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Getting to Know My All

By Cheese Danish

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(Unfinished) Jake Clawson meets Cat Silvre, and they both feel bound in some way.

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Author's Notes:

This is the first chapter of The Felisian Rouges Stories that has any SK content in it. The preliminary ones, the stories w/o the SK’s are to be posted along with a bunch of other non SK fiction on my domain site once I get it up and running. So…I hope this isn’t too confusing w/o knowledge of what lies behind. Chew ‘er up, spit ‘er out, the pile of gook remains- Cheese “Kit/Tigra/My god what’s he doing with that banana?!” Danish

The vortex spun and it made her nauseous and she hated it.

Lady Catherice of the Ruby House of Felenid ventured a foot through the space/time rift. Much to her surprise, dismay, and resentment, it sent a shiver of pleasure through her body.

But it still didn’t excuse the fact that when she looked at it, it gave her a feeling of unwanted deja-vu. It forced her to remember a dark period of her life that hadn’t even happened yet. It made her want to cry, and she hated it, and she threw herself through it and landed face-first on the oil-soaked street.

The slimy night air reeked of the technology her people had so adamantly refused since Water-Emerald clan had abandoned. She stood up and looked to her left. Two felenit-looking beings were staring at her. Damn! They must have seen her step through the portal. She almost made a drawing, but the resistance she felt made her stop. A drawing from this dimension would be too much effort so soon after passing through. Cat made her way to the sidewalk at her right, leaving the two beings to think they were mad. Cat was in no mood to give a flying damn. Right now, she was actively looking for a merchant she could buy clothes from. She was walking past an alleyway, when she heard an odd buzzing noise. She froze and looked back around the corner. A man with the hair of a savage and some odd large-shouldered suit of armor was extracting what seemed to be a large amount of currency from a machine in the wall. His grin and the soft purr under his breath tipped her off that his activities were covert. Allowing herself that same grin, she walked back around the corner, toward the man and the machine.

Hard Drive looked up from his money-making slowly, letting his green-glowing gaze look damn scary. He hoped that was the effect, anyway. What he saw was a striking brown furred she-kat with dark red hair piled into a confusing arrangement on her head. And she was wearing a large, flowing gown the colour of her hair, with off white lace accents and a few gems here and there that seemed to glow with a light all their own. She looked like something from the times of Sir Razor.

The money stopped flowing from the machine, and Hard Drive knew it was time to jet. He turned to face Cat and smiled. “Well, I must be off.” He was about to zap himself into a nearby electrical line when Cat spoke.

“Should you be making off with all that money like that?” Her voice was a rich purr, heavy with an accent that bounced between French and Italian. And it scared him.

Regardless, he let himself emit a deep throated laugh.

“‘Course not, but, hey? Who’s gonna stop me?” He laughed again and transported himself into that power line. Or tried to. The she-kat smiled and walked toward him, her emerald-green pupils taking on an eerie glow.

“Give it to me.”

“Give what-”

“The money! All of it!” She held out a calm paw. Hard Drive tried to run. All he could move was his paw with the money. He swung it at the female and struck her across the face. She tumbled a couple steps, and then straightened back up. She strode toward Hard Drive and ripped the bag from his paw.

“Just for that…” Her pupils began to glow a very bright green, and then they spread out into the rest of the eye so that all that was there was the glowing green. Hard Drive tried to jump back as she lunged for his shoulders, but Cat grabbed them. From the planet’s insolent, begrudging surface she made a rather weak drawing. It was enough for the suit to pop loudly, spark brightly once, then fizzle out. The strain on Cat was strong. Her mouth was thick with stale sorcery, and she had to fight to keep her head clear. Luckily for her, Hard Drive was too stunned to move. With the last bit of Energy she had left in her, she turned the bag that held the money into a purse. No use rousing more suspicions than needed. Swallowing the rather squalid taste from her mouth, Cat was off.


The vortex spun, and it made him nauseous, and he hated it.

