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MKC Tails

By Cheese Danish

  • 6 Chapters
  • 13,607 Words

A pair of she-kats end up in a mobster’s crosshairs. As their secrets unfold, can Feral and the SWAT Kats protect them?

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Author's Notes:

Summary- Streak Phillips makes a mob-boss mad and gets shot, and meanwhile her friend Gina gets beat up. Also, Chance and Jake brush their teefies.


Well peeps…. First Id like to start off with an apology to Razaar Kaadle for the unfortunate coincidence we stumbled upon, and I inflamed. Also an apology goes out to everyone caught in the middle. Really, I am sorry. Second…notice the absence of all of my fics…except Christmas in MegaKat City. I’ve decided to start the whole lot of series over, ie, posting #1s first, then #2s…and so on. The KatKontinuum *will* be reborn, coming the summer of 2000. And lastly…. These stories started off two completely different tales…two completely different universes…but they wound up here. Go figure. Anyway, this isn’t *just* one of those stories…you know the kind Im talking about…then again…maybe it is. Ah well…This is the story, and here it goes- Till next fic, Cheese “Kit/Tigra” Danish PS and BTW- Fur those of yas all that think it *is* onna them stories, heresa spoiler- Streak never sleeps with any of the SKs, Commander Feral, Dark Kat…And there’s a reason, but I’m not giving that away. So, really, it *isn’t* one of those stories. At least, not to my knowledge.

Chapter 1

Meet Virginia... and Streak

The lights burn her eyes and make the skin beneath her fur tingle. Her fur, dark grey with black stripes absorbs the heat quite well.

“And in this corner, Streak “The Blue Streak” Phillips!” The crowd roars, the whole left side of the room hisses: Benny Jaque-Tabby’s crowd. The sounds fill the old, broken warehouse turn auditorium, the yellowing lights bouncing off the tarnished silver of the cage bars, stained with the blood, sweat, and tears of her and those before.

A bell rings, a sickening thud against dented metal.  Streak side glances quickly in the direction of Benny’s chick: a tiny, cute, pink furred she-kat with pumpkin hair, then back to her opponent. The wide framed, short, heavily muscled kat pounces at her, a huge flying mass of orange fur, coming straight at her. She ducks under, coming up just as his legs pass over her head, flipping him tail over head. He lands with a thud and the sound of rushing breath behind her. She spins around quickly and squats down, ready to spring forward. He flies at her again, swinging the back of his paw at her face. She ducks and at the same time swings her right leg under his legs. He jumps over it, but she brings it up a couple feet and hauls it back toward his abdomen. He catches her leg, but she takes her other leg, steadies herself on her hands, and goes to trip him with her free leg, using the leg he has caught to push him over it. He slams onto the ground, and in a flash she has him pinned hip to hip, arms on his. He roars as the count begins.

“Uno!” She lets her gaze drift back to Benny and his group. He looks positively livid…..

“Deux!” As the pink she-kat calms Benny with a soft paw and a softer nuzzle, she casts a secretive smile at Streak….

“Three! Und out!”

Streak stands and smiles for the first time since the fight began. Benny Jaque-Tabby’s gang and the Raider Linleus meet up “calmly” to discuss the terms of their bet, and Streak ducks out the back. She leaves her payment for another day..no use stirring it up more… Jeez, must be getting older…turning into a pacifist…. She shakes her head.

Walking down the street, she feels something on her ankle and looks down. A large gash she ignores and keeps walking, her tail flicking behind her. It’s pretty late, but she’s not afraid of what lurks in the hot summer shadows of inner MKC. The worst thing that could happen is death.

She pulls at a knot in her blue calf-length hair and wonders where she’s staying tonight. Not at Gina’s…she’ll be busy trying to calm Benny down.

She walks past a small teenage street-gang, draped in overly baggy pants and big sick-gold chains. They exchange kind words: the punk-kats know who not to mess with.

