Original SWAT Kats Story

A New Ally

By Christopher Teo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 8,442 Words

T-Bone and Razor get a new ally, the Sorcerer, to help them with the Pastmaster, and Callie goes to a mysterious doctor.

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Author's Notes:

I am the author of this piece of fan fiction. And now I would like to bring up some things. The Swat Kats are the property of Hanna-Barbera productions all rights reserved. I have no intention on stealing their property. There is also something I would like to point out; the term ‘cat’ is spelled as ‘kat’ in this world. This fan fiction is only intended for entertainment and not for profit. Any other similarities between any character in this story and any other character created by someone else are unintentional.

Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson reside at the Megakat Scrap Yard, working to pay off their debt of crashing their jet into Enforcer Headquarters. They had been Enforcers then, and now their occupations are mechanics. But they did not choose to stop their fight against crime. Their spirits are strong. They chose to become the vigilantes known as the Swat Kats. They have the code names of “T-bone” and “Razor” respectively.

Many a time they have saved Megakat City. But this brings much displeasure to Commander Ulysses Feral. He believes that these “Hot Shot Vigilantes” are meddling with matters that the Enforcers should handle. But I believe his attitude towards them is not as he says. Nonetheless, the Commander has proved himself to be worthy of honor. He has helped the Swat Kats to save the city a good number of times, but it appears he does so reluctantly.

Deputy Mayor, Callie Briggs, has a very different perspective. She has a communicator with her. With it, she can inform the Swat Kats of any approaching disaster that the Swat Kats may not know of. Recently, I have discovered that she is an ancestor of Queen Callista, the resemblance between Callista and Callie is incredible. She may have the rare ability of sorcery in her blood, but only time will tell.

Lieutenant Felina Feral, a highly skilled Enforcer and the niece of Commander Feral. She is more ready to accept the Swat Kats’ assistance than her uncle is. Her aid has proved invaluable on
several occasions. She has the makings of a warrior. I also have reason to believe that there may be something more between her and T-bone.

When they donned their Swat Kat uniforms, their battles with evil were endless. They fought a variety of enemies. Ranging to the malevolent Dark Kat to the mutated mad scientist, Dr. Viper. Villains like the gangster couple, the Metallikats and the petty criminal with the electronic coat of immense powers, Hard Drive. They only add to the incredible list of adversaries. They have even defeated the Pastmaster, an old adversary of mine.

In fact, just 20 minutes ago, Callie summoned the Swat Kats to the Nuclear Power plant. Dr. Viper was attempting another scheme to turn Megakat City into a giant swamp. The Swat Kats attack Dr. Viper with their vast array of weapons. I am confident that they will triumph against the mad reptile. And soon I feel that I will fight alongside these brave warriors. But now, I must leave now for other matters require my attention.


The Swat Kats have just defeated Dr. Viper. As the Enforcers take Dr. Viper away to a very secure prison cell. T-bone and Razor prepare to head for home.

“Well, that’s one more insane lunatic off to the slammer. Why that wacko just won’t give up, I’ll never know. Hey Razor, if we hurry, we might be able to catch the Scaredy Cat show.”

“Wait Chance! There’s something I want to tell you.”

” Tell it to me on the Turbokat, we’re losing precious time. And it’s starting to rain too.”

Razor sighed and got onto the jet. After they took off, Chance continued the discussion.

“Okay buddy, what do you want to tell me? And if it’s about the TV, we’re watching Scaredy Cat and that’s that.”

“It’s not that. While we were fighting Dr. Viper, I saw something strange on a building roof. I thought I saw a Kat over there.”

“Big deal. He was probably some reporter who wanted to take a photo of us in action.”

“Since when did reporters start wearing a cape and cowl. And come to think about it, I think he was floating in mid-air.”

“What? Have you just suddenly gone nuts?”

“That’s what I thought too. But when I looked again, there was no one there.”

“Don’t worry about it, you were probably imagining things.”

“Hmmm… yeah, I guess you’re right. Oh and one more thing, we’re watching Litterbin.”

“No way! Scaredy Cat!”


“Scaredy Cat!”


As they fly back to the hangar, continuing their friendly argument. But Razor still could not put aside that sight as a figment of his imagination. It had seemed too real. And when Razor saw that
kat, he thought that he felt something. It was as if that kat had powers so immense that he could actually feel it. Chance had also felt the power, but he casually put it aside as a figment of his
imagination. But he too was worried about what he felt.


