Original SWAT Kats Story


By Burst

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,902 Words

Crime in Megakat City has gone down. A normal day passes and, at sunset, the whole planet is turned upside down. A horrifying broadcast sends the Earth into total chaos.

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Author's Notes:

Summary: The heroes board the space cannon, destruction, mayhem and my personal specialty patronizing the villains. Dark Kat develops a severe mental problem and, and, and, and that’s it!

Burst’s note: Yes, yes, yes… I know I said 5 chapters, but well…things changed. I will warn you now this chapter gets a tad violent and has a bit of language. I wanna thank anyone who actually bothered to read the first two. I would also like to thank Kristen Sharpe, Sage SK, and Matt Fiske for the encouragement on this fic…saga…thingy…. Sorry.. It’s late….. I’m only awake because of the STIX…….


Chapter 3

Doom Approaches

The Turbokat’s engines roared as they headed into space.

T-Bone smiled and looked to his buddy Razor. “I forgot how beautiful it was up here..” He stared at the sky for a few moments before his partner’s voice was heard.

“Yeah, buddy, last time we were up here it was cause of that four-armed red freak.” He chuckled as he remembered T-Bone’s ‘washing’ the Turbokat.

Callie sat in the bombay of the Turbokat. “Do you really think we can stop him?” she asked Commander Feral in a quiet voice. She needed to hear something from him. He had been silent since they entered speed of heat.

He looked up. “I really don’t know, Miss Briggs. I won’t lie. The odds are against us,… but I will do everything I can.” He stared at his niece, who had nodded off in the silence. He chuckled as he thought of how this might be their last fight and she, of all kats, was asleep.


Washington D.C.

A grey kat sat with many others. “Is there anything we can do?!” he sighed.

A brown kat stood. “I’m sorry Mr. President. If we retaliate, he could fire again….”

The president slammed his fist onto the table. “Damn it…”


Dark Kat smiled as he saw the blue flames of the Turbokat approach. “Soon I will have those fools dead once and for all…” He turned. “My creeplings, go and welcome them for me.” He grinned as his little imp-like slaves ran towards the docking bay. “Hard Drive!” he yelled, letting his voice echo through the control room.

“I’m behind you, sir,” he said quietly as he hated himself for calling Dark Kat ‘Sir.’ He thought to himself, “God! I hate that fat tubbo Dark Kat. Always leaning over my shoulder commanding me….”

Dark Kat turned. “Ah yes. How long till the SWAT Kats arrive?”

Hard Drive sighed. “Two minutes.”

Dark Kat grinned and laughed maniacally.

Hard Drive jumped into the computer system. ‘Let’s see…… Ah! There! Now then, let’s just disconnect this, and reconnect this to… this… Can’t let him kill all those Kats… without them there won’t be any new technology for me….’ he thought as he searched the computer programs.

Dark Kat leaned over the console as a red button flashed. “Hard Drive….. how dare he… he wants to overload the generator…”


The Turbokat entered the docking bay silently.

T-Bone and Razor jumped out and opened the bombay doors.

The five kats stepped down from the platform the Turbokat was resting on. T-Bone and Razor had their Glovatrixes, Felina was carrying a bazooka, Commander Feral and Callie held blaster rifles.

Commander Feral examined the surroundings. “This place is huge….,” he said as he looked up.

The five kats were suddenly attacked by Creeplings.

“Crud!” Felina yelled as one jumped into her hair. She grabbed it and threw it to the ground… *hard*.

Commander Feral had three upon him in seconds. “You little creeps!” he yelled as he slammed his fist in to one. He then grabbed the other two and slammed their heads into each other’s.

Razor kicked one that flew his way.

T-Bone slammed his fist into one of the three rushing him. It flew into another Creepling, knocking both unconscious.

Callie tackled the other one rushing T-Bone. “Don’t think so!” she yelled as she slammed it into the floor face first.

Razor looked to T-Bone. “Wow… I didn’t know she could fight like that.”

“Me neither, bud,” the burly tom replied.

Felina ran forward. “This way, you guys!!!” she yelled as the others began to follow.



Dark Kat sat at the control console, waiting patiently. “Hard Drive?!” he yelled. He heard no answer. “Hard Drive?!?!” he screamed again. “Curse that incompetent fool….” he said as he clutched a fist.

Hard Drive popped out of the console. “Yes, sir? What do you want now?!!” were the last words he said before having Dark Kat’s huge paw shoved through him. “W-why? Why D-dark K-Kat?” he said as he spat up blood.

Dark Kat grinned. “Because you betrayed me and attempted to overload the system…,” he calmly stated before throwing Hard Drive across the room. He laughed as the alarm sounded. “So, those fools decided to show up….”

