Original SWAT Kats Story

Mankind and Katkind Together

By Caroline Han

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,940 Words

A sequel to Glen Battilana’s “Evolution Solution”. It turns out there were a few more survivors of the human race than had been thought.

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Author's Notes:

This is my first piece of fanfic, a sequel to “Evolution Solution” by Glenn Battilana.

This story takes place 5 months after Troy and Helen were taken in by Pumadyne.  It you haven’t read the fanfic yet, I recommend you read it.  Of course, fan fiction are what they are-fiction, so don’t worry about a nuclear war killing us all.  I’m afraid Helen and Troy doesn’t come into the story much.

The bunker under what used to be the NORAD Command Center, 2010:

President Wassaw looked about and sighed.  Mankind is doomed, he thought.  When that  traitor Dillion launched that nuclear warhead, he spelled out the end of mankind.  At first they blamed Russia, then Pakistan, until the whole world was drowned in atomic explosions and nuclear battles. They finally traced the original warhead to Robert Dillion, thus ending the war over nothing.  But by then it was too late.  The execution of Dillion did not satisfy his grief.

“Mr. President?”  It was Professor Hugh Savier, the remaining scientist in the bunker.

“I have good news and bad news.”

“What?..oh yeah.  Spill the good news last, it can damp the bad news.”  Savier coughed.

“The bad news first.  Minister of Defense Bemess died of radiation  poisoning this morning.  The good news is-”

“What? Great, not another victim!”  His administration has been dropping dead like  flies ever since the end of the Nuclear War.  First it was Secretary of State, then the  Treasurer, and now this.  The only living members of the administration now were Jan Oxnard and him.

“Damn that Dillion!  Why did he do it?”

“Mr. President, may I continue with the good news?”

“Sure, did Bobby stop blaming the kats for Jerry’s death?”

“No, Mr. President.  The good news is that Project Preservation and Project Memory are  all set and can be launched at your command.”

“Launch it,” Wassaw said bitterly.

+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*

What used to be Jersey City:

Unlike most cities affected by the war between USA and Russia, the atmosphere in Jersey  City have been spared most fallout, thanks to its location.  Other than the fact that its survivors can venture aboveground, it looked no different.  Buildings looked like Oklahoma City bombings, houses as if they have been blown up with dynamite.  There was no food or water, other than a few cans of pinto beans and bottles of soda.  Amidst all the ruins and mewing cats kneeled Roy Smith.  Roy Smith has been down on his knees for an hour now.  The African American had always  believed in the Lord (he’s with the Catholic sect), but like so many other hopes, even his was  starting to erode.  Yes, the Lord did mention the end of the world, but he never mentioned it  would be so explosive!  Nor so soon.  He wanted to live to see old age.”Dear Heavenly father,” he prayed, “I pray that at least some people will survive this  hell on earth.  Just some.  I want Adam’s children to enjoy life some more.  Earth isn’t bad, it deserves a second chance.  If it is your plan to end the world as it is-”

“Mr. Smith?  Great news!”  It was one of the fellow citizens who survived the destruction  of his city.

“Mr Smith? Ow!”  The gal rubbed her bruised knee she scraped over the rubble.

Picking herself up, she continued to Roy and the burned-out shell of a church he was praying in. “I just heared that your friend Prez Wassaw has started that hyper-freezing project, and he wants you to be in it.”

“John?  Hyper-freezing?  I can’t believe he would be so desperate to do something like that.”

“Well, I’d rather take my chances than die in this dump.  C’mon, lets get back to the bomb shelter.  It shouldn’t be packed like Los Angeles.  New Jersey must be the only place that got no radiation.”

“God bless the ocean breeze.”  The two gazed about.  All around them were chunks of rubble and burned-out buildings.  It was almost uniform.

“Let me pray some more.”  Getting down on his knees again, Roy prayed.

“Dear Lord, I pray for a new beginning.  If this world was to end, may the next world be as close to possible to the one I know.” Tears ran down his eyes.

“In fact, may it be like a parallel dimension.”

+-+-+-++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ -+-+-+-+-+-+–+-+-+-+-+-+-

A nearly finished underground chamber, 50ft underground, northwest the ruins of New York City:

“It’s all the kats’ fault, that’s what it is.”

“Bobby, it isn’t the kat’s fault.  It’s Dillion.  It’s over and done for so let’s get over it.”

While Bobby and Liza argued, President Wassaw was in close conversation with Prof. Savier.

“I’m glad I didn’t abort this project after all.  We always knew that we had to build a memento for civilizations 10,00 years from now, the but the problem was when to build it,” Wassaw sighed.

“It does seem kind of weird, though.  I still don’t understand the process of ‘Hyper-Freezing’”

“Well,” Savier began his lecture.

“Throughout the twentieth century, mankind always wanted to preserve itself.  To be dead for awhile and then come back to life.  The most possible way was to freeze the subject in an ice block.  But we know from frozen mammoth fossils that this is impossible.  The subject will die in the cold temperature.  But I have developed an alternative.  Instead of using frozen water, I use a liquid I termed ‘hyperliquid’.  It is compound of several element processed in the right way.  Hyperliquid, though too thick to be a true liquid, have an extremely low freezing point. A person drifting in it can breathe as though he is a fish.  When frozen, the person is still alive, just in suspended animation.”

“It reminds me of a Simpsons episode I saw once.  I think it was ‘Citizen Kang’.”

“You are right, except I’m not Kudos”

“And I’m not Homer.”  They both had a good laugh as volunteers(whom believed that Project Memory to be a flop but decided to help anyway) moved in artifacts and large freezing chambers. Wassaw liked the young biologist from Sweden.  His inventions included SV-3, a chemical that halts the process of decay.  Although Savier was once part of Project K.A.T., he quitted when it was in full swing. Since then he devoted himself to save lives instead of killing lives. Thanks to Savier, millions were saved by his AIDS vaccine.  Newsweek named him, “Savier the Savior”.”It seems to me like a last-ditch effort to save some of mankind. While we might survive, people in other parts of earth are poisoning themselves just by breathing.”