Callie Briggs was driving her car to 23 Oak Street. She had been suffering from a bad cold and a headache as well. Mayor Manx had recommended a doctor to her and told her to take week off from work. This was extremely generous of him and she hoped she wasn’t hallucinating as well. The doctor’s name was Russell Blue. That was the only thing that she knew about him. She was rushed out of the Mayor’s office by the mayor himself. He did not seem intent on telling her anything else about this Dr. Blue. She had reached 23 Oak Street and was getting out of her car when a voice called out her name.

“Hey! You’re the Deputy Mayor, Callie Briggs.”

She turned around and saw the owner of that voice. The owner was a slim and healthy looking kat. He had blue fur with a silvery sheen. He looked quite young but somehow, his eyes looked as though they had seen a lot more, they even suggest a theory that he would be older than he seemed.

“That’s right. And you would be…”

“I’m Russell Blue. Mayor Manx told me that you would be coming. He also told me about how sick you were. Let’s go up to my clinic.”

When Callie and Russell reached his clinic, Callie could see that it was a little small, but big enough for about twenty kats to wait in. And in another room, Dr. Blue started his attempt to find out
what ailments she had. He took Callie’s temperature.

“How is it like, being a Deputy Mayor?”

“Oh it’s hard work, writing speeches for the Mayor, signing building permits and other stuff like that. Sometimes I wonder why I took the job, but when I see that I have helped the city along, I know the answer.”

“Say “Ah”.”


“Out of curiosity, but what are the Swat Kats like.”

“The Swat Kats?”

“I’ve seen the news, you met the Swat Kats several times before. What are they like up-close?”

“They’re really nice guys. And I know that they want to protect the city, not destroy it. But sometimes they can’t help but destroy something in order to save lives. Feral doesn’t seem to believe

“They are really something aren’t they. And about Commander Feral, what about him?”

“He can be very stubborn. He doesn’t like accepting help, especially from the Swat Kats. I know he’s trying to help, but I really wish he wouldn’t be so stubborn.”

“Some kats can be like that. I hear he has a niece who is a lieutenant, what is her name?”

“Her name is Felina Feral. She is a great Enforcer, but her uncle can be very protective over her. She accepts the Swat Kats’ help more readily than her Uncle does. You’re asking a lot of
questions. Are you really a doctor or a private detective?”

“Don’t worry. I have genuine certificates to back me up on my being a doctor. Besides, you can’t blame a kat for being curious, can you? Could you hold out your hand, I need to test your pulse. Oh and one more question. Why do you always wear pink?”


“Everytime I see you, whether on TV or in person, you’re always wearing pink. Why is that?”

“Well…I guess it’s because I like the color. I still have clothes in other colors, but wearing pink has become a habit. I still dress in other colors, but not very often. So doctor, do you have any more questions?”

“Nope. You have just satisfied the curiosity of one curious kat in the medical profession. Here are some aspirin for the headache and some pills for the cold. Take one after every meal. And I’m taking five dollars of your bill for answering my questions.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“No, I insist. Although it would mean a lot to me if you start coming here for regular check-ups. I could use the publicity.”

“I’ll think about it. Bye Dr. Blue.”

“Call me Russell.”

“Okay Russell.”

As Callie took the elevator down to the carpark, she started wondering about Russell. He was a very nice guy. He was very cheerful and friendly. Yet she felt something strange emanating from him, something powerful. She was still thinking about it when she entered her car. That feeling worried her. She decided to check up his past on him, the next time she got a chance.


Lieutenant Felina Feral is now patrolling Megakat City in a chopper. Just one minute ago, she had just been warned by radio about a possible danger in the vicinity. Four gangsters had been found in a warehouse, badly injured. The warehouse itself was in a shambles. It was as if someone walked in there and fired a laser cannon repeatedly and walked out again. The kat who did this is to be considered armed and dangerous.

All of a sudden, she saw someone dart into the shadows out of the corner of her eye. She decided to investigate. She landed the chopper on a roof and went to where she last saw the movement. She went down to the alley and saw that someone was already there. Someone was standing in the shadows, watching her. Felina drew her gun and aimed it at the figure.

“Okay pal! Come out nice and slowly!”

“You have need not worry. I bear you no malice.”

The figure came out of the shadows and Felina could see him much more clearly. What she saw was not what she had expected at all. He had cloth pants and a cloth shirt; both were in a medieval style. He was wearing a pair of leather gloves. He had a cape and his head was in a cowl. She tried to see his face but all she could see were his blue eyes. He looked like something out of the Dark Ages. The only way she could tell he was a kat was his tail.

“Who are you?”

“I have been known by many names. In this time and age, I would prefer the title of ‘the Sorcerer’.”

“Hey! If you’re some pal of the Pastmaster, you are coming down to headquarters with me or I’m going to kick your tail.”

“I am no friend to that scourge.”