Hard Drive landed with a loud thud. “T-that son of a bi…” he groaned as he spat up more blood and passed out.


The five entered the room as Hard Drive landed.

Callie saw this and growled. “He didn’t deserve that….” She felt Razor’s paw on her shoulder.

“Hey, don’t worry. Me and T-Bone’ll stop him!” he whispered.

Razor turned to the Ferals. “Felina…. I have an idea… You come with me. We’ll get to the generator and shut it down. Commander Feral, you stay here with T-Bone!”

Reluctantly, he nodded. “Felina, take care of yerself… and come back alive! That’s an order!” he said as the two ran towards the generator room.

“Well, SWAT Kat, Enforcer, it looks like it’s just the three of us. I give you one last chance to give up,” Dark Kat smirked as he entered a fighting stance.

T-Bone growled loudly. “I don’t think so, Dark Crud!! There’s no way yer gettin’ away!!!” he yelled as he rushed Dark Kat.

Just as his shoulder hit Dark Kat’s stomach, he felt an eruption of pain in his back. He looked up and saw both of Dark Kat’s huge fists had slammed into his back.

“Aww crud. This isn’t… goo-oof!” he yelled as Dark Kat kneed him in the stomach.

Dark Kat grinned. “All the bane you fools have caused me all these years… it will finally end!!!!” he yelled as he grabbed T-Bone’s arm and flung him across the room.

T-Bone slammed into the wall and growled, “Crud…hurry up, Razor…” He raised his arm to fire a missile but quickly realized his glovatrix was gone!

Dark Kat held it in his hand. “Interesting toy,” he calmly said as he crushed it and threw it over his shoulder. He grabbed T-Bone and held him by the throat, slowly strangling him. “I would have waited an eternity for this. It’s over, SWAT Kat.”


Felina and Razor ran as fast as they could.

Razor smirked as they neared the room. “Not long now…..”

“Good. We gotta stop that creep,” Felina yelled as a large blue barrier raised in front of her. “Crud!” she yelled as she turned around only to be met with another barrier.

Razor froze as he saw these. “Crud!”

Felina shot at the barrier but to no avail. “What now? We’re trapped in these…”


Feral slammed into Dark Kat’s back only seconds after T-Bone was lifted. “No way, Dark Kat!”

Dark Kat returned the tackle with a knee to the stomach. T-Bone shoved his bare claws into Dark Kat’s back. Dark Kat turned and grabbed the burly tom.

“You seriously think you can stop me?!” The giant kat swung T-Bone into Commander Feral. “If only you kats didn’t die so easily. I might have some pleasure now.” Dark Kat loomed over the two smaller kats.

T-Bone saw that Dark Kat was ready to kill them. “Crud… No ya don’t, Dark Kat!!!” the burly tom yelled, slamming his fist into Dark Kat’s stomach.

Dark Kat grabbed his stomach. “You little piece of crap! You can’t stop me! Nothing can!” the giant kat bellowed as he stomped forward.

Callie stood over Hard Drive, trying to keep him conscious. “Come on, Hard Drive – don’t pass out.”

Hard Drive looked up and saw Dark Kat cornering Feral and T-Bone. ‘Why me? Why should I save those morons….,’ he thought to himself as he raised his arms. “Crap…. H-hey, Dark K-Kat!!!!”

Dark Kat turned and was met with an electrical discharge from Hard Drive.

“Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” he screamed as it hit him. His entire body surged with electricity momentarily.


Razor was busy working on a control box for the laser system.

“Okay….reattach this…. disconnect that,” he said as he moved wires. “There!” he announced, grinning as the force shields fell. “Come on, Felina! We gotta shut the generator down before he fires again!” He ran slightly ahead of her.

“Razor,…. do you think we can stop him in time?” she asked in a quiet voice.

Razor shook his head. “I don’t know….”


Dark Kat fell to his knees, breathing hard. “Wait! Have mercy! I beg of you!”

T-Bone growled. “You who have never shown mercy now beg for it?! I thought you were better than that.” The burly tom stood his ground. “It’s over, Dark Kat.”

“N-never!!!!” he yelled as he stood up shakily. “Don’t you remember? If I lose, everyone loses!” the giant kat smiled. “For a moment… I thought about sparing that wretched planet, but now you shall witness its dismemberment!!!!!” he yelled, slamming his paws on a large black button. Every screen on the console flashed red with the word, “Warning,” moving across them.

The entire space station began to shake.

Dark Kat grinned, holding his side. “Ten minutes….”

….to be concluded….

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