“You did say mankind has only a few weeks to live.”

“True.”  He turned to Vice President Jan Oxnard, a witty person who should have been Vice President of Cartoon Network rather than the United States.

“Are the chambers ready?”

“Almost,” replied black-haired Jan.

“They are still filling the chambers.”  Prof. Savier went to the workpeople.  He did the final calculations on his computer.

“Good, everything’s all set.

“Is Project Memory also ready?”

“Yep, the last works are coming in.  We’ve got most of them sprayed with the SV-3 preservative.””What do you the new world would be like?” Wassaw asked Oxnard, hoping to start a conversation.

“Planet of the Apes.”

“Huh?  I don’t get it.”

“I imagine chimps to be the next dominant race, and humans still living, but like wild animals.  You know, as the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’.  My favorite movie of all time.”

“My ex-advisor here yet?” Wassaw asked as Roy walked into the chamber.

“Yeah, I’m here.  The airtight shuttle broke down, but I’m here. Say, why are you freezing me?”

“Because you are an excellent advisor and a close friend.” Wassaw patted Roy’s shoulder.

“I was only with you through your first term.”

“If there is someone worth living, it is you.”

Five Hours Later:

“But I don’t wanna go into the water, I don’t wanna,” Bobby whined.

“You have to kid, your dad’s orders.”  One of the construction workers replied back.  Two volunteers picked up the whining kid and dunked him in the pinkish hyperliquid.  Bobby struggled against the paste, but finally gave in and fell asleep in the filled chamber.

“When he wakes up, it’ll probably be 10,000 years later.  5000 at least,” President told his wife.

“I hope it’ll be soon.  I can’t wait to get out and gaze at the sky.” Liza sighed.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen its brilliant blue.  I’ve been missing it since we had to hide here.”  It was her turn. Hugging her pet cat close, she sank into the muck.  President Wassaw turned to Prof. Savier.

“Are there any complications?  I wished we didn’t have to put all remaining nuclear weapons in the chamber next to us.”

“To tell the truth, Mr. President, one of the bombs is supplying the power to run the lighting and hologram presentation.  At this point, we would have enough energy to last millions of years.  Of course, we probably won’t need that much time.”

“I hope we built the chamber in a safe area.  I hate it to be crushed by continental shifting.”

“According to my calculations, this place will go through the least changes in the next 4 millions years or so.”

“Oh good,” Wassaw glanced at Jan Oxnard who was now being lowered into a chamber.

“Planet of the Apes, here I come,” Jan grinned.

“Mr. President?  It’s your turn,” Savier said.  Why so it was.  Everyone else were in the chambers, as if they are asleep.  Gulping, Wassaw himself climbed into the next-to last chamber.  Immediately the chamber was sealed.  At first Wassaw fought against the liquid, but he soon found out he could breathe in it. Time suddenly slowwweddddd ddddooooowwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn…

Savier smiled.  Now comes the hard part: freezing himself.

)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()( )()()()()()()()()()()()()(

And thus the history of homo sapiens ended.  Wassaw was right, the last man died of starvation somewhere in Canada.  Man, responsible for the extinction of so many animals, ultimately became the cause of its own extinction.But life continued.  The few living things remaining evolved into diverse forms.  Cattle survived and evolved.  Rodents evolved. Reptiles evolved.  Everything evolved.  But God have something special in mind for felis catus…

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

At an excavation site somewhere northwest of Megakat City, Present Day:

Abi Sinian brushed the fur out of her eyes.  The sun was shining brilliantly over the green sky, but she did not notice.  Not when her team have just excavated an Megasaurus Rex fossil dated 68 million years ago.  Perhaps the find can reveal what killed off the dinosaurs 68 million years ago.

“Dr. Sinian?  Come here, I have something to show you.”  It was Greg Summers again.  Ever since the excavation of the so called “ho-mun” skeleton, he has joined her on many trips.  Perhaps what he found can boost the Museum’s fundings.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know.  Not a newspaper, I bet,” Greg called out.  He was cradling a metal tablet he found from a more recent time period.

The two stared at the object Greg had dug out.  It was a large bronze metal piece, with these words:

Four scores and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the fact that all men are created equal,  Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing if this nation, or any nation so conceive and so dedicated, can long endure.  We are met on a great battlefield of that war.  We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.  It is altogether and fitting and proper that we do this.  But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate-we cannot consecrate-we cannot hallow this ground.  The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.  The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it never forget what they did here.  It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.  It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us-that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion-that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

“I don’t remember any kat saying this,” Abi finally concluded.

“Look over there, instead of ‘kats’ they said ‘men’.  Doesn’t that mean…?”

“Greg, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That this speech was not made by a kat but by a…human?”

“I’ll contact Pumadyne,” said Abi.

A horrible scream broke through the air.  Abi turned to see one of the archaeologists being attacked by a creepling.  Another appeared and snatched the slab from Greg.  More were advancing.And creeplings meant Dark Kat was near.


The Swat Kats at that moment were testing their newly devised weaponry.  Razor was eager to test out the newly created “laser missile”.  T-bone, on the other paw, was sure the missiles would be a flop. Why bother when one can install real lasers?  The Turbokat flew over the third point.  Almost instantly decoy mini-planes appeared and were chasing the Turbokat.

“Laser missile, deploy,” Razor responded.  Medium bulky missiles dropped out of the hood of the Turbokat.  Strong beams of light blasted from each missile, obliterating the planes.

“I’ve got to hand it to you, buddy, they do work,” came T-bone’s reply.

“There’s more.”  Immediately more min-decoys came behind them. The laser missiles crashed into each of them, exploding the planes in a big fireball.

“They double as plain-old missiles.”