“Either way, I still think that you’d better come with me.”

“Indeed I would, but I must prepare for a great battle in this city, and I can spare no time.”

“Hey wait a minute…”

A bolt of lightning struck the ground between Felina and the cowled stranger. When she recovered from the unexpected lightning, she saw that the “Sorcerer” was gone. But the alley leads to a dead end. There were no doors he could have gone through, and he could not have gotten past her, even though the bolt of lightning had distracted her. As there was nothing else she could do, she headed back to the chopper. It seems like that Sorcerer is no friend of the Pastmaster. But what he said about a “great battle”, that worried Felina a lot. She took the chopper back to headquarters to report what had happened. But she doubted that she would be believed.


A kat was seated in a large chair. He was studying a spell book, it seemed that most of what was in there was already known to him. He closed the book when he was done with it. By will alone, he made the book float up onto its place on the shelf. Another book flew from another shelf to take its place. After some time, he placed the book on the table, and went over to a window. He drew back the curtains and the light fell onto the shelves of books in his library. Most held spells that had great power, some for destruction, and some for healing and various others for various uses. The library was part of a great mansion. And in all that space, the kat looking out of the window was its sole occupant. As he stared out of the window and onto Megakat City, he remembered the many memories he had about that City. And he dreads the battle that he must soon fight in it. He only hopes that no lives shall be lost as a result of the conflict. He left the curtains as they were and returned to his studying. And when the time of battle comes, he shall be prepared.


Jake and Chance were in the garage, working on the cars.

“Hey Jake! Hand me that monkey wrench!”

“Here you go. And Chance, next time you have to replace a car engine, don’t use a jet engine! Do you remember what happened the last time you did that?”

“Yeah I do. Jeez, you’d think the guy would be happy he got a faster car.”

“The moment his foot touched the accelerator, he took off at 100 miles per hour. If he actually crashed, we would have a lawsuit on our paws.”

“Good thing I fixed the brakes, right buddy?”

Jake sighed and went back into the garage to get some milk.

Chance returned to fixing the motor, his head was under the hood of the car when someone tapped his shoulder. Chance instinctively straightened up and hit his head on the hood.

“Yeow! Jake, if this is one of your… what the?”

Chance had turned around and instead of seeing Jake; he saw a kat, dressed in a costume that might have come from the Middle Ages. His face was in a cowl; Chance could see nothing except for his blue eyes.

“I’m sorry if I startled you, but I must talk with you…”

“Hey Chance, this is the last carton of milk so we had… Hey! Who are you?”

Jake had came out of the garage and was startled to see the kat which he had believed to be a creation of his overactive imagination.

“I have been watching you, and you are truly warriors of the sky.”

“Look, if you’re some weird fan trying to get the autographs of two ex-enforcers than…”

“I was referring to your battles in the skies as the Swat Kats.”

“What? You’ve got the wrong kats pal.”

“I have seen you in the skies many a time. I knew your identities the minute I scanned your minds. I believe you felt it during your most recent fight with Dr. Viper.”

“So that was you. I knew it.”

“Yes. And now I must ask you to come with me.”

“Hold it buddy! I have three questions for you. One, Why should we trust you? For all we know, you might be working with someone like Dark Kat or the Pastmaster. Two, who are you? And three, what do you want?”

“I am no friend of that scourge, the Pastmaster. And if I were your enemy, than you would have been smoldering carcasses five minutes ago.”

“Now there’s a comforting thought.”

“As for my name, you may call me by my title, the Sorcerer. And I will inform you of why I need your assistance during our journey to our destination. And I would advise that you take off in your jet quickly, I will follow shortly.”

And with that, the Sorcerer floated into the air effortlessly. Amazed, Jake and Chance exchanged glances, and shrugged.

“Well Jake?”

“I don’t think he means us any harm. And if he did, it looks like he would probably just toss into outer space when we let our guard down. He probably wouldn’t even break a sweat.”

“But how do we know he’s that powerful?”

“When he scanned our minds, I felt his power. And it felt like he could take on an entire army without even blinking. Besides, it looks like there’s something important he wants to show us.”

“Then let’s get into the Turbo Kat, FAST!”

Jake and Chance donned their uniforms and became the Swat Kats, Razor and T-Bone. They jumped into the jet and checked their weaponry, and took off. Prepared for anything that a god could throw at them. As they flew Razor and T-Bone felt that they should feel some suspicion for their mystical guide, but in their hearts, they feel that he can be trusted. And the heart cannot lie, can it?