She suddenly finds herself at the gate of the Enforcers Salvage Yard/Auto and Body Repair. She figures, What the hell? and hops over the barbed wire agilely. Walking through the rows of cars ans other parts stacked a mile high, she kicks a piece of metal across the yard. And, unbeknownst to her, has kicked it a *bit* too far….

“Oh, T-Bone, you have saved me yet again!” Callie purrs and curls herself up to him. She smiles suggestively up into his eyes.  “Is there any way…I can repay you?”

T-Bone grins and draws Callie closer to him….  And she punches him square in the nose.

Chance Furlong sits up in the pitch darkness. Something did hit his nose.  He feels the trickle of blood down his lips. Wiping it away, he stands out of bed and turns toward the open window near his bed.

He looks over at Jake Clawson a foot from him, still sleeping peacefully. He walks over and shoves his shoulder gently. Not having woken him, he shoves it harder and the smaller, orange-brown kat is suddenly standing on his bed in a fighting stance.

“Ack! Jake…it’s me!” Jake focuses and looks down at Chance, who’s got his hand over his nose. Jake sits on his bed and flips the lamp on.

“Jeez, pal…what is it?” Chance uncovers his nose to point at the metal object on his bed. Jake looks at the bed, then at Chance, then at the open window.

“Come on”, he motions, and they head through the kitchen to the back door.

Ulysses Feral tosses more in his bed, throwing all of his blankets off him. Glancing over to the clock…its 3 a.m.. Every window in his apartment is open, every fan blowing, but it’s still unbearably hot. Mid-summer nights are the worst time to lose your AC unit. Not that it would matter…this kat hasn’t slept in years, seemingly. Especially for the past four nights…something is plaguing him. He stares endlessly at the ceiling, as if asking for an answer. Finally, salvation comes in a ephemeral, dreamless sleep.

Never ever has Benny made her this mad. Then again, he’s never beaten her this harshly, either. Beaten, then forced to endure Benny’s fulfillment of his “needs”. Now this is the last straw. She opens the door to Enforcers HQ and finds herself looking at the droopy night crew. She walks up to the front desk, up to the secretary, a small light brown she-kat with a curly bleached-blonde head of hair.  Recognizing the small pink she-kat immediately, she takes her pencil and pokes Detective Steve Pennloiz. The pink kat reaches the front desk and smiles kindly at the secretary.

Pennloiz looks over and stands, walking over to her.  “Ms. Virginia Lynx?”

She is surprised at being recognized, but then again, she isn’t. She’s a mobster’s chick: they’ve investigated her before, and she’s sure they’re probably watching her all the time. She coughs and holds out her hand.


Pennloiz looks her over.  “You’ve been beaten. Did Mr. Jaque-Tabby do this?”


She keeps the answers to a minimum. Her face is a total mess, and her insides don’t feel much better. She begins to feel all warm and fuzzy…

“Ms. Lynx!” Pennloiz catches her as she suddenly passes out of consciousness. He looks to the secretary.

“Call Feral! Im taking her to the hospital.

The secretary nods, picking up the phone, and he picks Virginia up and carries her to a squad car.

Streak hears them coming. She runs in the opposite direction of the noise, toward the back fence. Damn…the owners….She thinks wildly as she sprints for freedom. But then, suddenly…

Jake jumps down from the magnetic crane and lands right in front of the running grey and black she-kat, who plows right into him. Chance reaches them and pulls the she-kat off of Jake. She kicks him in the groin, but he just tightens his hold on her hands her has pinned behind her back. She hisses and curses and spits, but Chance has a firm hold on her. Jake gets up and steps closer to her, and she swings her leg at his head, hitting him and pitching him into a large pile of crushed cars and metal. The pile begins to sway and tip.

“Uh-oh”, Chance utters, and takes off in the opposite direction, still carrying Streak. Jake shakes the knock off and runs too, barely making it out in time as the pile tips and smacks into another, which smacks into another, and another…and suddenly the yard is in total ruins. The two kats stares at the wreckage, and the she-kat takes the opportunity to take off again.