“Now I know why you insist on them,” T-bone said.

“I guess we won’t have to install real lasers in the Turbokat, eh Razor?”  Before the smaller Swat Kat can counteract, screams and shrieks were heard below.  X-ray scanning reveled kats being chased by creeplings.

“Dark Kat’s at it again,” Razor hissed.  He didn’t forget his last ordeal with Dark Kat.

“Then let’s kick some tail!”  T-bone swung the Turbokat into a steep dive.


“Aiiee!” the creeplings fled as they saw the huge jet streak toward them.  The Turbokat broke its fall at the last second and came to a stop besides Abi and Greg.  Most of the other archaeologists have fled the area, but Abi won’t leave the M-rex find.  Greg wanted to get the slab back, so he can decipher its meaning.  What was the speechmaker talking about?

“Need a paw?” T-bone asked the she-kat.

“Don’t worry about us, save the M-rex!” came her reply.  The two vigilantes exchanged puzzled looks.  Never before was the Turbokat had to handle something so fragile.”Never mind,” Abi sighed.  She hurried back to the fossil and began to cover it in burlap.

“Greg, help me.”  Greg sighed and helped Abi in covering the find.  The Swat Kats occasionally pitched in.

“I wonder why Dark Kat hasn’t shown up yet.  Usually he’s here with those creeplings of his,” pondered Razor.

“Does this answer your question?” came an evil voice behind them. It was the overlord of crime.  Pinkish-purple creatures crowded around his feet.

“Dark Kat!” the four cried.

“Yes, I was on my way to load another one of my missiles so I can nuke Megakat City when the Megakat Natural History Museum had to get in the way!  To top it off, you meddling Swat Kats have to join in!”

“If there is anyone who deserves to have his daily routine disrupted, it’s you,” snarled T-bone.

“Out of my way, Swat Kat! Attack them, my creeplings!”  Tons of creeplings fell upon the four kats.  Razor and T-bone were able to fend off the creatures with octopus missiles, but some creeplings were able to pin Abi to the ground.

“Help me!”

“I was hoping to test this out.”  Razor fired a mini-laser missile from his glovitrix.  It killed one with its light beam and another by crashing into it.  The rest of the creeplings were taken care of by T-bone’s mini-plain old missiles.”Thanks Swat Kats,” Abi told the heroes.  She glanced around. “Hey, where’s Greg?”  Greg was nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, Dark Kat hummed to himself as he took out another warhead from his secret storage area-a neatly out of the way crevice. Who ever put the missiles there sure was clever, but now cleaver enough for Dark Kat.  His creeplings were able to dig a hole to the missiles.  Hey, the missiles may not be his, but who cares?

][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][ ][][][][][][][][][][][][][

“Greg?  Greg?  Where are you?” Abi called out.  She must have traveled 20 yards from the excavation site.  The Swat Kats weren’t able to help her on this one, they having to stop Dark Kats from destroying Megakat City.  The last they saw of Dark Kat was him getting away on one of the Megakat Natural History Museum’s jeep with the warhead.  The Swat Kats followed him on the cyclotron, telling her stay where she was.  In the distance, she noticed something gray-colored moving.  Could it be?  It is!  She sprinted up to Greg, who was running if he could never get tired.

“Greg? You can stop running now,” Abi panted.

“I’m not taking my chances with those creeplings,” Greg answered back.

“Are they chasing you too?  Those cre-WHOA!”  In a second, Greg vanished again, not out of sight, but down of sight.

“GREG!” Abi cried back.  All she could make out of Greg was a gray figure disappearing down a small cave-like hole, wailing out the way.

}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}


“We’re 50 feet and closing,” Razor proudly announced.  The Cyclotron pursued Dark Kat’s jeep across the flat alkaline desert.

“Missiles locked on and ready.”

“Rock and roll!”  Two missiles shot from the Cyclotron-and missed their target.

“Crud!  Razor, next time, check if the missiles are locked on.” T-bone banged on the controls.  Razor prepared for another attempt.  Two more missiles streaked from the motorcycle.  One nearly grazed Dark Kat’s head, the other crashed onto the warhead-without dealing any damage.

“The targeting system must be groggy today, buddy.”

“So is the cyclotron itself.  We’re low on fuel.”  The fuel light was blinking like a burglar alarm.

“If we don’t turn back we’ll never make it.”

“Just one more try,” persisted his friend.  A smaller missile shot out, blowing out one of the tires.  The jeep tumbled, then lurched to a stop.  Dark Kat muttered a curse.

“Bingo!  That should buy us some time,” T-bone said happily.  The Cyclotron turned and sped back.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Greg Summers checked himself for broken bones.  Luckily for him, all he suffered were some bruises and minor cuts.  If the fall had been 10 feet longer, he would have suffered some foot injuries(he’s a feline, and felines and survive falls at 10+ ft.). Where was he?  A cavern shouldn’t form under a barren desert.  No, it wasn’t a cave, it was a chamber, complete with corridors leading to God knows where.  The walls were too straight and square to be of a natural formation.  What civilization would build something so far underground?  For religious purposes, he guessed.Well, as long as I’m here, I might as well make the most of it, Greg thought.  He dusted the dirt out of his fur and slapped his paws free of any debris.  The moment he clapped a second time, the chamber suddenly lit up, revealing its contents.

“Kats alive!” exclaimed the kat.  He appeared to be in an underground museum hall.  To his left, a tunnel long blocked by continental shift.  To his right, another corridor.  Pictures and portraits decked the walls.  The pictures were not of kats, not even ancient cat-like kats, but humans.  One was a flaking painting of a woman with the strangest smile on her face. Whoever painted her either didn’t know how to draw a smile or has hidden a secret meaning in the artwork(We know it’s the Mona Lisa). Another was a black-and white photograph of a bunch of humans dressed the same.  Human enforcers perhaps(One of those civil war photos)? The biggest of the paintings appeared to be torn out of a ceiling.  It showed a naked man touching fingers with another, older man with many juvenile humans (The creation of Adam by Michelangelo).  Memories of Troy, Helen and Roger flashed in his mind.  As he walked down the corridor, gazing at the pictures, Greg unknowingly stepped on a lighted tile.  Before him appeared a hologram of a human.  He wore a brown business suit and had a most depressed expression on his face.  Greg gasped.