Callie Briggs was puzzled, she had heard several good things about Dr. Blue, but his origins were shrouded in mystery. He works in charities and helps the poor, but no one has ever heard about him until he opened the clinic. It was as if he had just appeared out of nowhere. She was still thinking about it when all of a sudden, she saw a portal opening out of her office window. This was opening out over the ocean, it was one of the Pastmaster’s.

She decided that the mystery of Russell would have to wait. She reached into her handbag to take out her communicator. The one link between her and the Swat Kats. But she reached in to find that it was gone. She must have dropped it at Russell’s clinic. She cursed herself under her breath. She would have to go back to the clinic to find it. If the portal did belong to the Pastmaster, she hoped that the Swat Kats would be able to find out soon and prevent that little troll from wreaking havoc on the city.

Mayor Manx was still at the golf course and was probably at the 5th hole. He wouldn’t notice her being gone for half an hour. She would have enough time to find her communicator. She said a quick prayer in hope that the Swat Kats would save the city and would remain safe. She took another look at the portal and saw that it was growing bigger by the second. She shuddered a bit went to her car.


Felina Feral had exited her patrol car and was currently walking up the stairs of the museum to meet Dr. Abi Cinian. After her meeting with the Sorcerer, she had been informed that including the attack she was informed of earlier, there had been a total of six attacks like this in one night. All attacks were made on gangsters and smugglers, and the attacker left no sign of his coming except for the injured criminals and the damaged walls. All the evidence indicates that the attacker had come and went without sustaining a single injury. The damage on the criminals and walls did not indicate that any normal weapon made the damage. And all the guns in that were there were melted into a lump. All the drugs the smugglers had were burnt into ashes.

When she told Commander Feral about her encounter, he suggested that she should see Dr. Abi Cinian, considering that the Sorcerer appeared to be someone from the past. Dr. Cinian had come out of the museum to meet her.

“Dr. Cinian?”

“Yes. You called me and you wanted to talk about something.”

“It’s about some kat I met last night. He looked like he came from the Dark Ages. And since old things are your field of specialty, I figured you might tell me something about this guy.

“And what did he look like? And did he give you his name?”

“He said he was the Sorcerer and he looked like… like that kat in the painting.”

Felina pointed towards a portrait of a kat. It was a portrait of the Sorcerer; it was accurate to the very last detail. And yet again, all she could see of his face was his blue eyes. Other than that, his entire face was covered in blackness. But now, he could see that his clothes, cape and cowl were the color of green. Dr. Abi Cinian walked over to the portrait. She looked at it for a while and turned to face Felina.

“That kat has a very interesting story. This was found in a sunken galley in a chest. It should be decaying by now, but it looks like it was painted today. The frame was made in the 18th Century and it has been proven to be authentic. The galley was too deep in the sea to be easily reached. And there has been no way anyone could have swam down there and put the painting there. He has been called by many names, such as ‘Magic Wielder’, ‘The Wise One’, ‘The Mystic’ and several other names. He first became known during the Dark Ages. And after that, there was evidence that he has traveled all over the world from the Arctic to Africa. And he appears to have lived for at least 10,000 years without even aging. There has been no sign of his birth or his death. From all the evidence that has been gathered, I can safely say that he is not evil, but fights for very just causes.”

“You know much about my history Dr. Abi Cinian. That is very admirable. And I would like to add ‘The Sorcerer’ to my vast list of aliases.”

The sudden interruption made Felina turn around but she already knew who it was. She recognized that voice, and she knew that it belonged to the Sorcerer. True enough, it was the Sorcerer that had spoken and had come forward.

“I had hoped that we would meet under less graver circumstances, but I have come to warn you of grave danger. You must inform the Enforcers to prepare for battle, for the Pastmaster wishes to attack the city. Now I must leave.”

As he prepared to leave, Felina rushed forward and grabbed his shoulder.

“Wait! I need to ask you something…”

“I was the one who attacked the criminals last night. I attacked them because they were bringing death to their city and I saw that they needed to be punished. I also attacked them to see if my powers were still strong enough so that I may do battle with the Pastmaster once more. And you can be assured that I did not lie and that the Enforcers will not be wasting their time.”

And with that, The Sorcerer opened a portal and stepped through it. The portal closed immediately after he left. Dr. Cinian was stunned by the sudden appearance of the kat whom she had only seen in portraits, stone carvings and statues. Felina did not waste time after hearing the Sorcerer’s warning. She immediately headed for her chopper. As she did so, she saw the portal in the sky and knew that the warning was not a lie. She climbed into the chopper and headed off to Enforcer Headquarters. And at the controls, she started to think. After the Enforcers are prepared, will they be strong enough to battle the Pastmaster? She mentally prepared herself for the fight that was about to begin. Secretly, she wondered where the Swat Kats were.