“Oh no you don’t!”Jake warns, and dives for the she-kats legs, bringing her down with a huff and a small thump. She wheels around and swings three very sharp claws at his head, but he ducks, and Chance takes the opportunity to recapture his escaped prey.

“This time,” he says, pinning her with a vicious grin, “You ain’t gettin away.”

Four in the morning. Only been an hour since he drifted into his half sleep, and already he is called into duty. Ulysses throws the covers off himself again, standing up and throwing the receiver back at the phone. Life is a living breathing hell, he thinks, and it’s fallen in love with me. He quickly pulls on his usual dress uniform and jumps into his car, pulling out of the underground garage and heading for the hospital. Whatever this is, it has better be important.

Virginia opens her eyes, or at least the one that has not swollen shut. Her sight confirms the previous suspicion brought on by her sense of smell. It’s a hospital. She tries to sit up, but Detective Pennlioz forces her back down gently but firmly.

“You shouldn’t move, Ms. Lynx.”

About to say something nasty, Virginia looks up into the concerned face of Pennlioz. Concerned my tail, she thinks bitterly. They just need the dirt I got on Benny. Suddenly, the door crashes open, ripping her eye from Pennlioz to a large, scary looking brown kat with wild yellow eyes.

“So here we meet again, Ms. Lynx.”

Virginia smirks at him as he walks to the side of her hospital bed.

“Surely you shouldn’t be so formal, Feral-puss.”

Feral does his best to gaze disdainfully down at Virginia, but really his heart is bleeding for her. He’s never seen her this badly beaten….  That bastard Benny is gonna pay, and he’s gonna rot.

Virginia turns her head to the side to grimace: let Feral see you can’t take the pain, you’re a dead kat. It’s bad enough she has passed out like this.

Feral motions for Pennloiz to leave.

The detective exits somewhat reluctantly. I hope he goes easy on the gal, he thinks. She’s obviously taken a real beating both physically and emotionally. It’s not common for a mobster’s prize kitten to actually grow to care about him.

Back in the room, Feral looks over Virginia’s already tiny body, looking even more helpless and fragile in the large hospital bed, tubes running rampant around her frame.

Barely controlling the anger building inside his broad chest, he questions heatedly, “Did Benny do this to you?”

Virginia smirks again.  “Who else would I let mess me this bad?”

Feral lets his gaze grow even grimmer.  “Why did you come down to Headquarters?”

“Because I’m freakin’ tired of it, Commander. This was way the last straw.”

Feral pauses a second to register in his mind the sight of a petite she-kat like this talking in the tough inner MKC accent she brandishes so severely.  “Are you going to press charges?”

Virginia’s gaze slips away, and she lets her mind wander with her eyes. Where will she go…where will she hide? His guys are everywhere, infesting the city like termites in a cedar tree. Finally she looks back at the Commander. If it takes her death to bring justice to the Jaque-Tabby gang, she will willingly die. He might even kill her just for going to HQ to begin with.

“Yeah, I think I am.”

Feral softens his hard gaze on her and pulls up a chair.  “I am going to need to know… everything, Ms. Lynx.”

Virginia smiles at him, a soft smile of resignation.  “Well, if I’m going to tell you everything…you have to call me Gina.”

Feral smiles back at her.

“Alright, Gina.”

“Damn…she got away,” Chance grumbles, crawling back into bed and pulling the covers over his head.

“We’ll find her, buddy. Don’t worry.”  Before he pulls the covers over his body, Jake glances at the clock by the lamp.  “Er…Chance?”

Chance, half asleep, replies groggily.  “Ermph?”

“Rise and shine…its time to get up.”

“That she-kat’s a dead kat.”

Ulysses watches Virginia sleep quietly. His fatigue has worn off, set aside while listening to Gina’s tale. She is an amazing little kat, and what she has had to put up with out weighs any wrong she has done while under Benny’s influence. He has grown to respect her, and most of all respect the fact that she is remorseful for anything she has ever done to help Benny Jaque-Tabby…not just out of spite, but out of conscience.