“Greeting, future race.  I am President John Wassaw, one of the greatest leaders of Earth when human civilization was at its end. Long ago, Earth was inhabited by a race of hominids called humans. At the height of human population and living, we covered nearly every corner of the earth, from Africa to Europe to the Americas and even Antarctica.”  Even Antarctica?  Humans must have been an adventurous and brave race to achieve something like that.  Humans may be more advanced than kats, the second dominant species on Earth.  The hologram of President Wassaw continued.

“Earth used to be a happy place, a wondrous planet of posterity.”  The image vanished and was replaced by happier scenes from Earth’s past era: A family having a picnic in a park, a computer user happily surfing the internet, a basic day at Walt Disney World.  The sky in those scenes were not green and yellow, but a bright blue. “But alas,” the voice of Wassaw sighed, “We had our problems as well.”  Sadder scenes replaced the happier ones:  an unborn baby aborted by means of saline injection, a bloody car crash, the Oklahoma City bombing.  The images flicked and disappeared altogether, and the hologram of Wassaw reappeared.

“But the greatest tragedy has yet to come. Behold!”  The image disappeared again, and in its place was the most horrible sight Greg had ever seen: the destruction of a city in a second in a huge ball of fire.  The city was disturbingly similar to Megakat City.  More such sights followed, video clips of the last nuclear war.

“The first-and last nuclear war spelled out the end of mankind.  The missile that sparked the war was launched by this person, Robert Dillion (An picture of Dillion appeared), by the time we managed to capture and execute this traitor, it was too late.  Fallout from the missile killed all crops and poisoned the water.  All chance of survival was hopeless.  As a last-ditch effort to save humanity, My family, friends and I froze ourselves in suspended animation, so in the future some future or alien race-you- may come along and free us. Our bodies are in the farthest corridor.  As for this network of chambers, it houses all the great works of man to understand us better.”  Tears ran down the president’s eyes.

“Please help us, the last survivors of humanity.”  The hologram vanished for good, leaving Greg with a sense of longing…..

*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= *=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

While the Cyclotron refueled, the Swat Kats crowded around the hole with Abi Sinian.  Its depths were dark, deep and unfathomable.

“Greg, are you there?” Abi shouted.

“Greg?  GREG!”  She peered down at the depths of the hole, a huge, roundish crack in the ground. “I hope he hasn’t fallen to his death.”

“I doubt it, Dr. Sinian.  But I’m going down there to get him,” Razor reassured her.  He has prepared a grappler cable and was wrapping it around a rock.  T-bone, meanwhile, had finished refueling the Cyclotron and was climbing aboard the cycle.

“I’ll get Dark Kat,” he told the two.

“Good luck, pal,” said Razor as he started down the crevice.  Abi wondered, how can Greg not answer?  Usually he does.  Perhaps his voice was too far to be heard, but that was doubtful.

&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$ &$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$

Greg was too adsorbed in humanity’s works to answer.  There were nine chambers in all, each having different theme.  One focused on entertainment (David Letterman=David Litterbin.  Coincidence?), another on serious politics (Major Walker=President Bush.  Don’t ask me.).  He examined each of the chamber thoughtfully and carefully, not missing an inch.  For each kat invention, human had invented something similar earlier.  The history of man was suspiciously close to kat history. In fact, they might as well be identical.  As for day-to day life, supervillain-type crime rates were rare, but minor crimes were everyday events.The paintings, which were everywhere, were the most spectacular works.  Humans were masters of brush and ink, talented in giving life to empty canvas.  The many pictures which decked the halls were snapshots of mankind’s history and society.  He wondered about these mysterious humans who ruled the world so long ago.  Why were their lives like?  Was their civilization similar to today’s?  Taking one last look at a gigantic photo of Princess Diana, he stepped into the next to last chamber.  Books lined the selves, dusty from collecting all that dust for so long.  Along with the ceiling to ceiling bookcase was a chair, large and comfy, like those in Mayor Manx’s office. Picking a book off a lower self, Greg proceeded to read it.  The book was on mankind’s history, from its evolution from a small primate thousands of years ago to its most recent wars.  His heart skipped a beat when he read “Four scores and seven years…”.  The speech was made by Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States during its civil war.  Guess he didn’t need the bronze slab after.It was most peculiar, the history of mankind closely matches katkind’s history like a parallel dimenison.  As if someone had made it like that….

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Step by step, Razor climbed down the steep hole, using the cable like a climber’s rope.  The distance was not as deep as he imagined, the darkness gave the illusion of depth.  Judging from his calculations, the hole was 45, maybe 50 feet deep.  A normal kat, falling on his back, can twist his body around in mid-air and land on his feet with minimal injuries.  Without hesitation, he let go of the rope and jumped the rest of the way.  He was right.  No injuries other than sore feet.

“What the…?”  Before him were paintings and artifacts, as spectacular as those in the Megakat Natural History Museum.  While the relics were almost identical to those in the museum(and in everyday life), the paintings were made with fine talent and were of humans. Memories of David, screaming hysterically at Robert Dillion, played in his mind.  Like Greg before him, Razor explored the lost corridors with great interest.  I wondered if they were better than us, he pondered.  Impossible, kats were the greatest things to evolve since M-rex.

|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/ |/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/|/

30 feet and closing….20 feet and closing….10 feet and closing….

“I’ve got you now, Dark Crud,” T-bone exclaimed triumphantly.  The Cyclotron was almost side to side with Dark Kat’s jeep.  Dark Kat had managed to fix the tire, but it bought to time T-bone needed.