As the chopper heads towards Enforcer Headquarters, the Sorcerer steps out of the portal he had just created. And as suddenly as the portal had appeared, it vanished just as suddenly without a trace. And as he stood hovering at the height of 400 feet, he began to contemplate his situation. He wonders if the Swat Kats are strong enough to face the Pastmaster.

True, they have defeated him before, at least twice to the best of his knowledge, but he has learnt several more spells since their last encounter, most with the intention of their deaths. And the
creatures that he now has control over, they are powerful enough to destroy entire civilizations. And all this is fueled by the revenge, which he wishes to unleash unto the Swat Kats and their city. He also wondered if the Enforcers were truly capable of dealing with the Pastmaster’s second attack. Their weaponry is one that would rival the armories of 50 citadels or the magic power of two demons. But the Enforcers were trained to fight against terrorists, robbers and smugglers. They did not expect to battle with giant robots, killer plants and demonic reptiles.

Felina Feral and Commander Feral are very brave warriors. They would fight such demons with a courage that a warrior of the old would have. But to fight such creatures would require massive weaponry and sometimes, such weaponry is not available to them. But they will persevere. He has seen them fight with great skill. This fight would be a fight they would survive.

The Turbokat is coming towards him. He says a quick prayer, in a language that had not been heard for at least 10 centuries, and glides alongside them. He communicates with them telepathically and in silence. And in this way, he informs them of the battle to come. And during this psychic discussion, the Swat Kats pay as much attention as possible. For they now they feel that in this battle, they will need as much help as they can get.


“So that’s what that little troll is up to. He’s going to try to take over Megakat City with some giant monster he has under his power. But what makes him think that this one is going to be the one that knocks us out of the sky? It’s not like we never beaten one of his monsters before.”

“He shall send two monsters through the portal and he shall be with them. I have seen this while meditating. The monsters have been strengthened with spells that the Pastmaster has cast onto them. They shall be much stronger than the ones you fought before.”

“Do you know what they’re going to be?”

“No. I could not see what two creatures he shall sending. He shielded his castle from detection by mind and eye. It was incredibly difficult to break through the shield and even then, the images I saw were not very clear.”

“Krud! If we knew what we were up against, we might have an edge.”

“Well T-Bone, it looks like we’re going to know soon enough. The Pastmaster is coming through the portal with his two creatures.”

“I can see the first one. It’s a red dragon, and the Pastmaster is riding it. And the other one is… Kats Alive! It can’t be him! We blew that thing up a few months ago!”

As Razor looked at the giant figure coming out of the portal, he immediately recognized it. It was the rock creature known as Volcanus. It had been asleep in the volcano of an island. When the talisman that had been keeping asleep had been broken, it awoke and went on a mindless rampage. It could have destroyed Megakat City by destroying a nuclear reactor. Most weapons were useless on its rocky hide and Razor was nearly killed when he drilled a hole the monster and placed a powerful explosive in it. The creature was completely destroyed. But now, it stands before them and probably stronger than before.

“You have fought one of these?”

“Yeah! And it can stand up to most of our weapons, and it didn’t have any magic! How are we going to fight it now?”

“You will not have to.”

“What? Sorcerer…”

The Sorcerer speeds towards Volcanus, who can now float in air with ease with the aid of the Pastmaster’s spells. The Swat Kats watch him speed off, and see that the red dragon is also heading for another part of the city. The Swat Kats see that there is no other alternative if they want no deaths to occur because of the Pastmaster’s attack. So they rocket off in pursuit after the Pastmaster. In a moment’s time, both parties are about to engage in battle with fierce foes with phenomenal strength. This will not be an easy battle for either party.


Callie Briggs had originally planned on going to Dr. Blue’s clinic to find the communicator, but something else has caught her attention. She sees a battle between a giant made of magma and a kat hovering in the air on a television in a department store. She recognizes the monster as Volcanus. A monster that had terrorized Megakat City just a few months ago. But she thought that the Swat Kats had destroyed it totally.

Whatever that had happened to it before, it was now taking swipes at the hovering kat. The kat was zipping about the monster, avoiding its swipes and sending shards of ice and lightning bolts spiraling towards it. The kat was dressed in garments that seemed to have come from the Dark Ages. And when she could see where his face should be, she saw a pair of blue eyes and nothing else. Except for the eyes, his face was shrouded in shadows. The pair of eyes seemed familiar but she could not remember where she saw them before.

She dismissed that thought returned to finding her lost communicator. As she drove her car to 23 Oak Street, the address of Dr. Blue’s clinic, she just could not help but feel that there was something familiar about that pair of blue eyes.


