knowledge, so he had no idea how this thing worked. He considered taking them apart, but decided against it. He did not want to risk breaking them.

Calvin walked around the place he was in more closely. It was a small room, it could have been some kind of an underground lab, but the entire room was bare except for the boosters and two other gadgets he found.

One could be worn like a watch, only it doesn’t tell the time. This too had a button on it. Learning from experience, Calvin decided to leave it alone until he could test it safely.

The last gadget he discovered seemed to be some sort of miniature computer, but it had no buttons at all, not even some kind of a switch to activate it. He stood still looking at the gifts a twist of fate had brought him, although how this helped his current predicament, he did not know. Sighing, he leaned against a wall.

His paw brushed against something, he turned around and felt for it. It was some sort of material covering something. He pulled it down, to find a ladder leading upwards. Instantly, Calvin leaped onto the railings and climbed upwards. He reached the ceiling and pushed open a secret door. His head popped out into the park where he had been roller-blading with his friends.

He felt the sunlight bathe him in warmth. He was about to exit the underground room when he remembered the contraptions he had found. He looked down back to the floor where he had dropped them. He stayed there on the railings for a while thinking.

<< … What the hey. >>

He leaped back down, put them into his pockets and climbed back up.


“Yo Calvin! What happened? Hey are you all right?”

“I’m okay… Just fell through some hole.”

“You really gave us a scare back there. We looked all around the place shouting out your name, didn’t you hear us?”

“I was unconscious, I think I hit my head on something, nothing serious.”

“Funny, I don’t remember seeing any hole in the ground back there…”

“Uh… You must have overlooked it.”

“Hmmm. Woah look at the time! Sorry Calvin, I have to pick up my sister from her ballet class. Later Calvin.”

“Yeah later.”


Calvin replaced the phone. He dumped himself onto the couch and stared up at the ceiling. He wondered why he lied to Dan about the underground lab. Maybe it was because he would probably laugh.

<< But then again… so would I if it hadn’t happened to me. It DOES sound a bit stupid. An underground lab… who the heck would build an underground lab somewhere in the middle of a park! How the heck is a lab like that supposed to stay secret if it’s accessible to the general public? >>

Calvin got up and reviewed to himself out loud all the stuff that had happened.

“Let’s see, fell through a hole, got hit unconscious, woke up later and got out. Hey…”

He fell back onto the sofa.

“That couldn’t be a lab, it was too small, dark and it looked like no one had been in there for ages. The whole room was empty…”

He turned to a table where four devices lay.

“… Except for you guys.”

He picked up the two rockets, which he had identified as ‘Turbo Boosters’ from a science magazine he had read. Although the picture that went with the article showed turbo boosters much bigger than the ones he held in his paw. Their purpose was to propel aircraft at high speeds. It didn’t say anything about miniature turbo boosters except for a few sentences saying that research on smaller turbo boosters had begun a couple of days ago.

<< That still doesn’t explain how I ended up with these two. >> He looked at the clock. It was a quarter past five. << Looks like mom won’t be back for another hour or so. >>

Both of Calvin’s parents were working, giving Calvin a lot of privacy. Since no one will be around for a good sixty minutes. That should give Calvin enough time to test out another of the four gadgets that he had found. Calvin put it on his wrist and looked at it, now that it was brighter, he could see that it was slightly larger than the usual watches one wore. The button was triangular in shape with the pointed end facing away from him. The end of the device aimed at a ceramic mug appeared to be made of some hard transparent red material.

<< It’s probably some kind of flashlight. >>

Overcome with curiosity, he pressed the button nonetheless. There was a thing ray of light, although it hit the mug off the table and shattered when it struck the ground. Not something normal flashlights do.


Calvin bent down on both knees and looked with disbelief at the fragments of ceramic had once been a coffee mug. His eyes than moved from the remnants of the mug to the contraption that he was wearing on his wrist. He gingerly slid the object, which he now recognized as some sort of laser weapon. He delicately placed it onto the table, pointing it away from him. He plopped himself onto the couch.

“Okay… now just WHAT happened here?”

Expecting no answer, he put his head in his paws and started thinking.

<< Let’s see… I’ve got two mini-turbo boosters that aren’t supposed to exist yet, some kind of computer I haven’t the slightest clue how to operate, and now I’ve a possibly lethal laser weapon that blasted my mom’s coffee mug. >>

<< Hey wait a second… the FALL broke the mug, the laser just pushed it off and gravity handled the rest. Looks like it’s not lethal. >>

Feeling relieved, he reunited the wrist laser with it’s other three friends. Staring at the four gadgets, a new question was now circling in his mind.

<< What do I do with them? >>


“Calvin, are you all right? You haven’t even touched your dinner.”

“What? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking. Nothing important.”


