Original SWAT Kats Story


By Burst

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,902 Words

Crime in Megakat City has gone down. A normal day passes and, at sunset, the whole planet is turned upside down. A horrifying broadcast sends the Earth into total chaos.

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Author's Notes:

Summary: Dark Kat’s plans aren’t the only thing crashing and burning! Is this the end? Will our brave heroes survive?! Will they save the Earth or die in the process?!

Note: FINALLY!!! IT IS DONE!!!!!!

Music to listen to: It’s the end of the world as we know it!”~REM….I think..

Chapter 4


Dark Kat’s smile grew.

“You…have ten minutes until that pathetic world becomes the next asteroid belt!!!”

T-Bone only became enraged with that comment. He proceeded to tackle the giant kat and slam his fist into Dark Kat’s face. T-Bone couldn’t stand the thought of all he and Razor had worked so hard to protect being destroyed.


Callie was shocked to see T-Bone loosing it. She had seen him mad, but, if this continued, he’d kill Dark Kat! Felina too was amazed. Comander Feral ran and pulled T-Bone off.

“T-Bone! You’ll kill him!”

T-Bone glared at Feral. Then, he returned to his normal sane self and backed away.

“We..gotta get out of here!”

The others nodded. They all knew the world was probably doomed… that all Katkind would be destroyed…


Razor and Felina ran in to see the others running their way. Felina grabbed her Uncle.

“What’s going on?!”

“Come on! The satellite is gonna crash!!!”

Razor picked up Hard Drive, and they all ran to the Turbokat.

Callie looked at her watch.

“Eight minutes…”

Razor managed to intercept a transmission.


Earth 5:52 AM Pacific Time.

Ann Gora sat at a desk with a disgusted look on her face.

“Hello, this is Ann Gora, Kat’s Eye News… This is the end…. in seven minutes, thirty-seven seconds, a space satellite will smash into the Pacific Ocean…. The damage will be…… total… at its current velocity. The Earth will be destroyed… A crater the size of New York City will be made…. after it collides. A massive fire ring will incinerate everything…”

Ann trailed off. Unable to continue, she just broke down into tears.

Most were spending their last moments with loved ones. Everyone believed it was the end of the world as they knew it.


Razor sat there frowning.

“I…have a plan.”

T-Bone leaned back. A grin was on his face.

“What a surprise… What is it…?”


“WHAT?! YOU want Callie to do WHAT?!”

Callie could hear their conversation… and they were right. She was the only one that would be able to do it. The Ferals were to busy trying to keep Hard Drive alive. She sighed and went over to the near dead Hard Drive and began to remove his suit. She quickly slipped it on and put on a helmet.

“I’ll.. do it… just get us into the atmosphere.”

T-Bone was ready to argue, but it would have been useless. Callie wasn’t going to stop. He quickly headed the jet back into the atmosphere.

Once there, Callie got out of the TurboKat through the bombbay doors, holding on to a cord.

“Windy up here… Oh well… I have to do this…”

Callie slowly moved forwards, still clutching the cable. She got in front of the cockpit and touched a button on her helmet.

“Okay, guys… now I just… use the suit and point?”

Razor quickly responded.

“Press a button on the right arm, then just think.”

She did so, and electricity began to gather. She grasped the Mega-Laser with both arms and concentrated. Electricity began to fly wildly around the TurboKat as energy gathered at the Mega-Laser. The energy build up was hard for Callie to control. When enough energy had gathered, Razor pressed a glowing red button. Callie grabbed the cable as the Turbokat flew backwards quickly. She hurt all over.

A glowing turquoise laser shot from the Mega-Laser. The blast had electricity flying about wildly around it. The blast quickly exited the atmosphere and connected with the satellite. Nothing happened.

“We…we’ve failed…,” Razor said as he stared forward.

Suddenly, the sky flashed. Bolts of electricity flew wildly around the satellite. Small explosions seemed to fill every section of it.


Dark Kat saw the laser connect. He smiled.

“So.. this is how it ends…. SO BE IT!!!!”

Dark Kat’s cackle filled the control room. There was an extremely bright flash…


Everything seemed to freeze for a few moments. Total silence. Then, a humongous explosion filled the sky.

They had done it. The Earth was saved.

Kats everywhere could see the flash. After several seconds, everyone began to celebrate. Kats hugged. Couples kissed. The Earth was safe.

Das Ende.

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