Felina Feral checked the ammo in her gun. It was fully loaded, and ready to defend the city. All the Enforcers were armed and ready. Commander Feral walked up to her niece and began a discussion with her.

“Are you ready Felina?”

“I’m ready to take on anything.”

“Then at least get some back-up, I don’t want you charging into a fight without any support.”

“Oh and one thing uncle, when I told you about the Sorcerer’s warning, you immediately got every Enforcer ready for action. Why did you trust the Sorcerer so easily? That’s not like you.”

“I don’t trust him. I just know that one of the Pastmaster’s portals just opened and that the Pastmaster is a very serious problem. I have Enforcers patrolling the city and to immediately report any disturbance to headquarters. Those reckless hot shots won’t need to fly in this time.”

The radio that Commander Feral had kept at his side suddenly sparkled into life. Bringing information about the situation of the current status of Megakat City.

“This is Sergeant Carlson. There is a disturbance at 51 Lynx Avenue. It involves a red dragon, the Pastmaster and the Swat Kats. The Swat Kats are currently engaged in battle with the Pastmaster. It is unclear as to whether who is winning. Sergeant Carlson out.”

“Looks like they’re already there.”

“Everyone get into their planes and head for…”

“This is Corporal Stevens. There is a giant at 17 Jacobson Road. It looks like Volcanus although I can’t be sure. There is a hovering kat attacking the monster. So far minimal damage has been caused. That kat looks like he came out of the Dark Ages.”

“That’s the Sorcerer!”

“This is Lieutenant Gates. There’s an army of skeletons marching for City Hall. There’re at least a thousand of them. We need back-up here NOW!”

Commander Feral exchanged glances with his niece.

“Kats Alive! It’s a war zone out there!”

“And we had better get over to City Hall, it looks like that they need a LOT of back-up.”

The Commander turns to a group of Enforcers. “Half of you will get choppers and head for 51 Lynx Avenue! The rest of you get jets and get over to 17 Jacobson Road!”

The Enforcers salute and head for their respective vehicles.

“Everyone else come with me and over to City Hall!”

Every Enforcer responded and gathered up their weapons and got into the vehicles that would take them to a fierce battle. Felina was eager to enter the fray of battle. She was ready to kick some tail. Even ready to take on the Pastmaster himself.


Volcanus takes another mindless swing at the Sorcerer and yet again he dodges the incoming blow with the grace of a swan. The swipe hit a building and sent broken concrete from the building hurtling towards the pavement and towards the innocents walking by. The Sorcerer caused the rocks to slow their descent by use of magic, ensuring the safety of the innocent pedestrians. Even after he has removed the magic which gives the creature additional strength, Volcanus still has enough strength to pose a threat to Megakat City. This worried him deeply.

“I have stripped you of your magic strength! Why do you still continue to cause such mindless destruction?!”

In response to his cry, the monster spits a ball of flame towards the Sorcerer. Countering the attack, he sent an icy blast towards the flames, resulting in the creation of steam. In his desperation to prevent the harm of any innocents, he had neglected to scan the monster’s mind. And when he does so in the hope of finding a way of reasoning with the beast, he finds nothing but a command for endless destruction. He realizes that the monster is not actually a living sentient being, but a golem. A robot-like creature that is given life by magic. It has no will of its own and must follow the commands of its master.

And with this new information, the Sorcerer realized that the Pastmaster must have created this golem of magma, and given it the instructions for mass destruction. And reassured by this, the
Sorcerer now knows that he is not fighting a god Volcanus, but a mindless slave of the Pastmaster. He can now destroy the golem without worries.

“Monster! You are finished!”

And with that cry, he flies around the golem and to its back, stopping before the exact spot where Razor had drilled a hole and placed explosives that had destroyed the first golem that terrorized Megakat City. He summons his magic and forms a dagger of pure energy. And before the monster can react, he plunges it deep within that weak spot. The monster feels no pain but the attack was not meant to cause pain. The energy of the dagger is to destroy the magic that gives the golem life.

And when the effect takes effect, fragments of magma falls from the monster, and soon, the golem itself falls to the ground and breaks into several pieces. As the curious onlookers investigate what was once a malevolent giant of magma, the Sorcerer summons a portal and goes to the place where the Swat Kats battle the Pastmaster to offer his assistance.


The red dragon shoots a stream of fire from its mouth. The Turbokat dodges it easily. The Swat Kats have launched several missiles at the dragon, but they just explode harmlessly when they come near the dragon.

“HA! HA! HA! Give up Swat Kats, you can never get past my force field.”

“Krud! We can’t get to the Pastmaster with that force field around him!”