“No, I believe I’ve got you,” objected the Overlord.  To the Swat Kat’s surprise, Dark Kat drew a loaded blaster at him.  He pulled the trigger…  BLAM!  A dart of some kind now stuck out of the Cyclotron’s front.

“Ha ha.  You sure suck at aiming, Dark Creep,” gloated T-bone.

“Look again.”  A web of electricity was spreading around the motorcycle.  T-bone had only a second to leap out of the vehicle as it exploded in flames.  The jeep rode out of sight.

“I’ll get you for this, Dark Crap!” yelled the vigilante as the villain pulled away.  Oh no, T-bone thought sadly.  It was only a matter of time before Dark Kat reaches Megakat City.

*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ *+*+*+*++*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

There were six of them, drifting in cylinders filled with pinkish fluid.  There were no painting or artifacts in this room, just a human-designed computer in the corner.  One of the sleeping humans wore a familiar brown suit and had slightly graying hair.  President John Wassaw, Greg realized.  Another one, of Swedish ancestry, wore a lab coat and looked about 31 years old.  The scientist who developed the suspension process?  A third male had dark skin and black hair. Greg had never saw a black human before.  There was a juvenile, probably Wassaw’s kitten.  The last two were females.  One, a medium sized blonde, appeared to hide something under her coat.  The other one wore a business suit, similar to Callie Brigg’s.

A small light shone on a wall nearby.  Below it, a small, round button and a large tablet, similar to the one he excavated earlier. Inscribed on it were words, printed in English, French, and a dozen other languages.  He read the words in English:

Press the button to your right.

The button was small and red, easy to push enough.  That is, if one was declawed.  But no one in his right mind would remove their claws. Every time Greg tried to push the button, his claw would detract and get in the way.  Usually buttons were manufactured for claws to get a grip on, but on this one.  Finally Greg pressed the buttons with the palm of his paw.  There was the gurgling sound.  Slowly, suddenly, the chambers began to drain, the humans began to twitch and move.

;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;. ;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.

Time started and progressed again….  John Wassaw opened his eyes and coughed out the last of the hyperliquid.  That stuff tasted awful!  How long has he been asleep? 500 years?  5,000 years, maybe?  10,000 years at most.  Aliens should be here since 50 years, at least.  No matter.  Wassaw climbed out of the chamber to see if an alien or chimpanzee have freed him from his snooze.  He gasped.  It was a killing artificial trooper.

:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:” :”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”:”

T-bone got back to the crack faster than he thought.  That’s good, he thought.  That means Dark Kat must not be far from where he was. And that means he must still be pretty far from Megakat City.

“T-bone!” Abi Sinian cried.  Her heart sank when she saw that the Swat Kat had neither Dark Kat or the Cyclotron.

“Did Dark Kat get away?”

“No, but he may if I don’t act fast.”  T-bone surveyed his surroundings.

“Say, do you have a jeep I can borrow?”

“Yes, we have, but it’s low on gas.  If you want to catch up with Dark Kat again, you’ll have to fill it up.”  T-bone sighed.

“I guess we’ll have to drain the Turbokat again.”

>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>) >)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)>)

“YOU!”  Bobby threw himself at the kat before him.  Oh no you don’t, the kid thought.  I’m not going to let you get away with killing my pet mouse!

“BOBBY, STOP!” President Wassaw yelled.  That boy never learned. If there was a last thing a transcatified cat wants to do, it’s kill a mouse.  It has better things to do now.  At any rate, he had to stop Bobby.  Bobby and Greg were in a wrangle now.  While Greg had claws and teeth on his side, Bobby made up for it with fisted hands and childhood anger.  Feline yelps and childish grunts filled the room.

“Hey, that isn’t a chimp, it’s a cat!”  It was Vice President Oxnard.  Everywhere there were groans an moans and gasps.  The whole party was awake now.  Judging from the kat, they probably slept for only 20 years.  What good news.

“I’ve got you now!”  Picking up a nearby rock, Bobby bought it crashing down on Greg’s arm.  There was a horrible smashing sound as stone met bone.  The rock broke-and so did Greg’s left arm.

Bobby gasped.  After hanging out with those soldiers for so long, he knew they were engineered to have indestructible skeletons.  But this one’s bones were as fragile as.. (make up something here).  He dropped the breaking rock, nearly stubbing his toe.  The rest of the humans were also shocked.  At worst they expected the kat to have some  bruises.  But not this!  This kat must be defective or degenerative.  It was a tad shorter than the troopers they created, with a lesser build and nerdier face.  Wassaw realized he could move his limbs again.  So he stomped over to Bobby and grabbed his arm.

“That’s it, Bobby.  You’re grounded.”

“You can’t ground me.  Our house was obliterated, remember?”

“At any rate, you’re punished for the next 6 weeks.”  President Wassaw turned to Greg.

“So want ails you, soldier?”  Greg was in too much pain to speak, but he managed to get a few words out.

“Soldier?  I-I’m not a soldier, I’m an archaeologist.”

“Archae-?  You don’t mean-”

“That the earth is now ruled by kats?  I’m afraid so.  Now can anyone get a doctor? Oww..”

“Mr. President, from the amount of energy left in the missile, I’d say we’ve been in suspended animation for 3 million years,” replied Prof. Savier.  He had been to the adjoining chamber and back.

“3 million years??  We’ve been asleep THAT long?”  Wassaw shouted.

“Mr.  President?  I have more bad news.”

“Spill, nothing can get worse anyway.”

“Two of the bombs are missing.  Someone must have dug a hole to the chamber and took the missiles.”


“Is this a private party or can I join?” piped in a new voice.  It was another kat, this one wearing a radical flight suit.

“Razor, I’m so glad you’re here,” Greg gasped before passing out from the pain.

“I’ve seen your chambers, President.  They’re mighty impressive.”

