Original SWAT Kats Story

MKC Tails

By Cheese Danish

  • 6 Chapters
  • 13,607 Words

A pair of she-kats end up in a mobster’s crosshairs. As their secrets unfold, can Feral and the SWAT Kats protect them?

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Author's Notes:

Summary- Arrangements are made. And Benny gets madder. And bullets are pulled!


OMG! I’m actually gonna do this thing all the way through, I think…. This has never happened before…JC, it’s bloody neat, innit? Anywho…This is all I have to say fur now! All Colours Remaining, Cheese Danish PS and BTW- Wanna do something fun? Put all of Barbara Mooney’s fic “In the Beginning There Was Dark” on Word 97 and auto-summarize it! There are still a whoppin’ 13 pages, and it ends- “Felina put a paw on her shoulder.” (Without the summary, BTW, its 47 frickin pages long, and that’s only with the first half of the first part formatted. I got sick of formatting and just read it like it was. Confusing, yes, but it was worth it.

Read it. It’s good. And *long*)

Chapter 2

Cause and Effect and Pending Consequences

Benny Jaque-Tabby broods in his large bedroom. He’s been sitting in bed for weeks now, going through one of his overly depressed spells. This one was particularly bad…things had not been going Benny’s way at all. First that whore – she wasn’t even good enough to be called “whore” – Gina had ratted him to the Enforcers, then her little friend had ripped his beautiful face practically into shreds. He begins to growl heatedly while just pondering over the injustices done to him.

Leeda, his new chick, had wanted to leave him after he got his face mangled…He’d had to kill her. But the small satisfaction from that has worn off by now. For some reason he can’t possibly fathom, he has an empty place in his being, even moreso than usual. Sitting here in almost total darkness, intoxicated by the stale smell of Gina and cigarettes still lingering, he realizes that this must be simply lack of closure he feels with Gina.

And, of course, closure for him is death. And self-preservation is the most important commandment he holds in his heart. It’s what his daddy taught him. No, daddy, I won’t let you down like I used to.

“Lieutenant Commander Feral?”

The voice on the other end ventures quietly.

“Yes, this is he.” He replies, cautiously and tensely. He knows…he knows in his heart…

“There’s been a terrible accident…can you come down to Blue Manx memorial?”

He feels a tingling begin in his sinuses right behind his eyes and fall into his chest to his heart, making his heart lag in its beats. The phone drops from his hand, and he moves mechanically to his car…somehow ends up at BMMH…is standing in a room…He looks down, the feeling still bouncing from behind his eyes to his heart and sometimes into his stomach. A beautiful angel lies there before him…her incredibly soft, golden hair pulled back behind her ears, the light it usually lets out dulled by a deep crimson caking it and the soft white fur around her face. Her features are no further hindered; she still has that permanent slight smile playing across her full, perfect lips in eternal contentment…Yes, she is always happy… The sound of an alien voice rips him from his angel.

“I’m so sorry”, it says. Feral just looks back at his Anna, lying there smiling her smile up at him. The feeling has parked itself on the surface of his heart, across his chest where it will remain for years after.

“Mr. Feral?”

Feral turns around and walks out. By now he has figured it is this recurring dream again…it happens the same every night, when he actually sleeps… Why do I have to relive this? Again he collapses into that cone of swirling assorted darkness. He hears the voices as usual: “They say he just walked out of there…not a tear or anything…”

“The man obviously doesn’t even have a heart…his own wife dies…”

“No, you don’t understand!” Feral hears himself answering.

“What don’t I understand?”

Wait..this is new… Out of the spiraling cone walks “Anna?”

“I understand, Ulysses. But…it’s been sixteen years. You’re going to have to let it out sometime.”

“Anna, you know I can’t do that.”

“No matter how long it takes you to mourn it…I’ll always be gone.”

“No. If I don’t accept it, you aren’t gone.”

“And what will all these dreams get you, huh? I’m gone, Ulysses. That’s it. Accept it.” Feral lowers his gaze and shakes his head.

“No.” Anna looks him over once, and angrily stalks off. Before heading into the darkness, she turns around and says softly, “I’ve found peace, Ulysses. Now it’s your turn.”

“Just squeeze my hand when it hurts, alright?”

Chance threads Streaks fingers through his as he sits on the floor near the couch. Jake sits on the couch next to Streak, who is on lying on her stomach. With professional movement, he works the large tweezers into the deep bullet wound. Streak fights herself to not squeeze Chance’s hand. You don’t show weakness, especially not to total strangers. Jake finds the bullet and bites his lip.

“Alright”, he says wearily.

“Here it goes. Want me to count?”

“Just pull it.” She groans hoarsely. She’s about ready to sleep again, regardless of the stims Jake has pumped her full of. Suddenly, ripping her from her thoughts, comes a searing pain throughout her entire body: one she has never felt before. Without knowing it, she squeezes Chance’s hand. Hard.

“Argh!” He yells. Streak releases his hand and blinks the pain away.

“Damn…” Chance mutters, and shakes his injured paw. Meanwhile, Jake examines the rather long, slender bullet. This thing is made to go through small openings in bone such as the ribs, and penetrate the delicate, vital organs underneath. And this one nearly did it’s job.

“Ma’am, you are one lucky she-kat.” Streak manages a smirk to Jake.

“You call getting shot lucky, kid?”

