Original SWAT Kats Story

Ariel’s World

By Calvin Wong

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,252 Words

Jake’s daughter Ariel causes havoc in the yard (especially for Burke and Murry) with her powers.

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Author's Notes:

In every story that comes out of my hard disk, they all have Jake as the main character. I’ve decided to change that. So folks, sit back and get ready for:


Remember at all times that Ariel is
a) Two feet three inches tall.
b) One year old.
c) Telekinetic.
d) Telepathic.
e) Extremely intelligent.

Ariel awoke, ready for a new day. Opening the gate that separated her from the out side world, she walked out slowly but surely. Get ready world, here comes Ariel Kranen Clawson. Striding out of the bedroom, she found her father and his partner working on a car.

Deciding not to disturb them, she made her way to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she pondered over the contents. Milk and some cookies would suffice. Taking them, she poured the milk into her bowl on the floor and the cookies she took from the jar and set them down on the floor. Closing the fridge and replacing the cookie jar lid, she reached down and was about to take the cookies when a copper colored paw snatched them away. Looking up, she hissed playfully at her father.

‘So this is why you’re so heavy.’ Jake replaced the cookies and smacked Ariel’s paw lightly.


‘No sympathy from me Ariel, until you stop abusing your powers.’


‘I mean it Ariel.’

Ariel laughed at herself and started to lap up her milk. She was reaching the age at which she could stand, but she still preferred all fours.

Later, Ariel leapt onto the couch and turned on the television. Flipping through channels with the remote, she settled down to watch The Flintstones. Halfway through the episode, she heard an argument in the salvage yard outside. Switching it off, she jumped off the couch and landed neatly on her paws. Running towards the yard, she saw her father and uncle Chance having a fight with Burke and Murray. She saw Burke give her father a punch on the jaw, and her rage burned within her. Concentrating, she turned the ignition key in the dump truck.

‘What the..’ Murray said.

‘Our truck!’

Ariel brought the truck backwards, out of the yard and onto the road, where it crashed into an Enforcer Cruiser approaching the yard.

‘Ooops.’ Ariel giggled as she saw, of all people, Commander Feral get out of the car.

‘Burke and Murray. You are going to have a serious pay cut.’

‘But, but Commander..’

‘I don’t want to hear it. You probably left the hand brake off and let the truck roll out of the yard, straight into my car.’ Feral turned and took out a celphone from his jacket.

Jake and Chance went to take a look at his car. From the lobby, Ariel could see Chance shaking his head, and her father talking to Feral about the car. Burke and Murray were discussing something in the far corner of the yard. Smiling furiously, Ariel went back to the TV, wondering if Jonny Quest was on…

Ariel looked at the time and decided that it was time for lunch. Jumping up onto a chair, she straightened her back and picked up the sardine sandwich. As she ate, she listened to Jake’s conversation with Chance.

‘Burke and Murray are sure gonna pay for this. I wonder how it happened though…’

‘I don’t have a clue’ her father lied, winking at Ariel.

She smiled, and finished her sandwich.

‘Excuse me.’ Ariel said as she jumped off the chair and bounded off to Jake’s room. The library awaited.

Jake had a surprisingly large collection of books stored away in his cupboard. Opening it, Ariel took out one she had wanted to read for a long time, but had been stuck on Treasure Island. She opened it and started to read.

‘Call me Ishmael. With little or no money…..’

Ariel noted she was at page twenty-two, and closed the book. Replacing it in the drawer, she stretched, noting the satisfying cracks she felt in her spine. Yawning, she headed back to the dining room, where she heard an Enforcer Cruiser coming into the yard. To Ariel, that meant only one thing.

‘Mother!’ She cried as she bounded up into Sami’s lap, causing her mother to drop her file. Sami hugged her back, then put her down and picked up the file.

‘I missed you, mother.’

‘I missed you too, honey.’

Sami tucked the file neatly under her arm and picked up her daughter.

Putting her over her shoulder, Sami walked into the living room where Jake was making halibut stew. Sami put Ariel down on a chair. Jake scooped up the stew into plates and then brought them over to the table. Ariel then realized how hungry she was and ate up, licking her plate clean. She asked for dessert, but was told to wait for everyone else. That was alright. Ariel was patient.

‘So, Sami, how much is an average Enforcer Cruiser?’

‘About thirty thousand, but it’s provided by the Enforcers once you get up to Lieutenant. Why?’

Chance was trying very hard not to laugh and Jake stifled a giggle as he came up with his next question.

‘Felina, how much is your Uncle’s Cruiser?’

‘What are we doing, Q&A with Riz Khan?’

‘Just answer, how much is your uncle’s Cruiser?’

‘Around fifty thousand, with all the upgrades and tinkering he’s done with it.’

Jake turned to Chance. ‘How much do Burke and Murray earn?’

‘About two hundred monthly.’ Chance was still trying very hard not to laugh.

‘With fifty percent off, that means, fifty months, which is… About four years paying off their debt to Commander Feral.’

‘What about?’

‘His Cruiser.’

‘What about his Cruiser?’

Chance could not help himself any longer. Pounding the table, he burst into hysterical laughter.

Sami cocked an eyebrow at him. ‘What’s so funny, Jake?’ Sami found herself asking.

‘Go take a look in that pile outside.’

Sami and Felina went there and came back in a couple of minutes.

‘THAT was my uncle’s Cruiser? That pile of junk, my Uncle’s Cruiser?’


‘What happened, a dump truck ran into it?’

‘Erm, you could say that.’

Ariel was so hysterical with laughter, she excused herself, running off back to her cot. When she reached it, she fell on the floor and burst into rapturous laughter at the set-up she had created.

Ariel never slept until she wanted to, another trait she had picked up as a dragon. She estimated that it was about eleven o’ clock. Suddenly, she heard a rustling in the bed beside her.



‘How was your day?’

‘Terrible. First the crime in MK City rises to astronomical levels, and then seventeen different criminals bust out of seventeen different jails all at the same time. It was like they synchronized it or something.’

‘Really? Let me make you feel better.’

Ariel heard more rustling and the sound of passionate kisses coming from above her. Flipping a mental coin, she decided to leave her parents alone. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

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