Calvin returned to pondering, as his dinner grew cold. All thoughts of hunger were pushed aside, the fate of the gadgets he had found taking priority.

<< What should I do? Hand them over to the local authorities? Or should I dump them back where I found them? >>

Calvin’s mom studied her son, deep in thought. “Anything you’d like to talk with your mom about?”

“Nah. It’s nothing important, don’t worry about it.”

“Well at least eat your dinner before it starts to decompose.”

Calvin cut up a piece of beef, and chewed on it slowly.


Believing it better not to pry, she turned around and switched on the TV. It was currently showing Ann Gora reporting on another of the Swat Kats’ victories.

“Yes viewers, once again Megakat City has been saved by our masked benefactors, the Swat Kats.”

“Hey look at this Calvin-”

Although she needn’t have spoke, for Calvin had already sprung over from his seat at the table to a seat closer to the TV with his plate of dinner in his paws.

“All right! Swat Kats Rule!

She smiled as Calvin took in every scrap of information the news provided about the Swat Kats and their latest triumph.

He had been obsessed with them ever since they first appeared, defending them every time they were criticized, talking about them and praising them every chance he got. In fact, Calvin practically idolizes the Swat Kats. He probably has all the Swat Kats merchandise like Swat Kats T-shirt, Swat Kats poster, Swat Kats coffee mugs and etcetera, etcetera.

“You know, if you like those heroes so much, why don’t you become one?”

Not expecting any answer from her passing remark, Calvin’s mother proceeded to finish off the work she had brought home.

Calvin took in his mother’s words, thinking about them, and then a smile formed on his lips. He shoveled his dinner down his mouth, emptying his plate in minutes. He zipped over to the sink, washed his plate and dashed up the stairs.

“Hey where are you going in such a hurry.”

“I just remembered, I have some homework to do. See you mom, and thanks.”

“Thanks for what?”

But Calvin had already sprinted up the stairs and into his room, his current notion already developing in his head. Those contraptions are about to assist Calvin in the creation of Megakat City’s newest hero.


The mugger advanced menacingly on towards the she-kat with the switchblade in his paw. He was completely focused on his victim, not expecting any interference, a very serious mistake.

<< It’s now or never, Calvin. >>

“Hey you!”


The robber spun around only to get his blade kicked out of his hand and a right hook across the face. Blocking a left hook, he saw his attacker to be a kat wearing a visor, masking his eyes, he was also wearing a pair of roller blades.

“Hey who are you?”

“Call me Speed.”

He charged into the robber with a body blow, knocking him on flat his back. Satisfied, Speed turned around to face his former victim.

“You’re safe now, Miss.”

“Look out!”


He turned to where she had been pointing to see a second mugger wielding another knife. Speed dodged back to avoid the knife but not before it drew blood.


He clasped his paw to a spot below his face, blood trickling from the wound. The new assailant was tossing his knife from paw to paw, with a sneer on his face.

“Why you… YOU’RE MEAT!”

Speed brought up his right paw and fired off two lasers. One knocked the knife out of the attacker’s paws while the other blasted him in the chest. He flew into the garbage cans that lay behind him.

The first robber was now getting back up, only to receive several punches from a very angry vigilante. He was laid flat with an upper cut and he lay there, beaten unconscious.

Speed turned around to let off more steam at the other mugger, when he saw the supposed victim handcuffing the second robber.

“That’s enough pal.”

“What the hey? What are you doing with handcuffs? And is that a blaster you have there?”

“Issued by the Enforcers.”

“Meaning that you’re an Enforcer.”


“… Hey, aren’t you…”

“Felina Feral? That’s me.”

“Why do I suddenly feel that I was not needed here.”

“Because you weren’t.”

“That makes sense.”

Speed squatted down with his back against the brick wall, as Felina went over to slap the handcuffs on the unconscious lawbreaker.

“Gee, not a particularly great start to a crime-fighting career, now is it?”

“No it isn’t. So your name is Speed right? You’re new to this aren’t you?”

“Right both times. Krud, this is going to leave a scar…”

“Actually you did a pretty good job.”


“I’m serious. Your fight with those crooks went quite smoothly.”

“Except for this scar…”

“Don’t worry about it, your fur should grow over it. In a month or so, you probably won’t even see it. Look I’m going to haul these two losers over to Enforcer HQ.”

“Yeah, guess I should be going.”

“See you around Speed, oh and better luck next time.”

“Thanks Sergeant-”

“Call me Felina.”

“-Felina. Bye.”

He turned around and zoomed off on his blades. Felina hauled the two criminals to their feet. She walked them over to her patrol car and shoved them in. She turned back to reflect on her encounter with Speed, the new hero on the block.

<< Hmm, if he worked a bit more on his combat skills, that kid might just make it as a hero. >>

She got into her patrol car and drove off to Enforcer HQ.


