Original SWAT Kats Story

A Helping Paw

By Christopher Teo

  • 1 Chapter
  • 6,604 Words

Someone wants the Deputy Mayor dead, but a certain red-furred dawg isn’t going to let that happen.

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Author's Notes:

Looks like it’s time for an introduction. All characters from the cartoon, Swat Kats, are property of Hanna-Barbera. All other characters in this fan fiction are my creations. Like I have repeatedly stated before that there are other species in this world other than kats and dawgs. So I won’t go into it that much. Check the introductions of my previous fan fictions for more info on

One more thing, anyone who would wish to use characters I have created from this fan fiction or previous fan fictions or future fan fictions I have created, I would prefer it if you would ask me for permission before doing so.

I’d also like to mention that I am trying something new here. I expect this fan fiction to be a tad more violent than my other fan fictions. Just thought that you would like to know before hand.

Well, that’s it. If anyone has any questions or requests, feel free to e-mail me. With everything out of the way, let’s get the story started shall we?

“That’ll be two dollars.”

“Here you go.”

The raccoon fruit vendor handed the apple to the dawg. He took a bite out of it. As he chewed, he turned around and looked up to the top floor of the building he was facing.

The fruit vendor pocketed the two-dollar bill. He looked up and saw the dawg gazing at something. He followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at the mayor’s office.

“Hey buddy, you thinking about something?”

“Huh? Oh nothing.”

He looks at the dawg who just bought from him. He noticed his fur being red which was quite uncommon. He was dressed in a jacket and a pair of jeans.

“Hey buddy, aren’t you hot in there? It’s a clear sky with nothing but sun!”

“Let’s just say that there are more important things in my head besides the heat.”

“Suit yourself.”

The raccoon was about to resume selling his produce when the dawg started stretching himself.

“Hey what are you doing?”

“Stretching. What does it look like?”

“You’re going for a jog in a jacket?”

“What makes you think I’m going for a jog in the afternoon?”

“Than why are you stretching?”

“So that I won’t get a cramp when beating up and blowing away punks.”

And before the raccoon returned his answer with another question, the dawg started running towards the glass doors of the building. He saw the red-furred dawg pull out a gun before running into the building. Five seconds later, the raccoon was at a nearby phone booth calling for the Enforcers.


Callie Briggs saved the document she was typing and switched off the computer.

“Well Callie? Are you finished?”

“Yes Mayor Manx.”

Callie stood up and turned towards Mayor Manx and his golf clubs.

“Good. Now its time to tee off.” As he turned around, he bumped into someone. “Here now. What’s the meaning of…[Gasp].”

He stumbled back away from the gun held in front of his face. Then he fainted. Callie reached for her purse but a she decided against it when a bullet imbedded itself into the ground beside her. She turned around to face her attacker. The dawg walked slowly into the mayor’s office with his gun trained on Callie.

“Before you get to shouting stuff like ‘you’ll never get away with this’ or ‘the Swat Kats will stop you’, let me to say this.”



He shoves Callie aside and aims his gun at the window. As Callie landed on the floor, she saw a helicopter hovering in front of the giant glass window in the office. He fired two shots at the helicopter. Surprised by the unexpected attack, the pilot flew the helicopter up to the roof.

“Darn! I’m late!”

“What’s going on?”

“I’d be happy to tell you all about it when we are somewhere without bullets flying around.”

“What bullets?”

A masked kat dashes into the room with an Uzi. He fires at the dawg but he jumps to the side and pushes down Callie.

“Those bullets.”

He waits until the kat has run out of ammo and then he leaps forward and kicks him across the face. When the kat was recovering from his attack, he took out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. The kat fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Satisfied, the dawg turned around and looked at Callie who is shocked at the sudden death in the office.

“Okay, bad guy’s dead let’s get out of here.”

“Wait we can’t leave Mayor Manx here alone.”

“He’s not alone. He has Mr. Dead Kat to keep him company.

“We have to get him out of here.”

“Oh all right, if it makes you happy.”