His eyes graze again over her form under the thin hospital sheet. So fragile looking…and the way the faraway look she gets sometimes when she speaks of Benny…remind him of his angel, his Anna. The pure, injured innocence that made him want to just hold her in his arms forever, protect her from all…it is present in Virginia. He hadn’t able to protect Anna..but he *will* protect Gina. He swears on his parents grave, he swears on Anna’s grave. Gina will live, Gina will not be hurt.

Streak glances for a second as the sun makes it’s way over a few decrepit old downtown buildings. Smiling at all the successes of last night, she turns around to walk away.

And runs straight into Freaky Brown, one of the Jaque-Tabby henchmen. He grins menacingly down at her.

Streak sneers and turns to her right, only to smack into another. Streak looks all around her. Yep. She is surrounded. Smiling grimly, she walks toward the center of the circle, keeping an eye on everyone around her.

Suddenly, beside her, a car pulls up, and out pops Benny himself, with already another dame at his side. He takes his cigar out of his mouth with the hook he has for a right hand, and the new dame steps on it for him.

He is not the average vision of a mob boss- he is tall and lanky, with light grey fur and long black hair. His attire is the exact mirror of every 1920’s boss though- pinstripes and all. He smirks his heart-stopping smile at Streak and walks through the circle toward her. She straightens up, standing her ground. He walks right up to her, his nose almost touching hers.

“Well, well”, he hisses in his smooth, deep voice. His breathe reeks of alcohol, tobacco, and other more unspeakable things.  “If it isn’t Ms. Phillips ‘erself. You made a big mistake, you know, not bein’ my lady….”

His smirk turns into a slimy grin, and he gently runs the side of his hook-hand up her thigh. Turning it to the sharp point, he increases the pressure, and Streak can feel a trickle of blood running down the back of her leg. She grimaces but doesn’t make a move.

“Then the fight last night…tsk…” He shakes his head, the long black strands of greasy hair bouncing off his nose. Taking the hook away from Streak’s leg, he brings it up to brush the strands from his eyes.  “I lost a lot of money on you, babe.”

Streak growls bitterly through her teeth.

“You shouldn’t have bet against me, then.”

Benny’s little smile vanishes quickly, then returns just as fast, dripping with grime even more.  “You shouldn’t have won when you knew I was betting against you. Gina should have told you that…I know you two…talk a lot…”

Benny’s smile twists even more, and Streak swears she can see a growing puddle of filth at his Italian-leather clad feet. She opens her mouth to say something, but is interrupted.

“You two should have put on a show for me… I would have liked it a whole lot.”

Streak feels herself snap, and she can’t stop her paw from rearing back, her claws from extending, and she cant stop it as they both wreak havoc on Benny’s beautiful mug. Before anyone can react, she makes a break through it. In the distance behind her, she can hear Benny yelling.

“Forget about me! Roast the bitch!”

And she can hear the clicks as weapons are taken out and readied, and she hears the popping of the shots. About six guys are on her tail now, as she runs back in the direction of the Salvage Yard. Suddenly, in the greater distance, sirens begin to wail.

“Into the cars!” someone yells and the kats on her tail flip around and run off the other way.

Just when she thinks, she is safe, another round goes off and she feels a sudden pain in the left of her back, near her neck. She falls ten feet from the Auto and Body and hits the pavement hard. Her last thought before blanking out is: Safe in the daylight my tail.

Chance stops brushing his teeth for a moment and spits, cocking his head to one side and twitching an ear.

“You hear that, Jake?” he calls.

Suddenly more of the popping sounds are heard in rapid succession, drawing nearer and more frequent. Jake walks into the bathroom from the kitchen.

“I think they’re gunshots.”

In the greater distance, sirens can be heard. Jake and Chance both head out to the garage as the sound of squealing tires suddenly breaks through the air, then vanishes. On the driveway now, they see in the dim, fresh sunlight a trail of cars speeding down the road.

