Original SWAT Kats Story


By Cherry Koivula

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,381 Words

Thanks to an incident with the Pastmaster, T-Bone and Razor find they’ve switched bodies. Can they keep everyone from noticing? And, how will they get back to normal? A challenge response. See also Collin Blake’s contribution.

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Author's Notes:


I ‘challenged’ KS Claw to write a story about what would happen if Chance and Jake switched bodies. And, this is my story. You are welcome to join to! The rules are VERY easy! The story can be however long you want, and they have to get their bodies back. Those are the rules.

And thanks KS! ::hugs KS::

And thanks to you who reads this story! ::hugs everyone::

T-Bone felt the cold sweat on his neck.

Running after the Pastmaster was not his idea of fun; he’d rather sit and chase the Pastmaster in the Turbokat. Which was impossible because Razor had installed some new gadgets, and not even Razor knew what they were good for.

“Hey, look from the bright side of it, T-Bone!” Razor said, knowing what T-Bone was thinking. “At least we get some exercise.”

After that, there was a great flash, just like they had been struck by lightning. The last thing they saw before blacking out was the Pastmaster grinning with his watch in his hand, still glowing red a bit.

Razor woke up first.

“Aw man, what hit me?” he said and started to look for the Pastmaster, but he was gone. Razor started to realize that his voice didn’t sound like usual. He looked at his arms “Oh, my god…” He didn’t have his usual slim caramel-furred arm. Instead, he had a muscular yellow-furred arm with brown strips on it. “This isn’t good… Now I know why I was the first one to wake up,” Razor said. “C’mon, T-Bone. wake up!”

“Write the numbers of that truck….,” T-Bone started to mumble.

“P-A-S-T-M-A-S-T-E-R!” Razor spelled.

“Why does my voice sound so funny?” T-Bone asked, then he saw Razor. “What the hell?”

“Yup, it seems like we have changed bodies… and voices for that matter,” Razor said.

“Oh good, I thought it was something serious!” T-Bone said sarcastically. “Any ideas?”

“Uh…. Nope.”

“How comforting!”

Callie starts to run towards them.

“Guys, what happened?”

“Nothing. I guess that Pastie’s watch was set on ‘choke’ or something like that,” T-Bone said, trying to formulate it like Razor would done. “C’mon, *T-Bone*.”

They started to run towards a building. They split up and met again in an alley, where their truck stood. In the truck they started to change back to their ‘civvies.’

“I’ll drive!” Jake said.


“No. May I ask, how often do you let me drive?”

“Like… Never.”

“And you are me now, so this looks most normal.”

“But, remember to…”

“Drive a ‘shortcut,’ I know. This has ta’ look normal!”


Some minutes later on the ‘shortcut’…

“Ouch, aw Jake… Ouch…”

“Well, Chance, now ya’ know how I feel when you drive.”

“At last we’re back home!” Chance said and looked at his watch, “Time for ‘Scaredy Kat’.”

Jake started to groan.

“Hey, you have ta’ look at that and have a great time. I’m not supposed to laugh at that, so you go and sit on the couch!” Chance said and tried to push Jake, but didn’t manage. “Man, I’m heavy!”

Both Chance and Jake went to sit on the couch. Chance tried not to laugh at ‘Scaredy Kat;’ he did quite well.

“Want some milk?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Chance went to the fridge and got two cans of milk. When he went past a window, he saw a car on the horizon. He knew that car when he saw it.

“Callie!” Chance whispered. “Jake, Callie’s on her way!”

“Uh…. Okay, you pretend to be me and I pretend to be you. So you have ta’ be shy!”

“Okay, and you have ta’ flirt!”

“I know…”

“And, don’t blush!”

“I’ll try.”

“Hi guys! How’s it going?” Callie asked when she entered.

“Oh, hi Callie,” Jake said.

Chance wanted to do something, but remembered that he couldn’t because he was Jake. So, he tried to concentrate on something else.