The dawg lifted Mayor Manx up with great difficulty.

“WOAH! This guy is HEAVY! What did he eat? CEMENT?”

“Why was he here?”

“He probably got a really good campaign manager.”

“Not Mayor Manx! That kat you just-”

“Blew away? Oh nothing much, just to kill you and cause the crime rate in Megakat City to triple.”

“How did you get past him?”

“Actually I didn’t, he must have been trailing me and trying to catch me by surprise.”

“This way, there is a telephone there.”

“Forget about it, I already made sure the Enforcers are going to come.”

“You called them already?”

“No. I just ran into the building waving my gun about and hoped someone would call them. You’ll have to follow me.” The dawg turned towards the flight of staircases leading to the roof.

“We’re heading to the roof.”

“I know. There are a whole bunch of other guys waiting in the lobby ready to turn us into so much Swiss cheese.”

The dawg kicked the door to the roof open and ducked to avoid the shots from the pilot of the helicopter.

“This is when this jacket comes in handy.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out something. He tossed the jacket at the pilot. “HEY! THINK FAST!”

The pilot caught the jacket and the grenades in the pockets exploded, hurling his body off the roof.

The dawg ran over to the helicopter and jumped in.


“You forgot about Mayor Manx.”


“We have to get him to somewhere safe.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we just put him under some tarp and hope no one sees him?”



Callie heaves Manx onto the helicopter, and the Dawg pulled on the control stick, flying the helicopter off the roof. Soon, the helicopter is over Megakat Park.


The red-furred dawg turned his head. “Yeah?”

“You never told me your name. What is it anyway?”

“Friends call me Red. Enemies also call me Red. Absolute strangers call me Red as well.”

“So I’ll call you Red.”

“If that’s what you want. Say Callie, if a red light starts blinking, what does it mean?”

“That means the helicopter is out of fuel… there is a blinking red light on the dashboard, am I right?”

“Uh… yes.”

“Why did you take off with a helicopter running out of fuel?”

“Actually I didn’t check. I’ll land in the park.”

Red brings the helicopter down in a field. He drags Manx out of the helicopter and sees a jogger running by. “HEY YOU!”

The jogger turns around.

Red shoves his gun into his face. “Take this fat unconscious mayor to Enforcer HQ so that he will be safe from gun-toting mercenaries. Otherwise I’m going to have to find out where you live and slap you silly.”

The jogger nods nervously and drags the mayor to Enforcer HQ.

Red turns around to face Callie. “There, mayor is safe. Can we go?”

“Aren’t you even going to see if they make it there safely?”

“No. You know why? It’s because they’re not after him. Only you!”


“Yes. Turns out that someone wants you dead because you happen to be a really big threat to his evil plan, which I know nothing about.”

“Do you know anything else?”

“Yes. But we’ll have to go somewhere safe first, and then we can talk there. And I have the perfect place in mind.”

Red then walks off with Callie to his safe haven.


Commander Feral inspects the Mayor’s office. Bullet holes from the Uzi traced a line along the wall. Commander Feral pondered on the situation. When the Enforcers entered the building, the mercenaries made a hasty escape. The security guards had been knocked unconscious and locked in a closet.

When the building was further searched, some dead bodies of mercenaries were found. Someone had entered the building and made his way to the Mayor’s office and was apparently not with the mercenaries and was highly skilled.

“Commander Feral!” An Enforcer ran up to the Commander.

“What is it?”

“I have just received news from Enforcer Headquarters. A jogger has brought the Mayor there. He said that a dawg with red fur held a gun in his face and told him to do so.”

“Red fur?”

Commander Feral turned to look out of the window. “Could it be? No, it must be a coincidence.”



“There is something else.”


“A fruit vendor said that he saw the same dawg run into the Mayor’s office with a gun.”


“Commander Feral? Did you say something?”

“Oh. Nothing.”

The Enforcer turned around to leave. Commander Feral paused for a while.”What could that lunatic be up to?”

Then he exited the Mayor’s office himself.


“This is safe?”