“Yeah! And I’ve checked it out! And it goes completely around the dragon. They can shoot out but we can’t hit them. There’s no way we can even hit the dragon or the Pastmaster T-Bone!”

“Isn’t there a way we can even distract him from Megakat City?”

“There is one way! T-Bone! Fly around and get me a clear shot at the dragon’s head.”

The Turbokat zooms in front of the dragon and Razor fires 5 Tar Torpedoes at its head. The torpedoes break open and cover the front part of the force field with tar. The dragon instinctively breathes out fire and makes the tar catch fire. The front of the force field is a raging inferno. Neither the Pastmaster nor the dragon can see anything.

“Arrrrgggh! Curse you Swat Kats!”

“All right Razor! We did it!”

“But that will only distract them. And I don’t see what we can do now that can stop them completely.”

Suddenly, a portal opens and the Sorcerer steps out. He casts a spell and the force field explodes. The shock of the explosion distracts the Pastmaster.

“Swat Kats! Attack him now!”

An octopus missile is launched. It hits the Pastmaster and pushes him against a wall. His watch falls out of his hand, rendering him helpless. The dragon falls onto the road, crushing several cars. As the dragon tries to stand up, the Sorcerer rushes up to it and pulls off a collar that was around its neck.

The dragon stands up but instead of attacking the Sorcerer, it looks at him quizzically. He strokes its neck, and creates a portal. He points towards the portal and almost as if it understood him, it spreads its wings and flies into the portal. He closes the portal and checks the area for any casualties. Seeing none, he turns towards the Pastmaster. He sees the Pastmaster just about to reach his watch. But a paw snatches it away from him.

“Looking for this Pastmaster?”

The Pastmaster is about to jump at T-Bone, but he sees the Sorcerer and his eyes widen.

“The Mystic!”

“The Mystic?”

“It is a previous alias of mine.” He walks over to the Pastmaster and picks him up by his cloak. “You shall not bring pain and misery this time Pastmaster.”

And with that, he throws the Pastmaster into a newly created portal and closes it.

“Now that he’s gone, what are we going to do with this watch?”

“Allow me.” The Sorcerer takes the watch and creates another portal and sends it into another time. He closes it and turns towards the Swat Kats.”I have sent that watch into the Ice Ages and the Pastmaster is now in the prison of the castle of Queen Callista. But the Pastmaster is resourceful. He will find a way to escape and find his watch.”

“But at least he won’t be bothering anyone for a while. By the way, out of curiosity, where did you send the dragon?”

“I sent him back to his home. And Swat Kats, should you ever find a living beast under the Pastmaster’s control, if that beast has a collar like the one around the dragon’s neck, it is not willing to be in the service of the Pastmaster. Take off the collar and that beast will be free from his control.”

“I see. And Sorcerer, what happened to Volcanus?”

“I have destroyed it…”

“Yes! Looks like Volcanus won’t be back for a long time.”

“But it was not Volcanus.”

“What do you mean?”

“That monster was a golem, a giant carved out of a hard substance and given life by means of magic. And I believe that it is possible that there are more magma golems.”

“Krud! You mean that we could have to fight Volca… a magma golem again?”

“Yes. And there is something else I must tell you. The god Volcanus is a much more powerful being then this golem. And if you encounter him, fighting him should always be your last option for his power is the pure unrivalled power of volcanoes, lava and fire. I do not know whether he is a force of good or evil.”

“We’ll remember that.”

“Now you must hurry to City Hall. The Pastmaster planned a third attack. The Enforcers should hold back the army but I feel that the huge numbers of that army will overwhelm them.”

“Let’s go Razor!”

“Wait! I feel that the army is of the undead. Take this medallion.” The Sorcerer hands T-Bone a gold medallion. He could feel magic in it.”This medallion contains magic that will break the Pastmaster’s control over the undead. You must throw it into the midst of the army for it to take effect.”

“Thanks Sorcerer. Okay T-Bone. Let’s head for City Hall.”

As the Turbokat rises up into the sky, the Sorcerer cries out. “And should you ever need my help, look for me in the skies! You now have a new ally in the fight against evil!”

The Turbokat then zooms off towards City Hall. The Sorcerer looks on, and creates a portal. He steps through it and it closes and disappears. Leaving nothing to show the coming or going of the heroes except for the damage the battle has caused.


The Enforcers fire at the skeleton warriors with rifles and guns, the bullets strike the bones of the undead warriors and shatter into several pieces. But a few minutes after the bones shatter, the pieces reorganize themselves into the skeleton warrior that had once been destroyed. The Enforcers are holding back the hordes of skeletons, but they can not destroy this undead army and they move forward slowly but surely. And the Enforcers will soon reach a time where they will run out of ammunition. But in spite of this disheartening fact, the Enforcers fight on, especially Commander Feral and Lieutenant Feral.