“There’s no time for conversation, cat,” addressed Wassaw as if he were Commander Feral.

“We’ve got to get this cat here and us out. Let’s move!”  Wassaw walked out to the chamber, dragging Bobby, followed by Liza, Prof. Savier, Vice President Oxnard, and Advis0r Smith carrying Greg.

“So much for my question,” grumbled Razor.

1717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717171717 17171717171717171717171717

“Razor, are you there?” T-bone shouted into the hole.

“I’m here, T-bone,” came the reply.

“Greg’s here too, but he has a broken arm.  I’ve also got others with me.  Do you remember the ‘weird creatures’ from our past?”

Then came other voices, none made by any kat.  Such as: “I can’t believe it, we’ve asleep 3 million years!”

“Well, this isn’t Planet of the Apes, but it’s close.”

“I want someone to pay for Jerry’s death!”

“Bobby, this is the last straw!  I don’t want anymore about your pet mouse, understand?”

“Yes, mommy.”  Bobby glanced at Razor.

“Are you the police?”

“You meant the enforcers?  No, my partner and I are vigilantes.”

“Cool!  Like Batman and Robin.”  At last Bobby forgot that stupid pet mouse.  Besides, the mouse was killed by rat poison, not a feline.  Imagine, a kid with a strong bond with a mouse!  Using the grappler cable as a climber’s rope, one by one they climbed out.  Roy stayed with Greg at the bottom with Oxnard.

“We stay until a helicopter arrives.  If cats know about them, that is.”

“You said the chambers would go thorough a minimum of damage, Professor.  The entrance, it did get smashed but continental drift.” Wassaw eyed the scientist warily.

“I guess I should have double-checked my calculations.  Of all the areas to be demolished, it had to be the entrance.  Oh well, this hole made up for it.”

“Meow?” came a new voice.  Liza reached in her coat and pulled out Misty, her cat.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Abi. “A living fossil!  Never in my life I’ve ever imagined such a sight.  Can I touch it?”

Rolling her eyes, Liza handed her cat to the kat.  She turned to her husband.

“John, you look worried.”

“I keep thinking about the missing bombs.”

T-bone decided to break the news.  “I’ve got bad news, John.  Dark Kat has one of them, and he’s using it to blow up Megakat City.”

“WHAT IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY?  Oh no he doesn’t!” Wassaw cried angrily.  In a blink of an eye, he leapt into the spare jeep (filled with gas) and sped away.

“In 3 million years you’ll think he forgot how New York was destroyed,” sighed Savier.

<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<( <(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<(<

Wassaw was angry.  Really angry.  He saw the destruction of major metropolises and he wasn’t going to let the villain get away with it. Not this time.

Dark Kat thought he heard something speeding behind him.  No, perhaps not.  Only a few minutes until he reaches Megakat City, and those infernal Swat Kats aren’t in the way.  In an hour or less Mayor Manx would be handing him the city.

“Hey ugly!” spoke someone behind him.

“They call you Dark Cat, right?”  Dark Kats turned around and saw the one sight he wished he would never have to see: the race who developed those lovely bombs.  The alien sure looked mad.  Dark Kat kept his cool.

“Yes, that’s what they call me.  You must be one of the aliens who created these missiles for me.”

“What do you mean?  Those nuclear weapons are never meant to be used.  Not since they ended my civilization.  And another thing, I’m not an alien, I’m from Earth, just like you.  We were here 3 million years ago, before you pussycats.”

“These missiles ended an entire civilization?  With this information, Mayor Manx will be mewing like a lost kitten the minute he sees me!”

“Oh no you don’t!”  Wassaw rammed his jeep into Dark Kat’s, throwing the vehicle off course.  A huge city loomed in the distance, just where New York was.  A coincidence?  The evil overlord snarled.  Just a minor setback, he told himself. “Attack him my creeplings!” he cried.  His evil minions jumped onto Wassaw’s jeep.

“Eww!  How can such creatures evolved in 3 million years?” Wassaw yelped as creeplings bit into his pant leg.  He kicked and threw them off the jeep’s hood, purposely running them over. “I WON’T LET YOU BLOW UP THE CITY!  I’VE SEEN CITIES BLOWN UP BEFORE AND I’M NOT GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!”

In a mad dash, the human leapt onto Dark Kat’s jeep.  The other driverless jeep swerved and crashed onto a nearby boulder.

“For a leader who failed to save his own city, he sure is eager to save this one,” Dark Kat said.  The jeep started to wobble and swerve.

The remark just made Wassaw angrier.  He leapt at Dark Kat and closed his clawless fingers on the kat’s throat.  In return Dark Kat closed his fingers on Wassaw’s neck.  The jeep, now driverless, swung wildly out of control.

:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:> :>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

“AHHHHH!” the First Lady suddenly shrieked.”What is it?” Razor asked the now-hysterical woman.

“The sky..it’s GREEN!”  The other humans noticed it too.  The sky was no longer a familiar blue but green swirled with yellow.  The clouds were not their usual white but a dullish yellow.

“It’s always been green.”  Razor couldn’t imagine the sky to be another color.  Still, there was the time he and T-bone went back into dinosaur times…  Liza was now sobbing.

“The sky, I longed to see its blue hue again, but now I cannot.”

“The fallout must have tinted the sky with some yellow….” Savier pondered.

“At any rate, we’re getting Dark Kat and Wassaw.  By now Dark Kat probably got a purchase on his head,” T-bone announced at the Swat Kats boarded the Turbokat.

The remark broke Liza into tears.

By now a medical helicopter had arrived along with two enforcer cars. Straining, Roy managed to get Greg over the hole.  Jan followed, wondering if cats treated humans like chimps did in her cherished movie.

“What’s this, another lost shuttle?” Felina asked, eyeing the humans.