Callie and Red are standing in front of an old run-down tavern.

“Well at least no one is shooting at us. Let’s go in.”

“After dragging me all the way here, the least I expect is an explanation.”

“You’ll get your explanation once we’re in.” Red bursts through the doors of the tavern. “OH BENNY! I’M HOME!”

“Hey Red you’re back.”

“Guess who I brought.” Red motions Callie to stay behind him.

“Hmmm. It can’t be Gus; he just left to get more grenades for you. Mike won’t be back from his mother’s for a couple more days. And who knows when Zero coming back.”

“It isn’t one of the guys.”

“An unconscious thug that you brought back to beat up in private? Please Red, I just fixed the tables.”

“Cool down Ben, you’re not even close.”

“That’s a relief. Then who is it?”

“I’ll give you a clue.”


“It’s a she.”

“She? Well no self respecting woman would come close to you.”

“Hey I resent that.”

“Whatever… Oh Krud. You didn’t!”

“Yes I did. TADA!”

Red jumps out of the way, allowing Callie to see the inside of the tavern or at least what passes for it. The walls are covered with grime and the place looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in decades. She also sees Ben, who happens to be shaking his head, an old badger.

“Didn’t I talk you out of it.”

“Actually you tried to but it didn’t work.”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Can I have an explanation NOW?”

“Sure, Ben will fill you in. I’m going out to get some stuff. I’ll be back in two hours.”


But Red was already out of the doors. Ben had taken two of the cleanest chairs he could find and swept a table clear of dust and empty beer cans.

“Have a seat.”

Callie sat down on the chair, after making sure it wouldn’t fall apart when she does.

“I can’t believe that he would actually do it.”

“He said that you would tell me what is going on.”

“Yeah. Did he tell you about the fact that you’re in danger and some one wants to see you dead?”


“Did he tell you that it’s some guy called Fat Tony?”

“Fat Tony… isn’t he that new Mob boss in Megakat City?”

“Yup. This guy came to this City with really big ambitions. He wants to own Megakat City.”

“Well that won’t happen.”

“With you around? Sure it won’t. Which is why he wants you dead. Mayor Manx however would probably be playing golf somewhere while he robs a bank. He hired trained mercenaries to see that you are out of the picture for good!”

“But I can’t sit here hiding.”

“Yeah Red knows that.”

“Well what is Red going to do?”

“He never told me about that.”


Ben looks at his watch.

“Red should be gone for at least another hour or so.”

“Why is he doing this anyway?”

“Ms Briggs.”


“I’m going have to tell you something about Red…”


The helicopter blades cut through the air as the helicopter hovered over Megakat City. Commander Feral gazed over the city, as if he was hoping that there would be some sign showing where Callie Briggs was.

Felina Feral noticed her uncle looking over the city. “What are you expecting Uncle? A big sign saying ‘we’re down here’?”

“Very amusing Felina.”

“Don’t worry too much. From what I heard, that red furred dawg was probably trying to protect Ms Briggs.”

“I’ve seen him before.”

“Really? Is he another of your old friends like Matt Dobers?”

“No and I hope it stays that way.”

“Who is he anyway?”

“His name is Red and from the first time I met him, I knew he meant trouble.”

“Sounds like quite a story.”

Commander Feral looked at his watch. “We should be heading back to headquarters now. Turn around now and I’ll tell you all about it on the way back.”

“Sure thing.”

Felina flew the helicopter around and headed back to Enforcer HQ.

“It began like this…”


“Hey you ARE as brave as they say you are.”

Commander Feral didn’t even flinch when the shotgun was shoved into his face. He examined the dawg bearing the weapon. It was too dark to see what he looked like although he didn’t seem very concerned about concealing his identity.

“I mean, most people don’t look that calm when a shotgun is shoved into their face. They either faint or beg for mercy.”

“Who are you?”

“Me? You probably won’t know about me.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“Oooooo. You really are brave. Talking back when you have a shotgun in your face.”

“Enough with chatting. What do you want?”