“We’re using everything we’ve got against these things, but they just won’t stop!”

“We’ll just have to keep them back until more back-up arrives.”

“Don’t look now but back-up just arrived!”

The Turbokat flies towards City Hall. As the jet passes over the army of undead, a medallion is thrown out of the cockpit. It lands in the middle of the skeleton army. And suddenly, the skeletons stop, and collapse into a pile of bones. The Turbokat lands in front of City Hall and the Swat Kats jump out.

“What are you Swat Kats doing here? We could have handled the situation!”

“Cool down uncle. Oh and T-Bone, how did you stop the skeletons?”

“Ah. It was a piece of cake, with a little help from the Sorcerer…”

“You know him? I met him too.”

“If you hot shots know that Sorcerer, then he won’t be good news.”

“Don’t worry Feral. If it wasn’t for him, we would have had our tails kicked by the Pastmaster.”

“Well we’d better be going now. Bye Felina.”

“Bye T-Bone.”

“Hey wait…”

But the Swat Kats have already jumped into their jet. And set off for their home. Felina looks at the mass of bones that were once an unstoppable army.

“Looks like the cleaners are going to have a heck of a day with this job.”

In the Turbokat, T-Bone starts a conversation.

“Hey Razor. What do you think about the Sorcerer?”

“He’s a great guy, and I think we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of him in the near future. Say… what did you think he meant by ‘look for me in the skies’?”

“Let’s think about that later. Hey want to get some take-out?”

“Sure. Should we get Chinese?”

“Nah. How about some Indian curry?”

“Works for me. If you can take the heat.”

“Ha! I could eat a whole bowl without a drink. Hey let’s have a contest, first to need to drink something has to pay for the meal.”

“You’re on.”

The Turbokat flies over the city and towards Megakat Scrap Yard, bringing two of the greatest protectors of Megakat City to their home for a well-deserved rest.


Callie Briggs parked her car and exited it. She was heading for the lift when someone called out her name.

“Excuse me, Miss Briggs.”

Callie turned around and saw that it was Russell.

“I believe this is what you’re looking for.” He handed Callie her lost communicator. “I found it in my office. You dropped it here yesterday.”

“Thanks Dr. Blue.”

“I’d like it better if you would just call me Russell, everyone does. Anyway, is this the way you communicate with the Swat Kats?”

“Yes. And I hope you could keep it a secret.”

“Don’t worry, my lips are sealed. Oh and have you heard? The Swat Kats just fought the Pastmaster, and won.”

“Yes. I heard about it on my way here. And I also saw someone called the Sorcerer.”

“In person?”

“No. I saw him on TV. He seems so mysterious. Have you heard anything about him?”

“Yeah. Seems like he’s some kind of thousand-year old sorcerer. He fights for good and justice, like the Swat Kats.”

“I see. Oh! I have to get back to the office before Mayor Manx comes back from the golf course.”

“Okay. Bye Miss Briggs.”

“Oh and Russell, call me Callie.”

“No problem…Callie.”

Callie went back to her car. As she entered it, she could see Russell wave and head back to his clinic. As she put the key into the ignition, she just could not help but think about the Sorcerer’s blue eyes, that there was something very familiar about his eyes. She drove back to her office still thinking about that.


He walked towards the window. Dr. Russell Blue is a respectable kat in the medical profession; all his papers are legal and authentic. He has helped many people, with no racial prejudice at
all. Helping all those whom needs his help, regardless of status, species or beliefs, and he gives free treatment to those who can’t afford it.

But there is something else about him that people know. No one has ever heard of him until he set up his clinic. No one knows where he gets the money to keep it open. There is a lot of suspicion around his background. Various rumors are spread about him. But he does not care. His only goal is to help others.

Russell Blue looks out of the clinic’s window and down on Megakat City. Besides him, no one else is in the clinic with him. The door is locked and no one outside can see in. He closes his eyes and opens them. He is no longer in the clinic of Dr. Russell Blue. He is in a vast library of a mansion.

This might have shocked anyone, except him. He has done this sort of travelling before. He walks through the library and to the windows. He drew back the curtains and looked down on Megakat City. His blue eyes surveying the current status of the city.

“Yes Swat Kats, you have a new ally, and his name is the Sorcerer.”

As the words leave Russell Blue’s mouth, a transformation occurs. Mist appears and covers Russell Blue, and when the mist clears, Russell Blue is no longer there. For where Russell Blue once stood now stands the Sorcerer. Russell Blue and the Sorcerer are one!


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