“Hi…,” Chance mumbled.

“What brings you here, Callie?” Jake said.

“Oh, my car has been making some strange sounds.”

“Jake will take look at that,” Jake said, trying to smile Chance’s charming smile and did quite well.

“How are you two doing?”

“Just fine,” Jake said, trying to sound like it was a normal day.

“You then, Jake?” Callie said and started to walk to what she thought was Jake.

Chance concentrates and manages to blush. “I’m fine.”

Callie looks at her watch.

“Oh, I have to go. I have to write a speech for ‘his honor’ for the masquerade tomorrow.”

“What are you going to be?”

“Well the theme is the Dark Ages, so I’m going to be Queen Callista.”

“Callista was the queen in the Dark Ages, right?” Chance said.

“Yes, that’s right, Jake,” Callie answered. “You know your history.”

“Need a ride?” Jake asked.

“No thanks.” Callie smiled. “I called a cab before I arrived here.”

Two minutes later Callie’s cab arrived.

“Where to, Miss?”

“City Hall please.”

The cab drove away from the Salvage Yard.

“Man, that was close!” Chance said. “Nice acting there.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself either!” Jake said. “Okay, I’m going down and fix the Turbokat, and you can take a look at Callie’s car!”



The next day Jake had fixed the Turbokat and Chance was done with Callie’s car.

“Yes?” Callie said into the phone.

“Hi, it’s Chance – your car is done now. When can you come and pick it up?” Jake asked.

“Oh, hi Chance! I’ll be right there.”

“Okay, see you then. Bye.”

“Bye, Chance.”

Jake laid down the receiver.

“Chance, Callie will be here in a minute!”

“Roger that!” Chance said and came into the room.


“Hey, Jake, did you get the popcorn?” Chance asked.

“Yeah, and the milk,” Jake answered.

“So, we are all done – let’s start the movie!”


Meanwhile, the masquerade in City Hall was starting.

“Miss Briggs,” Feral greeted.

“Feral,” she said when she saw him.

“Welcome to our masquerade, everyone! I’ll hope that you’ll have a wonderful time!” Manx said as he was reading his speech.

Suddenly, there was a great flash and the Pastmaster was suddenly standing in the middle of the floor. Everyone started to scream. Manx jumped behind a table.

“Oh my god,” Callie whispered. She took out her intercom to the Swat Kats. She was just about to push the button when the Pastmaster grabbed her and she dropped the intercom.

“Come now, my dear Callista.”

Callie screamed and accidentally stepped on the button to the intercom….


Jake was standing in the doorway and was talking to a customer.

“But, I’m sorry, sir, we are closed now, but you can leave the car here and we’ll take a look at it tomorrow!” he said.

“But I need…,” the customer started, then the alarm started to sound. “What’s that?”

“It’s uh…,” Jake was thinking of an excuse.

“Chance, I have told you NOT to put your alarm clock on this volume! I’ll go and turn it of,” Chance said in the background.

“Yeah, sorry Jake!” Jake answered. “Now, I’m sorry, sir, but you need to go now. Leave your car here and we’ll take a look at it tomorrow. You can call a cab here if you want.”

“No thanks!” the customer said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. Bye.”

The customer walked away from the Salvage Yard, and Jake ran inside.

“I’m not getting any answer from Callie!” Chance, now Razor, said.


Some few moments later they were at City Hall.

“Well, well, well…. We meet again, Swat Kats,” the Pastmaster said.

“You can say that again,” T-Bone said.

“Yeah!” Razor said.

“Look out!” Callie shouted.

Both Razor and T-Bone ducked from the blast the Pastmaster had shot from his watch.

T-Bone shot a spider-missile, but missed. The Pastmaster shot again, this time at who he thought was Razor.

T-Bone leapt away, but wasn’t fast enough and got hit in the stomach.

“Razor!” both T-Bone and Callie screamed.

Razor ran to T-Bone, who had blacked out.

“Chance…,” Razor whispered.