“Straight to the point. Anyway see this paper?” The dawg waved a piece of paper in front of his face.


“You know about those new drug dealers?”

“What? What do you know about them?”

“I know where they are. They’re planning something big.”


“Simmer down. The address is on the paper.”

Feral saw his paw place the paper on the floor.

“Meet me there tomorrow at nine, ALONE!”

He swiftly turned around and leaped out of the window.

Commander Feral raced to the window only to see a truck with a dawg at the back disappearing behind a corner.

An Enforcer burst into the room. “Commander Feral? I heard a commotion in here. Is everything alright?”

“Yes. It is.”

The Enforcer saluted and left the Commander’s office. Commander Feral bent down and read the address on the piece of paper.


He crept slowly around the corner with his blaster drawn. He didn’t know why he was doing this, but he had been after those drug pushers for a long time, and any risk was worth it too see those scum behind bars.

“Hey Big Chin.”

He turned around swiftly with his finger on the trigger.

“Woah. Ease up on that trigger finger. It’s me.” The dawg walked out of the shadows.

Commander Feral kept his blaster aimed at his head. “You said that the drug dealers would be here.”

“They’re in the building. Where did you think they would be? On that car break-dancing?”

“Let’s go in. You first.”

“Don’t you trust me?”


“Talk about suspicious. Okay have it your way.” He turned around with one paw in his pocket. He opened the door and walked in with Commander Feral following closely behind.

“Don’t make any sudden movements and take your paw out of your pocket.”


“Oh Krud.”

“The lights were switched on and Commander Feral could see at least five armed goons with guns trained on him. A gangster stepped forward and looked at Feral.

“Hey look at this boys. The big bad Feral just got caught in our trap.”

“You set me up you-”

“Uh-uh Feral let’s not have you spouting out any unpleasant words.”

“The trap’s sprung and the prey has been caught.”

“Yeah dawg.”

“What are you looking so happy for?”

“Uh? Feral is here and there is no way he can escape!”

“Oh he’s not the prey. You lot are.”


“You really think that I would work for dirt bags like you?”

“Watch your mouth! In case you haven’t noticed we’ve got the upper hand.”

“Have you now?”

“We’ve got the guns and we outnumber you.”

“Yeah. But guess who gets to activate the bomb?”


An old barrel exploded, catching the drug dealers’ attention.

Seeing the opportunity, both the dawg and Feral made their move. Feral took out two of the punks while the dawg reached into his coat and pulled out his gun. He leaped for the remaining criminals firing two shots, and hitting both targets. As they fell, he punched one of the remaining gangsters in the face and kicked another in the gut. He grabbed one of the staggered crooks and kneed him twice in the gut before letting him fall.

Feral twisted the arm of the last one, making him drop his gun and threw him over his shoulder. He landed in an unconscious crumpled heap.

The dawg dusted his hands and walked up to Feral with his paw outstretched. “Nice job Big Chin. Looks like a draw.”

“What did you think you were doing?”

“Trying to draw all of them out of hiding. I met up with one of them and told him I could trap Feral. This way when they all showed up to gloat, they would all be there for me to kick their heads

“You didn’t tell me anything about this.”

“Had to make it look authentic.”

“What if they decided to shoot you and me first before gloating?”

“… I didn’t think about that.”

“You’re insane!”

“Hey at least we got them all.” He fired his gun and a criminal with a gun aimed at Feral’s back fell to the ground. “NOW we got them all. Hey… I just saved your life.”

“Yes and that revolts me to the core.”

“Hey no need to get mushy. Let’s just say you owe me.”


“But I didn’t and I DID just save your life just now. Anyway got to leave.” The dawg turned to leave, but then stopped and turned around to face Feral. “Oops. Nearly forgot something.”

“What?” Feral looked at the dawg. He saw that the dawg’s fur was red, there was blood on his fur, all of which was not his own, but one could hardly see it as the red fur hid it perfectly.

“The name is Red.”


“That’s some story Uncle.”

“Yes and it’s unfortunately very true.”

“I’m guessing that you don’t like him very much.”