“Oh MY! How did THIS happen?”

“It’s nothing mom, just an accident.”

“That wound has to be treated, now where’s the first aid kit…”

“Over here mom.” Calvin handed the first aid kit to his mother who promptly flipped it open and started rummaging through the items.

“You had better wash it out in the bathroom first, it might be infected.”

He nodded and walked to the bathroom. He splashed water over the wound and winced when he felt the slight sting. He looked up at himself in the mirror. The wound was just below his right eye and went all the way down to his chin.

<< … Doesn’t look too bad. >>

Calvin had been too impatient to prepare himself further before going out on his crime-fighting spree. He just put on a blank black T-shirt and a normal pair of jeans. For a mask, he used a visor, although it didn’t help too much in the fight, it was enough to hide his identity. He hid his roller blades and his wrist laser before his mother saw him. He didn’t want to reveal his dual identity to his parents, well at least not now. He had just enrolled in a judo class. Feeling confident about his abilities, he decided after three lessons that he was now capable with dealing with the scum of the street.

<< Perhaps a bit too confident. >>

Then he remembered Felina’s compliment; he stopped and thought about it.

<< … Come to think of it, I DID do pretty well against those two. >>

The more he thought about it, the better he felt. Soon his desire to be a hero returned. He was starting to plan out the design of his costume when his mother hollered out at him.

“Hey Calvin! What are you doing in there?”

“Uh? Oh sorry. I’ll be right out.”

He dashed out, trying to hide a smile.

<< I’ll take a couple more lessons, that’s it. Maybe I’ll try fitting those turbo boosters to my blades. Hey I could name them Turbo Blades. >>

And a new hero will soon patrol the streets, and he is called Speed.



Chapter 4

He stood there on the rooftop, garbed in black, virtually invisible in the darkness of the night. He held a staff in his paws and his hazel eyes scanned the scene before him. A derelict warehouse that was to house a gang who was currently running a protection scam. Their victims now face a dilemma, either to pay them their money, devastating them and leaving them with hardly enough money to survive, or to face the vengeance that will be wrought upon them if they don’t.

His name is Skye Ringtail; his friends call him Wheels. He is a coon; the object of racism from some residents of Megakat City, further complicating the problem is the fact that some of those were Enforcers.

As Skye, better known as Wheels, he is a bicycle courier, working for Katareena Perkins. She is a movie star, often starring in the movies as the Enforcer heroine. Unlike some others, she does not share the racism shown by other Enforcers. She has been become something more than his boss, more like his friend, perhaps even his big sister.

He shook his head; this was no time to ponder. He had a mission to fulfill, and lives to save. He inspected the area, his eyes taking every detail. There was a meeting planned tonight and the whole gang was supposed to be there. When they arrive, he will strike.


An hour had passed, and still he kept vigil. He thought back as he waited and watched. He thought back to his birth. He had never known his mother, for she had died after giving birth to him. His father was abusive of him; he remembered the beatings he had received. He remembered running away, he was twelve years old that day.

He sought refuge in an orphanage, he lived a much better life there than with his father. He remembered his love, Thrissa, and the drive-by shooting. His heart ached as he pictured her, remembered her. Knowing that never would he see her angelic face, hear her gentle voice or feel her soft fur.


As he blinked back tears, he recalled the day he pledged to the heavens, to Thrissa, that he would never allow such a tragedy to ever occur to anyone ever again, so that no one would ever have to feel the pain, anger and sorrow he has felt. And he kept his word.

He did not enroll in any martial arts class, he would not have been able to afford it, nor would he allow Katareena to pay for it. This was something that he alone would have to deal with.

He borrowed martial arts movies from rental stores, not for amusement, but to learn. A good part of his day was spent watching fight scenes for movie, and replaying the scene in slow motion. Books on martial arts, stacked onto one another, stood tall like miniature distorted skyscrapers. He went through every page on the art of fighting carefully and intently.

Soon he had developed a style of his own, something like ninjitsu. He practiced on rooftops, empty basketball courts, and anywhere devoid of people. He felt that his identity must be kept secret, so that no one else he knew could be harmed by the vengeance of those he would fight.

He had even put together a costume of his own. It resembles the attire of the ninja of old, completely black. Not very flashy or colorful, but much more practical.

Together, with his lightning reflexes and remarkable agility, along with a Bo staff he had bought with his salary, he was now ready to fight.


The gang had arrived, raucous laughter reaching the ears of Wheels. He slid down quietly, zipping silently across the street like a ghost. He sneaked into the building, and into the shadows.

He waited in the shadows, until he was certain the whole gang was here. The building’s only light source was from the fire that was lit, the electricity having been cut off from the building. The gang members felt that they did not need the light.

Wheels remembered how he had first discovered about these miscreants, his very first mission. It had come in the form of a young bear cub sitting on the wall softly crying. He was about four to five years old.