“No, Project Memory and Project Preservation,” answered Savier. “In the meantime bring this cat to the hospital, his arm’s broken. While you’re at it bring some trucks to move say, two tons of artifacts to the nearest museum.” He winked to Abi, who was examining Misty like a vet.

Abi beamed.  With enough artifacts for a new wing their fundings’s not going to be cut after all.

“I’m going with you.” Bobby tugged at Razor’s sleeve.

“Me too,” said Oxnard.

“Me three,” dittoed Savier.

“You sure you can handle 3Gs?” the kat asked.

“Look, puddytat.  We didn’t sleep 3 million years to live a boring life.  These three should see at least some excitement in our lives,” Roy Smith retorted.

“Besides, we were created in God’s image and you are just one of his creatures.”

“You believe in God?” asked Razor.

“Yes, and also in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“I just believe in God,” said the smaller Swat Kat, whom was Jewish (read “Reunion by DJ Clawson.  It’s good.).

“At least this world has religion, although we now have actual proof evolution works,” sighed Jan.

“In the meantime, let us in.”

1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345

The Turbokat swooped over the dry terrain, scanning for signs of life.  Nothing.  Just endless miles of bare rock.

“Looks likes we lost them,” sighed Razor.

“There’s no sign of Dark Kat or Wassaw anywhere.”

“Wait!  Over there!” T-bone shouted.  On the area below were creepling-roadkill.  They must be near.

“Eww!  Lookit those squashed pink things,” said Bobby in the compartment under them.

“Dad never has run over an animal before.”

“President Wassaw must be enraged.  The trail is so-look! Over there!  In the distance!” cried Prof. Savier.

“Where?” Razor squinted at the scene.  He could see no human.

“I can’t see anything beyond the road.  How can you see what I can’t see?”  Jan Oxnard winked.

“It’s because humans can see farther than cats.  Not to mention more colors.”

“That’s unfair.”

“Yes it is.  We can’t see in the dark-look, there’s the jeep.” The Turbokat came to a stop beside a smashed jeep flaming on a rock. The five beings hopped out.

“There must have been a heated wrangle, and Wassaw crashed on the boulder, but there’s no sign of Wassaw anywhere.” said Savier examining the wreck.

“He must have leapt onto Dark Kat’s jeep before his jeep crashed.  They must still be fighting somewhere.  How far can your F-14 travel before running out of gas?”

“Not much.  All that draining for the Cyclotron and this jeep has left the Turbokat with only enough gas for a mile or so.”

“Well that’s not good.  Wassaw and Dark Kat must be two miles-maybe not.  I see fighting in the distance,” Jan said.

“By golly, you’re right,” replied Savier.

“Lookit them wrestle,” yelped Bobby.

“Go Dad, go!”

“Let’s kick some tail!” cried the larger Swat Kat as the two hopped onto the jet.”Humans don’t have tails!” shouted Oxnard after them.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|- |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|

Closer, it looked more like Celebrity Deathbowl on a jeep than a wrestling match on a jeep.  Dark Kat was powerful, but Wassaw was quick and full of rage, not to mention four years in the army.  Yelps and shouts can be heard.

“Oh no you don’t! Endangered or not endangered, Megakat City is going down!” yelled Dark Kat as he slashed Wassaw.

“The name’s New York City!” retorted Wassaw, twisting Dark Kat’s tail.  Feeling the pain, Dark Kat shrieked and let go of Wassaw’s arm.”The city name is Megakat City,” T-bone told the two.  The Turbokat was directly over the jeep now.  Its shiny belly reflected the bomb’s dangerous tip.

“Well, before humanity got blown, there was city where Megakat City is now.  Wassaw was its mayor from 2000-3, before being elected President.  Got nuked in 2010,” said Savier. “Looks a lot like your city.”

“What a coincidence.”

“Shut up and stop Dark Kat if you don’t want the city to meet the same fate as its predecessor!”

“Can’t.  The Turbokat’s out of fuel,” Razor sighed.  The jet can only land and stop as the jeep swerved on.  Wassaw and Dark Kat were at each other throats, fighting erratically.  The nuclear weapon rocked from side to side.  It Dark Kat manages to reach Megakat City…..

“C’mon, we’ve gotta stop them.  Don’t you know what this bomb can do to New, er, Megakat City?” cried Bobby as he leapt out of the jet.

“Blow it up?”

“That and leave nuclear residue over a 50-mile radius.  If the explosion don’t get you, the fallout will,” stated Savier, hopping out as well.  Jan and the Swat Kats followed.The jeep was steering toward Megakat Gorge.  Wassaw and Dark Kat didn’t seem to notice.  The missile swung its bulk, threatening to fall over.


With a final kick, Wassaw threw Dark Kat out of the jeep.  He himself jumped out, intent on finishing the criminal.  Grappler cables struck the jeep just as it was about to tip over the gorge, preventing the missile from falling on that dangerous warhead of its……

“Your President sure is crazy.  One minute he’s all bitter and sober, the next tensed up,” T-bone told Jan Oxnard.

“He is a teeny bit crazy.  Who can blame him?”  Wassaw and Dark Kat were rolling on the dusty ground, fighting like bullies.  Dark Kat was the more powerful of the two, but Wassaw had the upper hand.  The jeep continued to rumble, but its restraints held.

“We end this now!” Dark Kat cried, striking Wassaw on the side. It was apparent that Wassaw’s strength was ebbing, but his fighting will was as strong as ever.

“It’s not over until the fat lady sings!” Wassaw responded.

Fortunately no one sang.

The five watchers stood, tense and on edge. If Dark Kat wins…ugh.  A blow from Dark Kat’s paw left the President nearly senseless. Everyone gasped.  The Swat Kats got their glovatrixes ready.  Even if Dark Kat managed to finish Pres. Wassaw, he’ll have to deal with them.

Wassaw glanced at his left.  There sat a wide gorge where a flat plain should have been.  Its height must be 200 ft.  Dark Kat looked ready to throw him over the canyon.  This is it.  He slept from apparent death for 3 million years to die anyway and see another city blown up.