“That dawg is a loose cannon. There is no telling how much damage he could cause.”

“Although he does seem to have good intentions.”

“I trust him as far as I can kick him.”

“Did you ever hear from him after that?”

“Not until now.”

“Hold on. There is someone on the radio.”

“Attention all units. Someone has called Enforcer HQ and has given us coordinates. The informer has said his name to be Red.”

Commander Feral snatched the radio out of Felina’s paws. “This is Commander Feral – send me those coordinates NOW!”


“… We’re mercenaries. Red is a mercenary. Mike is a mercenary. Gus and Zero are mercenaries. I used to be a mercenary. And so basically, we kill people for a living, and did I tell you that Red doesn’t have much of a problem with killing.”

“Yes I’ve noticed that.”

“Yeah, people notice that after spending half an hour with him. The guy spends half of his time in trouble and fights, and uses the other half looking for more fights to get into.”

“But I still don’t understand one thing, why did he save me?”

“That I haven’t quite worked out yet. All I know is that yesterday, he was talking about something and then the next day you’re here. What the heck he was yammering about I can’t remember.”

“You’ve told me so much.”

“Yeah I know. I have a habit of talking a lot.”

“What did Red mean when he said he was going to get some stuff?”

“I don’t know. Hopefully he isn’t going to take on the whole mob… oh Krud.”

“What’s wrong?”

“If I know Red, he’s probably going to take on the entire mob by HIMSELF!”

“Oh my, we’ve got to stop him.”

“He would probably be cracking skulls by the time we reach there.”

A bear walks through the doors with a small bag in his paws. “Hey Ben, I’m back and is that-”

“Gus, Callie. Callie, Gus.”

“Hi.” Callie extends a paw in greeting.

“Likewise.” Gus grips her paw and shakes it firmly.

Ben rushes behind the tavern counter. He starts searching for something. “Gus, Red is in trouble.”

“When isn’t he?”

“He just went to take on an entire mob by himself.”

“Without asking me if I wanted to go along?”

“We have to get over there and help them.”

“All right, looks like I DO get to see some action after all.”

Ben finds a shotgun and leaps over the counter.

“Are all mercenaries like this?”

“Only the ones that come here, unfortunately.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Wait, what about Callie?”

“I’m coming with you.”


“We can’t afford to waste any more time. I’m coming with you.”

“I wouldn’t worry about Red, he’ll probably have taken care of half of the mob by the time we get there.”


The gangster slid slowly to the floor. As Red searched the unconscious criminal, he kept an eye out for anyone else who might want to turn him into so much Swiss cheese. He felt a revolver in the dawg’s jacket. He pulled it out and looked at it with much disappointment.

<<You’d think they would at LEAST carry something with a little more firepower. >>

He unloaded the gun and put the clip in the pocket of his own jacket, which was already bulging with all the other clips he had pilfered from other sleeping thugs. He tossed the empty gun back to its dozing owner.

“Don’t hurt yourself with it buddy.”

He turned around and walked back into the shadows. He had been scouting the surroundings of the warehouse and eliminating any possible chance of the mob inside getting any warning of him. He had already put at least ten mobsters into dreamland.

Red was starting to get bored and just wanted to break in there and waste every bad guy in there, but he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be getting any unwelcome surprises when he went in. He rounded the corner and saw a kat smoking a cigarette. He was holding a gun and was of medium build.

<< Hmmm, now how am I going to handle this punk? >>

He considered many options, most of which involved inflicting a great deal of pain on the subject, but dismissed most of them as they would cause too much of a commotion.

Then he came up with a plan that was both quiet and fun, for him anyway. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a knife, he peered carefully around the corner, waiting for the right moment.

As the kat watched the area, he picked up a tin can and threw it into the shadows. When the can landed on the floor, the sound caused the mobster to turn around with his gun aimed at where the sound had came from.

