Original SWAT Kats Story

MKC Tails

By Cheese Danish

  • 6 Chapters
  • 13,607 Words

A pair of she-kats end up in a mobster’s crosshairs. As their secrets unfold, can Feral and the SWAT Kats protect them?

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Author's Notes:

Summary- Callie convinces the Mayor to let her stick her nose in other peoples’ business again, and Jake convinces Chance to let Streak stay. And Feral watches Virginia sleep some more.


Hey again, everyone- By the time you read this, I am ungrounded. No, I didn’t kill anybody…just a few….”motivational” problems with my homework. *sigh* I wish I had Cherry’s ability to look at homework as more than petty, mindless busywork. BTW, Cherry, if yas readin this, which you better be, I luv ya! Oh…and thanks to everyone who has helped with the promo ideas fur my lil’ business venture…come summer, that thing’ll really pick up. So…anyway. Ta and ta ta, and as always I remain- Cheese “Kit/Tigra/Hey, he’s got me pants!” Danish PS and BTW, Why would you use an UZI to break a car window anyway? Oh, and also, to that guy Jake Clawson or whatever…the guy who wrote stuff like “The Good Stuff” and all that. Is that co-author offer still open? Tried ta contact you…Anyway, I’m desperate for a co-authoring kinda thing, so could yas contact moi? Ta very much!

Chapter 3

Kitsune and Callie

“Buddy, she’s gotta go.” Chance tries combing his hair one way, then the other. He sighs heavily.

“And where will she go, Chance?”

Jake puts his toothbrush back in the medicine cabinet. Glancing at Chance in the mirror, he gives him an evil grin and screws up his hair. Chance examines it for a minute, then smiles, shrugging his shoulders. Jake shakes his head.

“Well…she’s done alright on her own thus far.” Jake examines his tongue in the mirror.

“Yeh, bum shem nemmer men-”


Jake sticks his tongue back in.

“She’s never been actively chased by the Jaque-Tabbys b’fore.” Chance opens the bathroom door, but then shoves it closed again. He spins around to face Jake, who slightly flinches.

“Look, you know I’d love ta keep a hot chick like that around. But we can’t exactly have her figuring out what no one else had been able to thus far.”

“Thus far?”

“Makes me sound smart, don’t it?”

Jake examines Chance for a minute, then nods slowly, smiling.

“Yes, Chance it does.” Chance rolls his eyes and knocks Jake upside the head. Jake shakes off the blow, but has an odd look on his face. Suddenly, he lights up.

“Blackmail, Chance!” Chance’s face goes blank for a second.

“In’t that illegal?”

Jake smiles and sits on the bathroom counter so that he can look Chance square in the eye. He has a certain twinkle in his eye, one he reserves solely for good ideas.

“The Great Kitsune No Miko-”

“The great kitsa whosa whatsit?”

“The Great Kitsune No Miko once said- ‘Blackmailing is both fun and profitable.’ Or at least she repeated it a lot…” Both of them freeze suddenly as the back door creaks open and bangs shut.

“We can have’re help us with the workload ’round here ta earn her keep. Deal?”

Chance takes a split second to think.

“This falls through it’s yer tail, buddy.” Jake smiles.

“Deal, then.”

“Mayor. I demand we make this an issue!”

“Callie, you demand a lot and make everything an issue.” Mayor Manx misses his putt, as usual.


“I just don’t see how this is such a big deal. All Feral did was grant immunity to some mob boss’s call-girl.”

“Mayor!” Callie slams a thick stack of papers onto Manx’s desk.

“This is Jaque-Tabby’s chick. Have you seen the list of crimes she’s confessed to?”

Manx stops for a moment, then stabs at the carpet with his putter.

“Yes. And if we reopen the investigation on her, Katseye news is going to get a hold of the story, and probably Lynx’s confession. And then Jaque-Tabby’s going to get even more pissed off, and then where would we be?”

Callie raises an eyebrow.  “Did Feral tell you to say that?”

Manx ignores the comment.

“Look, Callie. Believe it or not, the Commander knows what he’s doing. How do you think he got where he is today?”

“A lot of tail smooching?”

Manx looks at the ceiling. Finally, he lets out a long, deep sigh, and hits at the golf ball in front of him.

“You have my permission to take it up with the Commander, Callie. If he doesn’t want to press the matters, then that’s the final word.” Callie loads her papers back into her arms. She doesn’t even bother to smile at this small victory.

“Thank you, Mayor.”

Feral jumps about a mile high when the phone rings. He answers it quickly, so as not to wake the sleeping she-kat in front of him.

“Feral here”, he says quietly into the phone. The voice of Callie Briggs answers him.

“Is everything alright, Commander?”

Feral sighs softly and picks up the phone, dropping it just outside the door. He shuts the door.

“Just fine, Ms. Briggs.”

“Good. I have some matters I would like to discuss with you. When and where can we meet?”

Feral sighs again and thinks about this question.

“I can’t leave Gi- I mean, Miss Lynx alone here. You would have to come over.” Callie grunts on the other end.

“Suits me, Commander. See you in an hour?”



This is a disclaimer I am posting on all of my stories from now on…just in case. You know the multitudes of fanfics that are out there…..So if I stumble upon your plot a bit…I am SO sorry. If you have a problem, please mail me, and send me a link or whatever to your fic, so I can compare. I’m *very* willing to listen. *Note- I ONLY accept complaints from people with POSTED fics. Meaning, if you are in the process of writing a fic, and you read mine and it’s very similar, that means The Partners have been watching *you* instead of me, and went back in time to deliver your idea to me in my sleep.(Hey it’s happened to me…I understand)

So…anyway. Oh yeah…The whole *official* disclaimer thing while I’m at it. It’s a fan fic. I’m using previously created and used characters. If you don’t like what I’m doing with them, go ahead and complain, but I ain’t changing it unless you *own* The SWAT Kats….so….

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