He had happened onto the cub while returning from one of his deliveries. Curious, he approached the sobbing cub. The cub backed away from Wheels until he was certain he meant no harm. He poured out all that had happen merely an hour ago. A gang had come to his father’s shop and demanded protection money to be paid the next day. His father openly spurned their demands and paid the price for his bravery. He was beaten up, but fortunately, they decided to let him live.

As the bear cub related the past event between sniffles, Wheels’ blood began to boil, resisting the urge to just charge off to find the gang and pummel them senseless, he calmed himself and asked the cub everything he knew about the gang. How many of them were there and where they could be found. After getting the necessary information, he bid farewell to the cub and
rode off on his bicycle back to where he lived with Katareena Perkins, to prepare for battle.

All nine of the hooligans were there; laughing out loud at their dirty jokes and mean tricks, looking forward to the money they would gain. His patience at its limit, he leaped out of the shadows and smashed one of the beer bottles.

The room was immersed in an impenetrable silence. The gangsters looked at the masked coon who had leaped into their headquarters and openly challenged them. He stood there almost invisible against the shadows except for the staff he held in his paws and his hazel-brown eyes.

One of them, after mustering up enough courage, took out a knife and charged at Wheels. Swiftly, he swung his staff with one paw, disarming his foe and laid him low with a jab to stomach.

The others soon followed suit; some armed with knives and others with iron bars. He swung his staff in circles, dissuading any to come near to attack. One tried to duck beneath his staff, but was flung across the room after a vicious blow across the face. Wheels wielded his staff effortlessly, displaying grace and skill that would have been envied, feared and respected by many. He parried thrusts, disarmed the hooligans and lay about them with several swift and powerful blows onto their unprotected bodies like rain in a heavy storm.

Soon his enemies had amassed a variety of bruises in a variety of places, while Wheels was unscathed. Fifteen minutes had passed and only a third of the gang was still standing. The others were either unconscious, or groaning in pain and wishing they were.

Their nerve deserting them, they turned tail and attempted to flee. But Wheels would not allow that. He caught up to them in a few swift steps, leaped over them and barred their way. One lashed out at him, but he smoothly ducked the fist and tripped him with a leg sweep, and punched his lights out when he got up. He got up and faced the remaining two ruffians. He tossed his staff aside and beckoned them to come. Seeing their opponent unarmed, they foolishly believed him to be less of a danger and rushed him together. He parried their blows as easily as he had done so with a staff and delivered blows just as heavy. He sidestepped to his left to avoid a punch in the face, grabbed his opponent’s arm, gave three quick kicks to his side and flipped him over his shoulder. He then whirled around and bowled over his other foe with the back of his fist.

In less than half an hour, the gang members were all lying flat on the floor. Wheels sprinted across the large room, grabbing his staff along the way, and exited the warehouse as noiselessly as he had entered.

As if on cue, the sound of sirens began. Enforcer patrol cars screeched to a halt outside the dilapidated building. Enforcers marched out and stormed the building, ready to arrest a gang who was already eager to be arrested. Just so long as they can get away from that masked coon.


Wheels watched down again, this time at the Enforcers herding the gang members into a van that would take them down to Enforcer HQ. A news van from Kats’ Eye News had already arrived on the scene. Ann Gora stepped out of the van ready to report.

He had no interest in glory or fame. He put on this costume so that no one would have to face the tragedy he had faced or to suffer like he had suffered. It is only for that and for nothing else.

He turned around and disappeared into the shadows, back to his day job, to being Wheels the bicycle courier.

But should anything ever threaten the lives of innocents, Wheels will put on his costume, to defend them.

Chapter 5
One Last Word

That’s it. Hope you liked the stories. As you will probably already know, the four stories above were about how these four heroes became heroes. I hope you guys out there weren’t disappointed with the stories. Oh and there is another reason for my writing this, I am planning on writing a fanfic where these four come together and fight their first super villain. Not one of those everyday punks that spray graffiti on walls and snatch purses, I mean one of those really evil super villains that blow up cities and slaughter hundreds just for a quick laugh. I won’t be telling you who the villain is; I want to make it a surprise.

Oh and this is for the owners of the characters I used:

DJ and Greywolf, I didn’t tell you about this, mainly because I’ll want to write a couple other fanfics first before I write this one. Anyway, I hope you’ll let me use your characters next time too.

Wheels and Speed, sorry if I misrepresented your characters in anyway. Feel free to voice your complaints, compliments and etc, etc. My E-mail address will be up there on the RPG page and listed under ‘T’. And I also really hope that you would let me use your characters in this other fanfic as well. I would really like to write a fanfic with the four of them together.

Now that everything’s out of the way and the fanfic is finished, looks like it’s…

THE END (Until next time. Hope to see you again)

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