Yet he stood there, waiting. Like he did in every dream. Maybe it was the other dreams the vortex reminded him of, and that was what that dark aspect he hated being reminded of was.

Regardless, the stupid spinning portal was there, and he, as usual, was waiting for something -someone?- to come out.


Wait…was someone calling him?


Was this dream going to actually go somewhere?


Jake Clawson opened his eyes and found himself nose to nose with a big, yellow, grinning monster.

Jake screamed and scrambled into sitting position.

“Morning sunshine!” Chance grinned even bigger and threw his arms around Jake.

“Argh! Get off me!” Jake pushed him away and rubbed his head. It wasn’t fair that Chance could drink as much as they had last night and not come out of it with a killer hangover.

Chance seemed to read his thoughts and his smile expanded. “Get dressed. Some chick is coming over in fifteen minutes to see about that old Katillac that’s been sittin’ out front since the eighties.”

“Don’t tell me we’re that old?” As Jake slid his feet to the floor, he felt it, anyway. Chance tossed Jake’s clothes at him, then left the room. As he pulled on his pants, Jake called out, “What did you say this she-kat’s name was?”

“Er…Catherynn Silvre. But she said I can call ‘er Cat.” Chance chuckled, and Jake rolled his eyes and stuffed his red cap over his greasy bed-head.


Lord Clawslash of the Emerald House of Clawdesich paced the floor of his darkening chambers. Cat had left that morning. It was now sundown, and she still hadn’t contacted him. She could be in trouble. Or she could be too weak to open a portal, which also meant trouble. Or, she could just be doing this to provoke him. Clawslash let himself growl lightly. They might have been rivals since birth, but he loved her to frozen death. He knew that she knew and he also knew that’s why she always did this to him. He wouldn’t let her do this to him. He let himself growl again and crawled into bed, forcing himself to slumber just to spite Cat.


As she walked toward the Salvage Yard, she got that nauseating feeling again. But it wasn’t in the putrid form of the vertex’s feeling. It was more one of excitement and anticipation. Last night Cat had done some shopping and found a living quarters. She also had grown to love the fashions of this rather odd little planet. Right now she was wearing a pair of black boots made from a finished cow hide material they called “leather”. She was also wearing pants -pants!- made from the same material, and a nice white tank top. The clothes of this planet were a lot less constricting than that of hers…all except for this horrible contraption they called a “braziere”. Cat, for the thousandth time, adjusted the stupid thing, pulled her shirt back down, and walked up the drive. Maybe the one she had gotten was too small…

As she ventured into the garage, a tall yellow tabby kat-she had also learned they called themselves “kats” here- dressed in a light grey jumpsuit came toward her. He looked her up and down, and a grin came over him, like he had just affirmed something he knew all along. He came to a halt in front of her.

“Hello, are you Cat?”

Cat looked up at the kat. Even with her newfound boots, she was frightfully short. “Yeah.” she smiled. Her first instinct was to curtsey, but then she caught herself and held out a slender paw.

“I’m Chance Furlong.” The large kat took her paw in his own and brought it softly to his lips.

Well, she thought, some things don’t change between dimensions.

From a door behind Chance a much smaller, copper coloured kat strode out of the doorway. Her heart skipped a beat-okay, maybe two-and she smiled at him. The smaller kat looked startled and stopped abruptly. He seemed to shiver, and then forced himself to walk forward.

Chance turned around. “Jake, this is Cat.”

Jake, looking bewildered, offered his paw. “Jake Clawson.” Cat took his paw and just held it for a moment. His grip sent a shooting vision of Starclaw at her, and she dropped Jake’s paw. She made sure not to look at his eyes.

Halfway impatiently, Chance broke the silence.

“Would you like to have a look at the car?”

“The huh?” Cat forced her gaze back to Chance.

“The car.” Chance flicked his thumb toward the beat up silver Katillac.

“Oh. Sure.”