Meanwhile, the Pastmaster had escaped to the roof of City Hall and opened a portal.

“C’mon, Chance, wake up,” Razor said. After that, he lifted T-Bone up, and then he ran to the Turbokat. “Man, I hate flying!”

Razor flew after the Pastmaster into the portal and back to the Dark Ages.



“Are you happy now, my dear Callista? Now when you’re back where you belong?”

“Let me go, you little gnome!” Callie cried out. “And, I’m *not* Callista!”

“No, my dear, but you are close enough.”


In the backseat of the Turbokat T-Bone had started to wake up.

“And then you call me ‘sleeping beauty’!” Razor said.

“Very funny, very funny!” T-Bone said sarcastically. “Where are we?”

“Well, the correct question would be ‘when are we?’ We are back in the Dark Ages,” Razor answered.


“The Swat Kats! They always come and interfere! But, this time they won’t!”

“You won’t get away with this – they will come and save me!” Callie said.

“They might try, but they won’t manage.”


“Incoming!” T-Bone said.

“I know, I know. I can see them!”

“Want me to take over the flying?”

“Yeah, I sure do! But, how can you take over?”

“Move it!”

Well, that was one way.

“That’s easier to say than to do!”

At last, the two were settled.

“Are you in position?”


“Okay, then let’s rock!” T-Bone said. “Let’s start with a dive! Can you get a lock on them?”

“Yeah, a plain ol’ missile on it’s way…. BINGO!”

“You don’t know how weird it sounds to hear T-Bone say that. Should I record it?”

Razor started to laugh. “Yeah, why not? We can save it to our ‘strangest days of our lives’ memories.”

T-Bone started to climb.

“Hold on tight!”

“Now I think that I ate too much popcorn!”

Razor made a good shot at one of the flying ‘things’ that was following them.

“Two gone, two left!”

“Let me handle those.”

“Sure, you going to shoot?”

“Nope, I’m goin’ to do it my way!”

T-Bone made a sharp turn to the left. One of the ‘things’ wasn’t fast enough, so he crashed into a tree. The other one was following them like a heat-seeking missile.

“Hey, that one is still following us.”

“What a stubborn piece of crud!” T-Bone said.

“Yeah, I can shoot it down if you want.”

“Okay, feel free!”

“One match-head missile on its way!” Razor said

“And, one fried chicken on its way down!” T-Bone said, grinning. “I’ve always loved barbecue. Let’s take Pastie now!”

After landing the Turbokat, both Swat Kats charged into the Pastmaster’s tower.

“Let Miss Briggs go now, Pastie. The game is over!” Razor said.


And, with that, Razor started to shoot.

T-Bone, meanwhile, started to untie Callie.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome,” T-Bone, as Razor, whispered back. “Now, run! T-Bone, let’s go!”

“Sure thing!”

So, with Callie in front of them, they started to run, but they didn’t get far before the Pastmaster ‘zapped’ them with his watch. But, he did miss Callie.

“T-Bone, Razor!” Callie shouted.

Slowly, T-Bone opened his eyes. He started to look around and saw that he was back to normal.

“Razor, c’mon!”

“Mmm, wha’?”

“We are back to normal.”

“We are? Finally!”

“Yeah! Now, let’s go!”


“Now, we have one problem: how we are getting back to our time!”

“How ’bout we pay Callista a little visit?”

“Yeah, it was a while ago we saw her.”

“Yup, about 1000 years ago!”

“You have met her?” Callie asked.



Next day…

“‘Ey, Jake, hand me that screwdriver!”

“Here you go!”

“With this last little touch we are all done,” Chance said. “When was he coming to get the car?”

“I don’t know he didn’t mention any time…,” Jake said with a sigh. Then, he looked up. “It looks like he is getting the car right now!”

“Yeah! Speaking of the devil.”

“Hi again!” the customer said. “How much will it be?”

“50 dollars please.”

“Thanks,” Chance said.

The End

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