Suddenly and idea came to him.  That guy’s a cat isn’t he?  I should have thought of this long ago!  What a dimwit I am!

With his last ounce of strength, he gripped Dark Kat on the place he should have been gripping all along: the scruff, the back of the neck.  Dark Kat’s limbs suddenly became limp and powerless.  He ceased to move, he could only stare as the human holding his neck.  He couldn’t move at all, his limbs refused to respond.  Wassaw could only stand there, holding the evil crimelord.

“Does anyone have a clothespin?” He asked the four figures standing before him.

They can only shake their heads.


All attention turned to the truck.  Two of the grappler cables had snapped.  The jeep struggled violently, nearly spilling its contents. Its front wheels churned up dirt, yearning to jump into the gorge, taking the missile with it.  The explosion would kill them all.

Seeing his chance, Dark Kat broke free of Wassaw’s hold and ran to the jeep.

“Ha ha, Megakat City will soon be mine!” he shouted as he climbed onto the jeep, intending to back up and break free of the cables’ weakened hold.

“Help!  Humans don’t land on their feet!” Wassaw cried, teetering on the edge.

Just as the last cables snapped, Razor fired an octopus missile, knocking the jeep, Dark Kat, and the missile over the side.  Lunging, he grabbed the missile by the end just as it was about to fall into the gorge.  Its weight was heavier than he could stand.  T-bone noticed this and went to help his partner. Bobby, skinny as he was, grasped the kat’s tail, so they will not fall.  Jan in turn grabbed Bobby’s waist.

Wassaw couldn’t struggle against gravity any longer.  Yelping, he plunged a couple of feet-but someone grabbed his hand.  Looking up. he saw Savier, the  bright sun creating a silver lining around him.

“Savier the Savior,” Wassaw grinned.

)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)< )<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<)<

Together, the six managed to lift the missile and rest it on its side just as two enforcer cars and a large truck pulled into the scene.”Out of the way, Swat Kats.  The enforcer will handle this,” spike Commander Feral, a kat similar in appearance to the kats humans engineered 3 million years ago.

“There’s nothing to handle, officer.  Dark Kat fell into the gorge, but the missile’s safe and sound.  I guess you’re going to take credit for what these heroes did,” said Jan, huffing from her recent tug-o-war.

“Is the gray kat okay?” whimpered Bobby, turning his attention to a more personal affair.

“He’s alright.  The helicopter carted him to the hospital,” reassured Felina.

“So are the artifacts in the chambers.  The Megakat Natural History Museum will have them on display any time now.”

“That’s good.  I want all kats to learn about their primate predecessors,” sighed Wassaw.

“Well, at least the kats are okay, but what about us?” pondered Jan.

“Where will we go?  I don’t think kats will accept job opportunities from a whole different species they never saw before.”

“Pumadyne has that covered,” said the driver of the truck.

“We already took two humans in our care 5 months ago.  Hop in, we’ll take you to your new home.”

“Great, we’ll be living like-what?  Two more?  Soviets, aren’t they?”

“No, astronauts.  Originally there were four of them, but two died.  They apparently survived time by being in deep freeze in deep space for-”

“What are their names?”

“Troy and Helen.”  The 2003 space mission flew past Wassaw.  He have to greet them as soon as possible.

“Quick!  To Pumadyne!” Wassaw cried, leaping into the truck, followed by Bobby, Jan, and Savier.

“They didn’t even thank us,” said Razor as the vehicle pulled away.  Enforcers scanned the gorge for signs of life, but so far they have come up empty.  The missile, now on the enforcer truck, will be dismantled and kept safe from greed, evil paws.  Or hands.

“I’m sure they did.  If it weren’t for you, we’ll all been dead now.  Besides, it’s time to get back to the hangar.  Scaredy Kat’s on.”

“You know, T-bone, you’re right,” said Razor, feeling chipper.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Pumadyne, the next day………

“Then David pulled out a garage control and fell dead, Mr. President.  He really wanted to save mankind, but fate couldn’t be beat,” said Troy, sipping his cup of coffee.

“It’s weird, Troy.  According to the fossil record, these kats evolved from cats over 1 million years.  Like us.  But I know they are the descendants of our kats, although they’re much weaker,” replied Wassaw.

“Well, I think I know what happened between 3 million years. After all the fallout, the kats were mutated back into cats.  They still retain genes for higher thinking and walking on two legs, but those traits went unnoticed for 2 million years.  Some million years pasted, then they evolved back into kats, but are different from the original kats.  The special traits that were bred into them, such as strength, were bred out over 2 million years.  Too recessive I guess.”

“Hmmm.  Although evolution needs no God, Roy keeps saying it was God’s work.  He told me that before he left Jersey City, he pray that history will repeat itself.  Looks like his prayer came true.”

“So, there is a God.”  At that moment Bobby came into the room.

“Dad, have you seen Misty?  I haven’t seen her for a whole day!”

“She’s enjoying another round at the Megakat Natural History Museum.  A living fossil they call her.”

“Do you think the kats here will expand our enclosure?  It feels like a hotel here!”

“In a way, it is a hotel.”  Bobby left the two.  It was a beautiful day.  The sky was clean and clear, although it wasn’t the same color.  The seven humans were given an enclosure resembling a resort or hotel in Pumadyne.  Wassaw knew this should be enough for him and possibly some descendants, but he had other ideas.

“Do you think that in the future, humankind and katkind can co-exist together?  Two dominant species on the same planet?  As soon as there are enough of us.”

“Helen and I were getting around to that.  She’s 4 months pregnant.”

“Mankind and Katkind together.  I like that,” grinned John Wassaw, leader of his people.


The End

There!  What do you think?  This is my first fanfic, okay?  I hope for more to come.  I’ve already have more ideas in my head.  -Caroline Han

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