Chance led the way for the vehicle, and began babbling about every wonderful aspect of the old junker. While Jake wasn’t looking, Cat studied him quickly, dropping her gaze again. When Cat wasn’t looking, Jake did the same.

Suddenly, Jake burst out,”We’ll tune it up, ya know, fix everything for free, too.” He looked shyly at Cat.

Chance blinked at Jake. “Um…yeah.” He followed Jake’s gaze to Cat, who was trying not to look Jake in the eye. Impatient again, Chance asked, “So ya want it?”

“Yes”, Cat murmured. Suddenly, she looked up. “What?”

Chance nearly burst out laughing. He was halfway relieved. So maybe this was just an attraction thing, nothing more.

“The car?”

“Oh, yeah, I suppose. So can I just pay now?” She opened up her grey, knit purse.

“We’ll need to do some paperwork first”, Jake said.


“We’ll need to copy some info off your licence.” Chance put in.

“Come again?”

Man, this chick was a foreigner. Either that or a ditz with a funky accent.

“Your licence to drive.” Chance said. He didn’t mean to put so much emphasis on the words, but his impatience seeped through his words. Cat furled her brow. Letting it slide, she let her mind move on to other matters. She bit her lip.

“So I need a licence?” Cat looked into the car window. “I think if I got in there I could learn…”

Jake and Chance exchanged glances. “You still need a licence.” Jake said softly. Cat picked at some gum on the sidewalk with the sharp heel of her boot.

“Aidus…” She muttered.

“What?” Chance and Jake asked at the same time. Cat shrugged.

“Just a nasty curse word where I come from.” Suddenly Cat remembered something. Her ears perked with alarm.

“You alright, Cat?” Jake halted before saying her name, but when he did, Cat’s heart lagged again.

“Yeah..I just remembered I forgot something is all.”

Yeah, your brain, Chance thought, rolling his eyes. She was lucky she had a nice rack…

Cat shook her head. She’d contact the Enlign Dimension when she got back home. But first she wanted a way to get around that didn’t involve sore feet. “So…how do I get a licence?”

“Well”, Jake said, “You gotta go down to the DMV-”

Cat sighed. “What is the DMV?”

Chance sighed as well. “The Department of Motor-”

“Would you like to come in for a drink?” Jake burst in. Cat and Chance looked at him, and he rubbed the back of his neck.

“You know…so I can explain everything. You aren’t a local, are you?”

Cat threw her head back and laughed.

Jake smiled and began to feel at ease. “Come on, then.” HE led the way into the house.

“These two she-kats go by the name of the Dani-” Jake flipped off the television, cutting Ann Gora short. Cat’s eyes widened at the glimpse of the contraption, but then quickly tried to hide her amazement. They were already too suspicious, she was sure.


Lady Sestacath of Ruby awakened with a start. She found herself looking up at the cheetah-spotted Clawslash.

“Go after your sister. She’s been gone too long.”


“Do it!”


“And then you take something called a driving test. You’ll need practice, of course, but, you know, I could take some time to teach you…” Jake had gone into full flirting mode. And Jake wasn’t even the biggest flirt. Just something compelled him to try and win this she-kat over, and he couldn’t help himself.

Chance muttered under his breath, “Yeah, and meanwhile I’ll take up yer workload…”

Jake glared up at Chance. “Yes, and meanwhile, why don’t you go do some work, okay, pal?”

Chance glared with the same severity. “No problem, *buddy*.”

With that Chance stormed out the door into the garage. There he found a she-kat with a blue bob, black fur with white “gloves” and a white patch starting
with her nose working all the way down into her shirt, and green eyes remarkably like Cat’s. She was wearing a green tee shirt, baggy pants, no shoes, and a look to kill.

“Um…hello?” Chance stepped closer to the she-kat.

“Is there a female here by the name of Cat?” This one held the same accent, only her voice was deeper, and altogether meaner. She sounded drowsy.

Weak from coming here, and then locating Cat, Sestacath rubbed her forehead.

“Are you alright?”