“Must be a hit”, Jake guesses.

“Wonder who they’re after?” Chance glances at a form lying still in what’s left of the darkness. Blinking, he walks toward it.

“Great Kat, Jake. It’s her!” He runs toward Streak and kneels down.

There is a great saturation of blood staining her light blue hair, and forming a pool under her. He sees her breathing, but barely.

Jake runs up beside the two.

“Should I move her?” Chance asks.

Jake reaches down and feels for the exact spot of the bullet. It’s deep, but he can locate it barely.

“Yeah, it should be okay. But be gentle.”

Chance turns her over and brings her up into his arms very gently. They both hurry back to the house: Jake sets a blanket on the couch and Chance sets Streak carefully on the blanket.

“I’ll call the paramedics”, Jake says. Streaks eyes flutter open.

“Don’t.”  She manages out hoarsely.


“Buddy, you get the cops involved, I’ll die for certain.”

Jake puts down the phone, and Streak’s eyes fall back shut.

“Just stop the bleeding.” She says, and falls out again.

Jake looks at Chance, and they both look at each other for a moment. Finally, Jake orders, “Turn her over, Chance,” and heads down to the hangar for some emergency supplies.

Gina slowly floats back into consciousness, the first sense returning to her: pain. Her whole head throbs with heat, about to explode. Everything in her torso from her chest down burns and aches dully. Her limbs tingle from lack of circulation. It didn’t feel this bad last night…or maybe it was just shock and booze numbing it. Either way…it hurts like all burning Hades now. Suddenly, within her chest, she feels a deep vibration, that seems to soothe the pain a bit. She now begins to listen: it is a voice. The Commander….she had told him everything last night. Involuntarily, Gina lets out a little sob.

Feral turns away from the Admiral to face Gina, who opens her good eye, just barely.  “Gi- er Ms. Lynx?”

Gina lets her eye fall shut again, quickly, and feigns unconsciousness.

After a second, Ulysses gives up and turns back to the Admiral.

“So it is alright with you, Commander?”

“Quite. I have plenty of room, and I’m already always on duty, might as well fill what free time I do have left.”

The Admiral smirks.  “Very well, then, Feral. Your watch begins now. Lieutenant Feral is now Acting Commander. I will go deliver the news.”

The Admiral walks out.

Ulysses turns back to look at Gina. Her eye is open again. So she wasn’t sleeping….

“What just happened?” She asked.

“I was just assigned you full time bodyguard until Benny and his gang are locked up. You will be moving into my apartment, as well.

Gina furrows her brow, causing instant pain to the rest of her face. She considers this plan for a second.

“Do you have any problems, Ms. Lynx?”

“Yeah”, she says, trying her best to smile.  “We’ll be spending a lot of time together from now on. Stop calling me Ms. Lynx, and call me Gina.”

Feral smiles and sits back down in the chair next to her bed, and Gina drifts back into a fleeting slumber.

Fur this first chapter, there are a couple people I would like ta thank. 1st and foremost, the archive peoples fur posting this, as usual, I’d like ta thank Cherry…and I guess that’s it. Heh. I’m friendless. Great.


This is a disclaimer I am posting on all of my stories from now on…just in case. You know the multitudes of fanfics that are out there…..So if I stumble upon your plot a bit…I am SO sorry. If you have a problem, please mail me, and send me a link or whatever to your fic, so I can compare. I’m *very* willing to listen. *Note- I ONLY accept complaints from people with POSTED fics. Meaning, if you are in the process of writing a fic, and you read mine and it’s very similar, that means The Partners have been watching *you* instead of me, and went back in time to deliver your idea to me in my sleep.(Hey it’s happened to me…I understand)

So…anyway. Oh yeah…The whole *official* disclaimer thing while I’m at it. It’s a fan fic. I’m using previously created and used characters. If you don’t like what I’m doing with them, go ahead and complain, but I ain’t changing it unless you *own* The SWAT Kats….so….

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