Jake is struck short of words and Chance laughs. Jake shakes his head and sets the bullet into a tray. He then reaches for a bottle of Betadine. Streak looks at it.

“Hey, I’d rather rot my shoulder off than pumping it full of iodine…That crud hurts.” Jake shakes his head and pours the copper-red liquid onto a cloth.

“Nah. This is just a derivative. Won’t hurt a bit, I swear.” Streak eyes him, then sets her head back down, looking over at Chance. He smiles warmly and takes her paw again.

“In case Ace here is wrong.” Jake begins to dab the outside of the small in breadth but deep wound. Realizing he won’t be able to fit the cloth in, he stands up and walks out of the room.

“Be right back.” He walks back in with a cup, a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, and a needleless syringe. He mixes a bit of the Peroxide with some Betadine and draws it up into the syringe. He then squirts the mixture into the wound, the Peroxide causing it to fizz and his. Chance involuntarily curls his lip up in awed disgust and raises up onto his knees for a better look.

“What’s going on back there?”

Streak asks nervously. Jake casts an annoyed glance at Chance who sits back on his heel.

“Almost done”, he reassures. He bites his bottom lip and looks the wound over again.

“Alright, I’m going to have to pack this thing. If I stitch it, it just won’t heal right.”


“Due to our lack of numbing devices, this will hurt a bit”, he warns. He takes a short strip of gauze and folds it into two vertically, placing the slender tweezers at the fold.

“Here goes”, he says, and eases the gauze into the wound, pushing it in with the tweezers. Streak bites the cushion beneath her and squeezes Chance’s hand with all her might. He grimaces but keeps a firm hold of her hand. There eyes meet in a brief understanding of the pain, and then it is over. Jake withdraws the tweezers and squirts the wound again with the Peroxide-Betadine mixture.

“We’re finished, kit”, Jake says, brushing a strand of hair from in front of her face. She releases Chance’s hand and lets the exertion finally take it’s course as she drifts off to sleep.

“Commander…Commander…” Feral feels a hand shake his shoulder gently. He opens his eyes to see Dr. Fetlock.

“Commander, we are releasing Ms. Lynx today.” Feral gropes his way out of his sleep-stupor and sits up in his chair, looking over at the still slumbering Gina.

“Today? Are you sure she can handle that?”

The doctor smiles.

“She’s one tough kitten. I’d say she’ll be okay. Just make sure she gets plenty of rest, doesn’t move around too much…though I doubt she’ll be inclined to…”The doctors gaze shifts from Gina back to Feral. He quickly jots something down on his clipboard and rips off a piece of paper, handing it to the Commander.

“This is her list of prescriptions: Pain killer, anti-toxins, and some sedatives. Make sure to get these filled by tonight.”

“Yes, of course”, Feral says, standing. Two nurses walk in, one pushing a wheelchair. As they begin to awaken Gina, he walks out to the parking lot to his unmarked squad car. By the time he swings around front, Gina is there, sitting in the wheelchair escorted by two nurses and the doctor. Feral reaches over and pushes the door open, and one of the nurses tries to help Gina into the car, but she is quite determined she can do it. Giving up, the nurse lets her get into the car by herself. She flops onto the seat rather hard, and only Feral can see her expression of pain. The nurse makes herself feel important by closing the car door, and they all wave as the Commander takes off. Gina slumps back into her seat and closes her eyes.

“They coulda at least waited fer me ta wake up by my own accord…” He griped.

“Yeah, me too”, Feral commented, in an attempt to make small talk.

“What? You been sleepin’ on the job, Feral?”

Gina looks over at him with a grin bright across her bruised face. Feral notes her eye has almost completely healed.

“Well… I, uh….No! Of course not!” Gina laughs and pats his knee.

“Only ribbin’ ya, ya know?”

She smiles and shakes her head. Feral is surprised to find himself struck more sheepish than angry. Normally he would have become aggressive and defensive, but he felt himself more embarrassed, and…amused? Feral looked over at Gina with a grin.

“I’d be worried…I’m the best there is, you know.” Gina laughs again.

“I’ll only be worried when ya make Admiral.” They pull up then to a large, rich-looking apartment complex. Feral turns off the motor and jumps out, but by the time he reaches Gina’s door, she’s already out.

“What floor we on?”

“Very top, number six…don’t you need my help?”

Perhaps it is the hurt in his voice that she might not need him after all…but something in her makes her comply.

“Sure, Commander.”

“Please,” he says, taking her up into his arms.

“Call me Ulysses.”


This is a disclaimer I am posting on all of my stories from now on…just in case. You know the multitudes of fanfics that are out there…..So if I stumble upon your plot a bit…I am SO sorry. If you have a problem, please mail me, and send me a link or whatever to your fic, so I can compare. I’m *very* willing to listen. *Note- I ONLY accept complaints from people with POSTED fics. Meaning, if you are in the process of writing a fic, and you read mine and it’s very similar, that means The Partners have been watching *you* instead of me, and went back in time to deliver your idea to me in my sleep.(Hey it’s happened to me…I understand)

So…anyway. Oh yeah…The whole *official* disclaimer thing while I’m at it. It’s a fan fic. I’m using previously created and used characters. If you don’t like what I’m doing with them, go ahead and complain, but I ain’t changing it unless you *own* The SWAT Kats….so….

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