Sestacath looked up at the yellow tabby. “Yeah. Can I see Cat?”

Chance led the way back into the house. They were immediately greeted by Cat’s ringing laughter.

“Hey, Catty”, Sestacath hissed. Cat looked up.

“Oh, hey, Atteran.” Sestacath looked confused for a second.

“Jake, Chance, this is my friend Atteran Stepp. Say hello, Attie.”

The newly dubbed Atteran rolled her eyes and muttered apathetically,”Hullo, Attie.” Chance snorted.

“So what brings you here?” Cat asked, standing up and walking toward Atteran. She grinned almost nastily. Attie returned the look.

“Your fianc‚ sent me.”

Jake’s ears shot straight up. Cat blinked and looked blank.

“You know…Check?”

Recognising this as Clawslash’s preferred alias, Cat glared. “Yer so hilarious, love.”

Atteran smiled sweetly. “I know. Now come on, we need to get out of here.” she hopped from foot to foot. Clawslash must have sent her because I didn’t contact him, Cat thought.

“Alright.” Cat turned around, and, seeing Jake, immediately didn’t want to leave. “I’ve…gotta get going, Jake.”

Cat saying his name made Jake’s heart skip a beat. Or maybe two.

“How’re you going to get home?” Jake inquired.

“We’ll *walk*. Come on, Cat.” Atteran nearly dragged Cat out of the house. Looking back once more, Cat waved goodbye, and Jake suddenly felt alone.

After he couldn’t hear Cat’s footfalls on the pavement anymore, Jake looked up from the door. Chance was standing there, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. Jake glared at him.

“What?” He hissed.

“What was that all about? I’ve never seen you go all out for some dame b’fore.”

Looking around as if to make sure no one was there, Jake hunched over a bit and put his hand on Chance’s back, drawing him closer to him as if he were about to tell a secret.

“Chance, if I tell you this, promise you won’t laugh?”

“It depends on if I find it amusing or not.”

Jake shot him a look.

“Alright, I agree, as long as you let me stand up straight.” Chance’s hand moved to his lower back. Jake removed his hand from Chance’s shoulders, but stayed close to him.

“I feel like I have some sort of…I don’t know…connection to her.”

“To Cat?”


“But she’s, like, a ditz. I thought you went more for the brainy ones…like Callie.”

“Cat is incredibly intelligent, she’s just a stranger in a strange land. ‘Sides. It’s not like you should be talking, dork.” Chance spit his tongue out. “See what I mean?”

“Hey you’re the one that called me a dork. Dork.”

Jake took a deep breath. “I’m serious, Chance. I feel bound to her. Like some cosmic force-”

“Say more and I’ll laugh.”

Jake looked hurt. “You don’t understand.”

“No, you just don’t understand reality. It’s not like everyone has this match, someone they’re destined to be with all our lives. What we do, is we float until we find someone good enough. Then, if we’re lucky we stay with them until we die. Then you’re just apart again, and there’s never any point.”

Jake looked at Chance, surprised. Chance looked away. Jake opened his mouth to say something, but Chance interrupted him.

“We’ve got work to catch up on”, Chance said. Jake decided to let it go, and they both headed back for the garage.


This is a disclaimer I am posting on all of my stories from now on…just in case. You know the multitudes of fanfics that are out there…..So if I stumble upon your plot a bit…I am SO sorry. If you have a problem, please mail me, and send me a link or whatever to your fic, so I can compare. I’m *very* willing to listen. *Note- I ONLY accept complaints from people with POSTED fics. Meaning, if you are in the process of writing a fic, and you read mine and it’s very similar, that means The Partners have been watching *you* instead of me, and went back in time to deliver your idea to me in my sleep.(Hey it’s happened to me…I understand)

So…anyway. Oh yeah…The whole *official* disclaimer thing while I’m at it. It’s a fan fic. I’m using previously created and used characters. If you don’t like what I’m doing with them, go ahead and complain, but I ain’t changing it unless you *own* The SWAT Kats….so….

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