Red made his move. He jumped out of his hiding place and hurled the knife at the gun. It was knocked out of the surprised thug’s paws. The moment the gun left his paws, Red connected with HIS paws. A right hook across the face and a punch in the gut. He then kicked him in the groin. The punk was evidently in a great deal of pain, so Red decided to give him a break and knocked his lights out.

He turned around, picked up the revolver and unloaded it.

<< Just in case he decides to end his nap early. >>

He turned around and walked towards the door, he pushed the door to find it unlocked.

<< The twit must have forgotten to lock it. >>

He walked in slowly and pulled out both of the revolvers he had brought along, one in each paw. He edged slowly around some huge boxes.

<< These are BIG. I wonder what’s in them? >>

He was about to move on when he realized that they could contain weapons that Fat Tony might be trading.

<<… Couldn’t hurt to take a peek. >>

He jumped onto the box and was about to lift the lid when the lights were switched on. The sudden brightness blinded Red and as his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw five mobsters holding machine-guns aimed at him. A fat kat walked out from behind them and Red guessed that he would be Fat Tony.

“You just got yourself into a LOT of trouble.”

“Whatever Fatso.”


“Touchy, aren’t you?”

The gangsters let off a steady stream of bullets at Red as he jumped off. When he touched the ground he rolled behind another box for cover. He didn’t have enough time to catch his breath when another gangster came up from behind him and fired off a shot. Red moved to one side but the bullet still nicked him. He shot the mobster before he could shoot again. He put his paw over the wound to stem the flow of blood.


He tore off a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around the wound to prevent further blood loss. He then kept moving around, to make it harder for them to find him.

Twenty minutes later he had taken out at least five more gangsters. Not one was holding a machine-gun. Red was getting impatient. He jumped onto a box again and shouted out.


That prompted two thugs to fire at Red. He jumped off again and ran towards them with his guns ready. They fired a hail of bullets at Red but he merely jumped side to side, every bullet missing its target. As he drew closer, he aimed and fired. The first mobster fell and the second one was startled, giving Red an opening. He lunged at the second one and they both fell to the floor trading blows. The second gangster’s machine-gun had fallen from his paws and now he had to fight Red with only his paws.

Red blocked the gangster’s punch with his paw and replied with a punch of his own. He rained punches at his face until he was an unconscious bloody mess. Making sure that he was unconscious, Red stood up and looked at the two machine-guns that the criminals had been using. He checked the ammo in both guns. They were both running out of bullets. Even if he added the ammo he had found on the mobster’s bodies, it would still be not much. He shrugged and took the guns anyway.

<< Oh well, may as well take it along anyway, never know when one might need it. >>

He edged slowly along, keeping an eye out for any ambush. He jumped around the corner, coming face to face with Ben and Gus.

“Ben? Gus?”

“Red. We found you at last.”

“Yeah. All we found were two lousy punks, they weren’t even enough to make me work up a sweat! RED! WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER BAD GUYS?”

“I think I already got most of them, Gus.”


“Hey Red, you’ve been hit.”

“Don’t worry about it Ben, it’s just a scratch.”

“Did you find Fat Tony?”

“I saw him, but I haven’t gotten close enough to him to introduce him to my friend, Mr. Bullet.”

“Well? Let’s go find him!”

“There’s something you should know.”


“What the…”


“Let me guess, you called the Enforcers.”

“Yup. Good plan huh?”

“Yeah. Call the Enforcers and distract the bad guys long enough for them to get themselves ready. Just one slight detail bothers me.”

“What Ben?”

“What happens if they come in here and arrest US!”

“… I never thought about that.”


Red, Ben and Gus turn tail and run for the exit.


Callie Briggs waited at the car; Gus had driven her and Ben here. Ben told her to wait here while he and Gus went in to get Red. It had been at least half an hour after they left and she was becoming worried.

She needn’t have. For five seconds later, Ben and Gus burst through the door they had gone in through with Red following behind.


Ben rushes into the driver’s seat and Gus jumps into the back.

Red walks up to Callie. “Hey Callie, I took care of Fat Tony.”

“You mean you…”

“Nah. I couldn’t get close enough to do that, but he’s going to be in jail for a long time. So I wouldn’t worry.”

“That’s good. Oh! You’re hurt.”

“It’s just a scratch. It’ll heal.”

“Would you get in the car before we get busted!”

“Woah! Got to run.”

“What for?”

“Old big chins doesn’t seem to like mercenaries doing his job. And I don’t feel like taking any chances.”

“Big chins… You mean Commander Feral?”

“Yep. That’s the guy. The Enforcers should find you and bring you back to your home. And could you do me a favor?”


“Don’t tell him about this. In fact, say you never met me. It would probably keep him off my tail for a while.”

“Okay. But there is something I want to ask you?”


“Why did you help me?”

Red hesitates and he scratches his head.”Gee… I don’t know… Because I thought you needed a helping paw?”

“Maybe we could talk about this another time.”

“Yeah. Maybe we should. I should probably be able to think up a better answer by then. Ciao.”

Red turns around and heads for the van. He goes up to the car and opened the door. He stopped for a while before going in. He turned around and called out to Callie.

“Hey Callie!”

Callie Briggs turned to face Red. “Hmm?”

“Hope you had a great time.” Red looked at Callie, hoping for a response.

She smiled.

He grinned back. He jumped into the back of the car, with a very tense Ben at the wheel.

“You took your time.”

“Hey I couldn’t just take off like that without saying something to her.”

“We’ll talk about this back at the bar.”

“Yeah. See you soon Callie!”

The car speeded off down the street.

Callie stood there for a while, and five minutes later, Lieutenant Feral found her and ran up to her.

“Ms Briggs!”

Callie Briggs turned to face the Lieutenant. “Oh. Lieutenant Feral.”

“Where have you been? Never mind you can tell us when we get out of here.”

Callie nodded and followed Lieutenant Feral out of the alley.


Callie shuffled her papers into one neat stack and placed it back onto the desk. It had been at least a week since the incident. Fat Tony had been arrested and was sentenced to jail for twenty years with chance for parole. So there shouldn’t be any attempts on her life from him. She had talked to Commander Feral about Red and he admitted that he knew him but wouldn’t go into detail about what had happened.

Callie hadn’t heard from Red at all for the whole week. She picked up her handbag and headed for the lift. As the lift descended, she started to wonder; will she ever find out WHY Red chose to help her? The lift stopped and the doors opened. She stepped out of the lift and walked towards the twin glass doors of the building. She pushed them open and strolled towards her car. As she walked closer to the car, she noticed something on her windshield.

She quickened her pace to find out what it was. She looked at the paper and saw that it was a parking ticket. This was quite strange since she didn’t break any traffic laws. She tore the ticket off the windshield and took a closer look at it.

The ticket had been written at least two months ago. She saw something small scrawled at the bottom of the ticket. She squinted and read the words ‘Turn Over’. Doing so, she flipped the paper around and saw a word written in bright red ink glaring at her. ‘GOTCHA!’

“Bet you thought you had to pay a fine, didn’t you?”

“Red?” She turned around and saw Red standing right behind her with a wide grin on his face.

“That’s me.”

“Why are you here? Is there someone else trying to kill me?”

“Nah. Until the next crazed power-hungry super villain stomps into Megakat City and starts destroying stuff, you’re pretty safe. Just thought that I would stop by and see how you’re doing.”

“That’s nice.”

“Yeah. Hey, Mike and Zero should be back in the next two weeks, I could bring you to meet them.”

“What if I refuse?”

“Then I’ll just drag you to meet them anyway.”

Callie laughed. “Well, I have to go now.”

“Awwwww. And we were just starting to bond.”

“Bye Red.”

“Yeah. Later Callie.”

She got into her car, started her car and drove home.

Red stood there for a while, doing nothing in particular. Then he turned around and walked down the street, thinking as he went.

<< Boy, this hero stuff feels pretty good. It’s a pity that it’s over so soon… >>

He stopped and looked up at the sky.

<< … Wonder what the Swat Kats are doing? >>

The Turbokat soared over his head and into the sunset.


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